Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests

AMINA: Heavenly Father, I pray for physical and mental health for my son Ishmael. I pray that you will lay your mighty hand on him and heal him.
Praying for the rest of my kids and for myself for emotional, physical and financial healing in your precious name I pray.
The storms in our lives keep increasing oh Lord, Please bring a Peace and Answered Prayers as you Calm them all; This I ask in your Mighty Name AMEN.

SHAZ : Pray with me for restoration of my marriage. We have been separated for 4 months. We have a lot of anger and hurt. I pray for softening of hearts to be able to work on our issues. For our little girl who is caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing touch on our marriage.

Samuel Kingston Amen. Your messages, impressive. Please do remember me in your prayers.

Jennifer Bucc Grace and peace be unto you. I need prayer for my family restoration in my marriage and Jesus’ name.

Dornice Ambani Dear family. I can’t seem to truly relax. I have a huge financial crisis that only looking up to God our Heavenly Father can get me out. ” I look up to the mountains, where will my help come from. My help will come from the Lord who created heaven and earth”. I request you kindly and with humility to join me in praying, worship and thanksgiving to our Father for the financial breakthrough! Amen Dorn.

Perkins, Makeysha Thank You for reaching out to me…. I’m praying for a miracle for $8,000 to get my son released for the holidays. He’s 20 years old, he’s my youngest I just miss him so much drowning. Can you please say an extra prayer for Thomas Perkins to be able to spend Christmas and New Years with me and his brother. My job is taking up a collection for him but I know it won’t be near the funds. But I do have faith and been praying for whatever the balance. I know we serve and an awesome God. Waiting on God’s response to seeing who I should give or help as well. God bless you all.

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  1. Please pray, I get Off Court amicable Financial Settlement, Compensation from Corporate Company, for their Breach of Contract, for their Structural Destruction and Complete Shutdown of both my running Hotels for 4 years, for my Business and Goodwill losses, many people lost their jobs, please pray, I restart my Hotel business again in Mighty Jesus Name Amen.

  2. Dear friends, Please pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that my friend Julio be healed from all his illnesses and delivers him from harm. Also please pray for me that God grants me victory and success in school in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

  3. Lord Jesus, you know my family in deep financial & health crisis, totally devastated with curses and evil tests. I beg you Holy Trinity, to deliver us from all evil and its wrathful attacks. Come Lord to our immediate rescue with necessary financial and health blessings by your unconditional mercy & love.

  4. Plz desperate prayers for my husband Paul salvation, restored love communication, reconciliation an restoration of our marriage. Waiting 5 yrs for him to come home. Plz bring him home permanently.

  5. Please pray for my Grandson He’s taking a National Exam today Praying for a passing grade It will be life changing for him and his career In Jesus name I pray ❤️

  6. Praye Request.
    Please, pray and my family.
    For the grace to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and To serve God in spirit and in turn, so that all that Jesus Christ did for us on the cross ✝️ will come to pass in however lives.

  7. Good day. Please pray for me as I’m struggling with addictions like alcohol, lust, etc. I am married, and I ask God for forgiveness every time. I believe He does forgive, but I find myself repeating the same sins over and over again. I’m not blaming anyone; it’s all on me. I was a worship leader, and I’ve fallen so far; it’s not even a joke. But as I said, it’s all on me.

    Thank you in advance. God bless.

  8. I pray for financial freedom, I pray for peace in my relationship, I have been looking for a job for a long time now and nothing seem to be working out. I pray for Devine intervention in my life. For opendoors heavenly father, I pray that every curse in my life be lifted in the name above all names. Amen

  9. Hi,
    My name is Ms D.
    Will you please pray for my son who has a girlfriend / baby mama that deals with witchcraft. She has been destroying his mind, body and soul little by little since 2019. He’s gotten to the point where he’s forgetful more than he was before he was attacked by the demon and she refuses to let him go to be happy and to move on in his life.
    She doesn’t love nor trust but she will manipulate him, & control his mind to think the way she wants him to be só I do hope that your prayers reach my sons mine and his heart to help him to wake up & realize what his girlfriend is doing to him & to get away from her and move on in life and put her in the past. Thank you.

  10. I pray for my house hold to have peace and for all calamities to be broken in Jesus name I lift up my children to god as god knows what to do I pray for myself for my thoughts to stop raging and words not of any good and for all sickness and desease to be gone

  11. I need a job as soon as possible I apply but still no response, please father almighty help me to get a job please

  12. Hevenly father, I pray to You through Your son Jesus Christ. Holy spirit please intercede now on my and Arnold’s behalf. I pray for our salvation. Use me o God. Hear my cry and deliver us from all evil. I submit my idea to You and pray that it is in Your will and plan. Amen

  13. Lord Jesus please be with the lawyer and judge that they will sentence Nyree to drug court. with mental counseling.. and a job,. In Jesus name Amen

  14. My name is Christine and I have been fighting cancer for 3 years now l am praying for God’s miracle healing for God to touch me and heal me for God to restore me with good health God is a healer and nothing is impossible with him l trust you lord l leave all my fears and the future of my children and grandchildren in your hands lord l waiting for my miracle to happen praise the lord

  15. Good Afternoon.
    I’m Mary Susanna, from Pune, India. I am suffering from Spine pain, baldness, please pray for me, i’m a Diadetic, Hypertension patient.
    My son Shawn Anthony 30 years old, is being ditched by his girlfriend, and they were 5 years in relationship, he is not able to move on in life please pray for.


  17. Am kindly requesting for marriage restoration prayers.
    I separated with my husband for 15months now he remarried and got a baby with the other woman who has been troubling our union for so long.
    My parents inlaw blocked me in their phones without hearing my part of the story.
    Am praying for my marriage restoration in Jesus name.
    Please help me pray am loosing it.
    Am at the edge of everything depression is taking over me.and I still love him and his family.
    May God see me through

  18. please pray god performs a miracle of hope, mercy,and healing in my life and delivers me from my suffering and saves me in this world and the next by whatever means necessary, please pray he firmly guides me, comforts and gives me mighty hope, faith, answers and solutions and heals, restores, and cures me physically/spiritually of all afflictions, illnesses, impurities, and toxins and gives me another chance even if he has to send me back in time or bend reality itself, pray the same for my online friend also. please ask god to help me to the fullest extent that he is willing. please pray he has mercy on me. Please pray he sends powerful angels to protect and watch over me

  19. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Keep us from divorce Father God. I pray our marriage, our relationship, our love will be stronger than it ever was. Bind us together in love, through Jesus mighty and powerful name, amen. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. No weapon formed against this shall prosper. The blood of Jesus will prevail. In Jesus Christ name, amen.

  20. I need prayer for my marriage my wife is listening to the outside world to much from other people on social media and people are trying to destroy are marriage why I don’t no I thank jealousy and I love her so much I am asking for prayer please

  21. Please pray I will be safe and peaceful, during this very trying time with the law enforcement. I am homeless and have no where to go at this moment and the law enforcement is completely harassing me. They are truly messing with my sleep and rest and it is being done intentionally. I respect them no matter what, but they are doing cruelty towards the less fortunate. I will not resort in being disrespectful, but I do need to sleep somewhere. Please pray I find a job, so I get my own place. As a result, hopefully, the law enforcement will stop harassing me; if I do. In the meantime, please keep me in prayer for my peace and safety.

    Thank you and Yahweh God bless…

  22. God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart,. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me.

  23. Dear Father God, please pour out Your Holy Spirit on me and my children may we receive deliverance.
    May Your power of deliverance work through me and cast out demons keeping us affected and captivated by evil spirits, and relieve us of Satan’s trap and antagonism.
    Lord Jesus, may nothing come in the way of following Your will and way. May my earthly duties and cares never take over Your call to follow You in service and to do Your will.
    Father, today I speak love, peace, favour, happiness and prosperity into my life and that of my children not only myself but those that surround me as well.
    Lord, as I wait on You for that supernatural healing and freedom from abuse, poverty, waiting, and old season Father God, I step out boldly in faith and ask to be filled with the holy spirit and repent and ask for forgiveness if I ever stray from your path as I wait for God. I’m hurting Lord I Just want to be free Father God please Father God I am so tired of waiting and losing hope, please do not test me on what my forefathers did and worshiped false idols I do not want to do it please Father God set us free, in Jesus’ Almighty, Powerful, Holy name, Amen!

  24. Joseph is suffering from a condition where any physical activity will cause him to become physically sick. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his illness. Please pray for his recovery.

  25. Please, I plead with you to pray for my marriage. I’ve been having a lot of complications and issues with my spouse and I’ve been very discouraged. It’s also affecting my children. Please pray for us.

  26. Hai sir, please pray for my fathers health Mr. Gurreddy age about 58 who is suffering from Ear pain since two years …. He undergone two surgeries for inside ear due to heavy pain unable to sleep every night time …some time he will feel with pressing like needles , he is crying with out sleeping … We dont know as well doctors also unable to find what happened inside his ear , I can only trust in precious heavenly father can heal heal my fathers pain permanently pls pray for in this regard , in Jesus Christ name I pray Amen.

  27. Pls. pray for me for God’s provisions to be freed from the bondage of debts, to be freed from anger, resentment. Pls. pray for Hanna Grace Gonzales to be hired from the job she is applying, that God touches the hearts of the companies staff /interviewer to choose her among the applicants and pls.pray for Mr.Mark Pajila, that God touches his heart to be merciful, to be understanding and helpful to me. Pls. pray for me for all the confusions I am facing now due to my difficult situation.

  28. May you please pray this for me? Thank you so much!Our Heavenly Father, I pray for this person asking me a prayer. Praying that You would have mercy on the person and the heart of the person would turn to God. Through this, would You replace the heart with a new heart and be filled with the Holy Spirit? Let the person follow You and glorify You for the rest of the person’s life. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen

  29. i’m not gay but Satan temptation me to choose women and not men. i’m a 26 year old women who never been in a relationship. takes these thoughts away.

  30. I ask prayer for my husband Paul salvation and a softened heart towards me. That he will communicate with me and we be reconciled, restored and that he will come home to me and our family. Please Lord make this impossible, possible..In Jesus name, Amen…Thank you..

  31. Please I urgently need prayer for healing, a job and for God’s mercy. Please also pray for my dear cat’s safety and safe return.

  32. Please pray every curse, word curse ever spoken over me or casted to be destroyed, bound on earth as it is in heaven forever. In Jesus name.

  33. I will like to sincerely thank for your help for Elisabeth Bannerman during and still on going Radioactive Therapy for breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts organs and bones. i will be very greatful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing Amen

  34. I ask them first for protection and preservation and for healing of soul and body. And for mental and spiritual healing for Sophie, that she can leave the hospital and that she finds inner peace, thanks for praying for Andu, because it got better for a while, but he also needs prayers and healing again at the moment and has for Mrs. Letesgie Broke her arm and also needs medical healing. I also have two little relatives who are doing very badly and who also need healing. Their names are Fahrat and Maria, they both need psychic healin

  35. I feel a Harvest of many souls is coming soon upon this Earth. Please pray for me that I am worthy to meet the Lord and be with him. My name is Delbert Hilling II. I live in Morgantown Wv. Thank you.

  36. Prayer against the worries of existing as Christ manages them as in Psalms that a righteous family’s belly is full of good, living a life richer than a banquet, and forgiven of their doubts that hurt their cell health. Comfort us Lord when the Devil abuses our mental health that were are lacking in things earthly or heavenly, for his dark mission in Revelation warns that He tries us if we have faith in provision. Yet while still fleshly as Elijah, Sampson, and so, we must ask You for powering us up because we sin, even if we know better we ought to thank you Christ our brother that you redeemed us before we were yet sinners. All we must do is renew our love to reset our days to find fullness and supernaturaliy.

  37. Please pray for the healing of mental illness, deliverance from multi-generational curses, and protection against evil spirits and witchcraft of my daughter Lauren

    Please pray for Michael so that like the Prodigal Son he returns to the Faith and becomes the Divine Partner worthy of his Father and me. May his iniquities be forgiven and his sin accounts imputed.

    Please pray that my niece Samantha is healed of rheumatoid arthritis and finds a Godly husband

  38. Praying that Katie gets a new apartment or house. she’s a woman with autism she had to move from her first apartment because of the weather and her landlord wanted to move from the aera.

  39. Please, please, help me pray for my grandson, Jonathon, who has Sickle Cell, grieving the loss of his mother, and back spasms; his sister who has fibromyalgia and anxiety, my husband–their grandfather, whose kidneys are to the point where dialysis is being considered, and a multitude of other ailments, and for me who tries to take care of all of us.

    I ask the Lord to delivered us from all of these ailments and to restore our joy. All of us are Christians. Jonathon has gone astray. He’s having a rough time with school, enjoys smoking weed, and likes being a jerk.

    I pray for all of us daily, all through the day. Today has been a rough day. Help me pray for deliverance and peace.

    In the name of Jesus. Amen

  40. Please pray I can be free am being held hostage by ex and an ex friend. I need deliverance from these men . They’re evil and want to hurt/ harm me.

  41. Please I need prayers…I have been used, betrayed, stabbed in the back by the person I knew would never do that. I have been taken advantage of my generosity. I’m trying my best to move on in life but I cannot. I feel like a failure. Oh Lord please help me!


  43. Keisha: I am asking for prayer, that God will bless me with remote employment that is suited for my needs this day. I have applied to so many jobs and still nothing, I am praying for the right opportunity for God to make me whole again for restoration, and for a financial breakthrough.

  44. Praying for D’Angelo he needs a job that he can handle and likes. he also wants a job to be off on weekends and holidays. he wants a job that he can have a life and not work all the time. he’s a 31 years man with special needs.

