Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests

AMINA: Heavenly Father, I pray for physical and mental health for my son Ishmael. I pray that you will lay your mighty hand on him and heal him.
Praying for the rest of my kids and for myself for emotional, physical and financial healing in your precious name I pray.
The storms in our lives keep increasing oh Lord, Please bring a Peace and Answered Prayers as you Calm them all; This I ask in your Mighty Name AMEN.

SHAZ : Pray with me for restoration of my marriage. We have been separated for 4 months. We have a lot of anger and hurt. I pray for softening of hearts to be able to work on our issues. For our little girl who is caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing touch on our marriage.

Samuel Kingston Amen. Your messages, impressive. Please do remember me in your prayers.

Jennifer Bucc Grace and peace be unto you. I need prayer for my family restoration in my marriage and Jesus’ name.

Dornice Ambani Dear family. I can’t seem to truly relax. I have a huge financial crisis that only looking up to God our Heavenly Father can get me out. ” I look up to the mountains, where will my help come from. My help will come from the Lord who created heaven and earth”. I request you kindly and with humility to join me in praying, worship and thanksgiving to our Father for the financial breakthrough! Amen Dorn.

Perkins, Makeysha Thank You for reaching out to me…. I’m praying for a miracle for $8,000 to get my son released for the holidays. He’s 20 years old, he’s my youngest I just miss him so much drowning. Can you please say an extra prayer for Thomas Perkins to be able to spend Christmas and New Years with me and his brother. My job is taking up a collection for him but I know it won’t be near the funds. But I do have faith and been praying for whatever the balance. I know we serve and an awesome God. Waiting on God’s response to seeing who I should give or help as well. God bless you all.

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  1. Heavenly Father, my prayer today is strongly for my family and friends as we deal with new comings today, new issues and ongoing but thru prayer will descend, I leave them with you today. I pray for my own health and strength as new things have come about that you will lead me to better health. I love you Lord and this is my asking today, have your way Lord. Amen.

  2. I pray for my marriage that my husband stop being his friend come between us Let us get our finances together let him know they’re closing everything pray for my son to be coming home N heal my mom been on my job for 24 years Supervalu she doesn’t like me I haven’t gave me a raise let her appreciate me

  3. Dear Lord, I need help I’m alone and lost. I’ve been having troubles with my relationship and my husband is very jealous and accusing me of so much nonsense. It’s breaking our family Apart.. I’m asking for a powerful prayer over our family and to help cleanse his head soul and body.. I can’t continue my life like this anymore. My son needs me stronger than ever. Not weak and crying and stressing every day. I need strength Lord! This is a nightmare already and I know we love each other but jealously is taking over our family. I believe all those drugs he’s pumped has a big huge impact in his life as well. St . Juda heal him from what ever misery he’s facing for 21 years… please I beg you for miracle and strong prayers for us and our family. I love him very much. I don’t want to lose him God . Lift us up on your Precious hands 🙌 pouring your Blessings over our family
    Amen 🙏

  4. Please, pray for me so that our Father would send me my husband he has for me, so that my tears turn into joy and happiness in Him!

  5. Please join me in prayers for peace unity and love amongst my children grandchildren, and for God to disconnect us from any evil covenant made from my parents and Ancestors that cause problems in my children grandchildren and myself lives and pray for God intervention in Jesus name.

  6. i pray for Gods intervention in my life. I am going through financial challenges and i ask for his divine intervention in my life to change my situation. I am working and i have tried different businesses. At the moment i have a business opportunity on ground i am working on. i ask that he blesses the hands of my work and my labor shall not be in vain. He will make way where there seems to be no way. right now i pray that he go before me and establish this business and make it a success. it will be shout of everlasting joy. i humbly ask that my prayers are being heard and answered in the mighty name of jesus. Amen.

  7. Father God, I have been tested and Father God I am working through my anxiety and stress situations because of your word. I pray for strength and continued guidance in my time of growth. need you Lord in these hard & troubling times. My family need you as well. I pray for family and friends in whatever situations they’re dealing with. As I continue to try and be the servant you want me to be Father God please give my family and me the continued mind to do what’s right. Amen.

  8. Please pray in agreement with me for God to help me financially.
    I am currently paying so many medical bills that belong to me and one of my daughters . It seems that financial hardships keep attacking my household. I need prayer for debt cancellation . I want to feel some freedom! In Jesus name, I believe He will supply my needs accordingly to His riches! Amen!

  9. Please pray for my family. We’ve been facing a huge Goliath in our lives amongst one another. My children need peace, unity, compassion, mercy and love to saturate through their hearts! They need healing from broken-heartedness healing . The power of God to erase the scars of rejection and allow forgiveness into their hearts. The enemy has come to kill steal and destroy but God has another plan for my family!! My heart aches . Father God you are in control. Greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world; No weapon formed against you shall prosper .

  10. I have a huge debt which forced me to hide from home, I lost my job, my businesses and even friends. I want to be released from debt bondages ,am worn out and malnourished.
    I cant see or find any financial breakthrough for my rescue.
    Kindly pray for me ,am feeling discouraged and depressed but my hopes are in my lord.

  11. Please pray for my fiancé, Fadi. He has suffered from depression since a child and is no longer a believer. Please pray for Fadi to accept Jesus as his savior.


  13. Please pray for me and my family for good health, Lord Jesus to heal my body, free from sickness diseases. Thank you Jesus, You are my divine healer, protector and deliverer. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen and Amen 🙏

  14. I would like to pray for my son who is going through a child custody petition to get guardianship of his four month old son. I would like to place this situation into God’s hands and pray that the courts and judge help him and guide him through this process and allows him and myself as grandma to give us the strength and wisdom to help raise this child. Please pray for us as we begin this process and for the mother to help her as well. Thank you Jesus and for those that will be praying for us, we ask this in faith believing that God will take care of this situation in Jesus name, Amen.

  15. Please pray that The LORD helps me with the trials that U am going through, and that He protects & delivers me from The Devil and all of my enemies. Please pray that The LORD provides for all of my spiritual and material needs and that any bondages that I am under are broken. Please also pray for healing ( spiritual and material) in my life and that I am able to get my life back in order. Please pray that The LORD turns away my captivity and restores me unto Himself and blesses me like He did Job. Thank you and God bless you.

  16. My husband has to change..and cancel the divorce process.we have to get back together as a family. And those who are giving wrong ideas to my husband should be punished. I need new satisfying job with good pay and new apartment as soon as possible.

  17. My name Jay
    God has just delivered me from alcoholism, gambling, smoking and porn.
    Its now 15 days, pray with me that the enemy will be resisted by me reading,meditating on God’s word, worshipping and praying in the Spirit at all times, I also want to say I am praying for all those sisters who are having marital problems. Remember all things are possible to us believers, we must not give up.
    In due time God will answer us, we just need to confess our sin and repent with a sincere heart, amen

  18. Your prayers are very powerful and anointed. Please pray for healing of various ailments in my body. I believe God is still Healer. God bless you.

  19. Good Day Everyone, I need Some Prayer Warriors to help me pray for my son Messiah Donat, His In A Coma at ICU, Since the 9th of july.
    Thanks In advance everyone

  20. Having sleepless nights cause from depression and anxiety but I declare I will no longer suffer I am healed pains in my head body am asking for prayers full healing and for my kids especially my little son to speak fully and understand at his age for breakthrough health fully restored and marriage Jason amen

  21. I ask for prayers in communication, reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to my Husband Paul. He left us back in the beginning of June, with no communication since. We miss him very much. Amen..Thank you.

  22. Lord God, I humbly empty my heart in prayer for Amanda’s husband to locate her. I pray for her to secure a job that we give her joy and a husband that you God has reserve for her. Gen 2:18 says that it is not good for man to be alone,bless her with her helpmate. Father bless her with her heart desires in Jesus name.

  23. Heaveanlyn Father,
    I ask your healing hands to heal my physical sickness that Iam suffering now and please guide me and protect me with your precious blood.. In Jesus Name I pray ..Amen

  24. Lord I need Victory in this custody battle and I need the truth to be known. Open the Judges heart and mind to question the past and see that I deserve Victory in this custody battle and the other side has lied and has a hidden past of losing my 2 oldest grandsons to DSS in NC and history of mental illness and drug addiction. So far the devil has won and the GAL has not told the Judge about the past .
    I have had my granddaughter since birth she was born with drugs in her system and my daughter wished for her to die before birth and abused her.
    Lord please give me Full custody and give us peace and protection from the other side of this battle.
    Let my granddaughter and I live with out fear .
    I Thank you God for everything you do for us.

  25. My daughter has separated after 25 years with her first School heart love !
    Has 3 children and has been living these years under his thumb (Narcissists)
    We hardly seen her or her children, which I thought she was happy and all was good. He has money to keep trying to control her life, Parental alienation with her two teenage sons and 1 daughter, to get out from under him, she had to move out and agree 50/50 custody which was only to be temporary, 2 years separated and finally been out from under his roof a little over a year .. and still he controls what he wants with their children .. He has lied, manipulated and can see he wants revenge, just wearing her down.
    All she wants is more time with her daughter age 7 and have her boys understand she loves them, and they blame her for leaving.. He stepped out of his marriage and she could not except his lies anymore. So Sad and all she has wanted is too be a good mom and is beautiful inside and out .. Please Pray that someone can get her into the Family courts with a good lawyer to help her get what is best for her and their children .. Some how they are in arbitration which she thought was only signing things for mediation and now cannot go into the courts .. We really believe he is paying people off, I know it sounds ridiculous but he has money and runs a very well to do business so please pray God has his hands on this … Amen She needs a miracle

  26. Good day, I need a breakthrough in my life. I am being physically abused and enslaved by my son’s father. I want to leave but I don’t know-how. I am suffering from anxiety and depression. Please pray for me.

  27. I thank God for his blessings in my family so far. My prayer request here is financial prosperity. I need money to take care my needs and help the less privileged

  28. Please pray for me and my wife we split up back in March and now realise that we love each other and need to be with each other please I need to find a house to rent around the drogheda area and quickly in Jesus name amen

  29. Father God I give you all the praise, glory, and honor. I have been celibate practicing abstinence for 15 years now waiting for my divine mate. I know God is preparing me for my husband and preparing my husband for me. It gets difficult sometimes and I find myself lonely and entertaining men from my past and I know it’s wrong and they’re not for me. I’m asking for prayer for strength to continue to honor my body temple for the appointed time and the mate God has chosen for me. God please let me keep my focus on you and not get impatient and remember I am never alone and you will restore what the locusts have eaten. Let me remain strong in my faith believing in the unknown and that ALL things are working together for my good. Amen

  30. Thank you Father God for all that I am and all that you allow me to be. I ask for prayer concerning employment. God blessed me as I stepped out in faith and left corporate America 4 years ago. I am an accountant and I started offering accounting and bookkeeping services and partnered with two tax accountants. Unfortunately, my workload has been reduced from full-time to part-time and I need prayer for direction to where God really wants me (divine employment, divine clients, divine relationships, divine employer). I know He will never leave me or forsake me. And where two or more are united in prayer God is in the midst.

  31. Please Lord I need forgiveness for cheating on myself and on my fiance bc there is no excuse except loneliness and it’s not good enough. I am wrong and feel I’m a failure to my fiance and to my children. Lord help me to gain the tools to help myself and my children as well as my fiance. May he give me a chance to prove my worthiness of his love and theirs as well as yours.

  32. Pray for for me to get back my salary…i have been working for 28 months now and not being paid…. life is not easy for me.i feel like givig up.

  33. I need prayers..I have to go for an MRI for my brain..they see something abnormal..maybe a mass that turns to cancer..please pray for me that I hear good news..I know our Lord is our healer..and I know he is the one that will give me strength in this time of waiting on what I truly have..I pray that the Lord will restore my health and no mass is matter what..I praise my God!

    In Jesus name ????

  34. My Heavenly Father, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, the God of all flesh.
    I come to the throne of your GRACE seeking for your MERCY through the Precious Blood of your Dear Son JESUS Christ that was sheared for me/us on the cross of Calvary.
    I pray that you deliver me and my household from every curse, afflictions and iniquities brought upon us by our Ancestors as a result of their disobedience by serving other gods in the past.

    Your Word Speaking in
    Ezekiel 18:20
    [20]The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

    Because we have accepted your Son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we have been declared RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY.
    So Heavenly Father, let our righteousness in Christ Speak for us and the Precious Blood Deliver us today IN JESUS POWERFUL NAME.

  35. please pray for me our company is going through restructuring process and soon there will be retrenchments in august. play assist me in prayers so that my name shall not be on retrenchments list, demoted or any harm should not come on y way. i have responsibilities to care of.

  36. I am in need of a financial miracle to pay bills, bring my bank account balance to a positive and have money left over for gas to begin a new place of work. I really need help and I am leaning on God along with prayers in Jesus Name Amen.

  37. Please pray for me and my wife, we split up back in March because I was not showing her love but im regretting this now she is with some 1 but it dosent mean anything, I taught I was over it but I love my wife and she loves me, please pray for us dat we get back together and we get stronger in the faith so dat the enemy can’t get in please in Jesus name amen

  38. I keep repeating the same sin. No matter how I try to navigate the situation, I fail every time. It’s this one thing, that for some reason, I fail at. I need prayers for strength, wisdom, discernment and to be able to overcome the enemy when faced with the same temptation. Above all, I need to learn to trust god. To stop doubting him, and to know that he is in control.

  39. lord help me to do in my life that i can be a business..and partner in my life that i will be happy lord god. and my children can work for good companies

  40. Hi

    Please pray for me and Hennie van Rooyen so that we can get married soon, our salvation, impatience’s , frustrations and for a financial breakthrough. I thanks God that he died for ours since and that he love us.

    1. Praying for financial breakthrough to own a home and earn enough to pay for it and to help my family. Healing for mum and my family esp my 2 grand children. Long life for all. Praying for relationship restoration and evil 3rd party ties to be severed in Jesus name.Amen

  41. I pray that the Lord will bless me with a good working loving kindness man that’s going to love me for me for who I’m am and respect me through it all no matter what’s the problem is a man that’s going to love me take good care of me and my daughter never leave my side. Praying to remove all of the bad cures off me and let the Lord bless me what’s in the store for me

  42. Prayer for my daughter who keep getting involved in the same situation in relationships that ends up violental, please pray with me that she comes out of this situation freely and get counseling and any help that is needed.
    Pray over my marriage that The hurt and brokenness can be revised.
    Prayers for financial blessings over myself and family during this stressful storm that my daughter has brought our way. I know that Jesus said he will never leave or forsaken us and that’s he’s will is always done. Cover my daughter while she faces this trial and allow God to move those mountains and she can have another chance to be who God attend for her to be.

  43. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage to Rocio.
    Nothing is impossible for our Lord Jesus Christ

  44. Please pray for my son Matthew, for god to heal his diabetes, to lift the dark cloud of trauma, to bring him friends into his life and to find love.

  45. May the Lord Jesus rearrange my life and help me to get out of debts so that I can have peace

    1. Lord, I came before you lord to ask you a total miracle of my partner and my children for them to have peace in their hearts. Wash the hatred in their hearts, wash the tongue of my partner because sometimes it’s too much for me lord, all the swearing, the cursing, I want peace , joy and happiness in my hearts and in my mind. In jesus name

    2. Dear God please the loads are too much on me now, I have been owing several people now, my rent is due and to feed my wife is too much for me, I can’t even make sales in my shop anymore Dear Lord please get me out of this, the loads are too much for me.please pray for me

  46. Please pray for me i need a job urgently Lord i trust in in you..please help me oh God i need an income..

  47. I’m having a difficult time at the moment, win it comes to prayer waiting on Deliverance movie am

    1. My name is Wanda I am asking prayer for my brother Jimmy he has colon cancer please pray for him a message out to give him the strength and willpower to get up and make it thanks and God bless all of us amen

  48. Praying for the spirit of hinderance and blockage be lifted. I attempt to go around family or seek jobs and this spirit blocks my ability to reach believers, discourages my ability to get jobs, and opportunities. Sometimes it feels like prayers are being hindered. People even seem to turn on me without reason, pointing out my flaws, putting me down. Business partnerships are effected. I pray but I receive no answer from God about what is happening. No church person seems to understand what is going on. I’m asking for prayer now, but it just seems like nooone is established in authority by God to break this yoke. It seems like no one is wise in Christ to understand. I’m overwhelmed because I don’t understand, what is happening or why it is happening. I’ve sent my sister information on the importance of fellowship, she says that is not true and she has refused to talk to me. There is constantly misunderstandings, and confusion where people are determined to see me in a negative way.

  49. Pray for my daughter who is going through depression. She feels she has reached the end. May the Lord lift her up from the pit of depression.

  50. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and that my wife return home to me from North Carolina

  51. Heavenly father I pray for financial breakthrough I m drained in debts so father help me, let this pass. Father I m praying for safe delivery and become a happy mother. Father let this baby brings joy into my life.
    Lord I m asking you to blessed my boyfriend with permanent job father, I need his support father as we are especting our baby.. Hear me lord when I calling your name Lord Jesus Amen!

  52. Prayer for my job. I have been there over 16 years. Things are not good. I have tried to be a good employee. I don’t know if I should stay or look for something different but I’m scared. I ask for His direction and peace that I do the right thing. Amen

  53. Praise God, my prayer is for God to dismiss the court case that is against me and my husband. We need a financial breakthrough, and we need jobs that will glorify the name of the Lord.

  54. I don’t want to divorce. For this reason I have been standing for my marriage. It’s been 14 months since my husband left me. He now has a house and is only concerned about our kids. I have prayed and cried out to God these last 14 months, trusting and believing Him for a miracle. I know God doesn’t lead one to divorce but what am I to do now? It’s getting worse. He has moved on and doesn’t care for me.

  55. Father God
    Lord as my son will be moving out some time soon I’m trusting in you Lord you will not leave me on my own in my home please provide me with a loverly Christian lady to come and board in my home prefably Asian must be working long term just wants the room for herself is quite understanding friendly lord if its your will for this person to come and live with me you will bring her to my home father God also for a job to come my way 2-3 days a week to serve you and your kingdom and eventually loving man a companion or husband to come into my life lord I ask you to bless me with a family my sons marriages and grandchildren and loving trust worthy friends thankyou Lord that you are my provider jehovar Korea all praise glory to you Father God in jesus name amen

  56. My name is Darlene Ester, and I’d like to know, Would Y’all pray for my grandson Greg on Robinson, he goes to court on 06/2/2021, The Judge, and the States Attorney trying to give him 5 years in prison, for something he didn’t do, They are trying to accuse him of a crime he didn’t do, They said the crime of carjacking happen on 05/12/2021, which he was at home on the above date, because he got his sister off the school bus; They’re trying to blame him because they don’t want to catch the person or persons who did it; Would Y’all pray and ask GOD, to please soften the judge and the states attorney hearts, and change their minds and let him go home on the above date; He need an emergency miracle on the above date; Bless them to call his mother and tell her come nd pick him up before 5:00p.m. on the above date. May GOD Bess all of you, and Thank Y’all very much. Darlene Ester

  57. Please pray for healing and restoration of my marriage… it’s been almost 5-6 months and I’m having a really hard time.. I’m now waiting on the Lord and my heart is so hurt. My one year old daughter sees it all. Please also pray for my husband to accept the Lord.

