Success Prayers For Prosperity And Financial Blessings

Success Prayers for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

Our God is a mighty God. At home, in the workplace, even at school, He is on your side. And though at some times you will go through trials, He will bring you through with success and prosperity in the end.

Don’t look at others. Instead, work and study as unto the Lord and praise his name wherever you are. Turn anger into smiles because you carry the peace of the Lord within you!  Turn failure into success.

Turn negatives into positives. As a child of the Living God, you can trust him to keep His word and promises to you.

Be clear and precise

Are you faced with a crisis at the moment? Read this prayer, then go to the Lord, lay it all out in prayer.

Be clear and precise. Write down what you do need, how much, by what date and for what purpose. Then trust the Lord to provide! This can be done in all areas of your life. Exercise your faith!

So take time now to release God’s peace in your life and the lives of others. Let us pray.

Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

Heavenly Father, we thank you and bless you, that in this life you have already provided all that we can ask or need.

Thank you Father, that your provision is not based on our efforts, but on the inheritance given to us by the death of Jesus Christ.

Thank you that your heart is always for us. Your promises towards us are “Yes” and “Amen”.

We thank you that it is already done. And, by our agreement with this truth, we speak for the manifestation of the inheritance of the saints to all those in need.

2 Peter 1:3 According as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that has called us to glory and virtue.

Giving – The Right Response with Michael Jr.

My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory

Father, it is your desire for us that we would experience prosperity in all that we put our hands to do.

For there is great need in this world. Lord, we desire to be in a position that we can give to every good work so that the Kingdom may advance and lives can be transformed by your amazing love.

And therefore we speak forth promotions and business ideas. We declare divine connections and partnerships.

We stir up the same creative spirit that made the heavens and the Earth, to bring forth new ideas and inventions for the betterment of this world, that we can be a blessing to many.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

Wisdom to be Good Stewards

Order our steps into the provision that you, Oh God, have already granted us, your children.

We release your Spirit to deliver these things into our hands. Let us walk in the provision of heaven, and not be bound by the systems of this world. It is for this freedom that you have set us free.

So Lord Jesus, be our savior from debts, burden and financial struggle. Set us free in our finances, just as you have saved us from sin, death and the grave.

Give us wisdom and joy that we can be good stewards over all that you deliver into our hands.

Continue to advance the work of those that do good work. Help us to continue to provide for those in need, both spiritually and physically. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!!!

Deuteronomy 8:18 But you will remember the LORD your God: for it is he that gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto your fathers, as it is this day.

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek. For they shall inherit the earth.

Other prayers for financial wellbeing

Worship Song – Let it Rain

Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Blessings

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83 thoughts on “Success Prayers for Prosperity and Financial Blessings”

  1. Dear Father God, You my heart and my needs. I thank you for being my side through the trials and tribulations. Father God in your claim that you bless me with a financial blessings, a better job, getting into school, getting a another car, peace of mind, miraculous healing, and to break every generational curse over my life. Father God I love you with all my heart, and soul. You are my everything. I thank you for supplying my needs. Father I look up to you. Father God you are a loving God. Father I pray that continue to bless me to be a good stewards and bless me to s blessings to others. Bless me Father to continue to spread your words to others in the time of need. Father God i give you all the glory. In your name i pray Amen ????????????????????????

  2. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    Dear God,
    I thank You Lord,for bless my everyday life.
    Bless me with financial blessings and peace of mind over my life.
    I pray that today,dear God,
    May You,Lord Jesus,set me free from my financial crisis.Amen.
    I thank You Lord,for You lead me to walk in Your way,to throughout every trial I face today.
    Thank You Lord,for You give me the strength that I will overcome every trial I face in my daily life.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

    1. Tshegofatso Rantuana

      Pray for my husband for the blessings and to do the willing of our Lord Jesus Christ and to read the word of God

  3. Lord you know my heart and my needs I thank you for always being here by my side holding my hand I pray and claim a Financial Blessing by my Birthday December 28th for I know there is a blessing in the storm
    Thank you precious Lord Jesus
    Amen & Amen????????