  45. I feel there’s a spirit of witchcraft with a person i do not know but come across sometimes. she’s 10 years younger than me and it seems everytime i come across her she has something i think it about it’s unusually unexpected or unlikely. it’s awkward because there’s no way she can get something i’m thinking about and gets it “with a snap of a finger” and i don’t think it’s a coincidence either it’s like she is reading my mind or something. i find it creepy. her behavior is disrespectful and she make videos with toys to make a living. nothing wrong with that but her viewers are children and with her behavior that’s not good. i block her months ago and i don’t know she use witchcraft on me because when i first discover her i knew something was off about her. she swears too. she also a part of the homosexual community and say she has pronouns which in reality i know she a young lady. God i ask to heal this young lady. she 16 and she is using witchcraft and in the homosexual community i pray that God heal her. i think she lives with her parents or guardian. the fact she 16 and i’m 26 isn’t normal. she so young and to use witchcraft on people who you don’t know and try to get their attention isn’t good. whatever going on with her i hope God heal her. she also autistic. pray for this young lady. she lost and needs to be heal. amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  46. Please pray for me and my family. We are looking for a nice place to move too but right now we’re facing a big financial problem, we don’t have the money to move since I’ve been home sick from work with COVID 19 for 1 month. Please I’m asking God to bless us health wise and financially. I’m asking Him to cover each and everyone of us with His blood. In Jesus Name. Amen

  47. I need immediate prayers: my sister is currently 2 months pregnant and her boyfriend is physically abusing her. Im worried that if she continues to stay with him he will eventually kill her…please pray that my sister understand her worth and give her the courage to walk away completely! And when she does to please give her and the baby protection against him and the evilness surrounding him…I don’t know who else to turn, she needs help and I don’t think I can do this alone.

  48. Please pray for me I am needing a miracle a financial breakthrough in my life, things have been difficult lately financially, we still owe rent to our landlord, but the things is we have never owe him rent before, or any payment or never we had been late in any payment living at this address for 6 year now at this house rental, we had always pay rent on time but this September thing have been so difficult financially so we couldn’t pay him all at once, but a good portion of it but we still owe him $700 dollars, but he has been harassing us non-stop calling us, and it’s very stressful for us, we have explain to him at a date to pay the rest of the money we are owning but he keep pressuring us saying he wants his money right away, and is embarrassing and also so unprofessional of him he has no understanding no sympathy or compassion, we’ve been so stressed out we barely have anything to eat because all the little money we have we give it to him for now until we can pay him the $700 we owe him. I know God is a God of miracle please pray for my strength and I’m asking for a miracle for financial breakthrough. Raquel

  49. Hello my dear friends God bless you I need your help to praise the lord for what he has done for me I’m call on him to open up doors so I can live again I need to go back to work so I won’t live in poverty anymore thank you love Vernell

  50. Can we pray for major obstacle working in our path. We have been blessed to be out of trouble by our almighty God. The evil one wants a hold on my blessing and anointing on myself and my kids. The Lord has saved and restored us and has helped us maintain our inner peace and a constant flow of love and effort in everything we do. We are in continual service to God and keep our head held high to our duties in Faith and reverence to all mankind. May there be no more chaos and confusion anymore for the rest of our lives. We are being set high by our wonderful God who reigns supreme and who deserves all the glory praise and honour. Thank you Jesus Thank you Abba Father. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  51. I pray for my daughter healing, Heavenly Father please release her from the work of devil and give me her healthy back to me in the Jesus Name. Please forgive me and her from our sin and let us express your grace and I thank you for everything. Amen

  52. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for waking me up today, thank you for your love for me, for your protections and guidance especially for my childrens I know you always there to protect them. Lord thank you for not letting us get sick. The previous pandemic of covid-19 brought huge crisis in country previously but until now i can’t get out from that huge crisis. That im crying Lord and begging for your help hoping that one day i can sleep without worrying where to get our budget for tomorrow, how settle my bills monthly. I’m Praying that I will be free from debt. Give me peace of mind God. Please hear my prayer Lord God. Amen

  53. Thank you for your time. I have an unresolved situation involving my former place of employment that is causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. Please pray that this situation will be resolved soon in a favorable manner toward me if that is the will of God. Thank you again and may God richly bless your ministry.

  54. I need prayers for total breakthrough. I am presently in big debt. I always have sleepless nights. Am convinced. I need a divine helpers. Pls pray for me. I don’t want to die because of this debt

  55. Dear Lord you know everything about me and what my needs are and you know I’m a sinner and not worthy of your grace but I know that only you can help me. Forgive me for my sins and embrace me with your love and I leave my trust in you. In Jesus Christ our Lord I pray so help me God. Amen 🙏

  56. My husband wants a divorce and says he’s 100 percent sure. I’ve been praying everyday, however, Filed my paperwork today. He’s abandoned my baby and me, had his landlord evict us and tried to make us homeless. Please pray for my marriage… an intervention…. A miracle from our Lord.

  57. Lord Jesus I thank you for this day I thank you for giving us life health and strength today Father God I pray over my life and my family’s life today that you keep us strong and get us through what we’re all going through at this time Lord Jesus. Father God I pray over my job that we all can come together as one with you Lord. You said you’d never leave us nor forsake us and I pray that prayer today Father God. I Thank you for this prayer today in your name I pray amen.

  58. Lord heavenly Father, i pray that you will help my son and I to get a house or find a place to stay. We are homeless. We keep getting kicked out. Lord I pray that you will help me get a job also. And I ask that you will renew my mind, so that others won’t hear my thoughts or read my mind. Help me, God, for I am helpless, homeless, and I have a 2 year old son. I pray for my mother. She’s been putting my son n I down, hurting us and keep kicking us out of my dads house. We need a place to go. I need to find a job. And I can’t stop thinking, they can read my mind. N the make fun of me. Everywhere I go, they heart thoughts. lord hear my prayer, please don’t let us be homeless n jobless n help me to STOP thinking. God have mercy, I am giving up. I need you, Lord, we are alone. We need you. Heal my son, you know him more then me
    Also heal my mind body n soul, you know me more then I know myself. We need you right now, Lord. Please, God willing, my prayers will be answered. God willing. In Jesus name I pray. 🙏 amen 🙏

  59. Need prayer. Don’t care if anyone but you, I and Christ knows this.

    Christ does.

    His time on the cross justifies YOUR salvation.

    Pray or don’t.

    Jesus is Lord (1st Corinthians 12:3).

    He knows.

    Pray or don’t:

    I reach out to you as a Christian citizen of the USA because local church members refuse to believe that the sin nature can affect members of municipalities (police, district attorneys, etc.) in this nation. God stated that we were to follow government officials if they lived up to moral expectations reasonably expected by the creator of the universe. Perjury, false accusation, brutality (ie violence for no reason but the immoral excitation of the person attacking without moral cause), and false imprisonment are not actions that live up to the standard of the great “I AM.”

    Yet here I am. I am not God, yet I have been falsely accused by police officials in the USA, they have attempted to frame me (falsifying locations, dates, and events under oath in a USA court of Law) in order to save their careers. What they failed to realize was that by continuing the paths that they were following, they have put not only their careers/reputations in danger, but have also put themselves in danger of prison sentences.

    I wanted nothing to do with this. I was a flawed homeless Christian.

    Now I am a flawed homeless Christian who fears for his life because these officials would do better to put a bullet into my skull than face the consequences for actions that I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH.

    Each one of them is issued a sidearm as part of their job.

    Please, as Jesus is Lord (1st Corinthians 12:3), pray for my protection as in Psalms 23 and 37, and pray that these men never do this to anyone else.

    God never intended pain.

    God never intended persecution.

    As God is my witness, some of this is due to to my evangelism.

    Please pray. You have seen this in your own country. Please pray it cease in EVERY country.

  60. Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday. she wasn’t a Christian she was Catholic. pray that she gave her life to Jesus before she died. she was sinner just like the rest of us and God will make his judgment her. my prayers go out to the family and the UK.

  61. With God all things are possible just trust him he promise to supply your needs according to his riches in glory through christ christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

  62. My husband has been out of work over a month. He has had 4 companies interested in him but none have actually come through. I’m getting scared and nervous and not understanding how a company can go from you are hired to ghosting with no communication when he has no background issues and passed every drug test. The 4th company is his dream job. God what are you doing? Do you hear me at all? This is so hard to deal with yet again. Please help me Lord.

  63. prayers for my cps case to go in my favor to get my son back
    And for my housing application to go through as well, we lost our home from domestic violence
    Thank you ❣️

  64. Hi, I have a prayer request. I’m in pain on a daily basis, bcuz I have arthritis through my whole body. But the worst of it is in my left hip. And I can’t walk without a cane now. And I’m only 45 years old, but I feel like I’m 500. Plz pray that I receive healing for my left hip. I want to be able to go out & do fun things with my husband & our son’s. Instead of sitting at home & watching my whole life pass me by. Thanks for your help in advance. I’m also lifting you & your families up to the Father in prayer. I love you & I’m so grateful for you. Have a Blessed & Beautiful weekend in Jesus name I pray, Amen 🙏🏻✝️🛐🕊️🌈💪🏻👑🙌🏻🤲🏻

  65. Good morning for all the members who work in this ministry thank you Jesus that I got connect with these group every single days I got new things in prayer it makes me hope so much even I face in problem and I want to request to all of you please kindly pray for me in my new business I’m just starting only one weeks and I face so many difficult to communicate with the client sometimes I was very embarrass myself I feel like I don’t have any knowledge and wisdom to co operate with people’s please pray for me .thank you and god bless you all

  66. Heavenly farther send me that bleeding iam 🙏 for to get this house lord farther only you know what we need. Farther I am waiting on you lord to guide me. it’s mine speaks. Amen

  67. Please pray for the Lord to give us HIS guidance, leading and direction whether we should sell our house, according to HIS will and purpose for our lives, in Jesus name, amen! 🙏 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  68. I’m asking for prayer for two things. 1 my daughter who is fighting Lukemia she’s 11 years old, I’m trusting God for healing. 2 I’m asking for prayers for God to show and teach me how to get out of debt, I’m drowning in it, it’s hard to breathe. So please pray for me.

  69. Hi can you brothers and sisters in the faith pray for me so God could give me courage and endurance and for a proper direction.

  70. Public prayer — Not blushing at this being shared with everyone at the awkwardness — against sexual harassment in my neighborhood by some bad comments all the time. Jesus, you can upbraid them with Proverbs through their unturnable heart to hear the truth as a father does to his child’s friend when the other might causes a fights.

  71. My wife Elena is having an affair, I ask God if it is his will to please end this affair and restore our marriage. I would ask God to please send Warrior Angels to protect my wife from this evil and fill her heart with the Holy Spirit and word. I forgive my wife!

  72. Pray for restoration an reconciliation in my marriage. My husband and I has been separated and now he has filed for divorce. He need to break that ego and stubbornness. I believe there is a spiritual warfare in my marriage as this has been to sudden as there is a lot of love but he will not even communicate with me. Thank you in advance for the prayers in Jesus name Amen!

  73. Please pray for the salvation of the following persons:
    Baez-Serrano Family
    Juan Báez
    Vanessa Burkelle

    For the heart of Isaac, Dredlim, Eunice and Samuel so they may turn their heart to the Lord and keep running the race of faith.

    Also for drugs deliverance of Juan Carlos Cupeles.

    Depression deliverance of Isaac, Héctor, Héctor Luis

  74. i need to know what type of eyes fit for my art style. i know my art style but i’m not sure about the eyes. God told me my art style but i need him help me with my art style eyes.

  75. Father God, please bless Jeff right now with a financial blessing that he is in need of. Ease his trouble mind.

  76. Please pray for my court day today. I ask for grace and mercy to be granted upon me. I ask for protection from a creditor who who has not mercy. I ask for prayer for the judge to see the truth of not granting him his request.

    Thank you for praying for me.

  77. Prayers for Christ to revamp my religious living with fasting more, serving the kingdom, and putting to work my skills, for I feel burnt out thatI cannot do it as much as I used to. It might that with my new jobs I work twice in a day, it leaves me little time to get R and R so I feel like skipping it. Nevertheless, I do a lot of stuff for people outside of chruch in his name. But I can’t fast, keep a calm mind, or stop being impatient randomly because I feel the Adam side on keeping me from getting to to my max power. Pray for me and my wife brethren.

  78. The power is in the Name of JESUS. In reading through the prayers; I don’t see the Name of JESUS being called upon.

  79. Lord, thank you for the examination. Please help me pass the civil service exam held last August 7,2022. This I ask in Jesus name.

  80. Vernell hello my sisters and brothers ❤️ thank you for your love and support .will you join in with in prayer for spiritual healing and protection, to let go the past playing on my mind. That God would raise up the holy spirit to take charge again Amen thank you 😊 🙏

  81. Heavenly Father and my GOD, i ask for forgiveness of all my sins today, My GOD bless me with a job, I’m jobless since the COVID started. Bless me again. I come and pray in the name your beloved son my Jesus Christ. Amen

  82. I thank GOD i found comfort words for the solo moms. Im handling a group of solo moms . Pls pray for me to give me strength so that i can guide & lead to the path of righteousness by knowing God & acknowledge JESUS to be their savior. Pray for me.

  83. I stubbed my right small toe on tuesday and I so now i command any broken bones to go back into place in my toe in jesus name. I speak to all swelling and pain to leave my toe in jesus name. So I come into agreement with you that I will have no broken bones in my toe and that all pain and swelling leave now in jesus name. I believe jesus has healed me according to Isaiah53:4,5. Please come into agreement with me according to Matthew 18:19. I shall give a testimony of jesus healing power. Amen.

  84. God is able.. He said in His Word..He will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep trusting and believing in the Name of Jesus.

