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Monday 3rd December

Thank You!

Your Prayers and Thanks

  • Mrs Joyce Hey and blessed day to you too!! Ow, your prayers are truly awesome!! Not sure how I came upon your site….and that’s not long ago…I actually do receive the prayers in my android device…and am so very blessed by it already! I guess our gracious God has a hand in this!! Thank you for awesome prayers… I’ll definitely be a regular…and will pray for others too!! God bless! Joy

    Jeanette Bonet Thank you, I learned about this amazing site through a friend. I look forward to making this a daily must read. I feel this will help me grow in my prayer life. Thank you so much!

    Terrence Thilivhali God is good as always let’s always keep each other in prayers and always wish each other good things God bless..thank you and please send me verses to keep going no looking back…

    Kirstie Thank u for the prayers….this was a much needed prayer that came to me at just the right time bc i am struggling w/life’s daily pressures! My husband & I have 4 kids of our own (ages 8, 7, 4, & 11 months) & just took on the responsibility of raising his 5 yr old nephew bc his mom is on drugs. We both work, mine is shift work (6-2, 2-10) & his is steady (7-4). Sometimes it’s so hard to cope everyday bc we come home so tired, not forgetting our parental duties of course, but to come home & cook & clean & love on all the kiddoes & all that while kids make more mess! It just gets the best of us at times & we both try to stay strong for our little family; so this prayer for energy & strength is perfect right now! Thank u again & glory to God in the highest,

    Peggy B Lawrence Good morning! I just finished meditating on this prayer and the Scriptures, and I feel motivated to do what I need to do today. God is indeed gracious and merciful and I’m so thankful! Praying that your day is blessed and fantastic also. Peggy

Fannie Mickens Good Morning, I am praying all is well with you. Praying for you. God bless you.

Marj Susan Thank you for filling my heart with your beautiful prayers. Each prayer makes me feel closer to God and Jesus My Lord and Saviour. I am so grateful for your awesome work of sending out prayers. It’s as if God himself comes to me through those beautiful prayers. Thank you I’m so blessed. You are so powerful in prayers. God bless you. Marj Susan From Sydney Australia.

Adam Mohammed Thank you very much. I love the prayers very much.

Francis GingEr Eke Thanks so much God bless you always.

JENNIFER EGWUH ADAEZE Thank you so much for these prayers They touch every bit of me. God bless you and give you more to do.

Sally Abidan Good morning, Thank you for the prayers. I’m indeed blessed.

Dzama Francis Praise be His name. I pray for hope and favour. Thank you for the inspirational prayers that really inspired and lift my spirits as I am going through a rough patch in my life. God Bless you. Francis

Lenon Hello Thanks for the prayers, it’s such a might power.

Athanasius Kahengutji Thank you so much for the gospel that you have sent me, the prayers are really helping as I am getting to know God more and more everyday. God bless you more.

VIKA AKAFA Thank you for these prayers. Connecting with God in prayers is amazing. God bless you.

Patricia Simmons Hello, I love your inspirational prayers..thank you!

Rebecca Martin Thank you for wonderful message in the present of the Lord .. i appreciate your teaching and learning about the lord more and more . With our his words we cannot know him . I appreciate your time and effort that the lord lead upon your hearts ..Thank you for remembering me every day God add his blessing on your life to win souls for the glory of the lord’s kingdom .. Let the glory of the Lord fill the earth for ever and ever . Amen ..

Shirley Rice Thanking The Lord For Loving and Caring People -” Like You” -Is A Joy WithIn Its Self.💥 I Feel The Power of Your Powers and Know That You Are Standing In The Gap For Me and Mine – When We Are Weak and Worn. Looking To Hear From You 😇💓

D’Ann Galvan I love these prayers please send me more when you can ❤️ 

Leslie Ann Ayers This is a really inspirational and motivating site .It helps you to know your bible better through the various scriptures that are quoted

Marie-Vonne Auguste Hello Martin Thanks for your encouraging words. As a mum I’m trying my best to be with God always asking for his help to guide my kids especially my son. God is great. 