    1. My heavenly father,you know my heart desires,please father I pray this evening that as we step into 2020 let your good things follow us,what ever good things we lay our hands on let it be blessed in Jesus name and also open doors upon door’s for me and my entire family,amen.


  5. Blessed Father, we appreciate you for your love and tender mercies towards our lives. We know that all things work together for good of those who love the Lord.. Mighty Jesus, you who makes every thing beautiful at its own time. (Accl 3:11)
    We ask you to give the grace to breakthrough. Cause us to prosper even in good health. May we experience the joy of our salvation in Jesus name!!!

  6. Dear Father God,
    I give You thanks my dear Lord Jesus Christ,for You set me free from my financial crisis.
    I thank Father,for You lead me to walk in Your way,to throughout every trial I face today.
    And give me the strength enough for today that I will overcome.
    I pray that today,dear God,
    Bless me with financial blessings and Peace of mind over my life.Amen.
    Thank You Lord Jesus,for You bless my everyday life.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  7. Dear God, your word is alive in our lives now and always. Thank you God for the ability to know the the plans you have for us is good. Thank you for the financial breakthrough.

  8. Vutomi Tally Shingange

    I thank you Lord Jesus Christ for Devine healing in my life.i declared delivered and set free from financial difficulties. My fortune has been claimed and all things the devil has stolen in my family and Jesus Christ name. Amen

  9. In the name of Jesus, I declare,decree & claim that God, our merciful savior would shower us blessings, financial blessings, wisdom in our business, miraculous healing, good fortune in life, good future for my 4 children & their would be family, to take away all the generational curses, and cursed of poverty. Have mercy on us. grant us peace of mind, and keep us from harm,danger,sickness and embarrassment. In precious name of Jesus,Amen.

  10. Maria Rachel Nyoni

    Thank you for the prayer for today l know and l believe that God will change my situation today as l’m going through financial breakthrough and my marriage is falling apart in Jesus name my needs l met thank you Lord for everything you still God to me Amen

    1. I thank the Lord that He still love me.
      I am grateful for His control over my life such that despite challenges, I am still hopeful that the plans He has for my future still holds.
      I love the Lord dearly.
      More favor and blessings on the way. Alleluia.


    thanks so much for the prayers for lord provision i pray the same prayer today, i pray for my financial breakthrough, i pray for me to be able to secure the job i,ve applied for make way for me to get it, i pray for me to have a happy and prosperous easter.

  12. Eric Destiny Dean

    Am bless my soul is bless,am release from every delay in my finances, may the spirit of God help me be commited to these prayer.

    1. Dra.Lily Dahlia

      Dear Father God.
      I Thank You Father Lord,to give me the strength enough for today,that I will overcome.Empower me with all that.
      I need to really push through today.
      Thank you Father,to guiding me and lead me into Your way,to throughout every trial I face today and everyday.
      I pray that today,dear God.
      Please bless me with Financial Blessings,Prosperity and Peace of mind over my life.
      In the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
      I am blessed.
      I am set free from financial crisis.
      Thank You Lord Jesus,that You have set us free
      In Jesus mighty name I pray.
      Amen and Amen

  13. Sharran Augustine

    Father God I know iam the one to blame for all my wrong decision in my life and family when it comes too our Finances on not letting it grow. Lord I call on your support today to help me learn how to make better and wiser decision in this area and where ever that need to be renewed in Jesus name amen.
    Please pray for me.


    Father I entrust my business and the building of my dream school in your hands… Pls help me become financially buoyant lord…

  15. Thank you Lord I Claim a financial Blessing by the blood of Jesus, for my family, Thank you for YOUR Love, forgiveness, Guidance
    Holding my hand and providing and protecting me and mine
    Amen & Amen

  16. i praise you lord jesus mount marry please give me your power to success in my life please help me in my monthly income in my house i dont know what to do pl pl help me to get a job evening 5to 10 pm part time i need money very badly morning i am supplying tiffin evening part time i want some job pl pl wake me up early in the morning to do my duty in the name of jesus and marry and help me to invest some money for future i am 50 plus i am worried about myself i believe you jesus you will protect me when i am in difficult

