Prayer during times of Financial Struggles and Hardship

Prayer to get out of debt, during times of Financial Struggles and Hardship

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Jehovah Jireh, Lord God, who provides all my needs according to Your riches in Glory, I come to You as I am struggling today financially. I just cannot seem to make ends meet.

The rent is due. There is not enough food to last the rest of the month. The loan needs to be covered and the electricity bill’s deadline has gone. Even the gas in my car is close to E.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

Ecclesiastes 7:14 When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other.

Praying in the midst of the storm

In the midst of this storm, I thank You most gracious one, for I still have food at this point, I still have shelter from the rain and I still have a car to get me to at least one more destination.

I have eternal faith, trust and hope in You, Oh God, because I know You are going to turn this around for me. Thank you Lord for your favor upon me.

Hebrews 12:7 Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?

James 1:12 Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

Praying to get out of debt

Lord, I admit I have made many financial mistakes. I’ve lost my focus and I have been unwise financially. I beg your forgiveness.

Please give me financial wisdom and freedom. Bless my family and myself. Spare me a morsel from your bounty, Oh Lord. I’m your child humbly before you.

Doubt and fear flee when I call upon Your mighty name. I may not see a way at this point, Oh Lord, my God, but I know You will make a way.

My dawn is drawing near, I can feel the financial breakthrough right around the corner and the blessings are going to rain down upon me. I stand on your promises, oh Lord.

You have promised that what so ever I need and ask for, you will provide to your child and humble servant.

I thank You in advance, for my destined victory is on the way. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen!

Philippians:18-19 I will continue to rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help given by the Spirit of Jesus Christ, what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance. 

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Prayer For When Facing Financial Struggles & Hardship

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95 thoughts on “Prayer to get out of debt, during times of Financial Struggles and Hardship”

  1. Father God in the name of Jesus. I pray that you provide a financial miracle for everyone who needs a blessing including myself. We all need you now Lord. You promised you would never leave nor forsake us and supply all of our needs according to your riches in glory. Thank you Jesus

  2. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    Dear Father God,
    I thank you Lord Jesus Christ,for You always provides all my needs according to Your riches in glory.
    Dear God,I need You today.
    I ask You to help me,to give me a wayout,as today,I am struggling financially.
    I thank you Lord,for You teach me to be patiently to wait untill everything to be good again.Amen.
    When times are good be happy,but when times are bad consider.!God has made the one as well as the other.(Ecclesiastes 7:14)
    I have eternal faith,trust and hope in You,oh Lord.Amen.
    Through Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    My Financial Breakthrough is here around the corner and the blessings are going to rain down upon me.
    Victory is on the way.
    Thank You Lord Jesus,to give me financial wisdom and freedom.
    Bless my family and myself.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen..

  3. I am in agreement with Yvonne
    The Lord knows what I need by the blood of Jesus
    I will be responsible with a financial blessing Lord Jesus
    Thy will be done
    Amen & Amen

  4. Thank you Lord for your promise never to leave nor forsake us. For promising to supply my needs according to your riches in glory. Even when I walk through the valley of darkness I know I am not alone. I trust You to make a way for my financial breakthrough even though it seems like there is no way. There is nothing to hard for you God. My financial breakthrough is just around the corner. In Jesus name I pray Ame.

  5. Dear Father God.
    I thank you Lord,to supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory.
    I need Your help dear Lord,as I am struggling today financially.
    I thank you to give me a wayout in the midst of this storm.
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ.My financial breakthrough is here right around the corner and the blessings are going to rain down upon me.
    Victory is on the way.
    Thank You Lord Jesus,for free me from the situation that make me out of control.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  6. Please pray for me and my financial situation. I owe back rent. I have lived in this house for over 30 years, I have missed all together 5 payments on my rent. The landlord wants me to quit or pay up, gave me a three-day notice. And plan on evicting me at the end of this month if I don’t pay up. I know God is able and he has the money I need it now, So please pray for me, that God will bless me sooner than later, I need him to come through for me right now, I only have a couple of weeks left, and so far I don’t have anything. I can ever move because they want first and last month rent. I know God is able. Please please, pray that God will provide the amount I need to stay in this house. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  7. Please pray for me for financial deliverance, house rent be paid and updated, bank debts be paid, financial stability so that I can send bank my daughter for her schooling, support my mother and I can also be a blessing to others. I know that a lot of people have a lot of problems more than my problems and the only thing I can give them is my prayer I want to be delivered on financial difficulties so I can also help others too.