Shirley Rice 💥 Thank You For Sharing With Me Your Experience. WHere You Enlarged Your Blessings – Very Helpful And Needed Food For Thought: ( From: You 🙏To:Me) Thanksgiving To Our Heavenly Father – And Passing It Down To You – Is Like Blessings From Heaven.💘 “Glad It is Monday”

Kendra Joe Oh,Mr Martin,now I have complete faith and fully believe that God keeps helping me through you, always. You sent the perfect prayer and testimony today and I can now realise with all my heart that the Lord is mighty and powerful. You are like a Godsend precious gift and encouragement to me. May God keep working through you,such a selfless and beautiful vessel,Mr Martin. Thank you very much for your devotion,sir. God bless you and your family. Bless the Saviour Jesus Christ 😊

Latyangie Thanks you  very much for your  good advicing .yes  I do  step ready for my  blessings ok. Now my  soul say yes  I want God to use me  i pray  that  he’s will be  done  in me. but  the  situation is  that  without faith  it’s impossible. Faith is  something present i need  . Jehovah God  may you help me to be  attention to your words inclined my eyes to your saying.

Anyangana Wow! Thank you alot for the prayers forwarded to me. I can already feel the presence of my living God. Will surely type then and pray everyday. 

Salome Nyambura Thank you for this wonderful prayer. It was sent to me at the right moment when I needed strength and encouragement from God. God bless you for the great work you are doing.

Dionne Eccleston Thank you Jesus for loving me😄

Maureen Thank you for the email. I just realized I hadn’t added your email address to my contacts, because for some reason I looked at my junk email just now and saw your emails! I apologize – I’m not good with technology at all. Anyway, your messages will now show up in my mail! These prayers are very helpful to me, and I will rely on them especially during the next few weeks. It will be two years December 14th since I lost my husband. He was 58 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2016 and was gone in less than two months. In the meantime, I was given my own cancer diagnosis in January 2017, and after treatments I am in remission. My faith is struggling as so many questions fill my mind. The one thing that keeps me going is knowing I will see him again one day. Anyway, thank you for your messages and all the prayers you provide. They will be of great solace and inspiration to me.

Ottobong Sambo God has given me special favour this season let’s praise him.

Prayer Requests

Estabella Valentino Hi , am a trainee in the company and am almost finishing my boss told me that am going to have an interview after i finish training my prayer request is that may God favour locate me with this job and may his blessing came my way, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Lisa Bernard Thanks for your encouragement please to pray for my aunt who is not well and the doctors cannot find her complain

Priscillah Odero Please keep my family and my new business in prayers. Thanks.

Abanishe Adeniyi Hi good morning to you, thanks for the messages. Still trusting the Lord trying to get things together believing he will help me through in Jesus name. Please keep supporting me in prayer thanks. adeniyi

Annemarie du Plessis Amen Please me and my husband lost everything. He lost his work. We got nothing. Maybe God test our faith I will never leave God ,God is all we got. I love God . I’m just so so hurt I can’t get work i’m 65. Pray for us praise God always.

Marie-Vonne Auguste Hi Martin Thanks for the blessings. I’ll keep on praying for the Lord. I’m praying for my son Julius who is going to sit for his National exam next week. I hope that God will guide him to do good.

Vida Poitier Father God i need you Jesus I can’t do it without you fill me where I am empty . bless financially so that I would be able to provide for my daughter . I am lacking not for you God has given me in advance . I am the head and not the tale Jesus and asks for a awesome Christmas and a prosperous New Year in you name Jesus Amen.

Doris McConnell I look forward to reading each email and each prayer. I am currently praying for a new and better place to live. Please help me pray for this.

Coko I need prayer for a financial breakthrough.

ANNA PALACIO Lord, I am falling in the deepest pit of my life. My husband and our breadwinner died, leaving us in debts and uncertainty. Anxiety had been my companion, because I have young sons who are still young and are still in high school. We lost our home, where my sons grew and that made them sad and even angry. Lord, please let us not go wandering and penniless. Help us recover. If only for my sons. Above all let us stay closer to you during these trying times. AMEN.

Lovetta Hawa Kamara Thanks for the wonderful prayers. It is really good for me. I appreciate so much. We give thanks to God make us for who we are, give thanks to God almighty for his grace upon our lives we love you Lord God you are wording to be praise we give you all the glory King of King Lord of Lord there is one like you. I say thanks you for the prayers please continue to help me pray in two weeks time my results should be out. Please pray for me for Victory.