  17. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I praise You my dear Lord Jesus Christ.I seek You first in my morning.
    I bless Your Holy Name,dear Father God.Amen
    Dear Father,please guide me and lead me in Your way,to throughout every trial I face today and everyday.
    We pray that today,dear God,
    Please set us free in our finances.Amen.
    In Jesus Holy Name:
    I claim my financial blessings,prosperity and peace of mind over my life.
    I thank you Lord,for give me the strength enough for today,that I will overcome.
    Empower me with all that,I need to really push through today.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  18. I pray for blessings of God and abundance to be released to me. I am taking responsibility for the debt and financial problems in my life. I ask God for support in helping me overcome this time of struggle and turn things around to reduce debt and create prosperity and abundance. Help me to be a blessing to others.

  19. Praying for a financial blessing for my mother . Her home is about to go into foreclosure and she is not financially able to save it. She is in need of a breakthrough.

    1. Denise Frantz

      Let it Rain set me free Lord Jesus
      I ask for a financial blessing as well as only the peace that you can give
      I surrender MY life to you, and ask mighty forgiveness for my sins.
      Thank you Heavenly Father
      I claim this all by the blood of Jesus
      Thy will be done
      Amen & Amen

  20. Dear heavily Father show me your way

    I pray for financial blessing

    Lord I know I am to blame for my financial mistakes l love you Lord and I please ask you to forgive me for all my sins. O Lord teach me your path, guide me in your truth for you are my Lord and savior. In Jesus name. Amen

  21. Hi hop you well, please I am asking you to help me pray for success and to ableto save money , so I can be able to buy myself a new car and also to pray for my son who’s a slow learner , thank you

  22. I ask for prayers to improve my income & protection. I am a seller on eBay and asking for sales & income blessings in that area as well as other forms of financial improvements. Asking for prosperity & health blessings to afford my taxes, hearing-aid repairs & forced air-heating repair needed in my home. Thank you, in Jesus, amen.

  23. Please I want you to pray for me for employment I don’t have to start business, my husband have the money but he is so stingy and wicked, god to change, am also praying for permanent healing upon my son, peace in my life ,I have my husband wickedness have made my people to hate me.
    Please for also heavenly wisdom and financial favor.

    1. Amen Kate. I pray James 1:5 over your blessing.

      “But if any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.”

      (James 1:5, GNT)

  24. Yes! Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, I give you all the glory and all the praise in advance. Thankyou for all the times you set me free from captivity-so much so I felt like was dreaming.Thankyou that you’re going to do it again. You’ve always been faithful to me. and I know You always will be. Help me to see and notice the answers to my prayers. and I thank you in advance for the financial blessings and for setting me free.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

  25. Please i need you to pray for me concerning the things that is happening around me i left my husband in Tunisian country some years back and i came to Nigeria with our only son because of the person that he did partnership with implicated him and he was arrested as an Italian who couldn’t speak French and Arabic he was jailed there while i had to come back to Nigeria with our son initially we used to communicate but later when they convicted him we couldn’t communicate any longer it’s now 14 good years after I’ve searched for him they told me that he was dead then i move on with my life but things had not been easy for me and my son we would struggle financially until yesterday on the 19th /12/2018 when i was in the compound my phone rang and my sick sister that is hypertensive was just had an attack resting and couldn’t rise up to pick the phone to me when i came in she managed to say to me that my phone rang when i looked at the phone to see who was that it turns out to be a number from Tunisia and I’ve been trying the number yet is not going again but what baffles me is that i didn’t give the number to anyone in Tunisia but anything can happen with God everything is possible please since you’ve been praying for me i can see light is shinning into my darkness thank you so much because i know that am at the hedge of my breakthrough may God continues to fortified and empowering your ministry in Jesus mighty name AMEN

    1. Receive your miracle in Jesus mighty name Amen . Our Lord Jesus Christ I stand in gap for Victoria, Lord I pray that you come into her life and do what only you can do open doors in her life that my father only you can open nothing is impossible with you Abba father give her the closure she is looking for. I speak healing in her sisters life Jehovah Rapha God who heal stretch forth your healing hand upon her sister and heal whatever sickness is in her body in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ Thank you Lord for its done . In Jesus name I pray and believe Amen.