  85. I’m asking for prayer that God will work in my life and in my marriage. My husband don’t understand when I talk to him and bring other people before me his wife and not respecting me when i ask him to just talk to me before he make decision so that we can come in agreement because they
    effect the both of us. I also want pray that God soften my husband heart and not be so fast to end out marriage just because I’m not condoning some of his choices that effect out family. I pray that my husband Dominique will submit to GOD and go to him for everything.

  86. I pray with everything I have that my husband comes back to me and our children so we can be a family again. I pray he gets the help he needs. Amen.

  87. First I would like to thank God for blessing me with another day. I thank God for Christianstt and well as all of you. I’m needing prayer for strength to help fight my addiction to cocaine. Never felt I had an addiction until I tried to stop as it has caused drastic changes in my life. I thank God in advance for healing me from all addictions, in Jesus’s name. Amen

  88. Praying for my health mentally and physically. I am also praying for financial increase and complete my Master’s by January 2023. Thanking God in advance in Jesus mighty name.

  89. Dear all,
    Kindly pray I get hired on priority….Am jobless since a long time. Thank you all in advance.


  90. Please pray for my wife Lorie to have a change of heart and mind about her decision to divorce
    Please God bring healing to our marriage
    Thank you all and thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  91. I am praying to the Lord for my voucher and to receive an apartment of my own in NYC by Sep 1 of 2022.

  92. Father God, I pray to you now to comfort my dear Granddaughter, Jessica. Give her peace within, and strength and fill her with the Holy Spirit. Father, I pray to you in the precious name of your only Son Jesus. Jessica’s brain has now shrunk. The doctor has said she will not get well, and that she will never become responsive. Father, the doctor has suggested the family decide end of life for dear Jessica. I give thanks that Jessica is a child of God. I believe you are with her every moment. Take Jessica and hold her in Your loving arms. Lord Jesus, send your angels to surround her as she lies in her bed. I believe You Father, through Your Son Jesus that Jessica is in your hands. We want Jessica to wake up, but we know that You have a plan for your child. I pray that you give her parents, and her siblings, and her grandparents, and her extended family and friends the strength we need to cope. We love Jessica dearly, but Father God in heaven You love her more than we can ever love her. I give thanks for the nurses, doctors and other caregivers who take care of Jessica every day. All this I ask in Your Holy Name. Amen.

  93. Praying for my mother health and strength to walk again and be more active then ever for her health as well as my health to be better for my boys and our living conditions with financial access

  94. I am a senior citizen and currently giving weekly Bible study to a small group of senior citizens. Please pray for me to receive divine wisdom and discernment as I do my own Bible reading to be well-equipped for this commitment.
    Thank you!

  95. Please pray for me to receive Devine favor for a career and salary progression. I have stayed in one career level with no salary increase. There is no option given to me by the organisation for the past 4 years. I am praying for a new Job with higher opportunity and salary level.

  96. MY LORD AND MY GOD i come to you in your mercy and forgiveness and i accept that i am sinner and I have distrust you. I left you. But Today I come back to you again. I repent all my sins and sexual sins and seek for your mercy and forgiveness. Please make me your child again and be my Lord of my life and take your rightful place on my heart again. Pardon me Lord

  97. Please pray with me for favor, love, peace and joy at my work place and before the people around me. In Jesus Christ’s powerful name I pray. Amen and Amen

  98. Please pray with me I want a financial breakthrough and clearing all the debts by August. Also pray with me forvi want a holy marriage, land, my personal house and car. May it be Amen and Amen

  99. Please Join me to pray for my two brothers. One is fighting (lungs cancer) and taking treatment,. The other has( heart problems and is an Alcoholic) I pray for God’s healing and mercy on their lives. Lord Jesus please give the one more chance. I know what God cannot Do Does Not Exist. In Jesus Christ name amen.

  100. Please pray for me to be restored to my job back before the week is ended. I got in a alterations with someone at work on Friday.
    They took my badge and say them will call me after further investigation.
    I can’t afford to lose this job all my bills are piled up and I need this job.
    So please pray for me

  101. Oh Lord my God, thank you for blessing me with a husband and a home to call my own. Father, I pray that you give me a new song, I pray that the fertility surgery my husband is going for will end in testimony and praise. Lord, make me a mother and make my husband a father. In Jesus Mighty Name I have prayed. Amen to

  102. I pray for God’s protection, blessings, upliftment, breakthrough, deliverance, healing upon me and my family.
    I also pray for God to process our documents we submitted our travelling out of the country.
    I pray for God to intervene in every aspect of my life and endeavour.
    I pray to cancel eating in the dreams and cancel bad dreams and nightmares
    I pray for my family to be liberated and delivered from the hands of the enemies.
    I pray against delay in progress. Disappoint etc
    I pray for God’s mercy and grace and peace and love upon me and my family.
    I pray that God will help travel to UK this year and become very successful in all ramifications.
    I pray in Jesus Christ name amen and Amen

  103. Friday was my birthday and prayed that this year would be a good one. it’s already starting off bad and it only been two days. please get Satan and his demons away from me. i’m tired of them, tell them to leave me alone. ????????????

  104. We have a spiritual Camp (08.19-08.21.2022). To the Camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.

  105. Please stand in prayer for me and my daughter’s deliverance from tormenting dreams and lustful spirit, thanks for your prayers in Jesus name amen hallelujah

  106. Please pray with me that if it is God’s will, I get pregnant and have a beautiful, healthy, happy and intelligent baby. Please pray that God grants us wisdom to guide and parent any child that He blesses us with and that he or she grows to be a man or woman of God. I have been praying for a child for so long and pray that God either grants me this desire or takes the desire away from me. Thank you for your prayers.

  107. LORD God, the Creator of heavens and earth. I lift up my prayer to you for you O God is gracious and merciful always. Lord God I pray for me and Billy to help us in our financial situation. Make a path for us to have a financial freedom. Protect our families too from sickness and diseases. From any harm or danger 24/7. I also pray for my sister Fenella, to receive ypu Jesus in heart. May you heal her soul from all the trauma she suffered in the past for you our God of healer. I thank you for helping us in Jesus’ mighty name amen.

  108. I lost my job two years ago I worked there 34 years. I am on disability now because I hurt my self at work. I am very depressed daily and very lonely. I need a friend who loves and knows God. God has provided for me and I let Him down by doing foolish things with the provision He provides. I am under serious satanic attack and I need help. My whole life has been turmoil.

  109. Today is my birthday. i just turned 26. i pray that this year will be a good one because last year was really bad. i pray that i’ll be able to go out and meet new friends and that maybe i will find myself a boyfriend. i don’t know whatever or not God want me to have kids or not or get married but i just turned 26 and 4 more years i’m gonna be 30. so i really need some answers. i’m a woman with special needs and major depression. i thank God for having me being alive for 26 years. i always thought ending my life but God has kept me going. praise him! amen! ????????????????????????????????

  110. My family need help with a cures for witchcraft and especially on my daughter and daughter but it is on the whole family

  111. I seek the lords face in my family for the fruit of womb, my wife and I have been trying for 2yrs now and with prayers we know theres nothing the Lord cannot do. I also am prayer for my business to be stable and for me to be able to see my gains from the effort I’m putting in. So we are asking for God’s blessings and grace. Amen

  112. Please pray for me I am Shalu for my high blood pressure which I undergone last week to be healed in Jesus mighty name he is our healer and doctor.please pray for our financial issues as we are struggling in our lives god bless you in Jesus mighty name amen


  114. i need to know what type of eyes fit for my art style. i know my art style is chibi but i’m not sure about the eyes. God told me my art style is chibi but i need him help me with my art style eyes.

  115. I pray for healing in a relationship I am in and also for deliverance from sexual sin.

    Rather than remaining pure as good friends we have crossed the line into sexual sin which has caused suspicion angry words and heartache between us.

    The names are Mike and Krystyna

    Thank you

  116. Abba father, I pray for my life, my health and strength that I will serve and worship u each and every day. I pray that I will live and walk spiritually all of my days without stumpling, therefore, I ask for hind’s feet that I will not stumble nor fall; because I know your grace is sufficient to keep me in all my ways of obedient and service to you. Help me to forgive all persecutors and family members that will not forgive me. Help me financially, as I pay tithes and offerings. Give me this day my daily bread, your favor, and search my heart if there is anything that shouldn’t be, remove it. I love you Lord and I want to be committed, dedicated and loving to the will of God. Thank you for your tender mercy, your loving kindness and unconditional love you have for me. Allow me to be your vessel of honor fit for the master use in King Jesus name Amen

  117. Heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh you are here! Today I just want to say thank you for everything. Right now father I need you I had an job interview for this morning and couldn’t make it. You are my help and my source because I don’t have no one else. I can’t just wait around on empty promise’s or begged anyone to help me out when I really need it. I thank you for the many doors that have closed in my face for good and I welcome brand new doors to open while I trust in you Lord while I go thru my trials and tribulations. Thank you God for holding my hand when I feel weak, abandoned, broken down or confused. Right now I need your shoulder to cry on while I wait on you to help me make this right. God please guide me today so I can better prepare for the future because I don’t know which way to go but I trust and believe that you will make it alright. Please father hear my cry in Jesus name Amen

  118. Heavenly Father. I thank you for this bright new day and all the blessings that await me. Thank you for your protection always. Thank you for never leaving my side.
    Lord I come before you to thank you for the customers you have been sending to Tiza Bridal. I pray this continues and that you open doors that no man can shut. I pray Lord for sales for our Purewater business which needs sales. Lord send customers our way. I believe that in the same way you gave us the business ideas you will give us sales. Open our doors and enlarge our territory. Bless us Bless us.
    In Jesus name I pray. Amen ????

  119. Father , you know what I bath need of before asking . A reliable, yet affordable vehicle. In the name of Jesus.


  120. Hi I’m Candice I recently lost my job and I believe God answers prayers can you please pray for me to get back my job. Thank you.

  121. Father God I pray through your precious son, Jesus who died on the cross to save us from our sins and to be forgiven them. Thank you, God for saving us. I pray for my granddaughter, who overdosed on drugs. She has been in long-term now for almost one year. In his assessment and a CT scan the neurologist said Jessica was without oxygen to her brain for too long so she will not be well. Father God, this is painful for our family. I pray for peace and comfort for our loved-one, Jessica. I thank you for blessing her every day as she lies in her bed, not knowing anyone, or anything. Father God, the doctor has suggested end of life for Jessica. Help us, Lord to be strong and help us to remember we are doing this for Jessica. Father God, bless Jessica this evening, and protect her, and comfort her of her any pain, or discomfort. Father God, we love you, nothing is hard for YOU. Help us to know when the times comes that is will be the right decision, and that we will not feel any guilt. Father you know best what we need to do. Show us, Father what to do. Father, I pray to you through you Son Jesus. We thank you for the many blessings you have given us. What more can we ask? We have everything we need. We pray in your most precious name. Amen.

  122. I pray for miraculous debts cancellation, I am in serious debts due to my inability to manage my finances. I have learnt in a hard way. Show me mercy Lord ???? and free me from this storm of debts and financial issues. Amen and Amen thank you Lord ????

  123. For God to changes my aunt heart and to understand my cousin with autism and adhd. and also understand others and treat people with respect.

  124. Hi my name is Johanah . My prayer request is restoration in my life and my family and the lord to intervene deliver from any spirit of uncertainty
    And the lord increase my spiritual walk with him to serve him

  125. pray for everyone’s prayers here to be answered and for me i ask for this nightmare of obesity to leave me quickly

  126. For a job as surgical sterile processer 7-3:30pm at the Antioch Kaiser for my daughter Doni . Increase her faith and finances in you God . I pray and ask it in Jesus name amen
    Help my son and grandson with anger and grief over loss of brother and uncle. Help them to be forgiving to others. Help my grandson Dayvion to not return to jail but get the mental, physical and spiritual help he needs

  127. I pray for Gods miracle in my life, I’ve been struggling financially for the past 6months I need his intervention and blessings.
    I also need him to help me with my UK relocation plans to seek a better living. Amen!

  128. Heavenly father I pray for forgiveness, mercy, restoration, deliverance and protection upon my household. Thank you Jesus

  129. Hello my dear sisters and brothers God bless you I am in need of your support at this time I am going through a spiritual battle and the battle is just about every day I pray that God will cover me in the blood from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet one thing going through spiritual battle really drains you and I am tired depressed thank you for your help

  130. Please join me in prayer for my son Christian. He is in need of prayers to have faith and believe in Jesus. I believe in your promises Lord. I know that you would leave the 99 for the one lost. He is lost Lord. He is going thru a very difficult time in his 24 year life and I know God is calling him. I pray that he turns to God for strength when he is weak, direction when he feels lost, and courage when he is scared. He is battling a legal issue that is taking its toll on him. We thank you that no weapon formed against him will prosper. Please Lord, cast down every threat and accusation hurled his way. We praise you that nothing is impossible with you. Rise up on his behalf Lord. I have faith that this difficult situation will bring him closer to you, Lord. I claim VICTORY in your name, Lord Jesus. Give him continued strength to go thru the legal process that he is having to endure. You are Hope for the hopeless, and you bring justice to unjust situations. I pray that your Holy Spirit fills his heart with your peace. I also lift my family up Lord, you know our pain and worry. My faith knows that you will never leave me. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  131. Please pray for God to show me his will for my life. I am restless and weary. I have an offer pending from a job with a great salary however in order to obtain the job a passing score on a test of 270 is required. I am about to began my studying but first I wanted to pray . The job is set to start August 1. I pray in the name of Jesus that the test is taking on July 26 as I want and passed on that day . Lord my finances are shot. My service engine light is on in my vehicle . Other things are wrong with my vehicle as well . Lord my mind goes constant as if Im failing to trust and look to you . Lord on yesterday my hopes where high after prayer and I woke up this morning from seemly awful attacks from the enemy. Lord hlep in the name of Jesus . Amen

  132. Abba Father I thank you for the gift of life for my children and I . Thank you for all your blessings and love. Father bless me with peace of mind and body.
    I have been rejected by my husband and my only brother and his family . They have showed so much hatred towards me for reasons unknown to me..
    Father come to my rescue and give me peace and fulfilment.
    Bless my daughter with her soul mate and bless the work of her hands.
    Thank you Abba Father for blessing us with a shelter.
    Bless and answer our prayers so that those who laugh at me will come back to laugh and rejoice with me. For with God all things are possible. For in Jesus mighty name I have prayed.
    Amen and amen.