  8. Good morning first and up most i want to thank u for giving me and my family another day to live. Lord you have given me so much my family children, grandchildren thank you for this blessing. You always said come on to me or burden. Well my Lord God that’s why I come to you today to ask you for financial blessing to help me with my struggles and my burdens my Lord God.

  9. You need to also address the spiritual robbers that are stealing your blessings and virtue in the first place ..its where it all started … these prayers are ineffective unless you add in acknowledgement of john 10:10 the theif comes th kill steal and destroy and dear lord you want your people to prosper as in isiaha 44..lord i ask you to reveal anywhere i have given legal ground for the enemy to steal from me and my family thru unforgiveness bitterness envy greed coveting ( wait for jesus to show u and then do heartfelt blessings for people or situation revealed or u aint getting nothing from the lord u are the one blocking ur blessings not the lord..if nothing is revealed pray for god to remove the spiritual blindness that you are under like he did for elishas servant) then you command recovery of Every spiritual blessing, gift ,prosperity and virtue out of the hands of the spiritual thieves and back to you and your family and your descendants in the mighty authority and power given to you by jesus christ..once the thief is discovered it must be returned sevenfold( prov 6:10). This theivery occurs at night when u are in your vulnerable sleep state as a christian u are a prime target unless u cover your family in prayer and as god to check ur heart often for any footholds the enemy may have gained. Study kevin LA ewing on youtube for more info

  10. My dear Heavenly Father.

    I need You dear God,for today as I struggling financially.

    I may not understand,how everything will work out.

    I have eternal faith ,trust and hope in You dear God,to give me a way out to through this financial situation.

    In the name of my Lord Jesus.

    Please free me from the situation that make me out of control.

    Thank You Lord Jesus,for blessing me every day.

    In Jesus mighty name I pray.

    Amen and Amen.

  11. Thanks for the prayers. I am also struggling with debts to an embarrassing situations. But with these prayers, I know and I am sure that my prayers are answered. I will testify in this forum in Jesus name, Amen!

  12. Dear Father God,

    I thank You for You always be with me,in good times and in bad times.

    Thank You Lord,for protecting me throughout this day.

    In Jesus precious name.

    I am blessed.

    I am set free in struggling financially.

    Yes Lord Jesus.Let Your will be done in my life.

    On earth as it is in Heaven.

    In Jesus mighty name.

    Amen and Amen.

  13. Thank you Christianstt for praying for my financial needs, my safety and my family. And I need protection on all my belongings at my apartment and my life. I live on the third floor by myself. Everybody else moved out. I’ve been living on this third floor 5 months by myself. I am scared to death of it by myself. I’m 58 years old and I’m disabled. I don’t know nobody back here. I moved here February of last year by myself. My family don’t love me, they don’t care nothing about me. I’ve been in Texas since hurricane Katrina. I’m ready to go back home. I don’t have the money to go down there. Please pray God bless me with enough money to live off the rest of my life. God bless me with enough money to buy a home of my own and enough to bless other people that’s less fortunate. I need the full armor of God’s protection up on my life and my apartment and all my belongings. I’ll be scared somebody going to come in here and do me something and breaking my apartment. Please pray for my safety and God give me a speedy Rush Miracle Financial blessing to get me back home. I’ve been gone since 2005 since hurricane Katrina 13 years. I’m getting older and I Take 5 pressure pills a day. I take insulin by needle for diabetes and I take a diabetes pill. I have to take thyroid pill everyday and I’m stressed out and I have anxiety. I really need y’all to pray for me. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you and your family in the ministry and their families and happy New Years. I pray for y’all like I pray for myself. I love you all and God bless you all with everything y’all need in Jesus Christ holy name amen.