  58. Brenda: I pray God will restore my brother. COVID took his ability to walk and he has many illnesses. His children has forsaken him, his daughter moved out of the house. She comes to get him up but doesn’t bath him or feed him like she should. But he wants to stay home so I don’t know what to do. They say he is competent to make his decisions but he is not. I pray God will touch their heart to remember all he did does for them to take better care of him. She needs to come to see about him more in Jesus mighty name. I need Only God can fix this. She is well but using his income to pay her bills. Thanks for the prayers.

  59. Heavenly Father,

    I pray for healing in our marriage. I pray that peace, love, joy and respect is renewed and overflowing in our marriage. I rebuke any outside influences and that our marriage shouldn’t be defiled by outside women or men.

    I pray for your support in allowing my husband to lead and protect as you have designed him to and to be a man of his word.

  60. Please pray for me, my heart is broken. I just found a great man, I prayed for someone like him all my life, I found him and he is having problems with his previous relationship. He needs closer. He asked me for time to heal. He can’t give me his ???? percent. Please pray for us. Thank you.

  61. I ask prayers for healing of high blood pressure and diabetes and any disease the devil is trying to place on me. I renounce such evil and trust that God will look beyond my faults and see my need. Also prayers for my children and grand children. I give God all the praises and the glory unto his holy name.
    God bless

  62. Father God I pray for patience and understanding with my life Jesus please show me the way to go heal me lord protect me from anything that is not of you thank you ???????? Jesus for never giving up on me teach me to only depend on you even when I can’t see the outcome in Jesus name I pray amen ????????

  63. I ask for prayers for me and my husbands marriage be restored. I ask for our love to grow even stronger than it once was and for us to love and trust and forgive each other and ourselves. For any foul words or actions made against us by the other. I ask that we forgive each other and that I become a better wife and stronger than ever and trust.

  64. Pray for my son Ricardo. He isn’t married,but is living with a physical
    abusive ,controlling, Mapunitive, ungodly women. I am praying for God to put a Godly women who Ricardo can marry. Who will love Ricardo the way God intended a relationship to be. It pains me to see him in this relationship that isn’t of God. This women has turned him away from God and the church. This women is pushing him to get married to her soon. This relationship he is in is of the devil and needs to be stopped. I know God had a plan and a purpose for my son Ricardo. This women is ruining my sons life. Please stand with me in prayer about this situation. Blessing in His love.

  65. Hello. I am asking for prayer for myself and my husband. My husband is disabled and has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, Antisynthetase, Diabetes, Hypertension, Clotting disorder, Arthritis, Chronic respiratory failure, Congestive heart failure, Hyperlipidemia, Interstitial lung disease, and Peripheral neuropathy. I’ve been diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS), Hypertension, Diabetes, and Degenerative Disc Disease. Walking for me is very painful because of the pain in my back. Sometimes I am on the verge of tears. We are also in need of a financial blessing as well. Thank you.

    1. Hi there my brothers and sisters in christ,iam enjoying all the players,thank you so much ,for everything every prayer,thank u for your time ,my the Lord bless you in everything you do.

  66. Pray for me as I walk in this spiritual path of righteousness. I fail so many times, I backslide and I’m asking for spiritual restoration

  67. I have a dream for a small house.i have twins daughter who are suffered in severe autism.please pray for me to get a financial miracle.thank you

  68. My brother Nelson who was admitted in the hospital on May 10, 2021 had been extremely sick and was put on a ventilator as his oxygen levels had gone down. He is being healed and his health is getting better and better day by day. Thank you Lord Yeshua for all your mercies and grace.
    You are a Living God. You are a God in whom I trust.

    My 84 year old Mother had been admitted in the same hospital on May 15, 2021 She had been extremely sick, lonely and was experiencing trauma over her son being admitted in the hospital. She too is being healed day by day all praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Lord Jesus . You are our Saving God our Healing God Our Protector and our Savior.

    I love you Lord Jesus and am filled with so much gratitude at your great mercies and protection over my family.
    Thank you for your healing touch over Nelson and my Mother Lord and I pray for complete and full restoration of their body mind and soul.
    Thank you Jesus, Love you Jesus. Amen Amen Amen

  69. Please help me lift up your voice with me to God for my right marriage partner. I pray that God should speedly connect me with that man He had predestined for me to marry and bond us with His eternal love. May He grant my request without any delay so that I will settle down this year in Jesus Christ mighty name,Amen

  70. Please pray for my brother Nelson who is admitted in ICU today. I pray to Lord Jesus for restoration and healing from his illness and bless him with renewed strength. “Nothing is impossible with our Lord.” Amen

  71. Please pray for restoration, reconciliation and healing of our family. I pray for my youngest son and his family to be restored and reconciled
    with us, most especially with his Father. May there be healing and forgiveness within each one’s hearts and the Lord’s love be restored with one another. For nothing is impossible with the Lord, in Jesus name in union with the Holy Spirit ????????????❤❤❤

    Thank you, appreciate the prayers ???????? we have a good God!!!

  72. I am praying lord bless me with the right new apartment to live for me my loving pets I’m praying lord divinely work in my behalf to reveal this blessed nice place a nice place meet my needs a place with very animal loving landlord laidback place with neighbors that keep to themselves not meddle in your life pray god govern take control of my situation pray god cast out enemy enemies negativity withholding my good situation pra god reveal this blessed place through realestate agent some special way pray lord the house my present landlord will not sell house ???? pray god grant time ways.for me lord cast our enemy’s work attacks on all my personal life jeses thanks letting me share Jennifer

  73. Please Lord help my grandson on his final exámenes in college, today and tomorrow.
    He is a very responsible young man, working and studying at the same time.
    Specially the one tomorrow that was a mistake in the computer and have to take again, and is the one he is having problems with.
    Thanks , a proud grandmother.

  74. Heavenly Father,
    We come to you in Jesus mighty name that you would grant our son Kenneth favor of God in court to get full custody of his daughter. Thank you, Jesus for revealing the truth to the Judge. Our trust is in you, Lord.
    Most of All, we want your will to be done. In Jesus name. Amen

  75. Please pray for me, I just found out I have an enlarged liver and I am terrified, I’ve been asking God to help me to get to know him better, I’ve been asking him to please heal me. I am very sorry my Lord Jesus for displeasing you in anyway, for disobeying your word for not getting close to you, please My Lord Jesus, I am here to serve you please help me to get to know you more, please heal me my Lord! In your name my Lord Jesus, in your name please help me. Amen! Amen my father almighty!

  76. Please pray for me to have strength and courage in this court case. Please grant me full custody of my daughter. She is afraid of him and needs to know that she is finally safe and no longer threatened by him. She needs to be allowed to heal. I pray for him to leave us alone and let us heal. I pray for him to do the right thing. Please God I pray for you to keep me strong for my family. Please pray for me. Thank you for your time and prayers.

  77. I ask for prayer that God of the the KJ Bible will open the eyes minds and understandings and comprehensions of all the prayers/and prayer requesters on here to the truths of His word! I ask for prayer that God of the KJ Bible will surround them with Christians that are in the light that hold Jesus Christ as Lord that are wise in the word to help them in anywhey they need help and to show them what God’s like! God blessNshalom.

  78. Pray for our family needs. We were managing and earning our livelihood through the functioning of an upcoming school, all was well with our finances until the covid-19 attack. All activities were declared lockdown and we are not able to open up till now since last April’2020, hence our only income through the school became defunct. God is good and has provided abundantly in all areas of our need. We pray for new opportunities in getting a job and business. We ask for Pray IN”JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME. Amen.

  79. Praying for transportation to be able to get a Jeep 2011 or 2015 in Black or Dark Forest Green To Buy with cash or a monthly payment I can Afford.

  80. I Need PRAYER To Heal My Heart From Being Hurt In A Relationship He Really Hurt Me. I Also Ask That You Pray For Him For Hurting Me Jose Phillps. Thank You ????

  81. Please pray for me because a group of witches and wizards have been really trying to disturb my life and my family’s lives, I say trying only because I know that God will win this battle but please still pray that God wins it faster. in the name of jesus

    1. I need divine intervention of God in providing apartment I can call my own in this coming month of May 2021 because I am tired of people hosting me in their house I need a good apartment that God should bless me financially to be able to get an apartment for my self. All I need is Gods help

  82. I pray that God shall bless my business and that of my daughter. Enlarge our territory Lord. In the same way you gave us the idea and the means to fund it, please give us an abundance of customers to make it successful. Bless us oh Lord. I pray in Jesus mighty name.

  83. I pray for direction, I feel so confused . God please ???? help me live life properly. And Lord I want to marry right.

  84. Desperately seeking prayers for my extreme child custody battle. I am trying with everything I can to keep my son safe from his father who is a known drug user and child abuser. The courts don’t seem to care. I am desperately seeking a miracle.

  85. Pray for myself and family and my lovers and two lovely daughters that we all can be good health happiness loving and caring
    And that my dreams come thru
    At this moment i need help with my life so i can succed in this life amen

  86. prayers for my son he isolate himyself in the shed and smoke doesn’t eat he works only to gamble and smoke am tired Jemus change my son aveer he was such a lovely boy

    My daughter Malini two years since her husband passed away he was 40 years left two sons Ashill and Ansha n five years old hyperactive goes to bed 5 am and wake at 2pm during the day Ashill 13 years since the fathers death he is very disobedient my daugh terms used to work in bank she left her job very stressful
    Am going through HARD TIME

  87. I need your prayers for healing of my (Benjamin)eye pressure due to glaucoma. Also pray for my daughter Esther for healing from abcess infection in her leg.

    1. I need prayers for my children my so n Aveer
      And my daught Maldini
      Grand children Ashil and Anshan

  88. Please Pray for peace in my mental health, Sleep, And Family Restoration, it keeps me so sad, But The Lord is My Rock!
    Thy will be done
    Amen & Amen


  90. Isabella I’m praying for restoration and protection in my love life.
    For too many times I lose this fight.Im now becoming old my God your word said favour surrounds me as a shield. Pray for Gods favour over kernel and I in Jesus name amen.

  91. Pray with me that we find a lawyer to take our case. That justice and righteousness be told in the courts of law and victory is ours to share. In this time we see more and more dishonest lawyers, judge and people that hold office in high places. They use their tile, position and their group to destroy a persons dignity, honesty and faith. As we hold on to our mustard seed of Faith I know with prayer and prayers from all who haveFaith we will have Victory!!! That mountain will be dissolve ito the sea in Jesus Name. Those who were bought out to this scheme will be recognize and be put to shame.

  92. Hello, I am asking for prayers for the restoration of my marraige, that God bless me with a child and for God’s blessings and protection over my family. I have had a few miscarraiges and a ectopic pregnancy. I am believing for a miracle because he is the creator of all things and has the final say.

  93. Hi. Please pray with me to be able to conceive a child. I had 2 miscarriages 3 years back and now struggling to conceive. Please pray for my partner as well for God to renew and create a new reproductive system for both of us to bare a child. It’s my heart desire to be a mother. Being infertile has created a void in me and affected my prayer life and hunger for God. But I know God is the giver of life and am nothing without Him.

  94. My brother have braintumour since 15 yrs now he is very weak and my father&mother old,my husbands died with cardiac attack so pls pray for my brother health recovery

  95. Of all the many testimonies I could have read this morning, this was the one I needed to read to focus my faith. I will visit a urologist soon about a cyst found on my left kidney. And if that is’nt concerning, this same kidney had a cyst on it in 2013. It was removed. Please agree with me in a prayer of faith and declaration that God would do what He can only do; remove the cyst supernaturally! Also, there is a stone on my right kidney. Our God can remove both for his glory! Than you for your prayers.

  96. Please pray for my babies. I am having twins and they are 2 days past due now. I am in a lot of physical back pain and am ready for them to be born.

    May God Bless everyone of you prayer warriors


  97. Please pray that I be able to conceive a baby/babies now. I have been trying for 2 years with no result. I pray for forgiveness for my sins and that the lord have mercy on me. I pray that my partner has healthy sperm as well to be able to conceive. I pray to be able to raise healthy God fearing children. In Jesus’s name amen! Please pray for me

    1. Prayers for you. I also am wanting to conceive my 3rd child. In Jesus name i pray for both of us and to the couples affected by infertility.. amen amen forever amen.

    2. I pray the prayer of agreement… Mat 18:19  Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
      Mat 18:20  For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

      I agree with you that you may conceive. May God Bless you and your children to come.

    1. Praying for you Chitra, and your family that God’s blessings will provide you meaningful work that will provide for you and your family.

  98. I praise you God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gift of life and good health. Thank you for salvation, thank you for protection,deliverance and provision for my family. Thank you for protecting and providing for my children and everyone else. You are God Almighty. You are worthy. Be exalted, be magnified. You are Holy Holy Holy. ????????????

  99. Hello, may Adonai fulfill the prayers of everybody

    Will you please pray for my infertility, and for my relationship, and my daughter, and my health, and last but not least my longing to make Adonai happy, and my guardian angel proud

    Thank you and may Adonai bless you all eternally beyond understanding

  100. God please bless me my mom and my children with our own homes I need a stay at home lucrative and legit job to take care of my mom and my children. I pray for total healing and restoration for my mom in her health her finances her daily needs and provisions God I want to go deeper in my walk with You Please pray for us I’m extremely stressed depressed me my kids and my mom are being verbally abused by my niece and my nephew I take care of my mom 24 hours a day I tried getting child support and get denied every time I pray every day for financial increase miracles and blessings to come our way

  101. Hi. Mine’s quite serious. Help me join in prayer for deliverance from curses done by witchcraft, close or far. My finances and well being are dilapidated. On the verge of being evicted from my home due to lack of rent. I need prayers. God bless you as you intercede on my behalf. Thanks.

  102. My lord and my saviour Jesus Christ, please deliver my family and I from spiritual attacks from family demons, witches, marine kingdoms and all manipulations…. AMEN

  103. Hello, I hope all is well with everyone.
    I come here to ask for prayer for my brother. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past December.
    It has spread since then. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight due to this cancer, chemo, loss of appetite and etc.
    This is my big brother. I love him very much. He’s also done service for this country years ago in the military.
    Since then, he’s pretty much been working for the post office for almo27-28 years.
    Even triple overtime at times.
    Never really taken a vacation. It hurts me that he has to go through this.
    Of course it hurts our mother too.
    My brother is an independent person.
    To see that he hasn’t had the energy to check his Mail all the time and even start the process with applying for disability, I decided to do all of those things for him.
    From keeping up with his appointments, his online MyChart account for Dr.’s visits, chemo and symptom management appointments and Emails from His Doctor and nurses, applying for Disability insurance/ benefits, clinical trails, and anything to help him get to a path of healing.
    Most definitely less worrying and stress. Especially for his condition and that type of cancer.
    I’ve been doing everything in my power to help get him to not get worried or put his focus on anything else, except for healing and hopefully coming out of this by the grace of God.
    I know our Heavenly Father can work miracles on situations that at times, have been doubted by even some of the best medical professionals (Doctors). I definitely am a strong believer that God can make anything happen even when we don’t think it’s possible.
    So I just ask for your prayers for his healing to get through this and I’m just gonna keep praying and doing my part of also being his power of attorney and doing most of the speaking for him, paperwork, finances and medical info.
    Anything that can takeoff any stress or worries he has, I definitely will try my hardest to remove that from him so he could focus on healing.
    So again I ask for you all’s prayers. I thank you so much and God bless you all.

  104. Lord i thank you Father for restoring my marriage. Father i pray in Jesus name that You remove the spirit of lies and pride and self righteousness far from my husband. Set him free Lord from all this lies that the enemy is fedding my husband. Bless my husband with the fruits of righteousness my he be truthful and admit his wrong and stop blaming other people for his wrong doings..i thank You Lord for all you doing and for what is still to come in Jesus name Amen.
    I ask that u pray for us and stand in agreement with me in prayer. I will not let the enemy steal our joy and happiness.

  105. Heavenly Father the most high! I want to pray for my upcoming marriage, I want to pray that you give the head of this household strength and coverage! I pray that all ungodly soul ties are released no bondage allowed within this man! I pray you give him the strength to be the king and lead us upon righteousness through this journey and into marriage! Please father god give us protection and covering over this relationship and this family! Don’t let the spirits blind him from his throne & I asked these prayers through your son Christ Jesus! Amen????????

  106. I pray in agreement with all petitions, praying for God’s mercy and healing. I am holding my son up in prayer because he called today, wanting to leave treatment because he is having cravings for alcohol. The devil cannot have my son! Thank you.

  107. Prayer for my son Isa to draw back close to God and to stop liming with boys so much older than him who is negatively influencing him. Prayer for him to stop falling after the world and to surrender his heart and come back to Christ.

  108. Hey I need prayer for my daughters to be save and for God to take over my whole life I want him to take over complete (god)

  109. can I please get some prayers , I already been praying hard but I feel like u can never go wrong wit extra prayers , im currently praying that I am pregnant , I need this change in life more than anything

  110. My life changed alot since my house was taken unfairly.My lawyer is still disputing my Case in High Court.I’m still staying in it by Gods grace.My possessions were all stolen House breaking by the same perpetrators who wants to steal my property.Till this day the Police are not helping me.They know the perpetrators and covering up for them.Everyone is turning a blind eye.The perpetrators are missing and the Police know they whereabouts.My lawyer got me a High Court Order that they must stay away till the High Court decides my Case fairly.And the Sheriff summoned the Main perpetrator who ran away.My possessions still gone since 15 February 2021 and in the Order the Police was told to help but nothing.Now 3 months nearly I’m sitting in a empty house and no clothes to wear.And there’s guy’s coming anytime to violate my life.They vandalize my house yesterday with Police presence.I showed the Police the High Court Order but they don’t care about the Order.They trying everything to make me walk out of my house but I won’t. They only do this with single mom’s that are easy target’s. God is with me in this fight now 3 years nearly and l believe there’s a purpose He put me in this situation. I’ve been made to stay in my house with strangers total strangers.They shared kitchen, toilet, bath everything with me.I lived with a woman and her 4years old daughter total strangers. She’ll cook they food in my kitchen as if it’s her house. Do everything while I look on and say nothing because the perpetrators said it’s they house. They gone finally last year and then something happened. A couple was put in my house to stay new owners as they said.But I put them out immediately instructions from my lawyer. They gone aswell and I hope forever because the perpetrators owes that couple a r600 000.00.They paid the perpetrators already last year August 2020 but the couple asked they monies back from the perpetrators.Thanks God they saw something is wrong in the deal of my house and I told them it’s not yours this house. I am owner and I’m going nowhere I told them and the perpetrators. They gone and I ask God to keep them away they strangers and they dealings must go with the perpetrators. But now there’s 2 guy’s that still come and I told them they not allowed. They broke my palet gate, my burglar gate and entered my empty house. The neighbor’s help them and they all laughed at me as if I’m a fool.The Police refused to open a Case against these guy’s yesterday told me I have no right. I just looked at them and kept silent.My lawyer said he’ll open a new Case aswell and against the Police.My windows are open no covers they broke the rails where I hanged the curtains. So people can look through and see the empty house. But I still stay in it my sister offered that I sleep at her place until my possessions is recovered.I can’t even cry anymore I feel nothing luckily my children are safe at family members. My son’s life for 3 years was messed up his Education aswell. His sitting at home no Education it’s so painful all this I feel sorry for my son.He wants to further school again but he lost 3 years because of strangers and perpetrators. He is really broken aswell but after all this I feel there’s new Blessings coming for all of me and my children and grandchildren. I want my son to be stronger and positive through all this and that God makes him a better person going forward. My daughter feels sad and my grandchildren are confused with my living because it was not like this before.But I know God is in it with me I sometimes get flashbacks of everything and I’m hurting. Thinking but God He kept me and He kept me safe how was that possible. I don’t think anyone will face this like I do still and I’m standing strong whatever they try. It’s not finished in the flesh but spiritually I won. All I just want now is stronger prayers honestly. I know the children of God when praying together it’s also very powerful. And I would really appreciate it if all will pray for me,my family, my children and grandchildren. It’s been a long time now and I want all to be finished if you can always keep praying for me so I keep the faith and pushing through until it’s over. I need stronger support from my Christian brothers and sisters in prayer. God bless everyone praying for me…Amen????????