    1. I have a mother she is not doing so well she not eating like she should she don’t have no appetite too eat it worries me because she not eating she has loss weight that not really her she always doing things for herself and moving around she in place she not doing that anymore she is 82 years old and she is a widow I have pray ask God what wrong with mother can she see I know she has a vision condition problem that she needs lazy surgery it seems like they give her running around for her eye sights

  133. [We read] In KJV, Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.”
    O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada, Poland, countries of Europe and United Kingdom. Are you ready to stand in the gap, where God is the Helper and Teacher?
    Dear believers: we continue the good fight to the end.
    * Poland and Europe, pray for freedom from dead religion to saving faith of Jesus Christ as the Saviour and the Lord,
    * the Church in the USA & Canada & United Kingdom – Pray for repentance and cleansing of the church – Matt. 3.12 “Whose fan is in his hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”
    * my family:
    1. God, stir up the hearts of my family for ministry- “..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24.15
    2. Pray for God’s will, wisdom, discernment, revelation and recognition for me and my family; I ask God for Edmund’s work situation, God’s direction for Edmund , Dorothy, Ann(also God’s protection and blessings over the company where she works and she needs a husband), Peter & Kristy, Daniel
    3. I ask God for great wisdom and God’s order at our works. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank God for the continuation of my work.

  134. Please pray for me and my family to Prosper in life in financial blessings, protection against every burdens and curses, healing, promotions and pay rise in my work.
    Changes in my life to move away for all sinful ways and follow God according to his will.

  135. Please pray for my girlfriend destiny that she can get off drugs so we can have a real relationship and a baby and marriage thank you god bless

  136. Been in bondage my whole life.

    Suffocating unable to breathe sometimes. Need things to change or else fear the worst.

    Nobody cares

    Asking the lord

    I have given him my requests

    He knows

  137. My family has been separated. Please help me pray for my application to be approved, so my family can be reunited again. Pray for God to remove the delays and release my paper work so we can go back home. Thanks God bless…

  138. Lord, I humbly ask for a miraculous positive result of my OSCE. Thank you for being at my side on this journey. I lifted everything to you, Lord.
    In Jesus Name, Amen.

  139. Dear Lord,
    I pray to you for a financial blessing and to guide me toward a smarter way to manage my money. Heavenly Father, I trust in you and your decisions for my life. Please guide down a financial path that not only helps my current situation…but helps others in need. I pray for your blessings and accept my responsibility as a lesson learned.

  140. I need healing in my skin from psoriasis, hives and dark spots from my skin and healing from my other health problem and I need God to heal from this control spirit where they think they can control me.

  141. Please pray for me to help remove all my extreme fears that i cant bear anymore..i cant go on life..anymore..pls pray

  142. Am pheny chemutai i ask for prayers for GODs devine healing upon my brother who is sick of asthma and mum sick of the leg and financial break through in jesus mighty name AMEN

  143. Please pray for the nation.Pray we will have the ingredients for the truckers to be able to work and transport items.Pray that the gas,oil,food prices will come down,in Jesus mighty name.Pray that against the food shortages and let the churches,the saints,grocery stores provide food and other items.Bless you.

  144. My name is Elisabeth Bannerman who asked for prayer for Gods Divine healing for Cancer of the Breast ,with the spread of the cells in the Body. I have started Radioactive Therapy for Cancer and with your help of Prayers, i am seeing an improvement in my health, i am hoping for more of your prayers for Gods healing Power to heal me completely and permanently by his Grace, Mercies , Spirit and Power Amen

  145. Please pray for my nephew kaiden he is being pressured by his parents to do things that he is not comfortable with he is a quiet and loving child and I fear that this pressure will break him in a bad way. I pray for God’s assistance in stopping this constant persecution

  146. Please pray for my 19 yr old son, Jacob Holt. He is a county deputy. I am very worried for his safety, he is so young. He also just moved out, with his girlfriend and she isn’t a Christian. Praying Gods conviction and direction!

  147. Dear Heavenly father i pray that you bless me financially am going thru a difficult time without finances and business gone down i pray

  148. Heavenly Father, I pray for my granddaughter, Jessica who is brain injured. I ask You dear Lord to bless her with healing of her brain. Dear Jesus, we love her but you all God’s children more than we can imagine. Thank you, Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, and raising from death on the third day. I am overwhelming thankful to YOU Lord having you as my precious Lord and Savior. I ask that you heal Jessica’s brain, so she can know us again, and we can be there for her. Thank you, Lord for the prayers being said for Jessica. I pray this in your most precious name. Amen.

  149. Abba Father, I come to you in the precious and Mighty Name of Jesus. Lord, I am believing and trusting you to provide the financial support I need to open up my online business as per your word that was prophesied over my life. Lord, I thank you for sending me my destiny helpers to help me start this business. Lord Jesus, I believe every good work you have began in my life, you are faithful to complete it. I thank you Lord for your blessing and favor in my life.. In Jesus name amen.

  150. Requesting you to pray for healing for my Husband Ranjit Fernandes,
    He is suffering from chronic Gastritis for more than 10 years. Also from Gerd, hiatus hernia and parietal cell hyperplasia, IBS, Dyspepsia, and functional bowel disease. Also neurological pain in the hands and legs.

    Endoscopy is done 4 times during the last 8 years. But Inflammation in the stomach keeps on recurring despite medications and diet restrictions.

    Some nodules were also found in the body of the stomach and inflamed gastric antrum during the last endoscopy and parietal cell hyperplasia in the biopsy.

    Requesting you to please pray for his healing in his stomach / gastrointestinal tract from inflammation and damage which is persistent for the last several years.
    Requesting you to pray for my healing from pain, inflammation, burning, numbness, and tingling in both my Hands legs, and feet.
    He can’t eat food and losing weight and his weight is 37 now. Please request Jesus to touch him.

    Protection prosperity miracles wisdom chance, blessings,
    favor of God, bigs gains, winner’s life of bigs gains, success healthy healing for pastor Thieringo in Jésus name

  152. Please I ask for your help in prayer. I am going through a period of constipation and I think it is related to some relatives who practice black magic. I feel like I should be sulking, desperate and mad at everyone for this reason. Thank you Jesus. Thank you brothers and sisters. Blessings.

  153. Dear Heavenly Father, please dear God I am asking for Miracle please dear God please. I am in so much trouble for making a really bad choice. My close friend ask me to get her some drugs because she was sick. I gave her some and she ended up dying from a drug overdose. God knows I would NEVER do anything to hurt her or anyone else. The Feds tricked me and now their trying to slaughter me with this crime. I am a 50 year old single mom. They have tricked me and lied to me from the beginning. Now I am facing a ton of jail time and have no family to take care of my children. I cry every day and worry that my kids will be in the system. My mother has mental illness and lives with my elderly aunt. My father is very sick as well. And my X-husband has a drug problem and owes me 50,000 in back child support. Please dear God its been over a year since I have changed my life. Now their trying to throw me in federal prison for years.They know I am sick myself and have health problems and the Federal prison does not give my pain medicine.I am so worried I will die in prison.My children is all I have. God knows i would never hurt anyone ever. Please Dear God help me please. I need a miracle please Lord. Your the only one who can help me. God please help me your Anointed child. I am lost without you and petrified to leave my chidren. Please God HELP and PROTECT me. Thank you, Shannon.

  154. I am asking for prayer for my husband and I. FATHER GOD U are aware of our wants and most importantly our needs to… Our need to find housing, an safe and homely apartment. A comfortable and peaceful home for Chaneil, my husband and myself
    A place that we will proudly call our home. I pray for peace love patience happiness fun loving and everlasting moments and memories to be spread and shared within the 3 of us…our family and our home. AMEN.

  155. Dear heavenly Father, thank you for the healing power upon me, for the past 2 weeks am been down with a nerve injury with constant pain, but Lord today I can testify that am feeling much better all be of you my Lord. Father, I thank you, for my family, my job, and my friends who never leave my side during my hard time.
    Lord, I ask you to protect our family and bring unity among my sibling
    Father I have been in my current job for 7years now, I pray that by the end of this year, Lord I ask you for a promotion and financial breakthrough. I pray this in Jesus’ Mighty name Amen.

  156. hTo be restored as Job and Joseph and to be blessed as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    To be a le to earn a reasonably comfortable and stable living as an architect at or beyond my last job in an architectural firm..

    To have the priveledge of of honoring and glorifying God through the gifts He has given me.

  157. Heavenly Father I ask that you renew my strength. My motivation to do anything is nill. I rush to care for others , but am unable to move myself into a happy life ,one that I want in my heart. I am doing nothing to accomplish the simplest things. I ask you to strengthen me to become the person I was and to always do you will , not mine. I thank you Lord for the most greatest gift you gave me , which is my gift of faith in you. I do not understand myself and I am scared . Please renew me Lord and I thank you for all you have give me, and all you have taken away for my sake . Please bless the people I say I will pray for and let me show them you through my daily actions . Please , Lord ,help me to do your will. I thank your beautiful Mother, who I can physically feel helping me daily . Thank you Lord . I pray for all the other people who have come here for your help. Please bring my beautiful mother to your glory and I thank you for her . Amen.

  158. Dear Lord Today I come before you and all that is going through a tough time right now. I pray and ask intercession with my boyfriend who’s mother is using witchcraft and other evil rituals on him which has turned him into a monster towards me. Our relationship has ended after many years of being together because of this and it is so sad to think that a mother would be so Evil to do something like this to prevent her son from being happy. She is a selfish, controlling wicked person and today. I pray to GOD to break all these bondages and evil works that she is doing and has been doing for many years. In JESUS NAME I release him from the clutches of the evil. Thank you for answering my prayers because I trust and believe that you are a God that could move mountains and do the impossible. Into your hands I release him and our relationship. In Jesus Name AMEN. Thank you Lord

  159. Muriel- Please pray for me that my housing casework is able to review my case and process my housing this year so that I will no longer be homeless and the judge will see that I am best suited to take care of my son and grant custody to me. I pray that God will shine a light on my case and let the judge hear my side and that the truth comes out. And that God blesses me to financial stable and he supplie all of me & my son needs. Lord keep my son covered under your blood

  160. Please pray for me. I want to pay off all my debts and never to make anymore debts.

    My finances are not in order.
    I want to be honest with my finances.

  161. Pray for my children grandchildren for guidance and protection ???? please pray for my family for healing in the mighty name of Jesus amen

  162. I am writing to request prayer for an urgent financial deliverance, healing, protection and forgiveness and I humbly ask for prayer for immediate financial blessing to pay off all my painful debts, dues and bills that put my life so struggle with this big and painful financial hardship and have had a bad years with my marriage, my relationship and spiritual life.

    I pray to God for a total restoration and financial breakthrough to break financial bondage, stress, fear, shame, confusion, depression, anxiety and desperation that plagued me and my spouse.

    I really need mercy from Jesus Christ to take me out of this heavy burden by now. Amen.

    Thank you,

    Posma Simanjuntak

  163. Please Dear God,
    Restore and reinstate my job that was wrongfully taken away from me. Over 30 years of hard work and passion should not be stolen by lies and deceit and my family should not suffer due to this wrongful termination. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

  164. thank you for this prayer board. I am praying for income I need for bills and to safely take my Mom to visit family. I am praying that I drive safely literally and figuratively. I am praying for a nice peaceful visit. I am also praying that I will be able to trust my husband again. thank you for your prayers and agreement. May God’s grace and peace be with you.

    1. Hi Sue I will intercede for you.
      Pray that God will answer your pray request.
      Keep trusting him and wait patiently. He will give you your breakthrough.

  165. Hi, kindly pray for me, over my financial breakthrough, my debts are overwhelming, Was rejected and heartbroken prier my suggery , kindly pray for God to see me through am a single Mum of a seven year old.

  166. “Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I ask for your prayers and support. Please pray for my health as I’m suffering. I’m ill and I really need your prayers.”

  167. I ask that I should be joined in prayers to get back my kids forcefully taken away from me over 10years ago by their father. Please brothers and sisters I need your support in praying for me.

    1. Brethren in Christ Jesus please remember me in prayers for God’s interventions my prayer request is financial breakthrough and debt cancellation . We are owing a lot to people my family is going through hard times nowhere to run to our only hope is GOD almighty.

  168. Good morning my father in heaven, please my family and I need your help in our lives, please forgive us for anything we have done, protect, guide, Good health and also I put our finances into your hands daddy God, it hasn’t been easy this past months, with my partner being sick,please restore our financial situation, I need you in my family in and out, you have been faithful but we need you God in everything we do, thank you.

  169. Grace and peace be unto you. I’m living in fear due to that my trust issues in people around me is increasing daily. Some people are taking advantage of kindness and patience. I don’t have any one to call a best friend. There is too much spiritual attacks and witchcraft surrounding. I believe in God and sometimes I get confused when bad situations arise. Please pray for me to be free from worries, fear, spiritual attacks and witchcraft.

  170. need prayer for me and my sister.
    she is entangled with a guy who does not appriciate her uses her and she still goes back to him.she has fallen so far it is hard for her to let this guy go.
    i need prayer for finances and relationship of 8 years is getting worser and worser he wont marry me and always acuses me of cheating.