    1. A child of the King, Creator, Potter, Messiah...Jesus. One Lord One Faith One Baptisim

      Vanessa dont look at your situation through your circumstances. God is fair and just its not his will that we be desolate, poor, lost, hungry. Its his will for us to repent and confess that he is Lord and King, creator of the heavens and earth. Trust in the Lord with……Jesus is peace not fear. Bind that fearful spirit. Maybe God is keeping you by yourself to have you his own. Maybe those around you were doing harm to you. Love God, trust in God and he will lead you. His time and understanding is not ours. Use this time to pray for your family and get to know who Jesus is Amen!

  14. All i need and ask for is prayer for my breakthrough for I’ve been through a whole lot Heaven open up for me and hear my prayers… Let the Angels hear me .. Please and please i need prayers to subdue this circumstances which i found my self in….My rent is due my Landlady is about to throw me out on the Street .. I’m a stranger in this Town Thailand… I’ve no friends or Family to run to.. I’ve come to you God through you reading this to connect me to God in prayers and ask for him to come to my aid .. I’ve no one but him and him alone to save me from this Town. All these i asked and many more I pray Amen. I just have Few Days left to pay my rent as the time given is over due.

    1. I know what you are going through. Last year my family of five were evicted and ended up in a hotel, five people and two dogs. Our car was down last year around this time and it is down again and we are facing eviction again. I telling you to trust the word that God will not leave you or forsake you. He will see you threw it.
      God bless you and remember that God wants you to prosper and be in good health even as your soul prosper.

    2. A child of the King, Creator, Potter, Messiah...Jesus. One Lord One Faith One Baptisim

      John 16:7 New International Version

      But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

      who is Jesus to you. Bible says He is (I am). Bible says Jehovah Jira Jehovah Nissi Jehovah Rapha Our Father Our Friend. He came to his own and we kicked him beat him spit on him. What is he to you today. We look for things unseen. Seek Jesus. Lean on Jesus. Bind that lying, thief, faithless, fearful, doubting, running, boldless spirit and invite Jesus for everything you would in a friend. Have breakfast, lunch, snack, prayer, go fir a walk….all with Jesus. But a man is like a vapor a mist here today and poof gone!

  15. Albertha Smellie

    God bless you on the wonderful work you are doing. And I am asking for prayer for my son from drugs and alcohol. Addiction. And also prayer for a financial Breakthrough. I need some money to pay for my land and finish build my home. So I put it all in God’s hands to supply all my needs according to his Riches. In glory through Christ Jesus amen.

  16. O God deliver me from financial lack and turbulence that wants to put me into shame among my mates i pray against any financial blockage that wants me to question my God as if He seems far from me and my son O Lord send me helper that will elevate me and turn my situations around is only You who can help me please Lord cancel every stagnant from my life and help me to move forward in life O Lord my heart is full of sore heal my heart from any sorrows and sadness give me joy and laughter once again in my life in Jesus our saviour name AMEN

  17. Pray for my business to be prosperous Wilson’s pressure washing and pray for a beatiful wedding on October 12th to my beautiful wife to be also praying for a financial breakthrough for my family and a good trip to the dentist to get my teeth pulled I know you run the universe and will grant my heart’s desire pray my kids are filled with the love of Jesus and my wife to be also show her compassion unconditional love patience and humbleness in Jesus mighty name I pray amen