Natosha  Good morning and happy Monday! I will be praying for others and for God to be known in their hearts! I would like to thank you for this group of believers. I am also grateful for all the many blessings from the lord each day, so grateful for a warm car that gets me to and from work each day I’m grateful for my nanny job and all my pet and cleaning jobs as well. I ask for prayers for my pet sitting business I pray for abundance and a overflow of new clients and for the months to fill up with pet sitting jobs! I  pray for new ideas and interests to lay on my heart in regards to ways I can serve others through christ. I pray for new trainings and volunteer opportunities in regards to pets a d or children. Open doors for me lord and for Alonso my fiance. I ask and pray for his legal stuff to be transferred over to Nebraska and I ask for prayers that he can get into school here. Thank you for praying for me. 

Ester Tio Oh thanks for the blessings and the Powerful morning prayer. Please pray for me that someone will give me a computer or a laptop to assist me with my training.

Amela Johnson Yes I to pray for a blessing wanting pay my house off and need repair hoping that this pray come true 

LaRose Johnson Please pray that my mom be healed of Cancer

Erica Lolesio  Good morning thank you for the prayers. I’m in need of prayer December 30th will be a year my daughter was shot in the head an innocent victim of gun violence she later died Jan 15th 2018 she was only 19 my first born. I’m fighting because the I’m angry with myself I feel if I didn’t use drugs from 2015-2017 I would have been there more. 3 weeks before she was shot in the head my friend made me go to church I was high I lost everything I got into doing meth although my daughter didn’t know I was numbing myself from losing custody of my 2 younger boys in 2016 I’ve raised all 5 of my children by myself but I was always stressed then I got into selling drugs and then using them. So December 3 2017 I walk into church so high off meth but when I left I was sober and never used since the following week I got baptized so I’m confused why God allowed my daughter to be murdered she was so innocent why not me she was bright living and humble you see I’ve been through a lot in life sexually abused foster care raped molested physically abuse by ex husband and ex boyfriends and attempted murder stabbed in the face left for dead but i fight daily of what is my reason for living and not her I’ve done bad stuff like sold drugs use them etc why not me and why do I feel so empty please I need prayer I try to talk to people but no one understands my pain!

Thank you and God bless you.

Myra Baker Prayer for a permanent  job been  out of a job for seven years now Amen

Samuel My prayers request is need God’s spiritual guidance and healing to believe that he wants me . He should make me leadership in my family and all my friends. 

Samuel Lord. I offer you this days. My hurt. Pain and all. Suffering. I especially offer you the injustices I have face in life. May remove. All bitterness from my heart and replace it with your divine mercy Jesus I trust in you divine mercy. 

Kenyetta Ellis I will like you to pray that I get my kids back and that I keep them safe. I also want you to pray that I get my own house.

Adelheid Hi I’m responding and yes I’m struggling as I’ve been financially abused by my now ex fiancé.  He won’t pay back the loan or help me out with finances so I can survive while he is paying off debts in Mexico.  He blows his temper and says cruel things to me.  Please pray for me as I trusted him.  I need help as the job market is extremely hard especially for a senior like me.  I need to find a lawyer who will help me get the funds all back.

Abarron Asking for prayer so I will be free of worry and anxiety. Thank you.

Jolie Thank u for the encouraging words. May God bless u. I need God’s grace to take charge of my heart. Sometimes i feel the hurt that I have by being betrayed by my husband is just too much. In the process I feel like i can’t be in the presence of God because I have these not so good thoughts. May God have mercy on me.

Isaac Wanyoike Thanks so much for your prayers, please pray for me today pray for thanksgiving that i laid my sister well, pray for the family she left, pray for them to have peace, pray for me to have a good weekend let me have financial breakthrough, pray for me to have good relations with my employer and my fellow employees, pray for me to have a responsible spouse, pray for me to get finances to complete building my house.

Monique Hardnick Dear brothers and sisters please pray for me

  • Victoria Rosanwo says:

    Praise be to Almighty GOD for His favour and mercy that makes me to be among the blessed partaker of this ministry thanks alot for your prayers that is being posted to me it’s indeed a comfort to my soul and my tranquillity since I’ve been feeling lonesome and abandon without love and no one to console me spiritually with prayers and bible passages for guidance i blessed the day that i discover this ministry thanks alot and my prayer life has changed i can now meditate on the biblical passages with all the prayer points thank you may God continues to strengthen and fortified your ministry with the divine empowerment in Jesus mighty name AMEN

  • Tyrone says:

    Good morning and Blessed day to all I’m Asking for prayer for my wife who has lost all the females and her family from her mom to all of our sisters she’s the only one out and it constantly gets to her she’s often sad and she doesn’t always go to the word of God for comfort so your prayers would be appreciated and I thank everyone for the opportunity to re-quest prayers from folks I don’t even know and I praise the Lord for that keep in mind I will be sending prayers for you guys also thanks from brother Hunter

  • SooDF says:

    Thank you so much for powerful prayers that help me to walk closely with him and obedience to his word. Our God is compassionate with everlasting love to his children and ever ready for our calls and in him we trust for he will never forsake us. Thank you and God bless you too.