  171. Need prayer for a financial blessing for my husband in the hospital in Sakhalin Russia with a broke leg and needs help with his medical bills there its put me in a hard ship so please pray for him a financial blessing

  172. My name is Elisabeth Bannerman asking for a prayer for Gods Divine healing for Cancer of the Breast ,with the spread of the cells in the Body and i am starting a Radioactive Therapy for Cancer i am hoping with your prayer Gods healing power will heal me completely.

  173. Please pray for my finances and be able to find a lucrative job and career.Please bring resources and provisions in my life,family and church.

  174. My dear in Christ please help me to pray for my son Thapelo his not well mentally I really need prayers

  175. Dear heavenly father I pray in the name of Jesus Christ you will help me and my lawyer to win this court suit case settled out of court in the name of Jesus Christ.

  176. my wife of 20years was strickened with the Alzheimers, i have been very lonely as she has been confined to a long term facility by her friends who do not want me to know her whereabouts. Hence i have been on my own and very lonely. Can u please offer prayers for me to meet a companion to accompany me in life from here on

  177. Heavenly father i pray for a financial breakthrough, i pray that i get out in this difficult time of debt, and i pray for restoration in my marriage so that my wife will come back to me. praise the lord Jesus Christ.

  178. Please pray for my husband Anish for deliverance from alcoholism and also from depression. Please pray for peace in our family.

  179. Please pray for me my marriage will be 7yrs this year & I want God to bless me with blessed & highly favored children & let me concieve b4 my next birthday may 28th has he did it for Sarah, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth. & Let me concieve with the Holy spirit as Mary concieved. I pray that He get a job this may too in Jesus mighty name. I believed that He has answered all my private prayers & petition through Christ our Lord. Amen

  180. Praise God, my prayer is God to give us victory over the human court we are battling.

  181. Please pray for my daughter she has been trying to conceive over 7 years no success, pray that God cancel the plans of the enemy and she bear a healthy child. Thank you her name is Abejah. Pray for peace and unity in her marriage

  182. Please pray for God to heal my marriage and thar He put a fresh hunger for His presence and His word in me.

  183. “It’s URGENT, please!! My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I’m suffering, I’m ill and I need your prayers. Please, pray for my healing as I believe in the immense power in Jesus Christ’ name. Amen.”

  184. I am asking for traveling grace as I head out of town for a graduation. I also ask for a harmonious and plenty visit with family and friends. Thank you

  185. I will like prayers for me to get a job my contract recently ended and am starting to get frustrated because am just home also I will like prayers for my family

  186. Asking prayers that my husband will unblock communicate with me. I ask prayer for positive open lines of communication, reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to my husband Paul that he will come back home to me and our family.Amen.

  187. Dear family I’m praying for my son to get a job we under a lot of stress and financial burdens. He lost his job during COVID and it’s almost two years he’s struggling to get a job. He has a diploma in hotel management and I’m extremely worried that if he doesn’t find employment soon I don’t know what we going to do. He ha been for interviews but nothing has come through yet. I am trusting in God for a breakthrough

  188. I ask for prayers for my son Dante so that he will have clarity in his mine and life and that whomever is blocking his thinking process will be stopped. In the name of Jesus cover him with Your blood from the top of his head to the sole of his feet . Cover him from all negativity with a shield of armor. Thank you Heavenly Father for your grace and mercy for my child. Amen Amen

  189. Please pray with me for my son to stop drinking.i believe in the almighty God that he will be set free .I plead the blood of Jesus directly at age of drinking to stop and I break that curse of drinking from his life in Jesus name.As a mother I’m praying for him to seek the almighty God than a bottle .please ???? with me

  190. please please pray for restoration of my daughter’s marriage,attack attack on her marriage It seems as if they want her marriage to be ruin.Pray that the lord and the angels visit their homes now and declare peace and reconcile their marriage.No separation no divorce.Pray that her husband may apologize and started treating her right.Pray that the love, the respect and the honesty may come back forever.Healing now, children are affected.It is paining my heart

  191. Please pray that I can leave K.Please pray to get things into place; a car,money,a new place to live and a lucrative job with benefits.Pray I still can go to church and go to pray meetings.

  192. Please pray for my father. He has congestive heart failure, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease which is complicating healing of a wound on his foot. The doctors have all but given up on his healing, but I have faith though our savior Jesus Christ that he will be healed. Please say a prayer of healing and restoration for him. In Jesus name. Amen.

  193. I am requesting prayer for an insurance approval for my IVIG treatments. I need the treatments to stay healthy and mobile.

    Thank you,


  194. Dear Faith A.,
    The dream you had could be the opposite, your shelves were empty because you sold everything that you had. I am not a prophetess but that is the message I received from reading your prayer request. Of course you know to leave everything in God’s hand. Peace be with you. Amen.

  195. Pls pray for business breakthrough for and my family. I had a dream a neighbour of mine in the shop was in my village n got a very big shop filled with goods while mine was empty. I jokingly said why should u come n aquire more than me he just laughed. Whatever it means, pls pray for me for success n breakthrough in business ????. God bless u all IJN,Amen.

  196. Please help me in prayer for my family to get out of its struggles, for us to get our visas, for my child to get her birth certificate and for us to prosper financially and in everything that we do. I pray for blessings and prosperity.

    I pray for God to encircle me and my family (including my parents) with a spiritual hedge of protection. I command all curses, including generational curses issued against me, my family and my parents to be broken, in the name of Jesus. I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to us through words spoken. I break every curse of constant failure working in my family, in the name of Jesus.

    I now claim every spiritual blessing that my Heavenly Father has given to me, my family and my parents in Christ Jesus. I claim those blessings, by the authority and power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in his name. Jesus, may these things be fully accomplished now through your mighty name. I give you thanks and honor and praise.

  197. Praying for my husband as he leaves rehab and goes into to sober living to be restored to his family for God to break the bondage of his addiction and his inability to forgive himself for past mistakes. My God is a healer and THE Great physician who can and will deliver my husband when all looks dark and gloomy God is there working to sever the ties of satan and his plan destroy marriage and home. I know my God is a way maker a God of blessings and restoration so I’m asking for prayers to set my husband free and heal his mind and spirit . My God is able to do the miraculous and do it on time .

  198. Praying for my son to gain salvation, he’s a unbeliever. I ask that the Lord allow him to gain faith and that he opens his eyes so he can see the light, he’s living in darkness. I’m also praying that he graduates highschool this coming June 2022.

  199. My prayer request is for God to dismiss the court case that was opened against me and my husband in the name of Jesus christ my lord. And the complainant to pay us for all damages.

  200. Blessings all, I am struggling with anger. My granddaughter who I raise is struggling with behaviors and am running out of options for helping her she has is special needs and her mother my daughter used drugs when she was pregnant so we need help. We need healing we need a miracle thank you

  201. I am seeking prayer for a random man that pulled up beside me on the road and flashed a gun. Then he begin calling me all kind of disrespectful names. There was space for me to get over between him and the other driver. When he seen I was getting over he tried to speed up and stop me. By the time he tried I was already in the lane. I didn’t hit his vehicle or nothing. He just got angry about it and I was scared of him at all. I rolled the window down and just kept looking at him with a straight face. He seemed very bothered and intimidated I believe. I had my Dad in the car and he didn’t say anything to him either. I supposed this person is used to bullying people and thought it would work on me today which that was unsuccessful. I pray that God teaches him a very valuable lesson about disrespecting women and on the road bothering random people in Jesus Name. I don’t wish nothing bad on him I just pray God shows him his actions are unacceptable that they need to change in Jesus Name. May God be with him and his loved ones along with get him some personal help with his issues whatever they maybe in Jesus Name Amen.

  202. God i want to get married to the man you ordained for me and get pregnant this year in Jesus name. Destroy any evil spirit that is fighting against manifestation of my prayers in Jesus name.
    Help me to finish my sap program am doing and get well-paid jobs in Jesus name. Amen.
    Above all draw me closer to you and filled me with your holy spirit in Jesus name amen ????

  203. My Lord i been through this road before still holding on. I am in needs of a place big enough for my family to live happily and in peace. I’m waiting on a paper to move out 2/23/22 until now no answered. Please God let the paper come through for this months for can get a places to live. It getting be hard on my situation at the moment. Everyone not is be inpatient cause been for long with same stories. Please help me pray for these paper come through, unblock the way on open the right door.

  204. Please pray for my marriage. My husband doesn’t want to live with me. But I love him. I’m Christian n hub is Hindu. Please pray that my hub get face to face encounter with Jesus

  205. I humbly asked in the precious name of Jesus on behalf of my two daughters writing exams .my smallest daughter 12yrs have just written sea on March 31st 2022 and I’m asking for prayers for her to excel to ger first or second choice of school her name J’adore gosyne. My other daughter jade gosyne is soon to write csec from this month and I’m also asking for prayers for her to excel in all distinctions in her subjects asking in faith in the name of Jesus Amen

  206. Dear Friends and family in Jesus Christ, please help me to pray for my son Munya who is been locked up due to false accusations. I pray that he be released from custody and that may our God vindicate him. I know that humans jury may try to pronounce a distruactive and negative sentence BUT it is the GOOD VEDICT of our Mighty Lord God that stands with regards to my son’s case????????????

  207. Please pray for my son and his wife. My daughter in law had a miscarriage on Monday. They are angry and questioning why. Thank you. I am also asking for prayer for my sister who is having issues on her job and her finances.

  208. Please pray for my son and his wife. My daughter in law had a miscarriage on Monday. They are angry and questioning why. Thank you.

  209. Dear God I need your peace that surpasses all understanding to overtake my heart , mind and everything about me and my baby sister

  210. I need prayers for a financial blessing that will lead to financial relief and stability, to stay faithful to God and to keep my eyes focused on him during this difficult time.

  211. I pray for unlimited financial breakthroughs,blessings,Favour,mercy this new month of April. Amen!

  212. I would like to ask for prayer for an addition to be broken off of me in the name of Jesus. I have been struggling the last 2 years and I want me life back. I want to serve God and be a living testimony of His goodness and for His glory. Please pray that these chains fall off and God restores my life back.

    Thanks, Lisa

  213. I am in need of prayer to have my religious faith renewed, mental clarity, mental stability and relationship revival.

  214. Please pray that my daughter mends her relationship with her father.Please pray that we can be a real family and engage with each other and do things together.

    1. Dear Loving father in heaven, help me know your will, give me financial freedom, give me money and help me get out of debts. Amen

  215. My Fiancee is going back to Dr for a diagnosis to see if it’s cancer! Please help with that it is not. But please continue prayers anyway for great health for Barbara A. regardless. Thank You

  216. I need Prayer for my relationship with my husband it’s been Years that we have no feelings for each other just fight fight for ever day over tiny issues He gets so angry with me for little things A Devil is surrounding is in Him ,Please Please ???? Help me

  217. I ask dear Lord that my brothers And sisters agree with me in prayer for healing of svt. Agree that my heart functions the way God intended And heal any abnormalities in Jesus name!

  218. Dear lord I pray for a call for a permanent job for I know with this my life will never be the same again and I pray for a happy marital breakthrough this year.

  219. IAm pray for a baby I want to have a baby but the doctors thinks that I can not have a baby I won’t lose my hope I will be a mother again that’s what I am praying for

  220. Father, I pray for clarity to move from St. Maarten to North Carolina in July. I pray that I leave this toxic relationship peacefully in Jesus name. Amen

  221. I have been honestly struggling financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically for the past few months and I have been so drained and exhausted beyond words. I am very self aware. I really am trying and doing my best. I have been trying so hard. I really need to get my life together. But no one understands my depression and anxiety as I’m clinically diagnosed as well. I have been really trying my best for so long but I’m only human. I am also human. Please pray for me. Please help me. I haven’t seen my family and friends for so long back home. I honestly have been through so much and I have gone through a lot. No one understands my journey. I am humbly and desperately praying and asking for help with all of my heart and soul.

  222. Hello. I need Healing prayer for God to remove a tumor from my left sinus & mouth palate/Need Financial prayer for God to bless me with a Major Financial Breakthrough so I can pay for my surgery, to buy my medications, to pay my rent & utilities & other bills, and to pay off large debts

  223. Father God, thank you for the love, protection, provision, and daily forgiveness you have shown and provided daily for my family. I trust your divine providence and know you work on every situation in my and my family’s life, so I have no excuse or should have no doubt when my finances and my credit woes and my health issues plague my mind through the day. I can’t see or know when you’re going to provide a solution but I know you will take care of all my worries and cares. Thank you Father for all you have solved in my life and will today and tomorrow interven and bring about for my good and my family’s good. Thank you for making a way out that is right and pleasing in your sight and all involved.
    The lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want.
    Bless You Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Holy Mary, Angel’s, and Saint’s who intervene on our behalf. Thank You.

  224. Praying for the spirit of poverty and immigration issues,also pray for my daughter Eliane cherline Pochette she want to suicide herself
    I know God can break that spirit of suicidal from my daughter in jesus name Amen ????????????????????????????

  225. The prayer of the righteous avail much. Please pray for me. Anxiety, insomnia and depression. Thank you for your prayers.

  226. Praying for the peace of God in my life and for my family. Also for me to hear the voice of God and his will for my life. Praying that God my Almighty Father will send a healing upon all my children and grandchildren. In Jesus name.

  227. please remember me in your prayers,for financial breakthrough,marriage,peace in our family and job opportunities

  228. good day family.
    Please pray with me my husband and i have being poor for more than 10 years now.everything we try doesnt work out.i am emotionally damaged i have no strength to pray.

  229. Please pray for my son derek. He has been falsly accused of inappropriately touching his 6 year old daughter. He has been cleared by Children in Youth, but the ex brought a PFA against him. His hearing is April 6th. Please God be with him and his counsel for this go in his favor. He is innocent and God knows the truth. Please let my son and granddaughter be reunited. This has taken a huge toll on our family and we need normalcy restored. In Jesus name, amen

  230. Please pray for me. I have recently met a man who I believe God is saying is right for me. We both are not young and have been dealing lately with healing from our pasts. There has to be a point where we both are healed and able to enter a fulfilling relationship. His name is Chris. I would appreciate your prayers for him too.

