Monday Morning Prayer

Monday Morning Prayer and Bible Verses

As we commence this new work week, let us kick it off with a talk with our Heavenly Father. Let us spend some time in prayer, devotion and praise. The past week is behind us, and new beginnings are ahead..

Heavenly Father, I come before You Oh Lord, my God, thanking You for waking me up this Monday morning to embrace the sunlight that shoots down from the heavens.

Thank You for giving me the health and strength I need to overcome every stronghold in my life. And thank You for loving me unconditionally in the times where I may fail You.

Psalm 90:14 Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Psalm 5:3 O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.

Cover me and cleanse me

Father, I request that Your Holy Presence draws near to me. Wrap me in Your loving arms and never let me go. Cover me under the precious blood of the lamb.

Cleanse me of anything that is displeasing to You. Renew my mind, my body and my soul, as I worship You and You alone.

Heavenly Father, renew my mind, my body and my soul, as I worship You and You alone. Click To Tweet

Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.

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Overcoming the storms

When the storms arise, bestow Your tranquility and peace upon me so that I may not be moved. Work from within me, Lord to bring a revival into my Life.

When I feel broken Lord, transform my spirit so I can emerge whole again. And, as I pray Lord, use me daily as Your vessel.

Give me strength for the week ahead

Walk beside me as I endure the challenges of today. Give me the strength I need to challenge the week ahead.

Send Your angels to guard over me as You lead me into my divine purpose. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen!

When the storms arise, bestow Your tranquility and peace upon me, so that I may not be moved. Click To Tweet

Isaiah 26:9 My soul yearns for you in the night; my spirit within me earnestly seeks you. For when your judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.

Psalm 104:30 When you send forth your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground.

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  1. I praise and give You many thanks my dear Heavenly Father.
    I thank you for this day,thank you for being able to see,hear,touch,feel and walk this morning.
    Dear God,please forgive my sins known and unknown.
    Let me start this day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.
    Thank you Lord Jesus,for giving me health and strength
    I need to overcome every stronghold in my life,and for loving me unconditionally.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  2. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I praise You my dear Father in Heavenly place.
    I thank you for this day,this beautiful morning,bring me word of Your unfailing love.
    Dear Lord,please bless this day,protect and guide me.
    Lead me in Your way of righteousness.
    I ask You today,comfort my mind,and take away all my worry.
    Thank you Lord,for everything.
    I have always received these very inspirational prayers every morning,come down from heaven full of God’s word.
    Thank you so much.
    May you all blessed.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen

  3. Thank you so much for the Monday morning prayers and verses it starts my day….
    I pray for a financial break through in my family….abba father provide for my family financial and open every closed doors of my life

  4. thanks so much for the monday morning prayer let me be blessed this week, have afinancial breakthrough and good relations with people

  5. Thank you, Lord for unexpected answered prayers, over a situation of 11 years~
    I believe there will be a shifting, a breakthrough, an opened door, that only YOU can provide. That you will make a way where there seems like no way. All things will work together because we put our complete trust in you Abba Father! We praise your Holy Name. What satan meant for the harm you will use it for your Glory!n Thank you Lord Jesus. NO WEAPON~

  6. Robin Genata Williams

    I need prayer for myself and my family, i have been asking God to send me a lawyer that will not charge me up front and fully help me with my case. I have searched and looked and left it in God’s hands to send the right person to stand up for me and my family against a whole county for our on going extended pain and suffering.

  7. I praise You dear Heavenly Father,with sing a song,for this new day,this beautiful bless morning.
    Thank you for grant me the strength to overcome every stronghold in my life.
    My God is so good to me,and I want to bring joy to His heart.
    Thank you Lord,for always good for me,and loving me unconditionally,and bring joy and peace in my heart.
    And thank you for watches over us wherever we go.
    Thank you so much for this beautiful Good morning prayer.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  8. Thankyou for praying over us today. The devil is truly a liar, I could sense my peace being taken away. My daughter invested some money somewhere and all she can do is to trust in God for all things to work for good. Yes we need God’s favour. We thank God for every blessing in Jesus name Amen

  9. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I thank you Dear Heavenly Father, for waking me up this morning to embrance the sunlight that shoots dawn from the heaven.And thank you for giving me the health and strenght.
    Thank you so much.
    In Jesus mighty name.

  10. I plead the Blood of Jesus over Mrs. Alice Sigala, her daughters, and her family. Father saturate them with your healing mercies. Heal them from the tops of their heads to the soles of their feet. Father release them from their everyday pains and restore in them a life of happiness through your Perfect Will. They love you Lord and know that you are working things out in their lives so that they can be 100% whole through the Blood of Jesus and through your Blessings and Favor over their lives. I Plead Restoration in their lives through the Holy Spirit. I pray health, wealth and prosperity over you and your family’s lives. To Our Heavenly Father be the Glory…in Jesus name Amen. God has a wonderful Blessing for you and your family Mrs. Sigala. Be Blessed…..

  11. I just want 2 know if i could have only my frist name not my last thank you so much i sit every morning with Jesus next to me & i read my daily word & i start my blessed day with Jesus. I luv luv when we connect with ChristiansTT.

  12. im a single mom i m bless that Jesus saved me about15yrs. ago& i have 2 disabled daughters& they are having pain in their bodies can’t walk& 1 can’t move her body at all& my oldest daughter has2 on wheelchairs& 2 are walking but disease have most of my family handicapped & Jesus me& my girls still keep Jesus in every second of every day please keep us in your prayers

  13. Thank you so much Christianstt, for all these prayer points. You are helping a lot of people make their day. May God continuously bless and empower you for His signs and wonders. IJN Amen.

  14. I just love praying these weekly morning prayers to start my week out the right way. It is truly a blessing in my life. thank you so mush for these daily devotional prayers That I can pray on a
    weekly basis. Thank you so much Christianstt, May God richly
    bless you.!!

  15. Yvonne Marie Miller

    Lord God, we come to You, the source of all being. You have said to us, “I am your God. You shall have no other gods besides me. Honor none but me, your God.” We thank You for this wonderful message. Help us to recognize You more and more, so that our hearts are full of the goodness and blessing we already have on earth. Please Lord continue to protect us, our loved ones and our community at the start of this new week, we love You and thank You for everything You graciously do for us. Amen.

  16. Yvonne Marie Miller

    May we be simple, childlike, and trusting today. When anyone despairs of himself, show him the way to the Savior so that we can find trust. Show to us the way of trust, trust for ourselves and for all people, because it is your will for all to receive help. Thank you for this uplifting supplication Cheryce.

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