  111. In need of prayer for my husband and marriage. We have been married 10 years together 15. He’s addicted to a drug that’s taking over his life! He’s no longer a part of our life he comes and goes at times doesn’t come home at all. I’m in need of prayer of what to do! I feel I can’t do this anymore. He’s a good man just a bad addiction! I need guidance

  112. My son’s marriage is under attack please we God will restore their MARRIAGE AGAIN who he join together let no man put asunder please unite them together lord

  113. Prayer request for Justin R Garcia to come to the cross ✝️ ????.. Also for God to break the chains of drug addiction and mental illness ????.. I ask God to put a good Godly woman in his life. I ask that he finds a job to give him fulfillment. I humbly ask in the mighty name of Jesus.

  114. Prayer request for Justin R Garcia to come to the cross ✝️ ????.. Also for God to break the chains of drug addiction and mental illness ????.. I also pray that God puts in his path a Godly woman to share his life. I pray he finds a job and gets fulfillment to help stay off the drugs. In Jesus mighty name I pray ???? ????. Amen ???? ???? ????

  115. Hello,

    Don’t be discouraged, that’s the enemy speaking to you. Prayers for the right job, not just any job.
    I am 55 years old and every job I get, I spend three or four months on it. The enemy uses a person on that job to drive me out. I always thank God and thank him that it was not the right job. I pray that you find the right job with other christians, and that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you. You are special, precious and make by our Creator, who loves you unconditionally. Pray, pray, and pray without ceasing. With god’s love and blessings.

  116. Good Morning everyone,
    I am requesting prayers for myself. I am having a heart stress test Wednesday, March 31,2021 because of an abnormal findings on a routing EKG. I am having this exam because I am preparing for a total knee replacement surgery on April 12, 2021.

    Thank you and I am trusting in God

  117. I recently had a biopsy done last week and am awaiting results. Please God I pray that everything comes back clear. If you all could please pray with me that everything comes back clear. I would greatly appreciate it. Amen.????????

  118. Please I’m married for two years now and no child yet,I’m praying for God’s divine intervention and visitation to plant a holy and healthy seed of image of God in my womb so I can concieve and have my own children..

  119. Heavenly Father, let me find favour in all my lecturer’s courses as they are marking my scripts.
    Lord grant me with good results with no carry over.

  120. I need to request for prayer that God will be in control in every aspect of my life and my family.
    I want divine healing to be healed of any form of illness and disease. I want him to transform me to be the woman that I should be by changing anything unclean. Whatever I say or do may I do it for the glory of God. I want God Almighty to soften the heart of my family and open their eyes so that they can accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour. Glory be to God and Jesus. Thank you Jesus. So shall it be in Jesus name Amen.

  121. Pleasant good morning ChristiansTT I come to you guys to help me pray to accept God in my life in my relationship and to pray for me to get married and to be baptized by the holy spirit I want to be a child of God I want to be born again with a clean heart and do the right thing and live and follow God and live by his powerful word I strongly need the break through of pray, I also need some prayer in getting a loan to start back my business due to the pandemic I don’t have my business up and running any more so I will like to get some strong prayers as I also pray for this break through in my life this I declare in Jesus almighty name. Amen.????

  122. Father god i pray that I continue to keep you on my side lord I pray that I stay healthy and live long for my kids to see me I pray for me and gregorys relationship to stay strong lord and I pray one day that he will understand were I’m coming from with his ex girlfriend lord I pray we just be a good couple again and we move on with are life with peace….thank you Lord for everything that you have given meeh because of you I stand strong and will not give up in your name jesus Amen.

  123. Pls pray for my cousin Louis Raj that he will recover from his illness and come back strongly. In Jesus name we pray ????????

    1. I will pray for your cousin ????May God be his comforter.
      Always remember Jesus is the Great Healer. What is impossible with men possible with God.

  124. Pls pray for my son Darren Isaac to get tis coaching job that he had applied. Pls pray that he will be called soon to join the badmintin coaching job. In Jesus name.

  125. Pls pray for my husband Desmond that Jesus will deliver him from spirit of akcholism and nikotin and his life will be transformed and he will start reading wordof god and will be set free from every bondages.????

  126. Please pray for my son Luke. He is 16 and headed down a very dark path. Please pray for God’s will to be done in r lives. Thank u.

  127. Heavenly Lord please give me grace and power to serve you. Forgive all my sins, don’t let my sins work against me and my family. Fight my battle for me. KING of kings please destroy every power of darkness in my life. Let your name glorify in my life and my home. I everywhere I go please let your grace and mercy speak for me. Thank you God, I appreciate you LORD. Thanks for answering prayers. Thanks for everything you have done in my life, what you are doing presently and what you are going to do. Amen.

  128. Thank you for reaching out, I am so heavily burdened with debt and am unable to pay them off, all of my salary goes to paying some of them but the rest no payment is going to them, I do not know what to do with them, the finance companies keep coming to me, some even told me that they will take me to court, I do not know what to say to them or what to do, please help me pray about my debts. I am also praying for my debts as well, but your prayers can help me in the long run. The only person who can help and get me out of my debt is the LORD AND LORD ALONE, AMEN///. Thank you.


  129. Heaven father I’m ask you
    Please open my worm
    Guide me to get pregnant with two heath babies
    In jesus name amen

  130. Lord, I ask you to bless my new relationship with the man i prayed for . We are getting stressed and anxious. Please clear our paths of people who don’t want us to succeed as a couple. Keep us clear of preying eyes. Keep him focused on work, us and our boys. We will praise your name forever . Amen amen forever amen

  131. I am praying and believing for big breakthroughs in my life. This is not easy, I ask myself is God listening to me, will he answer me specifically???

  132. Please help me o Lord with my marriage and my son lord we are separated from each other, I pray that my wife and son are helped and keept safe under the mighty blood of Jesus myself and my wife split up recently and it’s affecting my daughter’s and son please please help US Jesus we are good people been ripped apart in Jesus name amen

  133. Please pray for me my son and his family haven’t spoken to me in 9 months I miss my son his wife and my 2 grandsons please pray that they talk to us this is so emotionally heartbreaking. Thank you for this opportunity to ask for prayers. This is a very heavy burden that I am carrying.

  134. I want to ask everyone here reading to pray for a healthy recovery for Colby West. He had a accident some months back. He still isn’t move on his own an isnt strong enough we are touching and agreeing he will be walking in April on his own with minimal assistance. I know one thing when two or more agree in Jesus name he will be able to do all things thru the Lord . The devil is a lie., the Insurance company also needs to fix the situation that cause this horrific accident. Compensation or not he wasn’t at fault states the police record let justice prevail. Please everyone reading this Give Colby strength by prayer to recover and walk again. His mother also needs lifting up she is a great help for helping her son during these trying times keep her strong and healthy. In Jesus name Amen.

    1. Prayers for each and every one of you, I believe in God with all that is in me. I believe in him and his miracles with all my heart, as hard as I can. Sending love and light. Stay strong, never give up and always trust God and his timing. Even when we think he is not listening . He really is. Believe in the power of prayer. Ask with all your heart. Believe it and affirm it.

  135. I am asking p.o rayer for my 86 year old mother. She is a cancer patient. She has pre leukemia. She has 2 wounds that are in stage 3. I ask for everyone reading please say a prayer to heal her from the top if her head to the bottom of her feet. I want her to nit worry so much that we do so much for her. We are her children we dont mind. I ask for healing right now in Jesus name for my mother Frances E Gainor. Thank everyone reading and agreeing for her well being.

  136. I am in need of corporate prayer. I’m under a true demonic attack straight from Satan and the pits of hell. I could have never imagined an attack like this in my wildest nightmares. It’s daily, 24/7, and what I know to do is pray, no matter what it looks like. My whole life is under attack by evil. It’s a hate group that has targeted me, and is trying to destroy my life. Idk why it started, and don’t care. I know that I serve a risen Savior who’s in the world, and He can do anything but fail. So I need a turn around of this situation. Your help is appreciated. Thank you!!

  137. I need a miracle to restore my marriage and family! My husband is having an affair and wants to leave me because he’s “happier”. He has an alcohol problem and possibly more based on things I have found. He hasn’t seen his children in 2 months. He doesn’t even call them. They are old enough to text him and he will text back with them. I am so broken and I believe God wants our family to stay together. I filed for divorce because I have to have financials in place in order to protect my children and our home. We have our court hearing this week and I am praying for a miracle and for God to make him see what he is losing.

  138. Morning my name is Veronica and I am asking for prayers for my children two of them are mentally ill and the rest of them are really struggling another one is always feeling sick but don’t know what is wrong and we also need a financial breakthrough so please pray for us I believe everything will change in Jesus name

  139. Shallon,

    I pray for a God fearing spouse, who will lead me to God. I stand in Genesis 2:18, “Its not good for a man to live alone , I will make him a helper suitable for him”, I believe God has already prepared a spouse for me. All I pray for is God to release him and make us know each other and live in the presence of God. I pray for marriage where death will only do us apart, marriage of God’s service that we will have peace and testify for God’s goodness. Amen.

  140. Hai, I’m from lusaka Zambia.please Pray for me, every time I get in a relationship I keep getting my heart broken…. I really want to settle down and raise a family. Thank you for your prayers

  141. I’m asking that you add your faith with mine in the area of marriage restoration,there has been trust broken and betrayal on both sides however My prayer is that God can bring things back in order that we Love each other and cherish each other again.

  142. I request a prayer for me & my relationship with my son he understands that I’m trying to be the best mother possible, I want him to have a great life. Be smarter in school that why I push him so hard. He loves to just play his game ????. A prayer request for my financial situation becomes greater, happy & peaceful & lovable, healthy life ???? I pray for safety & protection for my mother & father & son & my whole family. I pray for safety & peace on my birthday trip to Miami & that God allows me to get there with no problems. I pray for a true love, loyal, faithful, passionate relationship with Yoshua my soon to be husband ❤. We get a better connection & understanding of each other feelings & flaws. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, love, logic & courage ???????????????? Amen ????????????????❤

  143. I’m praying for my boyfriend he’s a good person he just needs God and his back past was not to good especially the people that was in his life….They are evil but you Father God are our Lord and savior you are the victory we are healed and covered in your blood ….In Jesus Name Amen….Thank you Father God????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  144. I thank God for the salvation if my soul.
    2016 was a very traumatic year for my family. I thank God Almighty for how far He’s brought my family. May His precious name be praised for ever.
    My prayer point is the God will bring to manifestation His divine purpose in the life of my eldest son.

  145. Lord jesus Thank you for everything,thank you for life,for my family,protection
    Thank you for been my savior.Amen ????????

  146. Hi there. I’m in desperate need of help. Plz pray for my marriage of 25 yrs that I’m trying to save.

  147. I’m in need to heal a broken marriage and family. My stepson who has mental issues has always tried to break my husband’s n my marriage. I have managed to keep us together for 25 yrs but I’m losing faith now. He has been to prison 3 times n has an anger issue as well. 2 wks ago he physically fought with my husband n son n he left da house. Now my in laws blame us bcuz he twists da story ALL THE TIME. They won’t talk to us n have blocked our numbers. I’m so sad n my heart aches bcuz they still believe him. He has no job, no friends n is just freeloading off of us. I’m living a horrible life bcuz of him. We have given him 5 vehicles n has wrecked them so now doesn’t have any. (DWI) We don’t know where he is bcuz I disconnected his phone. We were paying for that too. On top of anger n personality issues, he drinks, does steroids n 2 other drugs. He verbally abuses everyone. I hate to see my husband so sad but I don’t want him back in my house that my father gave me. My husband has a very poor prognosis. He has an immunodeficiency condition that is exacerbated with STRESS!!! PLEASE HELP US!!! I love my husband n I don’t wanna lose him. ????

  148. Brethren pls join hands to pray for me not lose this wanted baby to menstrual flow,I so much hoped and I still wish for it to stay in Jesus Name I pray,St Giannah interceed for me,Motge Mary interceed for me to you son Jesus Christ,St Joseph interceed for me too.
    Lord God Forgive me and grant me this wonderful baby pls.

    1. I plead the Blood of Jesus over your pregnancy. No weapon formed against the baby and it’s mother shall prosper in Jesus Mighty name.

  149. In name of my Lord Jesus please pray for me poverty financial breakthrough I’m not working pray for me for a permanent job i only get jobs that last three months only

  150. Heavenly father I come to you tonight for prayers for James H. A woman name Wanda put a evil spirit on him she threaten to take her life if he wont be with her. I pray for protection over his life. I rebuke the evil spirit that was put on him. I pray that you Lord bring him back to you because he knows you and he walked away. Lord I ask you to be in every aspect of his life. Please anointed his eyes that he may see the things you want him to see. I pray that you will annointed his heart that he will have a clean heart and also annointed his ears that he may hear your voice only. And blessed our union. In Jesus holy name I pray Amen. Please restore and heal us Lord.Amen Amen Amen May no weapon form against us in Jesus holy name. Amen

  151. I would like to thank ChristiansTT with the help I have received to be able to improve my praying daily builď a relationship with God, to know that God hears our prayers and understands our burden. God blessings pouring in my marriage through the marriage prayers and for my beautiful children. His mercies endures every day. I’m really grateful and blessed to be part of this family. Amen

  152. Thanks Jesus i pray for family financial breakthrough in this year 2021 and Jesus thank you for always taking care of our lives.Your so gracious to me I pray in Jesus mighty name Amen

  153. Hello I am having problems sleeping well at night. I usually experience attacks which I suspect are demonic or witches attacks. At times I wake up with scratches on my body. Help me overcome this. This is causing a lot of pain to me. It has also affected my dream life. Most of the time I wake up and all my dreams are erased. In my mind, I would be knowing that I dreamnt of something but cannot remember the dream. I need to redeem my dream-life and be delivered from witchcraft attacks. Help me renew my relationship with God and rekindle my dream life. in Jesus Name

  154. Hi everyone please pray for the village of Pendeen, Cornwall United Kingdom to come to know Jesus alot of people are sick and need saving.

  155. I need prayer for my new job that I’ll be starting in this month. I’ve applied for an internal position in another department in the same company that I am working and with the grace of God, I’ve got that role. I had a difficult time with my current boss and I want that she doesn’t say anything against me in this process of transitioning into new role. I thanked her for her support and guidance and want her to be understanding and share nothing negative about me to anyone in this process.
    Please pray for me that I shine in my new role and make a good connection with my new team members and work hard as well as smart to achieve goals and make contribution towards the company’s success. I want to stay in this company and make this new job a success so that everyone speaks high of me. God, please help me to achieve this goal. Amen!

  156. Prayer for multiple sick family members and dear friends. Some have liver cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, back problems, eating disorders. We know about the Holy healing power of Jesus. We have the confidence by His stripes we are healed. Praying for everyone known and unknown who are sick. Men, women and children. God loves us all!

  157. Praise God,I come before for my children it seems their is certain which is blocking their expansion. Jesus christ remember especially son whi engage with alcohol due to frustration. Give a firm family and helps all those underlying issues.Amen and Anen

  158. Please stand in agreement with me (believe/pray) for God’s miracle for the restoration and healing of my marriage and family (2 children) with Carlos. We have been divorced for about 2 years. Everything is possible with God! May Jesus Christ deliver us form any strongholds holding us back from God’s will and purpose. May everything glorify our Lord Jesus Christ!
    God bless you all!

  159. I need prayer for my daughter who needs to apply for college scholarship program, Jesus can provide everything she needs . Also, for Susana’s marriage. (My sister). For my husband , who is struggling on knowing Jesus . Amen.

  160. Pray for me that God should grant me a financial helper to settle all my bills and debts.

  161. Prayer request. My husband wants to leave his girlfriend and come back home to me and our baby. But he feels guilty for leaving her coz she has helped him pay rent where they now staying together. Pls pray for my husband to leave her once and for all and return to me his wife.

  162. Hello, I am in need of a good full-time job. I lost my job to Covid last year and moved across the state for a new job that only lasted 10 weeks. It has been a nightmare, as I was regularly put down at that job. I am 65, in debt without retirement and need to work. I prayed over one year that God would guide me in this job, and it’s all fallen apart. I had a job interview and thought I had the job, but now I don’t. I don’t know what to do. I am trying not to commit suicide…it’s just me…no one would miss me, but feel God does not want that. I so appreciate your prayers. I thank God for you. Thank you.

    1. I join you in this prayer of job seeking
      I also pray the same prayer for my son who also is in need of a job. May God Almighty grant you with the best jobs ever. May He Handpick your jobs to satisfy your desires in Jesus Mighty Name

    2. Our Almighty and Gracious Heavenly Father will soon bless you with a desired job. You are His precious child. Have faith in Him and He will take you through. God bless you dear, Karen. Will pray for you.

    3. I found this thread to pray for a family member who is struggling with finding a job due to Covid as well. I immediately felt drawn to pray for you and trust that by lifting you up, the Lord would meet my need. Karen, your Hope and Provision and Worth come from the Lord God Almighty Who recognizes you as His child. What good Father would not provide for His own or give good gifts or ignore the cries of His child? Our Father in heaven is a good father; He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and is faithful in that the righteous are not forsaken and His seed does not beg for bread. You, Karen, are well loved and shall be well cared for in Jesus name. I speak hope, provision, abundance of open doors and wisdom to know which path to take into the next glorious chapter God is writing in your story. Prepare yourself now that you will boldly testify of God’s faithfulness for He will move on your behalf! You are His and He has a good plan and purpose ahead for you… and though you may feel lonely, you are NEVER ALONE!

    4. I hold you up in the name of our Holy Father Jehovah Jirah God I pray for Karen I stand in agreement with your prescious daughter ..For our Holy Father sets a place for Karen in the presence of her enemies for Our most Holy and prescious Saviour Jesus Christ will lay Karen beside still waters.. This is the day our Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it!!!!!You have victory on this day my blessed sister Hallelujah!!Amen..

    5. God shall supply your needs according to His riches in glory. You shall not want,just keep trusting Him and your breakthrough is around the corner. Stop worrying. Convert your worries to praise and WORSHIP. He is faithful. Just speak the word and all shall come to pass. Confess the promises even when it feels awkward and senseless. You will see great things unfold in front of your eyes. Stay blessed

    6. Praying for you, Karen, to find a great job surrounded by loving God-fearing people with whom you will have fellowship.

  163. Lord I pray for all who need you today wherever they ABBA keep them covered under your feathers in Jesus name

  164. Help pray for my wife who has been applying for a prospective job for the past 5 years without success. Pray her breakthrough. Pray for her success and destiny.