  231. Hello to everyone. I am asking if you would help me pray for a financial blessing we have been waiting on for a very long time. I am very much in need of a home for myself, and there are others in the family as well. Please ask the Lord, in Jesus’ name, to provide the guidance, direction, and the proper way it is to be delivered, and I thank Him that He has heard our prayers. God bless you all.

  232. Great website and I pray that all people reached their goals with GOD. Pray that GOD spirits would come on me. Pray that depression would leave and anxiety to leave. Pray that all my prayers come through and even for my enemies too. That they so how wonderful GOD is.

  233. Please pray to save my family unit. My wife (Michelle) has angry heart. After cheating and forgiving her she wants to leave me and kids. Please pray for that love she once had for us. (Even greater love). That her heart be convicted. Help her to get rid of guilt.

  234. Please pray for me so that my green card is renew and come to me soon so that I can go visit my 82 yrs old mother in Guyana. Remove any and all obstacles from my path and let my greencard come to me soon. Blessings to everyone. Amen

  235. Hello dear,
    Please pray for me to get job urgently. I lost my job last 30 th of January.l have too heavy bank loans and other financial crisis.My visa also expired…so I need job very quickly.please pray for me.
    God bless you abundantly.

  236. I today need your prayers for me I am struggling with a mom that has always controlled my life my decision. At 56i moved away so that could be my own person and to make my own life. In that last year my mom moved in the same city same neighborhood as I currently live. She has lost control of my life I am now 59 in a new relationship. My mom has found everything wrong with my partner making it difficult for me . Has my son feeling the same.please I just want peace

  237. Heavenly father I come before you to bless my wombs that I could be fruitful and multiple to blessed me and my husband with healthy beautiful kids that I could be a happy mother with children I come before you in no other name but Jesus Christ amen .

  238. I am asking prayer over my past relationships and friendships that everyone moves on with life. I recently had a friend I known a long time out of now where cut all contact. Fri I received a notification on a different app about them sending me something and I don’t want the friendship any longer. I really just want to move on from that person and not have anything else to do with them despite how I was done unfairly. I am not hurt, bitter or seeking any revenge as I have given God the situation. However I pray that God will continue grant me peace of mind and strength as I focus on better things in Jesus Name. I pray that all contact from the person would stop and even if we cross paths I have nothing to say. I pray God will continue help me attend Bible study and Sunday service regularly as it’s been a joy to get back into my relationship with Him in Jesus Name. I pray that all doors are close to people in my past regardless of how they have done me I forgive everyone cause no one is perfect but I don’t want them back in my life I ask for God to even keep my mind moving forward from this day on in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. Thank You God

  239. Dear family of Most High God. My name is Dinah please please pray with for me and my husband Michael Azeez Adendum Afolabi for our marriage restoration and communication for since 5th January I dnt hear from him but I know with now faith and God kind of faith I have God will do it in Jesus s Name. Let him call me instantly and come to my place I know and believe. It is done.

  240. Heavenly father, I thank you for all the blessings you have given me lord I really want my own house. I am blessed to live with my daughter ❤️ you have sent me blessings after blessings. Please sent me a financial blessings so I can pay off my new house ???? I am claiming it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  241. Please pray for me that the Lord will open the doors for a job that I will love, where I can minister to others and pays above that which i could even imagine our ask.
    I need this job by the end of April 2022.
    Thank you.

  242. Lord, I lift up my mom (Marlene) to Your Throne of Grace and ask that You reach out and touch her eyes and ears and restore her vision & hearing to the way You intend them to be.
    Matthew 18:19 says, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”
    Community – I am asking you to stand with me and agree in asking for restoration of Mom’s vision and hearing.
    Thank You Lord, Praise You Lord, ALL Glory be to God!

  243. I humbly ask for you to pray with me for the Lord to restore of our 36-year marriage and family, and that we would come into alignment with what the Lord wants to do and be willing and obedient. I surrender myself, my husband, marriage, and family to you Lord. Have Your way O Lord. Please save, deliver, and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Lord, I ask you would reveal truth and make every crooked road straight in Jesus Mighty name. I ask that your will be done Lord and no other. Holy Spirit, please take control of this situation. I thank you Lord for the things you are doing that I cannot see and ask for encouragements, hope and strength to perservere in love and prayer. This battle has been long. Please strengthen me Lord.

  244. I pray God gives me peace of mind and strength to move on from a past friendship where I called someone I grew up with a cousin. I am not mad and I won’t seek personal revenge. I am simply letting God intervene and handle the situation. I know I will hear something from her and honestly when I do I rather not talk. As much as I have been there and helped her out the kindness of my heart I can’t allow the way she has done me to accept her back into my life. She made a decision and will unfortunately have to deal with it the rest of her life. I pray God will reveal and bring what is going on that she keeps hiding. However it may come out I ask God to help me continue to move on either way in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

    1. Juliana Ashalley-Anthony. Prayer request
      Please pray for my daughter Anna. Justin, my colleague’s son and all sick children, especially those who cannot afford health care. And the children from Ukraine and other war torn countries.

  245. Please pray for my girls Aurora and Alexandra . Pray I will see justice in court. Truth be told and brought to light. Pray Aurora is healed and protected by the enemies in which I have qsked to save from jn court.
    I am asking for Aurora to come back to mommy where she belongs. Aurora is a child of God as I am a chosen one..POWER IN PRAYER

  246. Lord I humbly pray that Jesus Christ your Son and our Savior heal my broken body, I ask this for the sake of my son who will have no one without me. Lord I know nothing is beyond your abilities. To grant us courage and perseverance through what tribulations that may lay ahead. That we find comfort in your word and have faith in what you have planned for our lives Amen

  247. Father I pray for victory in the courtroom tomorrow. It has been for long years and I need to reunite with my baby with my daughter Emma Lord I pray that she come home that we could be a family again. So that I could be whole again I pray for Restoration in my marriage too I pray for restoration and everyone’s marriage and everyone’s life who’s in need and thank you for answering my prayers in advance I want to walk in your grace Lord! I pray for the strongholds to be released from my husband Lord. We love each other! Bring us back to your light and love peace and joy. I believe that you are as faithful as we want to be! Thank you father for loving us first!! Amen

  248. Please help me to pray for my son who is continually facing false accusations and numerous custodial sentences for crimes not committed.
    Lord please hear me and my children’s prayers. We are stuck and continue leaning on your word that surpasses all understanding.Amen

  249. Pray with me for restoration of my marriage. My wife has just leave her house without telling or talking to me. I do not know where she is staying. She has block me on all means of communicating with her. We have a lot of anger and hurt against each other. She had leave with our three beautiful girls 16, 15 and 8 years olds.I pray for softening of our hearts and minds to be able to work on our issues. For our girls who are caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing on our marriage.

    1. Need prayers for my daughter as she seeks for a job. I pray for a job that will make her glorify the Lord’s name all the more.

  250. Pray with me for restoration of my marriage. My wife has just leave her house without telling or talking to me. I do not know where she is staying. She has block me on all means of communicating with her. We have a lot of anger and hurt against each other. She had leave with our three beautiful girls 16, 15 and 8 years olds.I pray for softening of our hearts and minds to be able to work on our issues. For our girls who are caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing touch on our marriage.

  251. Dear, Father God I ask you bless, my womb with another baby and i have a mircale baby.. i pray that one day soon i can carry a child. A healthy beautiful son/daughter. There is nothing i want more than to be blessed with children.

  252. Please pray for me
    I pray for the fruit of the womb. Children are blessings from God, Lord bless me with a child. You’re my only hope.

  253. Please help me in prayer to get my visitor visa and children’s birth certificates and passports sorted out. And pray for my father’s financial stability.

  254. Please help me pray to God for finances that will help me pay my debts and House Rent. i have no where to get money from and also make me be financially stable so i can be a blessing to other people who need my help. Amen

  255. I pray to our Heavenly Father through His one and only Son Jesus Christ for my dear granddaughter who has brain injury. I am sad and worried, and fearful for my dear girl. I pray that God will prevail and make her well. Jessica is not in long term care. I give thanks that Father God in Heaven is working through her caregivers to make her comfortable. I pray for peace for my dear granddaughter. Please pray for Jessica that she will improve. It has been five months since she was injured with no change. I ask every day that God’s angels surround her bed as she lies not able to communicate with anyone. I pray that she is resting well, and that she is in no pain, or any kind of discomfort. I pray this in the most precious name of the Lord Jesus.

  256. I like to think of how you for praying with me and accessory prayer for the car God blessing with it first for financial blessings spiritual blessings the savings are the saving of the Bell family and Jester the family Smith family thank you for touching the Bank First investors didn’t know that God is still on the throne throne thank you for debts paid in full thank you for everything he’s done for me and doing I love you Jesus thank you for loving me no weapon formed against me shall prosper and there’s nothing too hard for the Lord thank you Jesus for being Jesus the Christ the son of the living God on your blood decree this amen and I apply for SSID disability I pray Lord it comes through amen amen yay and not nay Amen brother and sister safe and healing in the arms of Jesus

  257. I need prayers my lord Jesus christ . ive had so much of life pain as i do blessing too but over the last 3 to 4 yrs seem seem to alway end in sadness ive been told that a evil person put a blockage on me to where i wouldnt get any fully happiness . lord i ask you to help take any blockage or evil doing out of my life anf my familys lifes

  258. I pray for God’s grace to open new job opportunities for me. I also seek divine wisdom and guidance in planning my retirement project. Heavenly Father, hear my prayers in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus.

  259. I pray for blockage in my life, years I have been working but can’t show what I’ve been working for it even affected me and my children. Everything thing a touch goes wrong, just leaving because of my children.

    1. I pray that you stay with your children that you Jesus Christ hear your prayers and remove all obstacle and give you discernment to find the path he has created for you and your family. Love children as the Lord loves you. Amen

  260. Please pray for of my friend Lynn who has covid, and breathing problems within the hospital. Also, for my healing of stomach ailments , nausea, pain uncomfortable feeling s within my stomach. By his stripes I am healed. In Jesus Name.

  261. Marriage restoration on separation 3mnths nw.. husband giving excuse of being afraid..Hz in fear..full of hate and anger….

  262. Dear God, I pray that you heal the sick and shutin and our land. We need you lord every second, minute, of the hour. I pray for us all and in your precious name I pray, amen

  263. I’m praying for a healing and protective from all of the hurt and pain remove all of the enemies out of my life that’s is causing trouble into my life bless my health, financial, love life, bless my family heal my mind and get over my exboyfriend

  264. Lord Jesus, I adore you as the amazing,awesome and almighty God that you are. I bless your holy name. I acknowledge my unrighteousness and repent of my in iniquities and sin. Please forgive me from all unrighteousness. Thank you for your mercy and grace.
    Lords Jesus, as I interview for better suited employment opportunities, thank you for every phone screen and every interview. As I prepare to participate in 2nd 3rd round interviews, I ask for your wisdom, guidance and direction. Help me discern the reality of potential opportunities rather than relying solely on the words of the recruiter’s words. Give me clarity on the opportunity that aligns best for your plans for me and a platform to bring more glory to you and your name. I trust in you with all of my heart and lean not unto my own understanding. In all my ways, I acknowledge you and fully trust in and depend on you to direct my path. I praise you in advance for a job offer that is abundantly more than I can ask or imagine. Bless job seekers across nation with your favor .

  265. Mighty jesus, thank you for letting my family wake up every morning, , and for my family each day and good health, and that we have peace , love, for my son to get this new job & to work out all well, so he can provide for his family, god bless my beautiful daughter, give her the faith , that she is a beautiful , worth beautiful woman, a big faithful Amen

  266. i need prayer for financail blessing a better and more undestanding relationship with my partner so we can finish the house and get married

  267. I pray that the good Lord , Jehovah jireh , the limit breaker , he that does the impossible , he that fetches water with the basket inorder to disgrace the bucket will intercede speedily in my case today . I pray that he will bless me with a good job to cater for my needs and those of my loved ones and also restore all that I have lost over the years in all aspects of my life .. May he use me as an instrument to bless others as he makes way for me where there seems to be no way. God please take me into my land of cannan in Jesus mighty name . Amen . Brethrens be blessed at your points of need as you intercede in prayers .

  268. Please pray for m thg friend Maria just diagnosed cervical cancer. She had 4 cancers now had colon remove shortly after her husband died. Thanks for prayer. How do I be part this platform thx.

  269. Please pray for my fiancé Jasper to be saved set free and delivered from alcohol nicotine everything in him not like Jesus and be transformed by the renewing of his mind I touch and agree with you IJMN to be all GOD called him to be thank you Jesus in advance

    1. Please pray fo r.c my granddaughter Aherakhem she over weight dealing with depression. She very smart need come closer to the Lord pray for closer walk an deliverance will be her portion in Jesus name
      Thank you prayer warriors.

  270. pray for older son to blessed with work and God help him with what heart desired and my daughter she plays cricket ask God not let some evil spirit intervene in her school work and sport cover them and block all those spirit amen

  271. This is my prayer request that you may pray for me and my family the 2022 will be one of the best years yet to come they’re financially that I will be established this year and all sickness and pain will be gone thank you and God bless you and this New Year 2022 for you and your family’s all around the world

  272. I pray for a miracle to have my partner of 14 years leave my home willingly. He is an antichrist he throws the bible on the floor and makes demonic sounds when I am trying to worship and sing songs. He teases me daily with anti christ songs. I have got so close to the lord and am glad I have found this website. We have a house together I am financially unable to leave. I would just like for him to leave my home.
    Please pray for my children who still I have high faith and belief in the lord our God

  273. Praise God good family, please pray for my financial difficulties I have accumulative debts which are leading me to a depression,I believe God will make a way where seems no way

  274. Praying for complete healing and recovery over my dad Alvin from the bed of affliction. May God restore his overall health, body, mind and soul quickly so he may come home to his family as a healed man as soon as possible. Praise Jesus, Amen.