  18. I praise You my dear Heavenly Father I put my trust in You and my hope is only You,oh Lord.Amen.
    Please free me from the situation that make me out of control.
    I need Your help dear God,as I struggling financially.
    Please give me a way out to through this financial situation.
    Yes Lord,I know that You will give me a way out through this financial problem.
    So that today dear God,
    I give it all to Your hands.
    I rest in the comfort of Your word.
    Father,I choose to follow Your word and Your precepts.
    In Jesus precious name:
    I am blessed.
    I am set free in struggling financially.
    Thank you Lord,for Your faithfulness and Your merciful endures forever.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  19. Thank You Abba Father for Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.
    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah I received this prayer no more proverty in our family bloodline in Jesus name we pray Thank God Amen.
    The prayers from Christiantt has always lined up with my daily walk and circumstances taking place in my life. Christiantt May God continue to bless and keep you and your family is my prayer Amen. #ThankYou

  20. Thank you Jesus for my financial breakthrough i can feel and touch it for my God is working on my behalf right now i claim all of this prayer by faith that henceforth there won’t be anymore financial struggles in my life and my son’s life thank you CHRISTIANTT for your wonderful ministry that gives us an opportunity to pour all our burdens out till miracles will manifest in our lives in Jesus mighty name AMEN

  21. Lovetta Hawa kamara

    Please I am asking for prayer for my children to get there Visa,prayer for me to have my b2 certificate in June and prayer for my Uncle to get his chieftency to the election as a chief in our home town please help me pray for this 3 things.

  22. Please join me in prayers that the lord should restore my husband’s business, he made some business decisions that made him loose thousands of dollars, his investors came after us and i was arrested, almost lost my job but God gave me another one. Whenever its as if things are booming in my husband’s business, he will just experience a big loss that will bring him down completely, i pray for restoration of all that has been lost and like job we recover all in Jesus name amen

  23. I am asking for prayer for my husband who has prostate cancer my granddaughter 18 years who has tumors underneath her breast was told after her surgery it is a possiabilty the tumors can spread my son that is in jail that was severly beaten

    1. Every thing we go through in life must first pass through God’s hand. Isaiah 53 vs 5. By his stripes we are healed. I to had prostate cancer and God healed me . Proverbs 3 vs 5, 6 Trust in the Lord and he will see you through.

  24. I praise You my dear Heavenly Father.I need You my dear Lord Jesus.For today,as I am struggling financially.
    I have eternal faith,trust and hope in You,oh God.
    I know You will make away for me,walk beside me,every step in my way.
    In all my way I acknowledge You,for You will guide me and direct my path.
    Dear God,please free me from the situation that make me out of control.
    I thank you for through Christ Jesus,victory is on the way.
    Thank you Lord,for fill us with Your love,lead us through this day.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

    1. million patrice collins

      I touch and agree with you My Sister that strongholds on your finances be released in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

  25. Father I come before you this morning thanking you to see another day! I bring before you my son TL who has a drug issue and is mentally imbalanced. He does not see the hurt and pain he is causing the family. Lord, you have kept him and will continue to do so! Send laborers in his my way to guide him to you, Lord.
    I also bring my financial situation to you. Give me wisdom, discernment in making decisions as it relates to my finances. Cover me and my daughter as we return to work/school. Guide and protect my family and those on this website that is going through some difficulty; for I know ALL will be well for those that believe, have faith and trust you. Father hear our prayers in Jesus name…Amen

  26. I need every prayer for my son who has a drinking problem and was just arrested last night for DUI. no one was hurt but he doesn’t believe he has a problem. I NEED PRAYER WARRIORS PLEASE to help my son’s release from the demonic attack of liquor and drugs. I’ve been praying for him but i need everyone to help me. PLEASE his name is Cire (sigh-ree) PLEASE JOIN ME AND HELP ME PRAY FOR MY ONE AND ONLY SON.
    Thank you

  27. I sincerely need prayers for God’s control over my new created idea into reality. After a long time with lots of effort and money spent on my new project and now devil is trying to put a hold with financial problem so all l can do is keep to God to take control. I believe in God and surely will not loose my faith in him.

  28. Reading through most prayers and l feel like God really touches the heart of those updating the site with very good prayers. I sincerely send my gratitude to all involved and may God continue guide all. Amen.