  165. Please pray for me, am from Cameroon, but now in Cyprus seeking for asylum because of the civil war in the English part of Cameroon where I am coming from , for more than four years today, Please pray for me that the European Union in collaboration with the Cyprus government should grant me international protection, I have gone for the interview three times , am waiting for the results now. Thanks, God bless you all,

  166. Dear Father, I come before your heavenly throne praying for the healing of my daughter. Please send your word to heal her dear God. I pray that your healing power will rest upon her today and let her come back home safely to her family. I have faith and trust you for her healing. Thank you our Father and may your Holy name be glorified forever and ever This I ask through our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ our King, Amen!

  167. Prayers for my daughters Erin and Kristin. Provide them with kindness, love , guidance and understanding. In God’s precious name. Amen

  168. I do pray for healing for my mom Sheila. I ask God to protect her and lighten her heart that she may appreciate life more even though she is unable to see. Guide , guard and continue to fill her heart with love for all. In God’s name amen

  169. Thanks for allowing me to join you. I am praying for my son to excel in his exams with 10 aggregates and I also pray for financial breakthrough and to get out of debts that I have right now, in Jesus name.

  170. Pray for Richard and Elizabeth to obtain custody of their 4 year old precious grand-daughter, Sophia Rose, to raise her with care, in their loving Christ-centered home. Her mom, Claire (R and E’s daughter) is a single parent, doing drugs and neglectful towards her own little girl, which is so heartbreaking for this family. Pray for Claire’s salvation, recovery and healing. Pray angels protect, guide and lovingly comfort Sophia Rose. Pray for God’s compassion, presence, grace, wisdom and reconciliation within this family. Thank you for your prayers.

  171. I am gonna talk to my Doctor in two hours from Now But I pray first to G-d almighty Elohim Adonai our L-rd jesus Christ of Nazareth to keep me in good & perfect Health keep my Blood pressure STEADY to Stop the DIZZINESS I am Having get Rid of my Diabetes type 2 and all SICKNESS from my Body GARY RESIL please People of faith Pray for Me Amen Amen Hallelujah There’s Power in the name of jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen Amen

  172. Needing prayer for me and my Boyfriend he and I are in a new relationship and he suffers from bipolar disorder he is in a bad place right now and I want to of help to him and I just need strength and wisdom and patients

  173. Praying for restoration in my marriage asking God to soften my husband heart send laborers across his path and keep the negative people out of his ear and away from him.

  174. Father I pray and ask you to please save my family keep us together I pray you release my family give us a chance heal my daughter and myself heal my family. Father don’t let Satan destroy my family don’t let Satan tear us apart oh Father please keep us together Father please let this court cast be successful in my favor please Father release my daughter release my family from this nightmare this witch hunt. Father send my daughter home with me with us her family let us win this case. And Father please gave us justice for my son for his murder please bring these people to justice. Father please give my family peace and blessings and a Financial blessings in the name of Jesus Amen ????????????????

  175. Please pray for me, my daughter has taken my grandchildren and I don’t know where she is supposed to be living, I filed for my grandparents rights with the stipulation that they stay with me for a year until she gets herself together. Kyle is 9 and Kayden is 4.. I’m asking the lord for the court to grant custody to me. My daughter is mean and has tormented Kyle by calling him gay all the time, by telling him to stop acting like a girl. The other day she dropped them off and he didnt want to go with her. I told her that he didnt want to go and she started yelling. He told me she punched him for crying. She abuses Kyle all the time.

  176. Please pray for my heart that is overwhelmed with worry and depressed as I am unable to pay for my loans as they are too many, I have too many debts and finance is scares. not enough to pay for the debts I have, Please Lord release me from the burden of all my financial hardships and deliver me that I will be out of debt. Please help pray for my debt. My life is always down because I worry too much of my debts which I am unable to pay. This debt is the problem in my Christian Life and I need to get out of debt to be fully devoted and committed. Please help me pray.,

  177. Oh gracious lord of host,praise be your name for this day,I ask for calmness in my spirit and ability to trust you more everyday of my life.
    Lord, exams almost over touch the heart of the examiners and give me victory at last that my sleepless nights and hardworks may not be in vain.Amen!

  178. Praying For financial favor from God ???? . We are retired and always willing to help when we can even in our lack .We Need a Miracle Financial breakthrough. We live taking from one bill to pay another . A vicious cycle

  179. Please pray for my financial status as well as my partner’s we are struggling and expecting s second child bills are piling up an expenses getting high..also pray that my faith is lifted and my partner becomes more close to God and truly believe in him..peace,safety and prosperity throught my household.

  180. Abba Father, I sincerely ask that You bless me with the job that I’ve tested for to work from home. I pray that I’m contacted by next week the begin training, work, etc. I pray that I’m given a great shift, provided the equipment that’s needed through the company and assemble what I need to get the job done, I do a great job doing what’s required for me to fulfill my duties, etc. I also ask You Abba to bless my family and friends with all their needs. Look over our faults and see our needs, bless those in need of Your love and guidance. Protect us from all harm and danger, please bless us Spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. I praise You Abba Father and thank You. Amen.

  181. I come before you Oh help me in my ongoing 3 year battle with my medical insurance who terminated my membership without notification. i pray that the decision is in my Favour in your mighty name Lord Jesus…Amen!!! Thank you Christian TT for all Prayers and uplifting words n more.

  182. I pray to God to have a financial breakthrough. Lord I pray for my career, I have been stuck without a job for so many years and all I need is your deliverance right now. I pray Lord to open the doors of opportunities in my life. All I need is your mercy and your grace..Amen????

  183. God help me achieve my dreams

    I can’t do anything without you

    So lord help me

    Heavenly Father I am a sinner have mercy on me

  184. O lord pray for your servant Vijin to transform from wordly thoughts and lay your miracle hands on him and give him your knowledge and forgiveness. Please pray for him

  185. Merciful and ever living God,have mercy on me and grant me miracle babies this year,please,let me conceive and bear healthy babies to your glory,put my enemies and laughers to shame as they are ridiculing and laughing at my age ,criticising and mocking me that am yet to give birth to babies,Heavenly Father,whatever or wherever the problem is in my body obstructing me of getting pregnant,i don’t care to know because what You cannot solve does not exist,i believe and trust in you to make me a happy woman.Thank you Jesus for everything good comes from You. Aen

  186. My family and I have been going through sickness after sickness over 7 years please pray for us that these attacks will stop in the name of Jesus

  187. Father God thank you for all your blessings and for your forgiveness when I’ve let you down by being disobedient. Lord I want to wrap that hedge of protection around my son while he is out in this world living dangerously. I pray for strength that I can get through each day knowing that you have him Lord and he’ll be ok and one day he’ll find his way back to you. Lord you tAke care of everything I need you never let me do without. But I’m going to live a life of abundance and help people who have lived a life of lack and financial struggles like I’ve always have until now. Use me Lord where the wisdom I have can be used. All for your glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  188. Thank you all for the amazing support and the prayers.

    If you have some time on your hands please uphold me in your prayers so that God can show me if there’s a way out of the hell hole im in. In a way that suits me and is in his will. And to tell me what i should do.

    Also to experience the least amount of suffering or agony while im on this Earth until the time comes that Christ decides to take me home. And that i would die in the least painful, least agonizing death he can grant me as i am in tremendous emotional pain, along with a ton of other physical problems that are just delaying my agony.

    So please pray that he takes me home in the most unagonizing way, and without suffering as much as he wills.

    As well as grace, peace, and mercy for everyone as much as he wills. And for Him to save my friends and family. And to not punish us for our sins as much as His will allows.

  189. Heavenly Father, I have sinned against you as I get in to many housing loan debts that I need to pay monthly. I see no way out now from this debts please give me wisdom to get out of this debts. I declare not to get into debt again.

  190. Good morning my my brothers and sisters. I thank God for waking us up again this day. My mother is very ill. I pray for healing. Please remember her in your prayers.

  191. Thanks for wonderful people on this God bless your wonderful work you do. Can l ask for a prayer for all my desires to come to pass especially my New house have been searching for along time, and also peace of mind, my children and my status in UK.

  192. I ask for prayers for my marriage, my husband and my kids. My husband has left the home. He is angry and lost his way as leader of our home. I pray for God to soften his heart and of my children and my own. He forgot that I am here to solve all problems together. Lead him to you God and back to his family. In God’s name. Amen

  193. Lord my son has been in dfcs care for seven year,have did everything on case plan,dfcs caseworkers,caseworker, and foster moms who had him made up lies to tell the judge so he will in the system and a family member can adopt him ,pray Ill get him back with me
    when I go back to court next
    Month,its all about money,pray that my lawyer will take legal action for falsify documents,pray that ill get finicinally compensated for it,pray my son will be mentally and physically ok.

  194. my mother Celeste was rush to the hospital with Confusion today jan 28th is her 69th Birthday she doesn’t know who she is please pray God Heals my mother.

  195. Father God, in Jesus name and blood, I come before your throne. Because in my own name, I am not known. And in my own blood, I am not worthy. I have failed You again. I am sorry. Please forgive all my sins, debts, and mistakes against You.
    God, please have mercy upon me. I ask that myself and my family are saved and live lives that make You happy. Please help us not sin, but be good people, by Your kindness. Please bless me and restore my youth and the all of the blessings that the enemy, the world, and my own sin has robbed from me.
    And please bless me with the other blessings I have asked, like protecting my family and the other things You know I have asked. I pray that all these things are given to honor and please my mother and father. So that believers can be encouraged. So that non believers can believe, and a witness against them if they never do. To discourage Your enemies God. And strengthen Your heavenly host.
    I pray I can use these gifts to uplift and help those around me. And I pray that it can glorify You in all things. All by Your grace and mercy even now may it be given and kept. Please help me believe. Thank you God. Amen.

  196. This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. Abba Father, I pray that you will change the high level radon test to normal. I pray that You are the creator of the universe and nothing is too difficult for you. I declare and decree that You will restore fresh air to us to breathe and believe it is done in your name. You are a miracle Worker and Promise keeper. I pray for restoration into every single room in my house. You have give this house for a purpose and You will protect us from harms and dangers and in You are in control. In the name of Jesus, I renounce those thoughts that hold my mind captive. In your sweet name I pray Jehovah-Shalom. Amen..

  197. I am requesting and praying Heavenly Father shall plant seed of child in my womb. I am going for my second IUI and it shall be a success. I shall praise His name and glorify His name. Everything is possible with Him. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

  198. I am requesting prayer for my husband’s salvation and for our marriage; he has stepped out of our marriage and I am praying that God moves the mountains in my husband’s life so that he can turn his life to God and remain in our marriage and be faithful, also asking for prayer over our family we need protection.

  199. Please pray for me. I am stuck in a marriage to a horrible narcissist who seizes every opportunity to hurt me emotionally and mentally. Last year, I ended up in a mental institution after his stalking me using my phone. When I was unhappy and abused, I’d talk with the few friends and family I have left and even caught him sitting in the driveway in his truck, replaying the whole conversation. I could do or say nothing, as I was completely paralyzed in shock and fear. Now, he bullies me whenever I have anything to do with that same confidant. He keeps a voice activated recorder and GPS system in my car, so I listen to Christian music and sing badly along. He has suggested that he has recording devices in my home. If he hears me talking about him, I will be punished and tormented until I redeem myself in his eyes. So I stay isolated most of the time. I tried last year to tell the police and I tried to tell the mental health hospital and I tried to tell my adult girls. He called my daughters crying and saying how worried he was about me, as if he really cared. His narcissistic lies got them to believe how much he loved me and how the whole problem was all my sickness. My kids wouldn’t let me see my Grandsons, as I was crazy, but they were going to let him see them. Because of that, I had to come back home and stuff it all down and try to forget the evil things he did to me, to protect my grandchildren. He is a registered child molester, I learned the truth about that through my own investigations and refused to take chances with my grandsons. I am disabled since 50 years old. I sold my 3 bedroom, 3 bath home of 20 years with a $560 mortgage, because he didn’t like the traffic noise, and now cannot afford a place to live on my own. I used to be so strong. He is a sadistic monster who wants my full dependence and servitude. I am broken physically and emotionally, but spiritually I am growing stronger, thanks to the good Lord. Now I can only pray for a miracle to free me from his clutches. Please pray for miracles for me, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Thank you and God bless you.

  200. A prayer request for family unity..I pray that my oldest son and middle daughter become as close as they once were…I pray for the Lord to soften each of their hearts, especially my daughter’s. Let them be friends as well as siblings, let them reach out to one another as they once did many years ago, let their children be friends to one another. My son is warm and reaches out; however, becomes very discouraged when his sister does not acknowledge him is the same way. I have been praying for their unity for the past 5 years and while I believe that our Father God will answer my prayers, I also believe that in more and more prayers, there is strength..please pray for unity between my son and daughter.

    I ask this is the name of your Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ..and I give Him ALL the Glory and Honor and thank Him for answering my prayers.

  201. Dear Lord, I’ve been having bad dreams in which I saw opposition to my plan to go back to Atlanta, Georgia. Because of the sadness I saw when someone said in the dream “make a u’turn”. I rebuke the devil in my life and ask you to please don’t allow evil to enter in my mind; in my business, and my children who are rebellious. Also, I SAW in another dream that someone did witchcraft to me, please destroy the power of curses, and witchcraft, i implore you LORD, IN THE NAME OF Jesus CHRIST. Amen.

  202. Please pray4my sister evet she has no children & shes wait4God to send her mate4marriage a God fearing man who also wants to be married who is financially stable

  203. Dear Lord, I know I’m a sinner saved by your grace. I’m very sorry Lord Jesus for every sin past, present and future I’ve sinned against you LORD. I fall so very short of your glory FATHER. Please LORD Jesus PLEASE DELIVER ME from the snares of the enemy as there’s more and more evil comes against me everyday no matter how hard I pray, quote scriptures, annoint myself, ask others to pray for me, deliverance. Please Heavenly Father, have MERCY upon my soul and make me free from the snares of the evil that keeps coming against me everyday, every night no matter how hard I pray or ask the LORD. HELP me please, please LORD Jesus. In YOUR HOLY name FATHER, AMEN. THANK YOU LORD. I TRULY NEED YOU. NOW!

  204. Father God I pray and to receive your salvation. Protect me from spiritual ties of created by my past and current relationship. Give me strength to let go and let you be the one who help me to identify my life partner. I feel lost, used and dirty. I know I am not suppose to be here. Break every chain and attachments that make me remain in this relationship. Give me strength and patience to trust that you God you know wat is best for me. And when the time is right u will locate my Godly given partner. Who will bring joy in my life. A partner who will be with through it all and lead me to follow your comment meant. Seek God’s kingdom and all things will be added to you. U are my Shepherd, you will direct my life to the destined lover who will be with up to my old age. I am strained of being in wrongly motivated relationships. Forgive me God for I even thought of settling for this less as ur child. I thank u for ur presence, your light and the blood of Jesus. For I am cleansed and free. My spiritual life will open my eyes to see and to things your way. I pray and thank you.

    Amen and Amen

  205. Prayer for God’s help with my financial problems and I request my job back that I loved and did with so much passion at the beauty therapy salon. Amen, I receive, in Jesus name. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

  206. Pray for peace inside my house, heart and mind.
    Ask God to protect me and my Granddaughter from any harm, danger or sickness.
    Thank you in advance for praying for us and be blessed.

  207. Please take away the haggish spirits that haunt my family and me through the days and nights. They are spirits sent from the Columbia SC area. Please help! Pray that those spirits will leave before it’s too late.Before they cause me to die.

  208. Father God please forgive me for all my sins. Lord im not perfect I make alot of mistakes. Father God my husband has had a mistress and left.Glory be Jesus name my husband came back home. He has stress,anger,unforgiveness,.Father God I see he is unstable. Lord God heal my marriage. Don’t let the evil one rip him from our home.Lord God I know you are working on my marriage on my family..Father God thank you may your will be done in Jesus mighty name. I know my husband jose will find you Father God and will be the husband I need and the dad he needs to be to his kids. Thank you in the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit..

  209. Please pray for me not to be abused by people. I get so agitated at times. Please pray for me to build a business that would create over 1 million jobs in the USA. And please pray for my family and friends to get saved and to get a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Thanks in advance.

  210. I need prayer for evils eye sprit that’s following me ,in my body & in my house keeping life is blocked can’t see no way my prayers r not heard & I am a widow.

    1. Don’t be afraid Carmen Barker…Our Lord God is with us. I don’t know how to pray. I am barley finding our God myself. But I do know if you call out to God in his Sons holy name Jesus. He will hear. You are not alone… Your my sister in christ…

  211. God I Give you all the Glory without you zi do not know what will I do.I thank you for providing for me and my family .God just asking you to continue blessing my business and family.I THANK YOU GOD. NOTHING BUT MY GOD
    MY MY MY

  212. I am requesting urgent prayers for a job. I applied for the position of human resource coordinator at a well established company. My first and second interviews went very well. My third interview went south really quick. The regional (third interview)manager was very rude and had an arrogance. She made it perfectly clear that hundreds of individuals had applied for the position. She also talked about the person who held the position previously just walking out on her. I only wanted a job and did not wish to have frustrations taken out on me. I kept my cool and continued to be positive and answer all questions. I was very happy about this interview as I thought that I had finally gotten a job after a year of being unemployed. Instead I left my home happy and returned sad and unemployed. Being in a position of power does not give anyone a reason to be rude to anyone in need. I pray that God opens a better door for me.

  213. please pray for us !! we trust that prayer is all that we have and the one and only place to turn when we are in need of devine intervention .my name is Ty and my husbands name is Justin and we have been with eachother for 20 yrs now .We have loved eachother since our first date and our hearts desire is to have a child of our own . i have some medical issues that are preventing us from conceiving .I have had my surgery rescheduled twice due to the covid 19 virus .but now we are running out of time because my tumors are growing and im in pain every day now.i believe that im just loving our baby before it is even here and that helps me to endure ,please pray that we would be blessed with the opportunity to bring love into this world that needs it .and if not let it be over ask god to please bless us with a chance to serve him by having a child of love ,to teach to love and send love out into the world.thank you Amen

  214. Please pray tor Ellen my wife that all outside pressure to divorce me is removed and we are restored to a loving happy couple in God, In Jesus name I pray.

  215. Please pray for me and my wife Ellen, restore our marriage, allow us the pleasure of love, happiness, joy and inner peace that God wants us to have. Allow Ellen and myself, be leaders of healing in broken marriages by showing what God has done for us. I ask in the name of Jesus CHRIST, our LORD. Amen and Amen,

  216. I am asking for prayer. I have anxiety and I am constantly worried about everything. I feel angry sometimes about my failures and mistakes. I feel lost in this season. I want to know what is my next move. I need direction and peace. I want to wake up and feel refresh and to know what God wants me to do every day.

  217. I pray that may God release and heal my heart from all the hurt i went through my life. I also pray that this anger that i have over my in law’s perish and i pray that whatever spirit that is blocking my success, employment be removed in Jesus mighty name Amen!

  218. Dear God. Please help that my son-in-law gets the job he applied for. He has not been working for over one year because of the corona virus. Please God that all his financial matters may run smoothly especially with selling of house
    Ithank youGod for all your blessings and mercies.
    Dear God please help my daughter who is anxious about life to be calm.
    I thank you Jesus

  219. Please pray for me. I need to restore my destiny. I need to recover it. I feel somebody has stolen my destiny. Amen.