  275. Abba Father I pray for a closure to my financial
    and peace burdens as the year come to an end. You are a faithful Father, I thank you for answered prayers. Amen

  276. For the past five years Spanish people have bullied me everyday. Spanish people do not want to leave me alone. They have also tried to force me into prostitution and have tried to kill me. Please help me pray that all Spanish people leave me alone and let me live my life.

  277. Pray for me please i just started a sales job and need to make 5 deals a day ,currrently sitting on 4 sales for 1 an d a half week. I really need this job .I also need prayer for my family to be saved and healed in Jesus name .

  278. I pray for God’s grace on my family and I. I can’t relax because of my financial burden .God please make way for me where there is no way. My children look up to me for their needs . God of all graces be merciful and give us peace of mind and body . I make this prayer through Christ our Lord .

  279. In the name of Jesus I prayer that God in his infinite mercies send my daughter’s soul mate to her before she turns 30. My scripture made me understand in Gen 2:18 that it is not good for man to be alone but you will make him/her a helper. Lord have mercy and grant this prayer request.
    The plans you have for us God in Jer 29: 11 to give us future and hope but not disaster .Dear God bless your children financially as well ,as our knocking will not go unanswered .Thank you Lord Jesus for answered prayers,Amen

  280. Lord I ask that you be with me during my court hearing to allow my children to be placed back in my home. I ask that you see me through this difficult time and continue to work on me to seek your word daily and keep me strong. For I know I am not alone lord and I know with you by my side my children will be placed back with me. In Jesus name I pray amen!

  281. Please help me Jesus to have better days. Cure my mind. In this holy season of Christmas please give me peace and see the love of my kinds. Please allow me to accept that I have been cured by you thru the doctors. Please allow the mental health issues worries that have hurt me to go away so I can have peace. Thank you in Jesus name Anen

    1. Dear brethren,help me pray for financial breakthrough to God. My debt is huge, can’t see to be focused. My lenders are at my neck. I am a single parent as my husband has abandoned his family.

  282. My husband Paul and I have been separated 6 months and just recently started talking. I asked to see each other for Christmas and he said no. That he is never going to see me anymore. I ask for prayer for a softened heart and that he will agree to see me for Christmas and New Years. Also for reconciliation and restoration of our marriage. I love and miss my husband very much.

  283. I praise and bless God almighty for his mercies and faithfulness upon me and my family.
    I’m praying for divine intervention on my physical and financial health.
    Almighty father, I pray for your abundant blessings to destroy my heavy financial debt burden. I come to you to free me from the shackles of debts.
    Endow me with the anointing to aattract and access divine opportunities for my fincial breakthrough.
    Manifest your authority and presence in my business.
    I pray total healing to my health.
    Heal and strengthen my mother.
    I pray for your protection and blessings over my wife and children.
    Bless my brother and his wife with Godly children.
    All these I pray for in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

  284. [email protected]

    Pray for me need a peace of mind and God to intervene in my daily life with my children have lost my husband to Covid on the 18th of August 2021. Need God’s love for emotional healing and care


  285. Dear friends please pray for my son Brian he abuses alcohol because of this addiction his family left him he is a policeman please pray for his marriage he has two beautiful intelligent children for their sake .Please help me pray for Brian’s deliverance from alchohol…I pray that God will send his holy angels to touch and clean him up. .in Jesus name amen.

  286. Hello, family please pray for me that God blesses me with a fruit of the womb,how I can raise the child in God’s way and he shows me what kind of business I can do and how I can spread His Word through it.pray for my husband get a Job

  287. I thank God for this opportunity to request prayers. I ask for prayers to remove every blockage in my way/life and my siblings lives, and every evil spirt that is causing enemy and discomfort among and between my family members/siblings to vanish/leave us in Jesus Christ’s mighty/wonderful name and powerful red blood, Amen. Lord Jesus, let peace and love reign among and between us always, Amen.

  288. I give my Lord thanks and I give him glory for health and healing for still raising the dead for redemption and for the Holyspirit salvation forgives and do overs loving us and that’s just small things he has doing thanks Lord

  289. Dear Lord, This is your favorite daughter. I’ve tried to stop masturbating on my own and I discovered that I’ve been foolish and wrong all along. I’m to ask you to help me to stop it and learn to control my urges and kill every evil urge in me. Lord that’s what I’m here to do now. Cleanse me and make me pure. Be the consciousness inside of me that’ll stop me from doing it every single time. Whatever will trigger this urge again, dear spirit of God, disconnect me from that. Help me to stop masturbation and pornography and destroy every evil spirit assigned to convince me to do it always. Thank you sweet lover for In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!!!

  290. Hi family, am requesting you to help me intercede. I have been trying to conceive for quite long am drained emotionally but I trust and believe that God is the giver of life. Help me to pray God to open my womb and bless me with triplets 2 boys and a girl. Praying for super natural conception and financial breakthrough

  291. My friend, Alaina, is in need of an intercession prayer. Pray Alaina receives a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit and that she receives an understanding of the need for salvation to be radically transformed in Christ’s image. Pray against the principalities of darkness over her life, and that Jesus would remove the demonic strongholds that have enslaved her. I believe transformation will occur in Alaina’s life.

  292. John-Heavenly Father, I pray for physical and mental health for my son Ebiarede. I pray that you will lay your mighty hand on him and heal him of his Accademic problems. Praying for the rest of my kids and for myself for emotional, physical and financial healing in your precious name I pray.
    The storms in our lives keep increasing oh Lord, Please bring a Peace and Answered Prayers as you Calm them all; This I ask in your Mighty Name AMEN.

    1. Dear Lord, I come to you today asking of a miracle, I’m nearing the end of my childbearing age, as I am 38yr old. I pray to you that you will open my womb and plant a healthy seed. As I have been longing for my miracle child, a child I will bring up to honor and cherish you Lord, so today I pray to become a mother for the first time. Please Lord, hear my prayer and bless me with this baby that I’ve waited so long to meet. I have faith and know it Gods will, that my womb will bec ol me blessed and my seed planted, I ask anyone to help me with this prayer, I to thank You Lord for All you have blessed me with as of today, as I speak to you very often. Please oh please Dear Lord, grant me the ability to have a healthy pregnancy and my miracle baby. I will remain patient as I know your work in due time will Bless me with this miracle. Today I pray, in Jesus name, Amen

  293. I’m in desperate need of prayers for marriage restoration my husband says he loves me but seems to be moving on at the same time and it’s hurting the children also I know there’s nothing to big for the God I serve I decree reconciliation between us quickly in the mighty name of Jesus

  294. Dear God, please help us influence our new potential land-lord to approve our rental application. Our house has been sold and we have until the 16/12/2021 to move out. You are a God who provides, please show me a sign, we need answers and we are all agitated and hurting from the uncertainty.
    I pray this in your name.AMEN.

  295. I’m asking for prayer because i have only 1 kidney my left kidney was removed december 12th/2019 /and my right kidney has to work for two now /even though i’m grateful to still be alive but i truly need you to help pray for me i need my right kidney to move forward/ i ask God to bless me with a kidney from his storehouse from heaven.

  296. Ooh I pray for my family ooh Lord grant us good health, wealth and Ooh Lord my Lord grant us financial breakthrough
    In this I prayer Amen

  297. I am requesting your prayes please i am feeling chest pain for many years Doctors cannot found any problem, i am tired of getting medication i need my full term recovery.
    I also need your help with prayes i am going through rejections and incomplete breakthrough.
    From Malawi Africa


    Joe Mayembe

  298. pray for my son sunny total deliverance from smoking al evil habits.
    pray for his complete healing and peace.

  299. Heavenly father,you said in your word that those who seek you will not seek you in vain.I ask today oh lord that you grant my family victory in this court case.I pray that every evidence my sister will tender will work in her favour.She would come out victorious and all praise be unto your name.

  300. Thank you lord for my life God and the life of my family. I pray today that God restore our financial situation and the debts am owing that he unterced for me and provide us a profitable business so that we can help ourselves and also others who are in need. I ask all these through christ our lord amen

  301. Please pray that I will obey God s will . Pray that my soul will be saved & that I will accept this. Pray that I will stop disobeying God & accept his will.

  302. I am asking prayer for the people in the area I work with. They are racist and try to act as if their not.
    I see it clearly and have been trying to set me up to fail far as doing my job. I have already been warned about my team lead and the person that told me didn’t lie cause I have observed it for myself. She’s says smart stuff under her breath and try’s to get another co-worker to be mean toward me too. She doesn’t know I am aware of it and I have been quiet regarding that too. I have been nothing but hard-working and polite since starting so I am not sure what is their problem outside of being racist which is part of it. I pray that God will help them learn to treat other people correctly no matter the skin color and stop trying to spread hatred to innocent people.
    I pray whatever issues they have at home or personally would stop bringing it to work in Jesus Name. I pray that as I work around these individuals in my area that God will keep shining a light where it is dark in Jesus Name Amen.

  303. Prayer for marriage restoration for God to change my husband’s ways and heart prayers for me to receive my disability I’ve been diagnosed with stage for colon cancer my disability was denied because of my Assets I’ve appealed and never heard anything from them in almost a month prayers for my children to succeed in school for laziness to be removed from them prayers for myself to be healed of cancer in the mighty name of Jesus

  304. I am praying for my sister friend Kgomotso, she is sick. I pray that God may heal her for her glory for God’s word says by his stripes we are healed. This whole thing is now affecting the kids studies. May God see her through…

  305. God Almighty, maker of heaven & earth. Tell me what to do concerning my son, Alan. Is it in his best interest to press charges? Or is there another way to handle my son’s behavior? Send me any sign , now, please. I beg of you, tell me what to do!

  306. Im going tru a dificult time right now in life everything seem to be down love life finalcial life and all got my little daughter so would like for you to keep praying so i can have the strenth to get up and get over these issue just for my little girl i love soo much and just want to make her happy and can have everything she wants i need you to pray for my mother and baby mother as well ask the lord to keep them in his hands shep his blood over them for proctection and keep them from harms way thanks ian paddyfoot

  307. my name is Diana, i am ask pray for my stomach. my whole family. health, speed recovery so goes back to work. and continue believing in name jesus christ. for is great healing powers. my daughter underage stop smoking, understanding. ( every morning hear negative voices stop or the negative voices send my way. about negative in my life and keep me safe under is wings.

  308. Heavenly Father I’m praying to conceive no more empty womb no more tube blockage no more fibroids I’m praying that it’s my time and my turn no more barrenness it’s my time to conceive Holy Spirt I decree and declare that I am pregnant and when I take this pregnancy test it’s going to say positive in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

  309. I need a financial breakthrough cus I have too much debts and it’s affecting my doors for a job cus am jobless now

  310. Since the begining of this year my finance and love life is not going well at all. Can you please put me in your prayers as i feel likd praying alone is not helping instead am losing my mind.

  311. First giving honor to God who is the head of my life. I have an Urgent Financial Breakthrough prayer request. I need prayer for God to bless me with an instant Large Financial Breakthrough to come to me now from all sources, come to me through the mail and come to my bank account. I am having severe financial hardship and I am struggling. My job doesn’t pay enough. I have health problems also and I am ready to retire now. Social Security turned me down twice for disability in 2003 and 2005. Thank you in advance for praying for me and with me

  312. Dear Lord, There’s nothing to big for my God and Explosive blessings are my prayer. Thank you for what you’ve done, doing and about to do in my life good or bad. I love you father God and you are the head of my life and my families life. This is my prayer, Amen and Amen.

  313. Hey women and men of God please pray for me for the fruit of the womb,I want to give a testimony by the end of this month in Jesus Christ name

  314. I am praying for Financial so I can pay my bills Just having a hard time at the moment praying for my son praying that God will turn his case around and let him out of prison I am spraying for my mom to get better she is on dialysis at the age of 87 at this moment I’m just going through a lotAt this time just behind my bills but I think God that I’m still here I’m still standing Strong

  315. I am praying for Financial so I can pay my bills Just having a hard time at the moment praying for my son praying that God will turn his case around and let him out of prison I am spraying for my mom to get better she is on dialysis at the age of 87 at this moment I’m just going through a lotAt this time just behind my bills

  316. I ask prayer that God soften my husband Pauls heart and he’ll want to communicate with me. That he will give our marriage another chance and come home…Thank you..

  317. Please pray for healing from addiction for my daughter Chloe. May God perform a miracle in her life.
    God bless you friends

  318. I am asking every to join with me in prayer for my brother,Martin George ,who is sick and presently in hospital .

  319. Praying for healing and deliverance from spiritual oppression. Praying for God’s favor, healing and restoration for me and my family. Thank you

  320. Please pray with me for the restoration of my children’s lives
    Drug abuse
    Salvation and peace in the family
    Thank you Lord for your mercies

  321. Dear Lord

    I come before you as a humble person and sinner ,Lord please bless my husband who lost his job and was diagnosed with a severe heart condition, father God I need you help and blessing to save our home, Lord bless my work , my income as I’m the only bread winner and its not easy, Please pray for us. In Jesus name I pray Amen

  322. I work with a woman who is always trying to interfere with my success. She schedules me appointments for people who don’t want to purchase our products. She’s aware of what’s she’s doing. She schedules the better appointments for another person so they can be successful. Please remove her evil ways towards me in Jesus name.

  323. I pray that God intervene in my new relationship, and may my new love be financially stable so that he can fulfil all what he’s promised me!and I pray that no obstacles will come between us in Jesus’s name Amen

  324. I pray for the release of my later of introduction from my office in Jesus name.
    Oh Lord my father grant me nursing job in UK in Jesus name.
    Oh Lord my God grant my relocation abroad a success.