  26. I praise You my dear Heavenly Father.I thank you to guide me and lead me through every trial I face today and everyday.
    Thank you to supply all my everyday need,give me the strength to stand strong in the battles of my life.
    In Jesus Holy Nane:
    I am blessed.
    I am set free in my finances.
    So today,I claim my financial blessings,prosperity and peace of mind over my life.
    Thank you Lord Jesus,to give me wisdom and joy in my life.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  27. Lovetta Hawa kamara

    Thank Lord Jesus Christ I claim the Financial break through Ameen I thank you Lord Jesus Christ personal Savour I thank God almighty for everything. I receive all the Prayers and please continue to help me pray more blessing and testimony

  28. It is my prayer that God will release his financial blessings and provision as he promised in Phil. 4: 19 that he will supply all my needs acccording to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus Amen.

    God bless us .

  29. I praise and give You thanks my dear Heavenly Father,to supply all my needs,according to Your riches in glory.
    I bless Your Holy Name,my Lord Jesus,my rock,my fortress.Amen
    Dear God,I claim my financial blessings,prosperity and peace of mind over my life.
    I pray that today,my Lord Jesus,should give me Financial Prosperity in my everyday life.
    Thank you Lord Jesus,for You always walk beside me in every step of my way.And I will find peace in this beautiful day.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  30. Believe and put our trust in Jesus christ our saviour and all things shall fall into place,, trust in the lord and lean not on our own understanding. Believe
    Receive and all be prospered God bless you all my brothers and sisters in Jesus christ we are blood washed,, pray with ceasing
    Move forward
    The harvest is plentiful
    But laborers are few trust in him and he Jesus christ is the answer

  31. I need a financial blessing and prayer for stressing and to stay focus on god and to help others and pray every day and all thru the day god is awesome and I need prayer for all my bills and rent to get paid on time and just show love to the world and pray from my wife lord give me strength courage confidence Faith I have faith in u lord pray for me to get a job and pray for my food business to pick and to stay in bible study Sunday school prayer service and pray for others

  32. Denise Frantz

    It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord
    Favorable Grace for a financial blessing Lord
    Thank you
    Thy will be done
    Amen & Amen

  33. Thank you Jesus for waking me up each day to this wonderful world that you have made. I love you Lord Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind, You are just a loving God. Thank you for saving me help me to continue to live for you, and tell others about you. Thank you for the baptism of the holy ghost. Thank you for forgiving me of every sin that I have committed. In JESUS NAME AMEN.

  34. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I praise You my dear Heavenly Father,for You are my Lord,my strength,and my everything.
    Dear Father,I claim my Financial blessings,prosperity and peace of mind over my life.
    Thank you for supply all my everyday needs.
    Blessed Be To Our Father,Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful prayer.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and amen

  35. Thank You God For Blessing Me With Prayers Each Morning From Your Stewards. I Pray That They Are Blessed And Continue To Be A Blessing To Others. Amen

  36. Thank you for the blessings always. This has really helped me in teaching me and my daughter how to pray effectively. May the good Lord continue with bless ings to you in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  37. God thank you for your promises and blessing us beyond what we can ever imagine. We thank you for prosperity in our health, finances, careers, and relationships.

  38. I give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ.I love You,I adore You and thank you for Your faithfulness in me, I am forever grateful.
    We thank you and bless You , that in this life
    You have already provided all that we can ask or need.
    Thank you that Your heart is always for us,and that the promises toward us.
    And thank you for supply all of my needs
    accordings to Your riches in glory.
    And thank you again for always help me ,
    how to have experience in prosperity and
    financial blessings.
    May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and
    your Ministry.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  39. Irish Moore- Ford

    I claim prosperity, job promotions, financial freedom, increased faith, and a peaceful mind over my life. In Jesus name I pray to God. Amen ??

  40. Thank you Dear Lord God for your Blessings! And thank you for opening my heart to see the beauty in all your creations – far beyond my greatest expectations! And, God, please open the hearts of all those I meet today ~ far beyond their greatest expectations! And So It Is, In Jesus’ name!

  41. I help this prayer so much. Pl. Send me on my mail text so i can take print for ny personal collection of prayer set.

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