  220. Please pray for Tulela to be at peace with his family. He does not want to listen to them. He doesn’t want anything to do with prayers. He needs deliverance. Amen.

  221. Please pray for my son who is dealing with depression , fear and anxiety as he adjust to college and performing with is athletic scholarship.

  222. Please pray with me that the almighty God will help me fight against the addiction to pornography,I want God to come and make all things new in my life.

  223. Hello family.

    I have been on separation for almost 18 months and it has been the worst period in my life. I feel empty and dirty. We are trying to work things out but there is still so much pain that is lying in each of us. I love my wife and I want us to be back together as a family.

  224. I’m asking for a prayer request for my fianc’e Roderick hickmon too be deliver from whatever bondage & spells they have in him please pray deliverance over him& pray that whomever that did this too will be punish& will reap what they sow& that his mind as well will be delivered. Amen

  225. I take the covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, i pray that God will give me strength and peace to not worry and fear and to know God will protect me.

  226. Heavenly Father I ask that you relieve me from this spiritual battle that has been going on for too long with me and my neighbor Ms.Dee I am tired I ask that you take the jealousy out of her that she has for me and set her free. And i all so ask that you set me free from this spiritual battle that,s with me every day all day I ask to be free from this jealousy and fear spiritual battle that is affecting my body and my life and how i go about doing thing,s I ask for relief and freedom from this spiritual battle Now. And to be free for ever from the spiritual and fear battle now IF you do not free or help me GOD from this spiritual battle I will die and not be free I ask to be free NOW in the name of your son my savior Jesus CHRIST AMEN.

  227. Praying for a stable relationship that will lead to marriage. Above all,may God grant me a God fearing loving husband.
    Additionally,may God help me spend my money wisely. Amen

  228. Heavenly Father , I’m praying for a new personal accommodation, I pray that by February I will move to my own apartment in Jesus name. Amen..

  229. Thank you lord Jesus
    I receive it no weapon shall against me not prosper In Jesus name Amen………….

  230. Dear brethren. I thank God because He healed me when I was of dizziness and headache. Thank you Lord.
    I pray God to help me raise money and pay all the bank loans and give me money for business. In Jesus name Amen.

  231. Heavenly father i Pray for a miracle job for me and my husband so that we don’t beg to eat any more in Jesus name i prayed Amen

  232. Almighty and eternal God, I have been battling with lustful thoughts for some time now, please send your holy Spirit to dwell in my heart, mind, spirit and body so as to direct my thoughts towards things that gives glory to Your name and You alone.
    I ask this with Thanksgiving through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen.

  233. Please pray for me I desperately need a miracle in finances set to move in 10 days my helper my lord I need you ..ur word says you will supply all my needs according to your riches and glory I need you now lord please provide the money so I can move in Jesus name I pray en

  234. Father am praying in this year 2021 that I become all you desire for me to be for you. To bring you glory you are you are all I need I have been disappointed so many times in life all I want is to walk in your will for my life please put in the right position with the right people bless me Father so that I may be a blessing to others so they will believe that you are a God that is Faithful and full of Grace. Amen

  235. Hello my name is Diana Salinas , I’m in the need of prayer .. I’m a single mother of 4 … and I’m talking to a Godly guy and I’m real into God too!! we are starting to get to know each other and we really like each other I’m praying that this relationship can go further on and prosper into marriage his name is Luis Sanchez… can you guys pray that together with Christ being the Knot in this relationship that it’ll prosper and we can get married one day. please !!!.

  236. Please, I would be grateful if special prayers can be pray for my two sons- Richard and Prosper for them to get their green card especially every demonic spirit of DELAY to get away from them. Again open doors and divine restorations.

  237. Please pray for me and my three sons that God will shield us in His precious divine blood of Jesus christ from destruction and death, witchcraft from our life and destiny, from our finances, cars, possessions, place of where we sleep and live, from our jobs, from our relationships, from our atmosphere and environment…from monitoring agents, spirits, demons, curses, and evildoers, witches, wizards, warlocks, and manipulators, from bad evil and demonic dreams from sexual demons, familiar spirits, dead people. Snakes, jezebels and whom feeding and giving us drinks in our, animals and critters etc that monitoring us in our dreams…and that God place encamp around my three sons and me everyday, and for to place the right people into our paths especially for salvation for my three sons and protect us from all hurt evil and danger and our homes, cars, , possessions, jobs, finances, relationships etc..from all hurt, evil and danger and protect us from evil and all witchcraft and demonic entities…Thanks God bless

  238. Lord Jesus I have come before you dis morning,I want to be great,i want my soulmate to locate me,i want u to give me a song of victory dis year,i turn my life around that men we see and glorify my father who is at heaven,and forgive my sin
    Thank you Jesus.

  239. Hello my name is Diana Salinas, I’m in the need of prayer. I’m talking to a Godly guy and I’m really into God too. We are starting to date, and we really like each other I’m praying that this relationship can go further on and prosper into marriage his name is Luis Sanchez… can you guys pray that together with Christ being the Knot in this relationship that it’ll prosper, and we can get married please !!!

  240. Please pray for my marriage, my wife wants a divorce but I don’t want to, we are married in ANC with accrual, now she wants to sign a new a ANC without accrual, she said if I sign it she will try and work on saving the marriage, she will try for another 6 months, I don’t want my marriage to be based on a contract, I don’t want it to be a financial transaction, I want it based on love, pray that my wife will have a total turn around and God’s love will manifest and over flow from her, I have been retrenched from work due to covid and she has kicked me out of her house,

  241. Hello. Today I request you to pray for me to have inner peace. I recently lost someone who was so dear to me and my heart is hurting. Grief is something that takes long to deal with. But I trust God that everything will be okay and that I will have peace of mind and soul. Amen.

  242. Please pray for me I’m going through some situations right now. Pray for restoration for the members of my church that God will intervene in this situation regarding leadership and transition of the church.
    Please pray for my sons have turned their backs on God and are know going through some serious struggles.
    Pray for my 4 year old granddaughter who is in the middle of a court case between her parents which now involves me as I have the child with me.
    Pray for me as I struggle back problem that doesn’t seem to be going away. Also pray that God will increase my territory financially.

  243. Hello and Good Early Morning to you:) I’m asking if you can PLEASE Pray for my Uncle Gregory Haynes Sr. We found out he has stage 4 cancer and this is so very hard on ALL OF US AS A WHOLE… he’s like a Father to me, such a Great Man and Such a Happy Giver and ALWAYS been since I was a little girl… He’s my heart and I don’t know what I will do if I lost him… I know prayers work and I know God has the last day so… Please I need ALL my Prayer Warriors to come together for this one please… Thanks for your time…

  244. My family especially my spouse, who is going through a very tough trial. Pray that all charges will be dropped and the truth will be revealed. Healing for our families and marriage of 44 years. Restoration of all the thousand of dollars I had to pay for the case/trial. All financial bleedings be stopped. God’s strength even the more in 2021 for all of us, as the families are totally devastated. SALVATION

  245. Please Christians TT help me prayer for me to have the right church ⛪ to pray. with my family’,

    One thing again i am going on with some problems in my life and family, like evil and enemies eyes on us please help me prayer to remove the all out of my life and family please,

    I need a miracle praying for my documents to stay and my daughter Elizabeth to return back in my care and have a great life with my family please,

    I need education in my life and my two daughter’s with good health and happiness in us please,

    One big thing again i need a miracle house. a big and nice one piece,

    And remember my husband in USA in prayer for love and piece in us,

    Thank you so much Christian TT
    From Ms Victoria

  246. Pray for me an my children an grandchildren please may god guide us an protect my family pray for my daughters to get a job am praying for wisdom and understanding in Jesus name amen

  247. Please pray me to have twins a boy and a girl those children should bring love and happiness to my life

  248. Thank you Lord for given me the opportunity to witness the year 2021. I ask for healing for my mum who is suffering from serious illness. I ask God’s love and protection for myself, parents, siblings, my husband to be, family, friends and my work people.
    I pray that God will open my martial door for me this year through this and other things in Jesus name Amen
    Maame Esi

  249. Pray for my wife and I who are both battling addiction and so desperately need help and deliverance, strength, and to be healed mind, body, and spirit. Thank you

  250. Dear heavenly father
    I thank you for your love and protection over me all through the year and today I pray for your guidance on me as I go through the year 2021

  251. My husband needs work he has a small bussiness it has been affected for a whole year we have our daughter in college our mortgage and lots of bills could you pray that his bussiness gets work

    1. Prayer request for removal of evil hindrances. Since the pandemic I am unable to attend church and I feel like something is holding me back from my success. No job no income and my bank account is now completely empty. i pray for removal of it in Jesus name amen

  252. Dear family in Jesus Christ,
    Please remember me in your prayers. I desperately need a job, for 10 months now I’m out of employment. This unemployment problem has affected my family financially. I’m married with two daughters, I hold a Bachelor degree in Business Administration (Accounting major) with 5+ years experience in accounting.
    I pray for the Grace of Almighty God to be up on me so that I may be able to find a job to support my family.

  253. Shalom

    My prayer requests is for marriage…a God fearing husband…to help me with ministry work…I pray that antiamarriage curses that runs in my family,not to overcome me,for I am approaching 40yrs now..I love Jesus a lot and works for him day and night,I have full hope that one day,will rejoice and become the first in my family for wedding bells…

    Thank you TT family,your devotionals helps a lot and I have dotted them down,to help others during my mission visits…and there has been breakthroughs and mouth full testimonies…

    I believe Jesus is still at work &by 2021 ends,I shall be traveling with my God fearing husband to do mission work,moreover living for Christ…
    Thank you for prayers family…!!!

  254. My husband left me and our kids last April. My kids and I have been so hurt. I need prayer because i have tried counseling and alot of prayer but nothing seems to be working. He is still separated from me and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to come back to us. Have my prayers for his return and for God to reconcile us back together been wrong? Should I accept reality and let go? I am so frustrated and angry. I just don’t know what to pray anymore.

  255. Dear Lord, I soooo need you in this moment. I am calling upon you for a miracle healing Lord. Both of my parents have been diagnosed of cancer this month. The whole family is devastated. All I could hope for is miracle Lord. I know you could do it. I know you have done it before to people. I beg you to consider my parents also. Just save them from this storm. Heal them oh Lord. Heal our whole family… pleeeeaassse Lord pleasssseeee. Do a miracle Lordddddd pleeeeaasseee.

  256. I want to thank God for all he has done ✅ for me and my family for this year 2020 with all this things going on he save our life he protect direct our path in and out
    Thank you for all sisters and brothers who send me inspiration prayer every day to recomfort me grow me spiritualy
    And I wich you all merry Christmas.
    Stay bless in the name of Jesus Amen.

  257. Heavenly father thank you for this grecious day and gift of life. Dear brethren help me to worship God. Pray for me. I need GOD’s intervention to re open my insurance company. Father I’m on my knees pleading for your divine intervention for I need financial breakthrough. I’m terribly stress up. Thank you Lord for answering me. In Jesus mighty name l pray.

  258. Hello Dear Christian family,
    I truly need your help. I have been praying about a situation with my neighbor. Ok I live in an apartment and my neighbor is not a Christian. In fact I just moved in about a month ago. This young lady and her mother somehow automatically know that I’m a Christian person because of the way I dress, what I say out of my mouth, and how I praise the Lord. I don’t yell or shout but the walls are thin and they get irritated by it. They say that I’m a hypocrite because they say that I’m an attractive woman and I should be married for a person my age. They also say that I have an attitude and that I’m not an honest person. They also question why I don’t have children yet. And to add insult to injury, the young lady (she’s Hispanic) doesn’t like me because I’m Black. They think that I need to be finding a man and going out and having sex and shacking up with him. I’ve been a Christian all of my life and I was taught Christian values and morals. I know that it’s wrong to do those things and I choose not to it. I currently live with my brother and sister and we all live together to help each other out financially and emotionally. We’ve been living together for nearly 6 years and it works out for all of of us. I’m a middle age woman and I take care of myself. I realize that I’m not getting any younger so I make sure that I go to the doctor regularly and I take my vitamins everyday. Yes, I am an attractive woman but I am not looking to date anyone right now. But I don’t go run the streets, flirt,or be sexually promiscuous because there are sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and AIDS out there and I don’t want to get any of that. I also don’t want an unwanted pregnancy. I’ve been praying to God about this situation and it seems to be getting worse. I’m starting to lose hope. I need some prayer warriors to pray for me and this situation that I’m in because I don’t want to move because I just moved into this apartment last month. I really appreciate it. Thank you and may God bless you.

  259. I pray that God will bless my marriage, allow me the strength to deal with the pain in my heart and bring my wife and myself back together and build a stronger bond befor

  260. Please pray that me and my family will unite in unconditional love as God has ordained families. Also, for God’s protection in my home to remove and block all manner of negativity and evilness so that His true love will abide within my walls. Also, that He will unite me with the man that He hand picked just for me as my husband and bless my finances abundantly. In the Name Lord Jesus!

  261. Loving Father,I thank you that everyday you are changing my life to prosper me.My LORD I put my worries and weaknesses to you my LORD.Loving GOD please please removevand banish all strongholds,lazziness,curses of mouth and mind,distraction in my life and studies ,Make me fully yours my LORD.Please give me your
    divine strength,wisdom,courage,guidance,strong faith,enternal happiness and understanding in my life.Please give me divine high focus on my acca studies and help me enrich my success LORD in these studies LORD make me a new journey in year 2021 full of prosperity,success ,wisdom,focus,passing my studies highly.I trust you my LORD. And I believe ive received it all my LORD.Thank you Father.Mother Mary please intercede for me.Thank you Mother Mary.I have full belief and trust in you my LORD your making divine changes in my life.Thank you Father,Amen

  262. I pray that God my touch the heart of my husband so that he can come back to our family. I don’t want a divorce. I pray that a God changes me to become a better wife that can be loved and cherished..

  263. I pray for my lost relationship with Richard to get back to me and care for our baby. I have much debts God,give me a way through it’s too much. Qh God give me a new job that can sustain me and my baby. Father I commend myself to your Care and guidance. I believe all will be well in the name of Jesus. Amen

  264. Asking for prayers for my son’s and myself to be United in person next year 2021, healing of my son Kedon. Deliverance and protection over my son Stephano, financial breakthrough for me and my son’s. Thank you all GOD BLESS!

  265. Please pray for emotional, physical, and financial healing for our family. Please take away the anxiety and pain that makes it difficult to even complete simple tasks. Guide us on our paths, keep us safe and steer evil and I’ll willed individuals away from us. Thank and may God bless you also

  266. Please pray for my family that our family have harmony and peaceful. I have my eldest sister full of evilness, envy, hatred, selfish, and lies. They quarrel with my 3rd sister and she curse my 3rd sister. Please pray that my eldest sister will repent all of her sins and learn from her mistakes. I hope God give her wisdom and knowledge to touch her heart to be good.

    Thank you. Amen.

  267. Father God, my life of 66 years has been endless pain and suffering of every kind. I remember you”calling me” at the age of just 4 years old. I was very young, but still, I somehow know it was You. At the age of barely 23 I came to know you as Savior of my very soul and rejoiced beyond measure that You found me. Since that very moment, life has been one torment piling on top of another, absolutely never ending. I don’t understand Lord, I simply don’t understand. My Christian friends have even become afraid to be around me fearing “it will rub off on them”! I have been completely home bound for over 10 years with no hope of “socializing” again, and my children have even abandoned me due to my health issues. All but 1 has turned against You Lord. My family has all died Lord, and I am orphaned, and incredibly alone. I can’t find You anymore God,..are You still there? I try to comfort myself with Your Word, yet can no longer find relief from my pain. Lord, Please let me die? Please? These 4 diseases I have keep me terribly sick 24/7 and we know there is no cure without a Miracle.

  268. My wife of 38 years filed for divorce nearly 5 months ago, and this process has caused me much grief and created a depressed state of mind. Please pray for us to be reconciled and our marriage restored, either before or after the divorce happens.

  269. Precious Father I come to you weary, a mustard seed, I am going to soar like the eagle, mount up on wings, please give me your favorable Grace for this probation to be over, for restoration in my family, to serve you, as you guide me daily
    For the surgery I have to deal with
    I let go and let god
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper
    Thy will be done
    I love you Lord
    Amen & Amen?❤❤

  270. Hi! My name is Philip Robert Obin. My birth date is July 9th, 1991, am 29 years old, and lived in Queens Village, NY my entire life, and about to move to Florida soon. I’m a grandson to famous Haitian artist Philomé Obin, and a cousin to former Haitian president Paul Eugene Magloire, 4 times removed. I was born with autism and a learning disability because of a speech delay. Didn’t talked much back then when I was a kid. Didn’t even know I had a voice back then. Because of my autism, my life is going nowhere. I’ve been having these voices in my head since I was 7, telling me that I’m no good for some reason. Don’t know where they came from, I just want them all to stop for good. Also, I was diagnosed with diabetes since 2015. The doctor said I was drinking too much juice. I was losing too much weight because of this. It’s like all these years, my life was a total waste. I have no job experience, failed college, being duped by the system, and I keep on getting worse every single day. Any advice or words of encouragement? Please tell me, what has my entire life been like? Please help me out! I want to get rid of all my problems, and live a better, normal life! Thank You So Much And God Bless!


    Philip Robert Obin

    1. Pray with alot of faith & don’t let the enemy whisper those word in your ears. He uses our weakest points to tell us we are no good, but remember we are all special to got & he created us with a purpose in life . just simply you sharing your story with people when god turns things around for you is alot , because through your testamony you will help people turn to god .pray when you hear those voices pray & rebuke them in the name iof Jesus .pray to the lord about your problems or look up prayer on pinterest for your problems. The lord is always with you , but the enemy like to make us think he is far from us ,but he is not. Pray for godly friend & people that can help you. Church is a good place to start .

  271. Please pray that my husband, Brian, opens his heart to forgive me. That the Holy Spirit defeats any lies that the devil feeds him about me, Michele, not being worthy of his love. Pray that my marriage can be restored to honor God and the beautiful children he entrusted us with. I need God to work a miracle and save my marriage.

  272. Please pray that my ex will see reason and settle our divorce. He has been repeatedly unfaithful and abusive. Please i am desperate for this to be finalized so that i can move on with my life, raise my children and be of help to others going through something as difficult as this. He stalks me and makes threats on our lives.

  273. Loving GOD,I thank you for delivering me from all evil.I pray you guide each step I take and whole my life I pray to be blessed.I fully trust in your guidance,Wisdom,understanding,faith,clarity,blessings,patience,righteousness,higher perspective,calmness and protection from all evil.Please guide me in my studies and help me to complete my Acca course successfully.I pray to guide me through as I get a high well paying job to sustain my family.I pray for a GOD fearing ,responsible,loving and courageous,patient and a man of wisdom and encouragement with whom we shall marry,love ,endure
    ,care and teach your children to love you and priotise you among all other things in this life.i pray for my family,bless and deliver my brothers and sisters help them get good jobs to finance their families forgive their wrong and brighten their lives,guide our home with peace and love amobgst our families and us always and bless our generation to come.I believe and pray that I have already received all this in your loving name Amen ..thank you LORD.

  274. Please pray for my wife Herty, myself and our son. I have not been the Christian leader in our home I should have been and this has allowed satan to set the seeds of mistrust, hurt and anger in us both. As I have come back to seeing Gods will in my life. I ask that any who would pray on our behalf pray for my wife to be protected from satans lies, to look only to God and guidance and his will in her life and to learn to forgive. For me and our son to pray we both stay the course to get our lives in Gods will and that with Gods healing and love he can work in my wife’s life to restore our marriage.