  • Mart says:

    Please pray for my son as he goes to court today. He is truly turning his life around.

  • Million Chernet says:

    I glorify God for what he is doing in my life through what you post from time to time.I am blessed.I keep you in my prayers for Jesus may always reveal himself via his word,which is indeed a fact of devine intervention.John 14:21ff

  • Harry L Dunscomb Jr says:

    Thank you for your prayers they have been very helpful a lot of days I really believe God tells you what prayers to send to they be on point thank you God bless you continue need prayer for direction and guidance in transition trying to find another church to attend last 2 churches I attended and belonged to both closed the door kinda in limbo right now not sure what to do have a blessed and wonderful day thanks again


    Please Father God bless me financially to get my son Thomas Perkins out before his birthday and the holidays in Jesus name i pray.Amen

  • Kevin Morris says:

    Please pry for me and my family, my wife has filed for divorce because of my past decisions, I have recently found the lord again in all of this and I know his will is for us to save our marriage, my wife is in a spiritual war now because of these things. She is listening to everyone but the Heavenly Father, please pray for us and the we reconcile and save our marriage In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN

  • Andy says:

    I am blessed by your prayers.
    I look forward to being further blessed, Spiritually, materially, financially so as to become a blessing to mankind.
    .. God bless.

  • Jacq says:

    I’ve been in a toxic relationship and God find a way how I can get out with it. He sent me someone that I feel in love very quickly and instantly. This someone is very opposite to my ex. And I always pray to God that everything is fine.

  • S. Warren says:

    Father God we come to thy Throne of Grace asking for mercy in times of need…we ask you Lord to intervene in this Marriage for Lord what you have joined together let not man put asunder, Satan the Lord rebuke you, get out of their lives in Jesus Mighty name Amen

  • Kgomotso says:

    Hi family please pray for me I need a permanent job

  • Tony says:

    Can you guys help me praying to save my marriage of 23 years we are going through some bad times she ask for a divorce I have hope we can still save our marriage

  • Nicolitha says:

    May God helps your family and give them strength wisdom and peace. I pray that God can watch over them everyday. In Jesus’name I pray

  • gs says:

    ??Shalom Sister Jennifer in Christ Jesus
    Remember Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus
    Promises from the Prophet (Book of Jeremiah 29:11 and 33:3)

    11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

    ❤️Be encouraged!!!

  • Jonathan Nii Ankama Addo says:

    As a son of the living God, I speak life, healing and resurrection into this prayer requests. It’s done. Have faith like the mustard seed. AMEN & HALLELUJAH


    Dear God I pray you prove yourself God over all your children who call to you including myself, grant us answers to our prayers and let us testify ?

  • Alma Loza says:

    Thank you dears and may God bless you to help me at my times of needs. Hope you are in the hands of the Lord to share His heart to his children,right?. Yes I recently move from Va to TX. We ask The lord to guide us if is ghrite for him, we want work for him , and we need job to support our family , the Main thing is work for the Lod , I would like if everyone prayer cor us, and I let you know what happen, God Blessed everyone.

  • Million Chernet says:

    Thank you dears and may God bless you to help me at my times of needs. Hope you are in the hands of the Lord to share His heart to his children,right?. Yet i wana ask you sth,perhaps not well considered by we Chrstian ministers;which is ;Jesus basically came to bring and give us Life; He died to give us his life; this life is eternal in nature, we cannot fathom what it may like but such life for which the Son of God died which is is incredibly awesome is not really preached. We seem not so serious about this heavenly /devine life. We rather seem to be expectant of a Jesus ,a supper rich man ,from heaven so as to meet our daily physical needs,first and formost.
    Jesus clearly and repeatedly told us to drink from this water of life and only this life, yet we are away from his purpose.
    Pls tell us what this life mean and the enjoymet there of; the life of God.