  29. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I give You thanks my dear Father in Heaven,for giving me what I need according to Your riches in glory.
    I put all my trust in You dear God,I know that everything will going to be good.
    If I always follow God’s word in my everyday life.
    I pray that today dear God,Please,Free me from the situation that make me out of control.
    Dear God,In all my ways I acknowledge You, for You will guide me and direct my path.
    I hope that You walk beside me ,every step in my way.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  30. Lord I know you will make a way for me in your time
    I asked for a financial blessing by the blood of Jesus
    Amen & Amen

  31. Edward Iannielli

    Dear God
    Please help us weather this financial storm heading our way. I can’t help getting sick and losing my job. At this point I have a very difficult time with my life trying to protect my autistic son and family. I am thinking of suicide to protect my family with my life insurance to shield them from homelessness. Dear Hos please hear my faintest pleas for help for my family and me.

  32. Am asking for all your Prayers.Been struggling for our finances since my company was closed and i don’t have a job and only my husband working.All the payments we need to face on.And we don’t have savings to do that all.My kids enrollment are fast approaching.My 2nd daughter was been in hospital.A lot of bills needs to pay on.My shop was closed by the court since i can not pay them already.My partners before run away from me and all the responsibilities on my shoulder.Am praying for God will give us the restoration in our finances.Praying that in times like this am still here to trust in all what’s going on.Praying for Peace,happiness and joy even in this time of suffering.Trusting God with all my heart.And let his will be done to us.Praying that may he give us clarity in all what’s going on now.Oh lord bless us with our financial needs.Open the floodgates in heaven for us.So that we can face all the needs and responsibilities that we need to face on.Lord help us and annoint someone to help our financess.Amen

    1. I just wanted to update on God’s goodness to us. I posted this prayer on May 7th and things went so right. My daughter is finally out from the hospital without any payments to be paid. My kid’s pending balance in their school was all paid off and all of their needs were met. God’s goodness is so amazing. But even there are still lots to pray for. I am praying for my 1 employee, since we need to proceed all his problems in court. We are asking for your prayers that may our Lord God anoint someone to help us and that we will never pay so much for his problems. We’re also asking prayers for my situation right now and for my shop which the court has taken over. We believe that God is in control of all the things that are happening. May God continue to bless all of us!

  33. Hello. I am trying to stay loyal to God with tithes/offerings, I attend church often, I keep my faith in God, and I am disabled. I survived a nearly tragic car accident and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. I was in a self induced coma for 6 weeks. However, I have kept my faith and trust in God. It’s been almost 18 years, and I now realize that it’s not all about me… It’s all about God! Keeping my faith and positive thoughts is a very tough struggle, but I have to do it. God is the reason I am still moving forward.

  34. To all of christians army out there please join me in praying for our financial needs. My daughter is scheduled to enrol in 3 days but still our finances is unclear. My husband, an OCW, is uncertain as to when he will have his salary so sometimes I feel panic as to where or from whom I can seek financial support for my daughter’s education, daily needs, electricity and mobile phone plan bills.
    I’m active in our church but there are times I question God why we have to experience this financial difficulties. My husband is under stress now but I’ve been telling him that everything will be alright with constant prayer and trust in God’s Divine providence.
    This is easier said than done, so I need anchors to join me in praying for my present financial turmoil. Thank u everyone and Thank you Lord.

  35. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    I praise and give thanks to You my dear Heavenly Father.I need You each and every day,to always stay in my heart,be my side to be with me all day long.
    I know that dear Lord God,You always help us all and make away for us all.
    When our daily life have the good times,we all are be happy,and when the times are bad
    we all are to be consider.
    We thank you to our Lord God,for He has made the one as good as the others.
    I thank you agains to my dear God,who provides all my needs according to His riches in glory.
    Thank you Lord,for always making a way for us all.
    Thank you for this wonderful prayer.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen..