  275. Please put my family in your prayers.
    We need financial breakthrough. Our rent will be due this December, if we dont pay by 31st dec, we will evicted.
    We have 2 bank loans that we are paying.
    My husband has not done any contract in the last 3 years.
    I have 4 children please.
    I am very desperate for Gods move.

    I will come back to testify

  276. I thank thee Heavenly Father for every single one of these children of yours here .
    Lord we come before you in agreement as yiu say where there are two or three are gathered you personally is in our mist without respect for men , time or space. You are the MIGHTY creator of this vast universe.
    My father I lift up everyone prayer before you in this glorious Sunday you have made with your bare hands and declare it’s good.
    My father I prayer in the glorious and mighty name of my Lord King Jesus that you’re a God without respects for persons and you mercy and love in untestable.
    We lift you in the heavens of all heavens and I declare and decree that every broken marriage will be restored, every needs will be met as all chain are shattered by the power of the cross of your unconditional love for a sinner like myself wash in your precious blood and made totally whole and free.
    No Devil or the whole kingdom of hell can dare compare dare to challenge you mighty righteous right hand that fight for us your children.
    Father as you did for me saving my marriage my family kids , I gave you all the honour and glory none else but you Lord Jesus.
    You hold the key and the gates of hell not dare prevail as you said it is finished.
    That force you use that smashed the Devil while brushing your heal there are None to compare my father.
    Today father I come into agreement with everyone that is calling on you and even the ones that doesn’t have the strength I stand in for them and there love ones for total and complete breakthrough by the blood of Jesus my lord .
    Every marriage restored, every family restored all old thing are passed away as you make us new by the Undtoppable power of your love through your precious blood.
    I love you Lord and thank you for loving us first.
    Today I claim victory in the name that is above every other name .
    Health breakthrough, financial breakthrough and everyone that is bound be free In Jesus sweet and precious name. Amen .
    We give it all to you father ALL THE HONOUR, praises AND GLORY.. AMEN.✝️.❤️?

    Love you all .
    Be still for Jesus got you .
    Thank you my father.

  277. Lord, have mercy on me and my marriage. My husband is hurting because of me and my ways. Change me and show me how to be the wife I need to be for him. Take out the resentment and replace it with the love he once had for me. Restore our marriage, bring beauty to these ashes. I can’t do this alone and only have you always and forever. Please bring him back home to me and our family. In Jesus name restore us, Amen.

    1. I declare a decree this by the grace of our Lord Jesus and the power and for of his love through his precious and glorious blood pure and limitless power that makes all things possible.
      I prayer and agree with you as it is written in the sweet and MIGHTY NAME OF Jesus. Amen

  278. Father I pray that I will be in my own home and have my own car and not have to worry about money. I also pray that the person I live with right now will stop making my life total hell. I don’t have the finances to move, but I know I will have it soon. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    1. I come in total agreement with you as a member in the body of Christ Jesus preaching and claiming the gospel of Jesus Christ Amen! ! Lord as you have done for me so much it is countless blessings I ask for your favour in this situation as your son in the mighty name of Jesus as you make all things work together for a good to all that love you and are called according to your purpose Amen.!
      In all this I declare and decree as it is written in the most powerful and mighty name that is above every other name. Amen..
      Today I declare breakthrough for you in Jesus name. It is done, all this I prayer accordingly to your will Aba father and not our Amen!.❤️✝️
      Love you and Jesus loves you unconditionally and it’s his heart desire to set the captive free and bring healing, total health, love, joy, peace that is incomprehensible surpasses all our Mine , financial freedom and every strong hold be shattered In Jesus Christ sweet and mighty name. Amen..
      The favour of the Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. ❤️.?✝️

    2. The lord bless thee and keep thee The lord make his face to shine upon thee
      “The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

      The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”
      ‭‭Numbers‬ ‭6:24, 26‬ ‭KJV‬‬


  279. Mercy,Mercy my father i needs prayers for spiritual healing & deliverance for my mother’s mind,body & her soul & i pray for the healing & deliverance for Arthur Moore Amen Thank U Lord Amen ?

  280. I give you thanks Abba father for all the benefits I receive from you . You always make ways for me where there are no ways. You set a table for me before my enemies and allows my cup to overflow with your goodness. Lord who am i sinner that you are mindful of me?
    I can’t do without you neither can I thank you enough. I just want to say, thank you my omnipotent and omniscient God .

  281. I want to give my dear Lord all the thanks and praise for every blessing in my life! You are a Merciful Gracious Loving God, and I thank you! I want to lift up the mentally ill, the addicted, the incarcerated and the homeless to you oh Lord in prayer for your precious blessings in their lives. I know you will never leave them nor forsake them! Hold them near so they come to know you and love you. In God’s Loving, Great and Matchless name, Amen!!

  282. Oh Lord i pray for success, more knowledge and wisdom upon my life, give me the gift to understand everything i read and the grace to pass all my exams in Jesus name i pray amen.

  283. I am praying for my child to be free from drug addiction, drinking alcohol, lying and stealing. free him Jesus from the strong hold of a person that is using evil and demonic spirits to hold onto him, keep him on drugs, away from his kids and family. Provide a way of escape in his mind to think clear a way of escape for him to walk away from all this evilness. Please Lord free him. Lord open his eyes to see you. cleanse his mind soul and body back to the person he is to be in your name in your name. Amen

  284. I have been always a strong beliver in the lord Jesus christ. I am asking for prayers for my son Karl to soften his heart towards his mother. He has been mean towards me for what ever reason.

  285. I Have always been a strong believer in the power of prayer and now find I am the situation where because I was not fully focused on God my marriage has fell apart. My wife has been gone since the beginning of September and it was not until the end of October that I finally started praying for God to help me see what was needed to fix our marriage instead of just praying for her to come back. I felt it was all her problems and once God opened my eyes when I spoke with her one night by text I finally realized I had been listening to her but not hearing what was hurting her. I have rededicated my life to God and asking God to fix in me my errors. But my wife has taken the view of it is over she is to hurt to angry and does not want me in her life. Currently she has asked me to leave her alone. So prayer is my only path to her. I ask all that would pray, pray that God would protect my wife Herty from Satan and help her to look to God and Godly counsel. For God to help heal her of the hurt to look to Gods will. It is Gods will to remain married though God cannot change ones will he can heal the heart and reopen it and restore our marriage. Thank you

  286. Thank you dear God for sending words of wisdom in different prayers and in different chapters I do appreciate them so much l was lost but after sending the prayers to my mail l do belong to Jesus almighty

  287. Thank you Father God for waking me this morning. Father I pray and ask for marriage restoration and for you to pour your spirit into my children and ex spouse to align with your will and holy ways concerning this life. Bring peace to my home and life. Show my husband how to lead in you father and write your laws on our hearts so we never forget your ways all the days of our lives. I’m believing my entire household to be saved and I receive it as done in Jesus holy and mighty name. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  288. Father, Thank You for blessing us with another new day. We give you all the praise, the glory and honor.

    Our greatest strength and desire is to be in your presence. Let the power of the Holy Spirit fill our minds with love & peace.
    May nothing separate us from You today. Teach us how to choose only Your way today so that each step will lead us closer to You. Guide us in the way of your divine and supreme wisdom. Help us to keep our hearts pure and undivided, for you have blessed it with a wellspring of life.

    You are the Master and the Comforter of our soul. To the glory and praise of God.
    We ask all this in the mighty name of Jesus.

  289. Heavenly Father i pray for restoration in my life deliverance immigration issues and guerizon for my son Taylher heal him from diabetic tyrod
    Deliverance for the rest of my childrens Jeremiah annius
    My daughter’s Cherline and Nadia
    In Jesus name Amen.

  290. Abba father I thank you for your loving kindness on my family and I. I commit Nonso you son into your hands as he starts his exams today .Father bless him with understanding, reasoning and ability to know the requirements for each question. Father cause him to remember all that he read and was taught .Bless him with excellent results in Jesus might name.

  291. Heavenly father, i bow down before you with a beger heart. Searching for your love and gracious protection. Gaurd my tought, my work, and my words. Direct me to the right patener that fear you, love you and can be able passvere the condition that may come in our life and let us only depend on you forever and ever

  292. Hello pastor, please I need your prayers so every curse placed on certificate to be considered for when there is recruitment that I apply with my certificate. Thank you

  293. Eternal Father, you know my past, present and future, nothing is unknown to you. When I worry about what is ahead of me, please calm my fears with the knowledge that you go before me. I will never be alone because you will always be with me. You have promised that you will not fail me or forsake me and you are faithful to keep all your promises. Take away my fear and replace it with faith in your unending love. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

  294. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I come to you to ask of you to please direct my steps. Lord I ask for guidance and perseverance to change my life and desires. I beg you lord to come into my children lives full force Marquan and Carion. To remove anything that’s hindering them . To give them guidance to remove all generational curses that have been passed through our family. I beg you to please former for any hurt or pain I have caused. I ask you to let my children know that you have set a path for them to live abduntly. Force the steps to change their way of living and seeing how life can be with you. I ask for protection and guidance. I ask for forgiveness and mercy on myself and my family. I thank you God for everything.

  295. Dear Heavenly Father I want to thank you in advance for breaking the generational curse and giving us the generational blessings and sending your angels of love peace prosperity abundance happiness favor supernatural windfall and a peace of mind for me my children grandchildren family friends in the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen

  296. Been married 36 yrs.and still praying for God to do a healing in our marriage to make us one in spirit soul and mind. This is both our 2nd marriage.I was widowed and he is divorced..I dont believe he ever got over his 1st wife.He has had emotional affairs most of our marriage,looking for someone to fill a void in his life only God can fill. He is very controlling and manipulative.I’m tired of his games,lies,etc. I am very discouraged and don’t know how to pray anymore. I need a counselor for me to build me up again..

    1. Jesus is a wonderful counselor. He will and can be your husband. Get the book: The Power of Prayer by Stormie Omartian. Also, the Power of a Praying Wife. Pray, pray, pray daily and speak over your husband, not what you see him as now but what Christ can make of him in the future.

      Ephesians 6 must be read daily to build you up and remind you that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but darkness spiritual wickedness not seen. Take every thought captive that doesn’t align with the power Jesus has left on earth with each and everyone of us….believe and trust him at his word of what he can and will do.
      When you feel like you can’t, ask the Holy Spirit to help your unbelief. Find you an elderly couple that’s rooted in the lord, trustworthy, and have been married for at least thirty years or more and work on being a Proverbs 31 wife.
      Take your eyes off your husband and leave your petitions with the lord each day, he will fight for you. He is not bound by time, we are as mankind just trust and know he cannot and does not lie in his word.
      Look to Abraham as the father of our faith…I mean he really trusted God. Marriages and families bring him glory so it is his will that you have the fullness in yours, please be of good cheer beloved. The saints are standing and praying for marriages and families during these last days. With love!

  297. Please pray for me and my family for God’s grace, guidance protection and prosperity. Especially for my elder son and his wife, who are desperately seeking God’s favour for the fruit of the womb for the past nine years of their marriage.

  298. STEPHANIE : please join me in prayer, asking the Lord to open doors of opportunity to find a suitable job, in this new season of my life.

    1. Oh merciful Jesus ,trustful Father ,In honour of your name the Son of living God which I the name above all the names ,Here we present the case of your child Noela calling upon your intervention in her family .Jehovah Jireh ,the one who provides fulfill her heart desire by extending providing hand ,We plea in His merciful.and to open doors of opportunities in the side of business for long term solution.and employment to carry their destiny .When.Peter was drowning immediately you provided help by extending your hand let it be their portion now ,with you we won’t go wrong ,with you we are Victors Jehovah Nissi.We thank you for lucrative opportunities in Jesus name let it be . Amen

  299. By the power of God almighty through his son Jesus remove any blockage and spell which is preventing me from my progress in life unknowingly.

  300. I ask can you pray for my confidence in spirit and in truth because I feel like I need the Holy Spirit to take over my life because I haven’t been live in the way that I should and I know that I just haven’t changed it so I asked me to pray for my confidence and may you pray for my soul to be healed in Jesus Christ name

  301. Heavenly Father I pray for a good night sleep. Block all bad dreams. Cover me with your precious blood. Protect my family, in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  302. I pray and ask precious Jesus to help my family reunite and not argue and fight please put love and kindness in their hearts so we can all be a family once again please hear my prayers disappear and ask in Jesus Almighty name amen. I ask for financial broke through in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  303. Dear Lord,
    I come to you today and pray that you will bless me and my fiance with a healthy lil baby. I pray I will have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I know it’s said… You ask and you shall receive!! I’m asking and praying heavenly Father.


  304. Thank you Father God in advance..I know you are working on my husband, my marriage even though I would like it done now .I have to understand its your will. And your time is different than my time. Please bring my husband home soon Father God. With a soften heart for his kids and for me. May he be filled with love for me and his kids. Please bring him home. Thank you God

    1. Take the time while he is gone to work on you. It takes two to make marriage. Just pray and GOD will show you your part. God bless you! Good luck.
      I’m speaking from experience. This January we’ll be happily married for 38 years. It hasn’t been easy but we made it through.Just keep your faith in GOD and pray.
      I’m praying for you.

  305. Giving honor and praise to God for his mercy and grace, I want to thank Him for being in my life. I pray that he will continues to shield and protect me and my children from the dangers and evilness of some people in this world. I decree and declare no harm will come to my children or me in the name of Jesus. God you know my personal needs I am asking you to grant my heart’s desires as you see fit for me. Let your will be done not mine Lord as you know what I need. Thank you Jesus for loving me unconditionally. Amen

  306. – I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to restore my marriage, find my accommodation and be freed from financial worries and spiritual oppressions! May I learn humility and eat well. May I be a good witness to You Lord !! That I do not fall into flesh and lust. May I not be shameless according to You Lord !! That I speak of all things to the Lord. That I be careful and be decent. Let me not be undecided. That I am sexually pure. That I do not sulk my pleasure. That I practice hospitality. That I save money and earn more money. May I don’t force and be generous. That I don’t overdo it. That I keep the divine commandments. That I am honest and flexible. Let me play the guitar. That I don’t hurt anyone. May I have the fear and wisdom of God. That I stop lying, judging people and smoking! Make me humble and break my pride, oh Lord !! Whether I am healed, do not be stressed or distressed. May my relationships be restored. Let the world be baptized with the Holy Ghost. May the separation go as well as possible. May I feel loved by the Lord and know his true nature, may I be happy !! That I confess my feelings to her and contact her, that I have a happy marriage. That I carpool and generous evening. May I not be confused. May I be healed and become kinder. That I fast collectively and feel better, less anxious. That I pay my debts and be justified, that I manage my money. May I intercede for the world and find a church. May I take care of my neighbor and repent of my sins, of my mistreatment. May I be more compassionate and find the passion, the fire for You and my wife, Lord !! Be blessed !

  307. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like prayers to find a job, have money, restore my marriage, regain health and be a good Christian. Be blessed !

  308. Please pray with me to overcome my tensions of exam failure. I have failed 5 times in Chartered Accountants exam. I desperately want to clear this exam, since I have to support my family and presently my family is running in financial crises.
    Almighty God please strengthen me and help me to concentrate well.
    I humbly request you all to remember me in yours prayers please.

  309. My righteous father,I thank and praise for who you are . You are God that does not change .I commit my son and his classmates into your hands as they continue with their exams . Abba father bless them with understanding, reasoning and recall of what they read and were taught in Jesus name..

  310. 1Peter 5:7. Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.
    Blessed morning please pray with me in finding a job for my son whom just graduated from university.

  311. Please family help me pray that God should give me a job. I have hard lucks when it comes to getting a job and also there are huge loads of bills and debts weighing me down which I cannot pay due to joblessness.. PPlease I need your intercession. Thank you and God bless you all.

  312. Dear family, my son is 30 years old and have survived brain tumour, cancer 10 years ago but have developed a chronic anxiety and insomnia they prevent him ever to get a job or leave his home.. Please pray for compte healing ?

  313. I am believing God for another baby and financial breakthrough. It has not been easy, it seems like things are getting hard the more I get closer to God but this is not the time for me to give up, I trust the Lord’s time is the best. Please pray for me and join your faith with me.

    Thank you

  314. Good day admin,
    My prayers request is that may Almighty Yahweh give me victory and rest in my life
    Marriage, financial, spiritual and physical

  315. My prayer request is to help me find someone to spend my life with. I’m very lonely and I’m tired of waking up alone every morning. God please answer my prayer. I believe in you God the heavenly Father. As soon as my prayer is answered I will announce it so others know that you did Amen.

    1. Believe that he has already here, feel happy and grateful every morning for waking up, having feet to walk eyes to see- appreciate the things you have and you will see that God will bless you more. Gratitude and appreciation first- and when he delivers thank him.
      I pray that God will deliver you with the right person, to be with you for the rest of your life. In Jesus name, Amen.

  316. G’Morning I am requesting prayers for my three adult children Ryan, Crystal and Tevin. Please help me to lift them before the Lord and let the Lord have His way in their lives.

  317. Heavenly Father, I thank you for this special day Lord. I praise you for the life you’ve giving me. Dear God, I have come to you this day to ask for more Favour and Opportunities. Father please heal me from rejection and depression. Calm me and help me control myself in times of anger and failure. This and many more I ask through Christ Our Lord.

  318. Dear brethren in the Lord, please join me to pray for my son to have excellent results as he resumes with he NECO examinations tomorrow .I know my God has done it , because he made me understand that the plans he has for my son (Chidera) is good and not evil, plans to give him hope and a future. Thank you for praying with me for his success.

  319. Dear brethren in the Lord, please join me to pray for my son’s excellent results as he resumes with he NECO examinations today

  320. Abba father I give you all the praises for you are God forever .I thank you for the gift of my children ,the health of mind and body that you have given us. Father do not abandon nor forsake my children because of my failings .I thank you my God for My son’s success in the past examinations,I commit him into your might hands as he resumes with his NECO examinations tomorrow. Bless him with understanding of the questions,bless his reasoning, cause him to remember all he read and was taught, cause him to Marshall out his points and not to make mistakes. Abba father,may you bless him and his classmates with excellent results in Jesus most precious name.
    Father cause me to smile and testify of result . Thank you almighty for I know you have done it for him and us in Jesus name.

  321. Heavenly Father I’m Praying for physical and mental healing for myself. I was in a car accident a week ago, suffering excruciating pain. Back, neck, chest and shoulder pain.
    Please lay your hands on me snd heal me speedily. In your Mighty Name I pray Amen?

  322. Dear Brothers & Sisters In Christ
    Please stand in prayer for me and my boyfriend for complete Restoration and Reconciliation and Our Relationship right now. He is communicating and seeing with a Malay woman, Rozy. I have been trying and been praying every single day of Restoration and Reconciliation In Our Relationship and I’m asking for Help because God said when 2 or more come together is shall done. Therefore please pray for me for a Miracle Blessing for Peace of Mind Love Joy Forgiveness and Restoration and Reconciliation In Our Relationship that the Enemy has been Removed and my boyfriend no longer Communicate and See Rozy.

    Also Please pray for me for Money and Financial Breakthrough right now.