  • Michelle says:

    Prayer life over my family, for health, and strength. Healing and coverage Lord. Grant the wisdom, knowledge and understanding Lord in our everyday activities;our in and out. And for our safe return. Pray for my without end and for myself. Whatever obstacles we might face help to overcome it all. Return anything that’s noy welcome or in our favor Lord. These few words I pray Amen.

  • Michelle says:

    Greet you in the name of Jesus. I have been to an interview on Tuesday morning 06.11.2018. The company that I attended the interview with is a good and successful Christian company. I have applied for the Internal Sales Consultant position. Prayer warriors, intercessors and all who is reading my request, please keep me in prayer that I will be the successful candidate that they choose. I really want to work for this company. The decision will be made on Friday by the owner of the company. And I also need a financial breakthrough.God bless every one. Have a blessed day further. I am from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

    • Michelle says:

      With God on your side anything is possible and pray you aquire the position of your hearts desire. Pray she your success in Jesus name. Blessings to you.

  • Michelle says:

    Greet you in the name of Jesus. I have been to an interview on Tuesday morning 06.11.2018. The company that I attended the interview with is a good and successful Christian company. I have applied for the Internal Sales Consultant position. Prayer warriors, intercessors and all who is reading my request, please keep me in prayer that I will be the successful candidate that they choose. I really want to work for this company. The decision will be made on Friday by the owner of the company. God bless every one. Have a blessed day further. I am from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

  • Beverly says:

    Please pray for my Friend Anthony, God will open doors of opportunity, and bless my sisters and brother, i am praying for wisdom, total restoration in every area of the life, to operate in all the gift of the spirit, to have a intimate relationship with Christ

    • Michelle says:

      God will grant whatever it is that will unlift him on the road to success. Pray over his financial situation and anything throughout his life. Return all negativity… whatever is not for will not be for Anthony. Amen.

  • Helena Duncan says:

    I feel really blessed with all the encouraging words and I know God is using you guys in a mighty way. May God continue to bless you In Jesus name Amen.

  • DeDe says:

    Dear Father God, please forgive me for I am a horrible sinner, Lord help me to be kind and loving to all I meet, help me to know your will and the strength to carry it out. Please heal me Lord for the sin I can not turn from, please sweet Jesus help me. I love you Lord. Amen

  • Marie vonne Auguste says:

    Dear Lord my son is letting himself being influence by bad friends. Please help me so that he can be away from the bad influence. God help our family so that we can be unite with each other. Help me Lord. Amen.

  • the Raines says:

    ABBA, YOU see & know, YOU hear the heart cries, of all your sons & daughters. In YOUR Tender Mercies & Unfailing Love, provide each with a Personal Encounter of YOUR GLORY, & from the PRESENCE of YOUR GLORY, may every need be bountifully met. In YESHUA’s unrivaled name, amen.

  • Valerie says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in christ i pray you may feel uplifted and all your worriers and needs are meet by our Father in heaven

  • Emisha Toney says:

    Prayer request: hello everyone and God bless you all. My name is Emisha Toney and I am new to Christiantt however I am already in love with this site. I’ve seen here where we can add our prayer request and also be in prayer for others and i am very excited to do both. I would like to leave my prayer request in hopes that someone would be praying WITH ME! In August of this year I found out that i didn’t have money enough to continue my college degree. I am a Junior in college and hoping and praying that i can continue my degree. Money plays a big part in continuing. I’m praying that God allows grants or scholarships to come through for me. I am praying to God that something comes through for me and i would love if someone would be praying along with me that I would COMPLETE my degree and become a wonderful teacher. Thank you!

    • Valerie says:

      I pray our Father in heaven blesses you so that you can continue your studies .I pray you thrive not just survive and your blessed so you can start to enjoy life and not have to worry about finances .Amen

    • Michelle says:

      God bless you. Continue to have faith in our living God. His time is not our time. Believe and continue to and our Lord is prayer answering God. I will with the intercessors in our church will keep you in prayer. God bless. Michelle from Durban, South Africa.?