  36. I praise You my dear Lord God Jesus Christ.I thank you for always take care of me.When I feel happy and when sometimes the bad day made me so sad.
    I know my dear Heavenly Father,will help me find a way.
    I put my trust in You my dear Lord,with my eternal faith,for what has happened to me will
    turn out for deliverance.
    Thank you for Your good plans
    for me,and continue to bless me in my life.
    Thank you for this lovely prayer,
    full of God’s word, to give joy in my heart.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  37. I have faith things will get better, but for now finances are low and not enough money to cover monthly bills. It seems the harder I try, what money is coming in just cannot paymrhe rising cost of living today. I pray and thank God everyday for all that I have, but I’m also praying now for a financial blessing to help me now and in the future.
    God grant the financial blessings to help and get rid of worries and stress trying to get this all figured out.

  38. I need your prayers as well. I’m facing eviction, car needs work, tags due, in able to have insurance on my car. I am driving on expired tags for my car. I do not know if I will have the money to afford the insurance to get my tags. I need a better paying job. I don”t have anyone I can turn to. I have gone to churches and the city seeking help and the doors have been slammed in my face. I am at the end of my rope and I have prayed, fasted, seeking God for answers, to no avail. The only thing left for me is the thoughts of suicide. Please, I need help.

    1. Trust God, even when he seems far away. I promise you he always be on time. I pray he sends a sudden blessing your way.

    2. Marie Desrosiers

      Dear Debra, God is Good all the time. It seems like you trying to do everything’s everything , by your humans power. God is a spirit and you must worship him in spirit. Stop everything and drop on your knees and praise God for all those hardship and ask God for forgiveness, ask him to show you the way Financial. Start giving God ten percents out every check to your local church and put ten percent away for yourself. Ask God to bless your Finance and let God lead the way. Your faith is being tested by God and Jesus Christ doesn’t wants you to end to your life. God has a plan for your life. Just trust Jesus Christ he will never forsake you. I’ll be praying for God to open your spiritual eye to watch for your Blessings.

      1. Prayer is God’s way of bringing change to your life. Luke 18:1 says, “… always pray and not give up.” the key.
        1 Chronicles 16:11. “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” Just so you know. ( John 5:14. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

    3. Debra, keep strong. Jesus provides. I understand sometimes it feels as if we are so alone with no where else to turn, but don’t lose hope or faith.

  39. I thank you Dear Heavenly Father for giving me what I need,according to Your will.
    And thank you so much for this beautiful prayers,have a very nice words.
    In Jesus mighty name.

  40. Yes L9rd I thank you for Favorable Grace, please help me find a way to pay the bills I have no money for every month, the Gas has been turned off, and water soon, I give it all to you Lord
    Amen & Amen

  41. Father find us devoid of computer device viruses which keep our computers lonely in cyberspace and dis-connected. help those with VPN’s in the N.E. and in Texas find peace with a cure for error 1005.

    AMEN & the end (SOON ya’ll, SOON)

  42. Denise Callicott

    Yes Dear Heavenly Father I claim victory and favor over a financial Blessing in my life, only thru you Lord can This blessibg be done.Thy Will Be Done, Peace Be Still
    Amen & Amen

  43. I am broke and it seems like I am losing myself to the hardship of this world, I am finding it difficult to overcome anxiety and stress, thinking that human beings are evil. I know that my redeemer lives but why is it that I cant even believe what i am saying anymore. Lord you brought me into this world for one purpose and that is to use me accomplish good things, but I cant be used if my blood is drained in suffering, if my skin is gradually turning into bones, if my own body fails me. please help me lord because no one wants to help me and I depend only on you.

  44. I am broke I know my Dear Heavenly Father will help me find a way, I give you all the Glory, Thy Will be done, I claim Healing and a Financial Breakthrough, in your precious name I pray, Amen & Amen

    1. Yvonne Marie Miller

      In Jesus Gentle name I Declare Beautiful Earthly and Hevenly Blessings to cover Denise, Father may you also cover her and her family in total Divine Healing and by the stripes of Your Blessed Son Jesus she is already healed. Amen.
      Denise my dear if you Ask it, Believe in it and give Thanksgiving for it….it is yours says your Heavenly Father… ask and keep on asking…Believing and Praising Him and watch what will happen in your life. He is always with you and will NEVER forsake you….you are NEVER alone…..for the One that Loves YOU the most is by your side. Yvonne Miller

  45. Pray for my husband he’s in jail. I am standing on faith God spoke to me that he is coming home, but my husband is stressing out. He’s not having faith, but I am..