    In Jesus Name


  323. Please pray and agree with me that GOD will give me a FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH and BLESS ME with a new position , close to my home, good benefits, salary , good work environment and that GOD WILL DO THIS SPEEDILY BEFORE November ENDS and that I will be able to pay all my bills from this day forward , I will have no want or lack. IN Jesus MIGHTY NAME I PRAY. amen and amen.

  324. Greetings in Jesus name
    My name is Charlotte. my husband Vishal and I have been separated for almost 2 months, and we hardly communicate which didn’t allow us to discuss our problem and to work on it. I’ve been praying every day since but please pray with me for my marriage to be restored. Vishal was the best husband to me. we had problems like every normal couple, but he was loving and caring. I pray he could go back to that way.

  325. I request a prayare for Marilyn Dewindt . She has no brain activity and is on life support . I pray for a miracle. She is also battling Lymphoma cancer .

  326. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like prayers to find a job, regain health and be a good Christian. Be blessed !

  327. I pray my daughter stop drinking alcohol. I pray God takes away the taste and the urge to even want to drink. I pray she stops running the streets and know home is where she belongs. I pray that God keep her protected when she’s not home. In Jesus name I pray Amen, Amen.

  328. Please stand in prayer for me and my husband for complete restoration and reconciliation and our marriage right now he is looking for a place to move tea he’s been approved an apartment and he says that he’s done with me and he’s going to take our kids for me I have been trying and been praying every day of Restoration and reconciliation In our marriage and I’m asking for help because God saidWhen 2 or more come together is shall be done so please pray for a miracle blessing for peace of mind love joy forgiveness and reconciliation and restoration in our marriage that the enemy has been removed and my husband no longer tries to move out leaving our family home in Jesus name

  329. Please remember my twins pelumi and mayowa in your prayers that the will read hard and pass their GCSE mock exams this month and the final exam in June. as they are not interested in school work. For God to help them to show interest and understanding in school work. And passing in flying colours. Miracle working God, my sons and my whole family needs your grace right now. I also commit my health in the hands of God for total healing and mercy.
    My uncle Emanuel for God mercy and healing with his family. My Auntie Eugenia for total health and healing. My work and family. Our hydrotherapy bath from my housing authorities for God to answer our prayers and remove all block in our way. My son Tobi for his mental health and healing. Amen

  330. Heavenly Father I pray for restoration, touch my son Taylher Annius physically and mentally, and straight your mighty hand on him control his health issues like diabetic tyrod also his behavior,give him brain to focus and study . And I pray for the rest of my kids Nadia,Cherline,Jeremiah,cover them with your precious blood. and direct their path
    Commend all the storms around us to obey you

    In Jesus name I pray


  331. Pray that I may last the Yr, pray that my two babies will be born unto me. Pray that I may be reunited with my family. Pray for the souls of my loved ones.
    Pray that I will be safe and live the next 50 yrs with my husband, two teenage boys, my joejoe, and my hercules and odessa, that I carry.
    Pray that all will be well.

  332. Please pray for my son. He had completely lost his way and the world has come crashing down on him. He is heavily in debt, financial indiscipline, got into unhealthy toxic sexual relationships, has lost all respect for others especially parents, has a spirit of lying and suicidal thoughts, insecurities and depression. He strayed away from God and bad things have been happening in his life. He is always anxious. His family doesn’t recognize him anymore. They are shocked at what he has become and things he has done to fulfill the flesh. He almost lost his job too. He has realised his mistakes and made a lot of confessions, started slowly attending church but lacks real will-power and commitment to action and sustain change; to disconnect from things and people that do not serve him. Miracle working God, my son needs your grace right now. Praying family, please help. I need my son back. Thank you Jesus in advance for answered prayer because I know You are a living God.

    1. You see he is lost, but this is when the Lord is Truelly carrying him.
      I pray for your son, I ask Gabriel and Micheal to watch over him, protect him and guide him.

  333. Yes lord I put my trust in you alone I’m hide under your shadow
    I surrender my self my family in hand take my battle
    In Jesus name Amen.

  334. I have huge financial difficulties and hope with God all things are possible has God did it for Abraham He do for me Amen

  335. Please pray for my grandchild. I don’t understand what she is going through but it worries me every day. There are so many crazy hurtful things out there that she can get into. Please pray that God will save her soul from a burning hell. Teach, train, and walk with her every day of her life.

  336. I am asking prayers for my Sister who is currently in ICU with a severe heart and lung issues. Requesting prayer for my cousin who is currently getting chemo for cancer. Prayer for multiple friends suffering through COVID-19. Prayer for a dear friend of mine suffering with Alzheimer’s disease/suicidal ideation, and daily renewed strength for his wife. Prayers for a young man with depression/bipolar, and another that has to have multiple eye surgeries. Prayer for wide world repentance and healing, for the loss and homeless, for those suffering with cancer, mental health, Veterans and those incarnated, for our leaders in this Nation. And finally for myself (Mary Margaret) as I prepare for surgery on November 11, 2020. In the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus I ask all these Blessings and Miracles! Amen

    1. Dear Mary I pray, that our Precious Lord Jesus Christ will meet all the needs of yourself family and friends. According to His riches in Glory, Prayers for His Wisdom and healing and restoration that Jesus will make a way where we see no way. HIS LOVE CONQUERS ALL. Blessings Sylvia

  337. Please pray for my mental, physical and spiritual healing. Pray for my husband Andrew salvation he is lost & in the wilderness. For restoration of our marriage we are separated divorce pending. In Jesus mighty powerful name I pray amen.Thank you for your prayers.

  338. Pray for our meeting with the people whom my niece borrowed huge amount of money, Please pray that everything will be ok, that God will touch their hearts and they will understand us,, no heated arguments or anger among us. That this meeting the God will be the center of our discussion and mediator. That the meeting will come up with for the good of everyone. Pray for all us to give us strength specially my niece , that someday she will recover and redeem her name. We already claiming the victory. Lord I pray all of this through the mighty name of Jesus , our savior. Amen.

  339. Father, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray for restoration of my relationship with my son Rosmound. I pray that You release him from the bondage of the enemy which is holding him hostage under the infirmity of depression and anxiety. I come against the spirit of the enemy that causes him to despise his family. Lord, restore his peace,joy and happiness, in Jesus’name. I thank You in advance for answered prayers,Lord. Amen.

  340. Please pray for me. My name is Amy. I am so weak, both mentally and physically. I am addicted to heroin and can’t get free from it, I surrender all. I am to u my lord. Please save me from death, in Jesus name amen.

  341. Pray with me I am not working i need the Job so that I can support my family.pray with me there is no peace in my family we always fight over small thing there one who works earns R350 every week but she dont buy us food to eat were struggling but I trust my God he will rescue us Amen.

  342. I pray that God helps me break through my financial struggles I pray and hope he will send a guardian angel inform of a human being Amen

  343. Please may you pray for my salvation, Jesus I pray that he will redeem my soul from the hands of the enemy, I pray that you deliver me from anxiety and depression, increase my faith in you Jesus oh God please deliver me from destruction and heal my heart renew my mind thank you Lord.

  344. Lord almighty in the mighty name of Jesus christ I pray for my father in-laws zankewu, my mom inlaw Paulina and my brother inlaw madala and family as a whole that they must accept Jesus christ as their lord and family in Jesus christ name amen

  345. please help me with prayer so many medical issues in my body also financial problems not only
    with me but with my family. i need healing from bone cancer 3 years taking treatment chemo and liver
    problem high blood pressure and this past week i start getting swollen feet never had so much swell
    as now. all these general curses so tired my family need the Lord’s miracle healing, salvation, financially
    and so on, please also pray for my nephew Manny, his daughter and wife they need prayer his daughter
    got the CO-19 from school now they are quarantine can not work and to many bills, we need God’s
    protection from this terrible various the whole world need protection thank you so much
    God bless you all

  346. Please pray for my husband, may God protect him from terror attacks. He will live to testify of God’s blessings and protection in his job. He will come home and meet his family safe and sound. The Lord will keep watch over his life. No evil will befall him in Jesus name, Amen

  347. Pray for me for a breakthrough in my career. I went for a service medicals and am waiting for a call up. Am praying for divine intervention from God. AMEN

  348. Heavenly father almighty God I pray for restoration of my marriage and relationship with my wife. We have been separated for 5 months. We have a lot of anger and hurt. I pray for softening of hearts to be able to work on our issues. For our little girl who is caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing to heal our marriage in Jesus almighty name Amen.

  349. Hello,

    Am from Philippines but been here in NZ for 22 years. Am 54 now. I got married to a kiwi and have 3 boys. I got divorce 10 yrs ago. Losing our house and taxi business was the reason we got divorced. Lots of arguments and misunderstandings. The boys are still little by then. Because of the divorce, we moved to Waimate then Oamaru. Moving lots of times and changing schools didnt have a good impact on my second and youngest son. They developed anxiety & depression. My life has become so stressful . Because of stress, I had so many ills as well. IBS, eye problems and high blood pressure. We moved back to Chch. My ex husband also left me a big debt in my name which I got nothing to do with because he run the business himself.

    Am just trying to digest all these and am not getting ahead, I got no job, I homeschooled the 2 boys as they cant take High School in Oamaru. Nothing is going right in my life. I felt some kind of curses, spells & witchcraft has been casted on me and my family.

    On top of that, I am in a long distance relationship. He’s from Utah. We been communicating for 3 yrs. We met once but just 3 days in America. All is going well but when I’m supposed to see him again this June, it didn’t happen because of covid. We are both Christians. We didn’t even have sex when we met because we both believe in getting married first. But my world came crushing down one month today when he emailed me saying that our relationship is not working. The covid might take years. I didn’t see it coming, we are so in love. We video call everyday. Emails and chats also everyday. he is my only joy while going through all my trials. Now its slowly going. He still message me but very seldom. He did say, he’s started dating this lady and he is not rushing into making decisions. So thats why he still messages me very short messages saying he is still thinking of me.

    Please pray for me in all areas of my life. Supernatural healing for me and my boys, financial miracle as we are really struggling ( we don’t even have a car & just renting). And relationship restoration. Am not getting any younger and I dont want another man in my life, Troy is amazing guy. Kind, generous, very loving and caring. he also lost his job during this covid and has not found one as of now. He lost it 3 months ago. He’s also in deep depression having lost his job. I want us reconciled and bein harmony with each other and eventually get married next year. I dont think he can just shift his feelings for another woman in just a month or two. I was just thinking could that other woman put a spell on me and my Troy to break us up. Please pray for me and my boys. I believe that when 2 or more people are praying then its more effective.

    Thanks for listening to my story. Zylla

  350. I pray for healing and restoration over my heart, mind, body and soul. Father God please heal me from the spirit of anger as it overwhelms me at the best of times.. Please bless me with the spirit of forgiveness and peace in my daily life, especially with my family.. I pray for your devine intervention in every aspect of my life that I may become a vessel of the Lord, please forgive me Lord and continue to do you work in me. I pray for peace, patience and love to prevail in my heart and in my life in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  351. Heavenly Father, I pray for divine intervention and protection over my family. Praying for my kids as they’re going through the pain of sickle cell disease. Father I pray you heal Ahmad & Ishmael from this dreadful disease. Praying for the rest of my kids from emotional and mental healing also for myself ad I am going through a lot of heaviness, restore peace , love & happiness again into our lives. Also am about to purchase a house, please direct me to the right one Lord. May your will be done in our lives and may the peace that surpasses all be with us in your Mighty Name I pray Amen??

  352. Thank you for the resources. The resources are a blessing. May you and your family be blessed.
    I have four children and I ask God to save Michael (20), Maya (17), Meena (13) and Mia (16). We are Christians, but I ask to break generational curses: Divorce, father alienation, mental illness -especially- gender confusion, sexual immorality and grief, obesity, anger, maternal domination of home and child rape.
    The father, my ex-husband left our marriage. The kids hearts are broken.
    The kids are smart and well-behaved.

    Thank you,

  353. Hi I need a prayer for restoration of my marriage My name is Victoria and My husband is Vincent he applied for a divorce and I really need God’s intervention I do not want to get divorced and lose my family

  354. Please pray for Jason n Chyna, they need restoration and healing in their relationship n marriage. Also for other marriages in my family.

  355. I’m trying to have faith in Gods plan. There seems to be so much of the d bike work surrounding me. I feel very alone and it’s hard to know what the right answers are. I pray for God’s wisdom and strength because I need it more than ever.

  356. Father in the name of Jesus I pray for my mum and dad let their marriage be restored and become stronger than ever.

  357. Please pray for my wife Samantha Ivankin and I leacing apart for 3 months with so much hatred , anger and forgiveness. I has father didn’t provide for and commit many sins. Asked fir Lords mercy to forgive and restore my marriage. AMEN

  358. Please pray for me that me and zella will get back together and that we will get married and love each other for eternal life, he is my baby daddy and the love of my life, please please please pray for me

  359. My prayer request is to save me from 2 coworkers who persecute me, act nice but I feel the tension from their slander and backstabbing gossip. I pray for them to be removed from working with me and taken out and be replaced by 2 professional and ethical workers. God bless you. Thank you God that my prayer is answered.

  360. Please pray for me as I was graded unfairly by two supervisors who was unfair in my job appraisal.It was done in spite please pray they will repent and rightfully give me the grade I deserve .

  361. Father please help me to pay my debt I want to be debt Free so I can have a peaceful life , father I am asking for forgiveness in doubting you please forgive me I believe in you and put all my trust in you thank you father for your love and blessings I love you Jesus Amen.

  362. Dear Lord Jesus i pray that the dark force thats tormenting Cleo will leave her…i pray that Your protection and and light surrounds her that the devil cant come Help my child please Lord


  363. I Live with spinal Injury and am currently dealing with a severe bladder infection occasioned by serious pains. Please join me in prayer for recovery and healing in Jesus’s Mighty name! Gabriel

      1. Dear lord I Glorify your precious name for all you have done ✅ in my life my family life ,Thank you for this year 2021 you let me see
        In the name of Jesus I declare this beginning year 2021 it’s my year for the kingdom of God to manifest in my life life and my family
        Happy new year.. you all

  364. Pray with me this covid-19 pandemic has hit me so hard. I’m praying for the Lord to make a way where it seems there is no way. I haven’t seen my six year old son for more than a year. I miss him so much. I’m waiting on the Lord to make a way so that I can finally stay with him. Lord hear my prayer

  365. Heavenly Father,in Jesus name, I pray that you would deliver my marriage from destruction by the devil through adultery and witchcraft. Elizabeth

  366. Heavenly Father, I pray for physical and mental health for my son Benedict. I pray that you will lay your mighty hand on him and heal him. My son is on drugs, I have tried all in my knowledge and I have failed. You knew him before he was born, I put my trust in You Oh Lord and believe that one day, my son will see the kingdom of God
    Praying for the rest of my kids and for myself for emotional, physical and financial healing in your precious name I pray.
    The storms in our lives keep increasing oh Lord, Please bring a Peace and Answered Prayers as you Calm them all; This I ask in your Mighty Name AMEN ??

  367. I am homeless with my two year old son. He just had two sudden brain surgeries and by gods Grace he is alive and healthy. I have been struggling to make ends meet and get my own place. Before when I had places to stay I always took them for granted. Never again. I’m so hurt by my family who rejects me at every turn and uses my past against me. Everything I do even if it’s right fuels their hatred evil and mental abuse they put on me everyday. I’m tired, but I know god has a plan for me. I have a small business thank god. But I haven’t been making sales lately. It feels as though I have hit a brick wall and nothing is happening. I’m faced with all these things with what seems to be no way out. I have no income, no job, no home, and I need to take care of my son. Sometimes I go days in a row without bathing because I’m so depressed. I spend nights thinking about how I’m going to live once my family abandons me for good. Me and my family have real problems getting along. We don’t talk and when we do all they seem to do is manipulate the situation, scream, and cast blame, doubt, and negativity. I’m so tired of them but I still haven’t given up in them no matter how much they make me upset. I am lonley even though I have a son, when I look at him I see a angel and a blessing. I love him so much. I have never been able to keep a job for more than a year. I can’t drive a car and I have literally nothing. I have the stuff from my business I store in my moms garage and a suitcase with some clothes. Lord… All I know is that god has a plan for me…and he will use the bad for my good. So I thank him for all the closed doors…because the one he opens no one will be able to close.

  368. Oh lord I come before you today to do a miracle in my life. I pray for divine restoration, I pray for blessings. I pray u bless me with a good and stable job. I pray u bless me with my life partner.I pray for my siblings bless them with good jobs. Give my father something to do. Grant me, my parent and my family financially breakthrough. Help us to b the head and not the tail. I pray for grace at work today help me to meet my target today dear lord. I pray for my sister and brothers exams and project .help them to come out in flying colors. meet us at the point of our needs.Thank you Jesus for answering my payers in Jesus name I have prayed AMEN.

  369. Hello I would ask for prayer for myself. I’m battling coming to terms and acceptance of the death of 2 of my sons.. Somedays it’s almost unbearable. At least in my mind and thought process. I’m having a hard time understanding total surrender. And I pray that I can get to where I’m destined to be.. In the name of Jesus, Amen…

  370. Please pray for the court case of my spouse benedict walenenea and miriam komena
    that God will help my spouse to win this court.

    God richly bless us

    Rita Bata’anisia Walenenea

  371. Heavenly father, I come before you to surrender all to you. My life,children everything about me and my family to you. Take care of everything Amen

  372. May you pray for me for financial breakthrough. I am at a position where I have so many debts and yet I still need some money for my wedding and the establishment of my home. I am trusting God for 300 USD. May the Lord bless you as you pray for this need of mine

  373. Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with my fiancee noel who is bewitched and controlled by his family and baby mother .They have him living at their home and paying their bills and doing things he should be doing for his fiancee.They have taken control of him and brainwashing him that I’m controlling him .They are evil especially his sister that he is living with .She does not even want him to spend time with me anymore .She told him not to carry his clothes to my place and washing for him .He does not visit anymore .She has him cooking and doing all kind of things and she has a husband .She is a witch and mashing up our relationship because she wants him to stay and her house and control him. Please pray for his deliverance because that’s how his mother and other brother and sisters control him..

  374. Please pray for me I am rejected and no love is shown to me by my fiancee noel because of him straying and because of the influence of his co-workers and family .Help him to move from his sister house where he is controlled by her and her family .Help us that we get married and I conceive and that he will move out of her house .His babysit mother has also bewitched his mind and giving him the impression that I want to control him .He is blinded by their lies and witchcraft .Please pray he will be delivered from their lies ,control and deceit and see the light that I’m a true woman of the Lord who wants the best for him and us .He has not given me any money to help financially for a year because of his family ,babymother and other women .I am suffering because of this .He needs deliverance from these evil people

  375. Jesus, thou son of david have mercy on me, I pray that my employment letter be release to me before the end of this month in Jesus name

  376. Oh God my saviour. Hear my earnest plea,that my Green card be released without no hinge. Forgive my sins and cleanse my ways with your precious blood.
    I called on you this day,O Lord please do not forsake me. Answers to my prayers will.turn sinners to you and I will speak of your faithfulness to the people and your loving kindness to all the nations.
    Look from heaven and behold me in my low estate..rise from your throne and help me. In Jesus name. Amen.