  • Sasa Evans says:

    Dear Lord, I pray for your grace and mercy in the life of Liz Stone, her mother and her friend. May they know that you are always there for them Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse the holy spirit gave me for them to read. God has better plans for them and they should leave all to him and trust him and all things will work according to his will. God bless

  • younglady2 says:

    Please pray that God will work out a solution concerning my basement wall and the water damage. Please also pray that God will stop the damage. Also pray for us concerning us selling our house. Pray that God provide us a place to move to that we can afford and that we will be approved for. We still need wisdom concerning downsizing and packing for the move. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Sunnie says:

      It certainly seems that you are overwhelmed by many different uncertainties just now. Instead of lumping everything into one huge concern, it is easier if you do things one step at a time. First, give thanks to the Lord for the blessings you currently have in your life: a family, a roof over your head, food on your table, etc. Next, remember to turn all of your anxieties over to God every day because tomorrow with have its own anxieties. 1 Peter 5:6-7 tells us “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” Finally, list in order of priority all the tasks that you feel must be accomplished so that you can work on them one at a time – things won’t feel so overwhelming and you gain satisfaction by completing something. With this new feeling of satisfaction your internal strength will grow. Remember, before you start a task pray for guidance and strength; after you complete each task give thanks. Ask friends, neighbors, tradesmen, clergy, or relatives to assist. God is smiling down on you always.

  • Thelma says:

    Thank you for this prayer. It is so important for us to have a thankful heart, instead wr find ourselves constantly begging God for material things. Since I receive this revelation, l cannot thank Him enough. May God bless you.

  • Machiridza Gladys says:

    Dear Lord my brother has been taken by the police. l pray that justice has to be done. May the Holy Spirit give him comfort and peace . Also pray for me am down and feel neglected and rejected, I pray that God totally heal me from asthma and disc problem.

  • Sharron says:

    Prayer request
    I feel like my life is in a mess no matter how hard I try….. my landlord is trying to evict me as I’m a longterm tenant…. I so helpless…

    • Vassareti says:

      Ipray for your breakthrough sharron . God promissed not to leave us not forsaken us . To prosper us and not to harm us . In the name of jesus christ i am believing for the best outcome regarding your tenancy .
      God bless you

  • Kim says:

    I looked up to where my help is from and that’s you Jehovah God. I think you for all the wonderful Blessing. I pray for employment and as you spoke God that whatever you ask in my name it shall be given. I come today and daily for a place of my own. I trust you God and put my whole trust in you and let you guide me because I can’t make decisions on my own. I need you to drive all the way with your strong hands. This is not my own life no more God. I leave everything to you God. In Jesus name I pray.

  • Donna says:

    Lord, you see all these request, I pray that you give everyone here the peace and understanding that they need. Lord I can understand that we sometimes can not see the end of our tunnel.. However I know that your right their with each and everyone. I pray that everyone can come back and give a praise report on each of their trials. Please help us as you see what is going on. I’m trying so hard, however it seems everything is not falling into place. I know that my VICTORY is just around the corner. Thank YOU Lord for all you do for us. Thank YOU for letting us awake each day, even if the day may not be sunny to us, however we must just keep going in YOUR name. Thank you Lord!

    • Yvetta says:

      This is exactly what I have prayed. I have Leukemia, RA, n Spinal Stenosis. Drowing in debt with medical bills. Little food. No gas and no funds! I have no one to turn to but God! He is my only hope!

  • Joy says:

    Am asking everyone to pray with me. A friend of mine who buy and sell houses encouraging me to get a house knowing that am paying $710.00 a month.I might want to get a house. I deside to try so am asking God directions and that he would me favor.

  • Corinne Byom says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I praise and thank you from every fiber of my body and my Unity of my soul as your daughter, Sar’h..This has all been an amazing, tiresome, extrodinary experience but with ur conscience, wisdom,knowledge and uttermost strength I prevail everyday..You saved me by ur Amazing Grace from the pit of darkness and brought me back into the light that you so intended me to be in..I was Lost and now I am found because of you and I will praise you forever and ever into eternity..
    You are My Rock, My Savior, My Best Friend, Teacher, Confidant, Father, The Alpha and Omega, Lord of Lords and King of All Kings..
    Your messages daily u send me bring me joy and guidance and your ways that work mysteriously are so uttermost astonishing:)
    I love you so much and please continue to take care of my children and my loved ones, like I know that you do and let’s bring home my family from the enemy and set their captives souls free..In your name I trust and you prepare my hands for war and my fingers for battle and I will continue to slay those nasty demons, cleanse the leper’s and heal the sick in which I am allowed..Lord, please continue to guide me to my calling of your daughter, and I am so unworthy and blessed..Father, please hear my the name and blood of Jesus and In Christ, Amen
    Ps..Your daughter:) Sar’h❤️??