  325. Please pray the lord will favor me and my family on this apartment I applied for, pray that we will get approve and that there will not be a high deposit for this place in Jesus name

  326. Restoration in the marriage of floyd lafountain and claudia serafin. The all unGodly sexual and soul ties be uprooted right now. That Floyd lafountain be set free and be head of household in this marriage..restoration on intamicy as it became painful to me which led to him committing countless repeated adultery. That our marriage will be restored. He touch me and look at me again and sleep in our bed.

  327. Please pray for me for good health. Lord Jesus to heal my body, free from health problem. I having problems with high blood pressure, prediabete, and abnormal blood disease,. Lord I know you are healer . Please heal me in Jesus name

  328. Please pray that God delivers me from porn and masturbation. That he also helps me to hate this sin and see it as he does. Thank you.

  329. Heavenly Father, I humbly come to you today with a heavy heart Lord. I pray for my daughter this morning, father that whatsoever is going on with her body that you touch it Lord and change the situation right now Father God in the name of Jesus Lord I pray out on my part of life financially Lord, touch my situation father God in the name of Jesus I pray for my community Lord Jesus where I live Lord that you touch my neighbors and keep them strong Father God in the name of Jesus Lord all this shall be done under you father God we wait for you Lord Jesus and thank you for what you doing right now and what you are about to do in the name of Jesus I rebuked the devil right now thank you Father God I love you so much Amen

  330. Please pray for me and my little boy for breakthrough. We have been held in constant bondage . constant court cases, lies , manipulation that has impacted on our joy and peace. Please pray for us enough is enough we are tired but I will not give up. He is a covenant child and I know God will not forsake us. Amen

  331. Praying that God allows me to pass my matric year this year with an aps score of 49 so that l can get into nursing school next year at any universities l applied too.

  332. Am Vivian and i would love you to pray for me and my dad to get reunited and for my mum to get the job at the US embassy in Uganda. Please help me.

  333. I request urgent divine prayer from our Heavenly Father for my crumbling financial situation. Rent is due, bills are piling up, job scarcity due covid19 and fear and worry consume my mind daily. Health is in decline. But the Almighty God is able. In Him I have put my unwavering trust. Thank you. Andrew

  334. My Husband’s friend from work is coming into town to visit his Family.He invited my Husband Paul, told him he’d drop him off for the weekend to visit but he refused. Im not sure what weekend but it doesnt matter. Please I ask for prayers that God will soften, change my Husband’s hardened heart. That he will want to come home.I want to see my Husband, I haven’t seen him since June 1st. When we separated. We all miss him so much.

  335. Please pray for unity, peace, joy and happiness for my immediate family members. My marriage needs God’s help. I need God now more than ever. Financial crisis needs saving. I need a job. God help me become more in tune with you to be a blessing to others along life’s path. Amen!

  336. Thanks Good Lord for your love endures forever
    My prayer in this new month is that you help me grow stronger in your faith and love and to be contented with all the blessings you have given unto me.
    Help me to know that you have the best plans for me , plans of prosperity not disaster (Jeremiah 29:11) and that you teach me what is best for me and lead on the way to go ( Isaiah 48;17) . As i look for a permanent Job,Scholarship (Masters) Let your good will be done in my Life …

  337. Please pray for positive open lines of communication, reconciliation and restoration of my 31 yr marriage to my husband Paul. Also for God to soften his hardened heart. Thank you, Amen..

  338. Heavenly father I thank you for this day I thank you for my life health and strength today the devil tried to step in this morning but Lord I know that you have me protected my mind protected my body protected and I thank you Father God and I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus to think he would have any hold on me God you are so good and I continue to pray that you keep me and my family covered and protected and erase all the negative thoughts in your name Amen.

  339. Pls I really need your prayer and assistance for financial break through and well being of my entire family and wisdom for my two sons to excel in life and presently we need accommodation to put our heads, I need your blessings father lord of heaven and earth, through your son Jesus Christ I pray Amen.

  340. Heavenly Father, my prayer today is strongly for my family and friends as we deal with new comings today, new issues and ongoing but thru prayer will descend, I leave them with you today. I pray for my own health and strength as new things have come about that you will lead me to better health. I love you Lord and this is my asking today, have your way Lord. Amen.

  341. I pray for my marriage that my husband stop being his friend come between us Let us get our finances together let him know they’re closing everything pray for my son to be coming home N heal my mom been on my job for 24 years Supervalu she doesn’t like me I haven’t gave me a raise let her appreciate me

  342. Dear Lord, I need help I’m alone and lost. I’ve been having troubles with my relationship and my husband is very jealous and accusing me of so much nonsense. It’s breaking our family Apart.. I’m asking for a powerful prayer over our family and to help cleanse his head soul and body.. I can’t continue my life like this anymore. My son needs me stronger than ever. Not weak and crying and stressing every day. I need strength Lord! This is a nightmare already and I know we love each other but jealously is taking over our family. I believe all those drugs he’s pumped has a big huge impact in his life as well. St . Juda heal him from what ever misery he’s facing for 21 years… please I beg you for miracle and strong prayers for us and our family. I love him very much. I don’t want to lose him God . Lift us up on your Precious hands pouring your Blessings over our family

  343. Please, pray for me so that our Father would send me my husband he has for me, so that my tears turn into joy and happiness in Him!

  344. Please join me in prayers for peace unity and love amongst my children grandchildren, and for God to disconnect us from any evil covenant made from my parents and Ancestors that cause problems in my children grandchildren and myself lives and pray for God intervention in Jesus name.

  345. i pray for Gods intervention in my life. I am going through financial challenges and i ask for his divine intervention in my life to change my situation. I am working and i have tried different businesses. At the moment i have a business opportunity on ground i am working on. i ask that he blesses the hands of my work and my labor shall not be in vain. He will make way where there seems to be no way. right now i pray that he go before me and establish this business and make it a success. it will be shout of everlasting joy. i humbly ask that my prayers are being heard and answered in the mighty name of jesus. Amen.

  346. Father God, I have been tested and Father God I am working through my anxiety and stress situations because of your word. I pray for strength and continued guidance in my time of growth. need you Lord in these hard & troubling times. My family need you as well. I pray for family and friends in whatever situations they’re dealing with. As I continue to try and be the servant you want me to be Father God please give my family and me the continued mind to do what’s right. Amen.

  347. Please pray in agreement with me for God to help me financially.
    I am currently paying so many medical bills that belong to me and one of my daughters . It seems that financial hardships keep attacking my household. I need prayer for debt cancellation . I want to feel some freedom! In Jesus name, I believe He will supply my needs accordingly to His riches! Amen!

  348. Please pray for my family. We’ve been facing a huge Goliath in our lives amongst one another. My children need peace, unity, compassion, mercy and love to saturate through their hearts! They need healing from broken-heartedness healing . The power of God to erase the scars of rejection and allow forgiveness into their hearts. The enemy has come to kill steal and destroy but God has another plan for my family!! My heart aches . Father God you are in control. Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world; No weapon formed against you shall prosper .

  349. I have a huge debt which forced me to hide from home, I lost my job, my businesses and even friends. I want to be released from debt bondages ,am worn out and malnourished.
    I cant see or find any financial breakthrough for my rescue.
    Kindly pray for me ,am feeling discouraged and depressed but my hopes are in my lord.

  350. Please pray for my fiancé, Fadi. He has suffered from depression since a child and is no longer a believer. Please pray for Fadi to accept Jesus as his savior.


  352. Please pray for me and my family for good health, Lord Jesus to heal my body, free from sickness diseases. Thank you Jesus, You are my divine healer, protector and deliverer. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen and Amen

  353. I would like to pray for my son who is going through a child custody petition to get guardianship of his four month old son. I would like to place this situation into God’s hands and pray that the courts and judge help him and guide him through this process and allows him and myself as grandma to give us the strength and wisdom to help raise this child. Please pray for us as we begin this process and for the mother to help her as well. Thank you Jesus and for those that will be praying for us, we ask this in faith believing that God will take care of this situation in Jesus name, Amen.

  354. Please pray that The LORD helps me with the trials that U am going through, and that He protects & delivers me from The Devil and all of my enemies. Please pray that The LORD provides for all of my spiritual and material needs and that any bondages that I am under are broken. Please also pray for healing ( spiritual and material) in my life and that I am able to get my life back in order. Please pray that The LORD turns away my captivity and restores me unto Himself and blesses me like He did Job. Thank you and God bless you.

  355. My husband has to change..and cancel the divorce process.we have to get back together as a family. And those who are giving wrong ideas to my husband should be punished. I need new satisfying job with good pay and new apartment as soon as possible.

  356. My name Jay
    God has just delivered me from alcoholism, gambling, smoking and porn.
    Its now 15 days, pray with me that the enemy will be resisted by me reading,meditating on God’s word, worshipping and praying in the Spirit at all times, I also want to say I am praying for all those sisters who are having marital problems. Remember all things are possible to us believers, we must not give up.
    In due time God will answer us, we just need to confess our sin and repent with a sincere heart, amen

  357. Your prayers are very powerful and anointed. Please pray for healing of various ailments in my body. I believe God is still Healer. God bless you.

  358. Good Day Everyone, I need Some Prayer Warriors to help me pray for my son Messiah Donat, His In A Coma at ICU, Since the 9th of july.
    Thanks In advance everyone

  359. Having sleepless nights cause from depression and anxiety but I declare I will no longer suffer I am healed pains in my head body am asking for prayers full healing and for my kids especially my little son to speak fully and understand at his age for breakthrough health fully restored and marriage Jason amen

  360. I ask for prayers in communication, reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to my Husband Paul. He left us back in the beginning of June, with no communication since. We miss him very much. Amen..Thank you.

  361. Lord God, I humbly empty my heart in prayer for Amanda’s husband to locate her. I pray for her to secure a job that we give her joy and a husband that you God has reserve for her. Gen 2:18 says that it is not good for man to be alone,bless her with her helpmate. Father bless her with her heart desires in Jesus name.

  362. Heaveanlyn Father,
    I ask your healing hands to heal my physical sickness that Iam suffering now and please guide me and protect me with your precious blood.. In Jesus Name I pray ..Amen

  363. Lord I need Victory in this custody battle and I need the truth to be known. Open the Judges heart and mind to question the past and see that I deserve Victory in this custody battle and the other side has lied and has a hidden past of losing my 2 oldest grandsons to DSS in NC and history of mental illness and drug addiction. So far the devil has won and the GAL has not told the Judge about the past .
    I have had my granddaughter since birth she was born with drugs in her system and my daughter wished for her to die before birth and abused her.
    Lord please give me Full custody and give us peace and protection from the other side of this battle.
    Let my granddaughter and I live with out fear .
    I Thank you God for everything you do for us.

  364. My daughter has separated after 25 years with her first School heart love !
    Has 3 children and has been living these years under his thumb (Narcissists)
    We hardly seen her or her children, which I thought she was happy and all was good. He has money to keep trying to control her life, Parental alienation with her two teenage sons and 1 daughter, to get out from under him, she had to move out and agree 50/50 custody which was only to be temporary, 2 years separated and finally been out from under his roof a little over a year .. and still he controls what he wants with their children .. He has lied, manipulated and can see he wants revenge, just wearing her down.
    All she wants is more time with her daughter age 7 and have her boys understand she loves them, and they blame her for leaving.. He stepped out of his marriage and she could not except his lies anymore. So Sad and all she has wanted is too be a good mom and is beautiful inside and out .. Please Pray that someone can get her into the Family courts with a good lawyer to help her get what is best for her and their children .. Some how they are in arbitration which she thought was only signing things for mediation and now cannot go into the courts .. We really believe he is paying people off, I know it sounds ridiculous but he has money and runs a very well to do business so please pray God has his hands on this … Amen She needs a miracle

  365. Good day, I need a breakthrough in my life. I am being physically abused and enslaved by my son’s father. I want to leave but I don’t know-how. I am suffering from anxiety and depression. Please pray for me.

  366. I thank God for his blessings in my family so far. My prayer request here is financial prosperity. I need money to take care my needs and help the less privileged

  367. Please pray for me and my wife we split up back in March and now realise that we love each other and need to be with each other please I need to find a house to rent around the drogheda area and quickly in Jesus name amen

  368. Father God I give you all the praise, glory, and honor. I have been celibate practicing abstinence for 15 years now waiting for my divine mate. I know God is preparing me for my husband and preparing my husband for me. It gets difficult sometimes and I find myself lonely and entertaining men from my past and I know it’s wrong and they’re not for me. I’m asking for prayer for strength to continue to honor my body temple for the appointed time and the mate God has chosen for me. God please let me keep my focus on you and not get impatient and remember I am never alone and you will restore what the locusts have eaten. Let me remain strong in my faith believing in the unknown and that ALL things are working together for my good. Amen

  369. Thank you Father God for all that I am and all that you allow me to be. I ask for prayer concerning employment. God blessed me as I stepped out in faith and left corporate America 4 years ago. I am an accountant and I started offering accounting and bookkeeping services and partnered with two tax accountants. Unfortunately, my workload has been reduced from full-time to part-time and I need prayer for direction to where God really wants me (divine employment, divine clients, divine relationships, divine employer). I know He will never leave me or forsake me. And where two or more are united in prayer God is in the midst.

  370. Please Lord I need forgiveness for cheating on myself and on my fiance bc there is no excuse except loneliness and it’s not good enough. I am wrong and feel I’m a failure to my fiance and to my children. Lord help me to gain the tools to help myself and my children as well as my fiance. May he give me a chance to prove my worthiness of his love and theirs as well as yours.

  371. Pray for for me to get back my salary…i have been working for 28 months now and not being paid…. life is not easy for me.i feel like givig up.