    1. Latasha Wright, keep on believing and pray psalm 91 for your husband”s protection. Only god’s angels could encircle him and give him courage in the midst of turmoil. i pray god will open a door way for your husband to come home.

  46. Yvonne Marie Miller

    God told us in the Gospels not to worry about what we need but to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first….then all these things shall be added on to you. He also advised us to not to worry about tomorrow, as it would take care of itself.

    But it is so hard NOT to worry when we feel so very desperate. So many of our troubles center around either Money or Jobs so what is the best thing to do? “Go to God in Prayer” as many times as we can, our Heavenly Father wants to help us. We should give Him all our anxieties and ask for His graces for ourselves and our loved ones. If we turn our difficulties over to God, we can better assure that, whatever our financial situation might be now we have great hope that God will help turn things around for us.

    Dearest Father, please help us all to find firm ground in this difficult and unsteady world as we seek to find work and kind help from others to keep a roof over the heads of our families. In the Gentle Name of Jesus I pray. Amen. Let It Be Done.

  47. Yvonne Marie Miller

    God told us in the Gospels not to worry about what we need but to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first….then all these things shall be added on to you, He also advised us to not to worry about tomorrow, as it would take care of itself. So many of our troubles center around either Money or Jobs so what is the best thing to do? “Go to God in Prayer” as many times as we can, our Heavenly Father wants to help us. We should give Him all our anxieties and ask for His graces for ourselves and our loved ones. If we turn our difficulties over to God, we can better assure that, whatever our financial situation might be now we have great hope that God will help turn things around for us. Dearest Father please help us all to find firm ground in this difficult and unsteady shaky as we seek to find work and help from others to keep a roof over the heads of our families. In the Gentle Name of Jesus I pray. Amen Let It Be Done.

  48. Please pray for me I lost my job and now all of my bills are due and don’t know how I’m going to pay for them. I have never stopped praying and trusting in God. Please pray for me.

    1. Carla I relate with you , and in the Lords name we can prsy for each other . May the Lord hear our prays when two or three are in one mind and thought He is in the midst of it , so God Bless and hoping everything goes well .

    2. God has your back. He will give you all you need in time. Trust in Him and He will bring everything to pass…

    3. I am so happy that you never stopped praying………….God is not a blind, you will pass through this storm, in JESUS NAME……….AMEN……….

    1. I know your pain, my husband and I was doing fine, his brother came to visit for a few day’s, his car started running bad, so on October 7th late that night he park his car, it started to burn caught the carport and it was over, before the fire department arrived 45 minutes later this beautiful home was gone, it was their mother’s home, my husband is blind, and with all these vacant HUD apartments, no one will let us get one, so we are basically homeless, where is the government for. So please pray for us a blessing in Jesus name.

  49. Please pray for me i’m a single mother of a 9 yr old little girl, and we are heading fast to financial ruin! I’m scared and I have no where to go, my family will not let us in and we are with pets, we have no where to go and family is to poor to help us out, i’m working but it’s not enough in this two income world that we live in, my house is breaking around us and i don’t have the money to repair it! Please pray for us! thanks you, God Bless You all~

  50. I am asking for prayers from my brothers and sisters in Christ. We have a huge debt to the IRS that is threating to cause us to lose our home and my husbands income. Please pray for Divine Peace and a miracle for us. Thank you so much.

  51. Amen! Thank you Martin Forgenie and Cheryce. A beautiful relevant prayer.
    Almighty Father,
    Money is a necessity for basic living
    And I lift up so many who are struggling
    Some jobless and some earn and can’t meet their needs
    Grant them Lord a way to end their struggles to meet their basic needs

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