  • Donna says:

    Lord, I ask that you please give me the wisdom in our finances. I’m so tired living from paycheck to paycheck. Please help me.. I ask that you touch each request that is listed here. I pray that things WILL get better. I Thank you for all the blessings that will come true in your Name.
    In HIS name

  • Dra.Lily Dahlia says:

    Good Evening.
    I give you many thanks,for this wonderful emails,dear Christiantt,and dear Martin F.
    Thank you for everything you have sending me.
    I thank you for you sending me,the word of God,every morning and every evening.
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you with many blessings,now and forever.
    In Jesus mighty name.

  • Kambhampati Kiran kumar says:

    God bless all the people he heal all .he does medicals daily…
    God never forget you..

  • Susan says:

    Just saying thank you.
    I love and look forward to your email each week.
    I love the greetings, when you say Good morning and God’s blessings.
    It gives me courage and hope to face the day ahead and to trust Jesus in all of life’s daily challenges.
    May God bless you for the work that you do.
    I also pray that Jesus shines his light brightly and penetrate its Ray’s deeply in any darkness that attempts to shadow over my life, my children, my grandchildren, and my family.
    In the name of Jesus Amen.

  • Robert says:

    I would ask for prayer for a small to middle size house of my own that I can afford with a back yard. Thanks. Shalom. God bless.

  • K kiran says:

    God love whole world
    I pray for “all”,who is is bad position

  • Dra.Lily Dahlia says:

    Dear God,
    Please bless us and our family member to be at peace with one another,and give restoration in our family.
    In Jesus Name:Please help us to rebuke every thought of hatred,argument in our homes.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for everything.

  • marti says:

    NEED a job: I’m over 55 yrs. and seems like age discrimination. Finally got interview for 10/2. Pray for help/wisdom answering interview questions; find favor with hiring people, and get a job offer.

    • Robert says:

      You know How I got a job in my late forties? I asked God then got every Christian I knew and asked every Christian I could at every website that had Christians in the light to pray! I was looking at a Christians magazine article about praying and the Holy Spirit spoke to me through this statement in it-when you pray for something from God ”be specific. So I did, I told God I wanted an exercise job. That’s exactly what I got!
      I was standing in line later on in the supermarket and when my eyes drifted in boredom onto the custom services desk. I literally heard God speak and say ”apply there.Then I remembered there was a job opening there in the meat dept.

  • Kingdave says:

    I have reached marriage age, but no money, job to help me settle down. I need prayers of God’s people to avert the situation.

  • Angel says:

    Please pray for my family to get out of the refugee camp we are in soon through the Resettlement process.

  • Gonzalez89 says:

    Please jesus pray that they release my husband he been in jail for 107 days he wants to know if their going to let him out I also need too know if he loves me I been with him for 1 year and 4 months already

  • Vivian Osude says:

    Father I thank you for your daughter ELIZE. Thank you Lord for her life. Thank you Lord for your protection and guidance. Father you asked us to call upon you in days of trouble that you will answer us. Father I lift your daughter to you. Provide for her financially. Connect her with her destiny helpers. Father your son Jesus came that we may have life and have it in abundance….. He was made poor that we will be rich. Father open the floor gates of heaven upon your daughter ELIZE and pour financial abundance upon her that she may be a blessing to herself and others. Lord open doors of financial opportunity. Lead her to her place of blessings in Jesus name. Amen

  • Young says:

    ABBA, YOU Personally *Know and *Love every one of YOUR sons and daughters who have posted their prayer requests each week on this website. Every prayer request is Real to YOU and in YOUR LOVE and GREAT MERCY, YOU Hear their heart cries and their needs. Thank YOU, GOD MOST HIGH. I affirm Isa 59:1 that “YOUR ARM is not too short to Save; nor YOUR EAR to dull to Hear.” Therefore EVERY ONE of these Prayers Rest SECURELY with YOU. In LOVE for each one of YOUR Sons and daughters, YOU will ACT to Deliver/Rescue/Save and More than Meet Each Need represented here. Thank YOU, ABBA. I entrust these prayers and YOUR people to YOU, through LORD JESUS CHRIST (YESHUA HAMASIACH), amen.

  • Stacy says:

    Heavenly father, I pray that you hear the cries of your humble servant and bless those here asking for your blessings on your lives. Bless and heal them, in the wonderful and majestic name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

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