  377. Please pray for me and my son as we are going through some very tough times right now. We are being taken to court over my granddaughter by her mom who is a drug addict and I’m asking you how to pray the court date is in two weeks and I’m asking for prayer that God will stand in the quart room on behalf of this little child who cannot be put back In a home with drugs alcohol and guns

  378. Join me in asking God for his divine protection,open doors,unmerited Favor over my marriage that is about to take place by November 2020

  379. My wife of 24 years left me 2 years ago. She did not love me no more. The pain is deep. I’m still in love with her. Its unbearable and life is lonely without my Mona. I need a miracle from God. I just can’t continue in my situation
    No other man will ever love her like I do. Please God return to me the woman you gave me back in 96. I can’t do this without her and my children at my side. In Jesus name
    From Louie.

  380. Prayers please for my husband Frans who after suffering for 3years with drastic chemotherapy treatment the oncologist told him that chemotherapy was ineffective and negative feedback cancer spreading rapidly my husband Frans had great faiitj in God Almighty now he doomed depressed and feeling betrayed his moral went down as the oncologist did as Pontius Pilate did we are really weeping and anxious feeling empty he saying death is creeping around me to grab me He was full of expectations please help us to overcome this misery we are in thank prayer warriors

  381. I am praying for a loan to help my girlfriend out with a bad situation. She has been in situ for almost 2 years and needs my help to get back to me. (no she is not in prison). She is everything to me outside of God and Jesus. Please pray with me.

  382. Abba Father I thank you for all the benefits I have received from you . Father make a way for me where there’s no way,bless the works of my hands and continually provide for us in Jesus name ,

  383. Hi. Thanks for helping people in times of difficulty. I want you people to please join me in prayer. I’m entangled financially. I owe people lots of money as a father of three children. Right now I don’t even have money to settle my rent issue and the landlord is behind me like what. I’m praying and I really need your help too.

    Thanks and God bless you all for the hard work.

  384. Please prayer for me to get a good job, I studied BSc in Airlines Tourism Hospitality Management and I completed in 2014 and till today there is no job, please pray. And please pray for my wedding which will be in 14 November 2020 for the finances for the wedding because we are both not working

  385. Abba father ,the great provider,I thank you for all your showed blessings upon my life and my children’s . Thank you O my God.

    1. I ask God to grant me favor in my Business open door to new opportunities for my Companies.
    2. For the past three days i have being having bad breams nightmare dreaming, Sunday i had a dream of a black snake, Monday i had a dream were i was told that my mother was no more and Tuesday i had a dream of a spiritual wife.
  386. please pray that the lord will heal smiley from Hiatal Hernia, and gastritis, and deep pain hes in, his name is Smiley, please pray thatthe lord will heal him, that when he goes to get ex-ray that they will not be no Hiatal Hernia or gastritis there or no sickness and his body.

  387. Pray for restoration of peace and love in my marriage.. And also God to bless me with a job ,and wisdom to boost my new business ??

  388. I pray for God’s destined life partner for me m all those in need of dier good heart desires,this year 2020 to b granted through Christ our lord

  389. He hurts me everyday with his words and doesn’t like to be told his faults. The worst is that he feels he has that right to say whatever he wants and I just take it without any comment. There is no peace between us and I am crashing down. I don’t think I can take any more. I have been praying but no change. Please join me in prayer.

    1. May, God grant peace and understanding to both of you, so that both of you can treasure and build what you have, May Lord Jesus bless you and your family and give you strength to keep persevering even when you feel you want to give up, Amen.

  390. Plaase pray for noel who has left our relationship and gone to a Jezebel with his promiscuous and cheating Pray he will come home and that all witcraft that is operating inmy life be destroyed and that all witches and warlock be exposed and diminish

  391. Prayer for big financial breakthrough- millions in the now not getting any younger, losing home and struggle with a debilitating disability. No employment. Help

  392. Thank you dear God, for this beautiful morning. I have a job interview today. Prayer request I get this job offer with better pay and with a much better support system from upper management. God please lead me in the right direction.

  393. Please pray for me and my kids husband and family for restoration of our lives hearts minds together and to most of all God please pray for healing over my body an kids we’ve been struggling with sickness for years till now headaches daily pains chest in my ears now and i believe I’ll be healed and my kids ,I trust God is going to bless us financially to be reunited with my husband mom family overseas and I’ll find peace joy happiness within our home lives hearts I pray for a financial breakthrough a supernatural breakthrough i tear down every strong hold blocking my life every strong man holding or stopping my blessings removed now in Jesus mighty name in my life and family in Jesus mighty name Amen

  394. Thank you for your prayers! Please join me in prayer. We are in desperate need of God’s will and intervention. My ex spouse and I have been divorced for a year (separated for 5 years-officially divorced for a year). This has torn our family apart. Now I know, why God hates divorce. Our children’s joy, peace, and emotional stability (as well as mine) has been on a seesaw. We are a praying family, we trust God for healing, deliverance, and reconciliation within our marriage and family. We made decisions foolishly, and now we are all affected by our irresponsible choices. I became a believer 6 years ago, when all the craziness in our marriage got worst. Unfortunately, my spouse did not become a believer. He has strongholds (drugs and alcohol) in his life that led me to give up on him not realizing that what I did was not God’s will for us. I never asked for his council. My ex spouse has turned away from our children. He has been this way since the separation. My children feel deserted by him and even me. We are leaning to God’s understanding and strength. There are good days and some that are hard to bear. Our family also prays for us. We need God’s mercy, grace, and help. As a mom, it hurts me to see them hurt, and know that because of our actions our children and us are now facing these situations. My ex husband’s heart is hardened. I don’t blame him, because we were both participants of this mess. However, I am asking for God to work in our heart’s and that he may pour out his restoration, healing power unto our family. I know that what seems impossible to us, is possible to God. Please prayer warriors, pray for us and all the families that are going thru similar situations. May God lead us to his path forever. May he turn these ashes into beauty. I’ve come to repentance, and I am welcoming God into my life. I was blind, but now I see. I need His best plan for us! I’m surrendering my life to his will. We need him desperately. Our family needs peace. We need a breakthrough like never before. May this be to God’s glory and honor.
    Thank you!

  395. i ask for prayers for my marriage, my husband has been having an affair and even after I found them coming out of a hotel together (1/5/19) he still won’t end the relationship with her. She is also married and has children. I know that he is still her, even though he denies it. I stopped bringing her and the relationship up, i stopped calling and texting her in my attempt to give it to God but I am frustrated as nothing has caused him or her to end the relationship. I plan on retiring from my job at the end of the year and my spirit is telling me to leave him, move out and divorce him. I want to follow God’s lead

    1. Please don’t give up on your marriage and your family, you’re husband will realise his mistake and return, forgive him and accept him unconditionally, the same way God loves you and forgives you, May you and your marriage be restored better than before, Amen

  396. My wife Kim and I have ahad marital difficulty for 10 years. She has filed for diverce a few times. She moved out again. She announced yesterday that she is filing again.

    She has developed a drinking problem. She gets drunk and has no memory of what she did while drunk, a distored version of events, or accuses me of making it all up.

    The other night she drank to much. I went to check on her in the middle of the nights and she attacked me.

    I tried to get help form her father. He defended her and blamed me.

    She awoke saying horrific evil things about me to our 6 year old son Joshua, making him cry.

    I sought help from county family services. They are having me obtain a restraining order.

    Praying for restoration of our family and her deliverance from alcohol.

  397. Thank you almighty for you are a covenant keeping God. Thank you for your endless blessings and love. Thank you father for no one will steal my joy and peace from me.
    Brethren pray for me and my children. My son will continue with his WAEC exams on Monday.

    1. I have been reading your beautiful prayers for your children and their classmates. Your trust in God and belief in his provision for you and your children, your adoring childlike faith in your Abba Father has been a blessing to read and oozes out in your prayers. I believe God is very pleased with your beautiful simple, courageous trust in his willingness and ability to hear and answer your prayers. May he give you your hearts desires and continue to protect and care for you and your children. God Bless sister in Christ.

      1. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings in my life. Please answer our prayers in this page. May you give us your peace and give us our breakthroughs as according to your will in Jesus Mighty Name


  398. I pray that the Almighty God send His healing power down on me. My feet and hands are hurting seriously and I need this special and urgent healing from my Lord Jesus.

  399. Can you please pray for Tracey FRIMPONG God Divine healing upon her body to be heal from lung cancer in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

  400. Please pray that the truth will be revealed to everyone in the field and the town about the misrepresentations and wrongdoings..

  401. Help me to overcome my God guilt shame is bombarding me I believe in you and your word that I am forgiven but my heart is hurting cos I continue to listen to the lies of the enemy that tell me I’m not a real Christian and am a failure I want to be all that God has planned for me but its like the is blockage I ask discernment and wisdom from you my Father, I ask that you help me to accept that I am who you say I am forgiven I love you Jesus and need you SEL

    1. I pray for you and Noel, May he realise his mistake and the love he has for you and may your relationship be restored, Amen

  402. I pray for the person (prashant ) one of my closest person
    To have a peace of mind and make him physically and mentally and spiritually heathly and dnt let negatively harm. pray for his health wellbeing and his personal life and let him know the worth of his own life i pray in the name of Jesus that he may have a strong heart to. Handle all this Amen

  403. Father almighty, please guide me in my relationship. I am in love with someone and have given him my heart. I am not sure why I have been feeling so insecure abt him n the relationship. Please god guide me and show me my heart. Please father take away my insecurities and jealousy. Father this man loves me so much. Please guide me and take away any negativity from my heart. God please keep us safe, Healthy and secure. Father I feel lost at times and need you by my side. Please father guide me, alway.

    1. God is always besides you, are you besides God, have faith in your love have faith also in God, May you be blessed and prosper, God bless you . Amen

  404. Heavenly Father please pray for my partner and his current court case. Please help guide him and let him beat this case. Father God please guide him and give him clarity, help show him the way. We both need your guidance and love. God I pray for him to come home to me, healthy and safe. I need your help with him becoming the musician that he is supposed to be. God please shine your light on us and bring him home and beat this case. Thank you lord for being magnificent.

  405. My heart and life an soul is broken i can’t write all am going through with the tears flowing down my cheeks the pain in my heart and hurt my life has been experiencing over years now am lost without you lord so i dedicated my life and body to your service i need to find peace that surpasses all understanding happiness I’ve not smiled in years but no more satan loose your hold from my life my marriage my husband my kids my business. I receive Joy a better life great frens home I need to be restored with you lord to know you more i fully commit all my life problems in your hands everything I’ve prayed from 2015 you heard i know you’ll hear me again my heart is broken my mind my soul I believe wonders are still what you do I believe you will restore my marriage to my husband and soften his heart and mind towards me and our children the cheating adultery lies the times he finds to spend with other person i decree it broken now in the mighty name of Jesus I declare that my husband Jason will return home to us an it will be for your glory lord to heal other marriages lives relationships God am releasing my husband in your hands my family my life and I thank you for restoration and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus I receive my blessings of traveling overseas and to see my mom soon and a breakthrough the human mind cannot fadum in the mighty name of Jesus christ Amen GUYS AM BEGGING PRAYERS WHILE I PRAY FOR MYSELF AND YOU ALL TOO GOD BLESS

  406. Please pray with and for me for work please, that the lord will open my doors to get a job, I’m desperate please

  407. Please pray for me, having married for two years now, am poor my husband is also poor, I don’t have working doing still in my parents house for feeding, and my husband don’t have money to start up a good Business, am asking God to bless me and my husband to become rich… Amen

  408. Please pray that my family will recover the money lost due to the closure of family restaurant.
    Pray, that GOD will bless our family with creative ideals,witty inventions to create Multiple Streams of income BUSINESS that will bring us great peace, joy and success . BE a Blessing to others and bring GOD MUCH GLORY.

  409. Please pray for me I recently stop doing drugs my next step is to stop smoking cigarettes I been praying everyday for strength to make it thru because I know God has other plans for my life

  410. Please pray for my broken relationship and the lies and cheating ways of my partner ,I pray that he will be exposed and confess of his sons and wi ked ways .He has hardened his heart towards God .Please pray for noel that God will change his cheating ways

  411. Pray with me for breakthrough in every area of my life. It’s been quite a long time since I have been experiencing failure, rejection and fear. I surrender all my life to the almighty father of all to pour his blessings upon me. Thank you for your help. May God bless you. Amen

  412. Please say a prayer for the broken hearted people in this. Sometimes life throws curve balls at us and catches us completely off guard. The ending being pain and despair. I pray for your minds and your heart’s to be healed. And for the protection of your mind from the devil’s lies and scheme’s. In Jesus name, Amen

  413. My prayers go out to any and all persons that not only are dealing with drug addiction but are dealing with mental health disorders. Some due to the fact that they used drugs and it has forever changed them. I pray for their recovery and for the devil to stop playing tricks are their mind. I pray defeat all evil. In Jesus name, Amen

  414. Please pray for permanent work offer and Work Visa to go through before 20 September 2020, I am desperately trying to stay in New Zealand and not have to return to South Africa, where I will be homeless and it is impossible to get a job to survive. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, THANK YOU , MAY GOD BLESS ALL WHO DO, AMEN

  415. please pray that i receive a new job offer paying more money and good work environment, you have blessed me within this job but i need another father… that will take me into retirement , please bless my resume and give me favor where you send me father. thank you fro prying fro me brother and sister in Jesus Name

  416. Please pray for me, My job is being eliminated and need a new job. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for good job soon. Thanks

  417. Kindly pray for my family for peace to prevail,finacial breakthrough, Spirit of rejection, delay and confusion in my life and my son Ryan, pray for my homeless brother in Canada to stop drinking and be focused

  418. Father your plans for me is good, plans to give me a future and hope. Your promise towards me is to provide all my needs according to your heavenly riches . Father my financial position is embarrassing ,make a way for me Lord and bless me with financial break through so as not to allow your children to be homeless. I wait patiently for your divine favour in Jesus name

  419. Thank you ABBA father for all your love and blessings towards my family. I thank you for my son was happy with his biology examination yesterday. With my brethren in earnest prayers I present today’s subject ( English Language) and my son into your able hands for guidance, direction, retentive memory, understanding, wisdom and speed in writing. Father I have no one to run to but you who has always be there for us.I present my son Deraa,his classmates and all candidates who are writing this Examination for special favour as they write ,in Jesus most precious name I submit this supplication. Amen

  420. Brethren pray with me as my son continues with his exams today.
    Heavenly father I thank you for your blessings upon my family and I. Thank you for blessing my son with this opportunity to be among those writing this exam.Father bless him with understanding, reasoning, comport, direct to points, ability to remember what he had studied and taught, I as well remember his classmates and other candidates who are writing this exam,for God in his infinite mercy to grant them excellent results through Christ our Lord,.

  421. Pray for Eric, that he will be vindicated of the charges made against him and that he will be allowed to return to the United States.

  422. Father let your light shine on me and may I be light and bring blessings to the people I meet with on my daily interaction in Jesus name

  423. Please brethren,help me as we jointly seek for God’s intervention upon my life ,I pray that God wipes away my tears and gives me that joy that comes from him.

  424. I humbly ask for God’s mercy, grace and discernment. I am wrought w/anxiety as I need to find a place to live and I don’t have any savings. I filed for bankruptcy earlier this year so no credit.

    I am also scared because there are layoffs @ my job and my position is @ risk. Waiting to know if I will be laid off is unbearable. There is no exact timetable for when I will know. I am scared. I thank the Lord for keeping the job I love so far. It’s been a blessing.

    The apartment I live in now has been a blessing too for the past 18 months. I know I’ve taken it for granted. It’s a great price and close to work. Now it’s all in jeopardy. I pray the Lord speaks to my landlords and appeals to them to have mercy on me to change their minds about me having to leave because they would like a relative who is ill to move in. My landlord’s wife is particularly intimidating. Lord, I humbly ask you to fill me w/your peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  425. Brethren in the Lord,join as we thank God for his daily guidance,provision and protection .Let us focus and believe that God in his infinite mercy will never leave nor abandon us as we continually present our hearts desires before him .May God hear our prayers in Jesus’ name.

  426. – I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to restore my marriage, find my accommodation and be freed from financial worries and spiritual oppressions! May I learn humility and eat well. May I be a good witness for You Lord !! That I do not fall into flesh and lust. May I not be shameless according to You Lord !! That I speak of all things to the Lord. That I take care of myself and be decent. Let me not be undecided. That I am sexually pure. That I do not sulk my pleasure. That I practice hospitality. May I be authentic. That I save money and earn more money. That I don’t overdo it. That I keep the divine commandments. That I am honest and flexible. Let me play the guitar. That I don’t hurt anyone. May I have the fear and wisdom of God. That I stop lying, judging people and smoking! Make me humble and break my pride, oh Lord !! Whether I am healed, do not be stressed or distressed. May my relationships be restored. Let the world be baptized with the Holy Ghost. May the separation go as well as possible. May I feel loved by the Lord and know his true nature, may I be happy !! That I confess my feelings to her and contact her, that I have a happy marriage. That I carpool and generous evening. May I not be confused. May I be healed and become kinder. That I fast collectively and feel better, less anxious. That I pay my debts and be justified, that I manage my money. May I intercede for the world and find a church. May I take care of my neighbor and repent of my sins, of my mistreatment. May I be more compassionate and find the passion, the fire for You and my wife, Lord !! Be blessed !

  427. I thank you ABBA Father for the ability, wisdom and understanding you bestowed on my son and his classmates during their exams .Thank you my redeemer because the holy spirit ministered to them and they didn’t lack what to write but were filled with inspirations. Continue to bless them as they study for other subjects. May excellent grades be their portion in Jesus name. Amen

  428. Hello and thank you. I am already traumatized by my husband divorcing me after asked for forgiveness and sought the Lord, I prayed and fought got reconciliation only to have him reject me and pursue a marriage to another woman. I am trying to be like the persistent widow but I feel like a fool as people think I am crazy to continue praying for him and our family while hes preparing a wedding with someone less than a year after our court date.

  429. Please pray for my son father’s we live together but his very impulsive and aggressive person he’s been diagnose with type 1 diabetes also he’s very bipolar and a manipulator ; plenty times I have felt very drained and tired but I know in my heart the God is with me and his in control I know with Jesus Christ we can make it through any obstacles and struggles the enemy try to attack us
    Please help Me pray for him and our home and family And his health ; thanks. love you all and my prayers are for all of you in Jesus name AMEN!
    His name is Robert and his 48 years old

  430. God thank You for everything You have blessed me with in my life. I pray for a God fearing partner one who will love me through it all, one who will stick with me till death do us part, understanding and loves and cherishes me and the rest of our family. Amen

  431. Brethren join me as we pray for my daughter’s husband and soul mate .May the almighty in his infinite grace bless her with a God fearing, humble,loving, and caring man. Cause them to locate themselves in Jesus name ,Amen

  432. Abba father may your name be praised forever.I thank you for another opportunity to be at your presence.I present Adrian before you as he continues to write his Exams .He has Literature in English today Father, bless him with retentive memory, understanding, ability to reason and speed in writing. Father I also commit his classmates and every other candidate into your powerful hands for the holy spirit to guide and direct them. Abba father I place my trust in you believing that you will be with them and grant the desired results unto them in Jesus name.,Amen.

  433. Please pray for me. I took my exam yesterday and not sure if I passed. It was really hard. I am waiting on the results. Whenever I check for the results it says not available. I’m worried, please pray I pass. There’s still a possibility where God can turn it around for good.

  434. Please pray for my son who is a drug addict and for my daughter to find a God fearing husband,she has a daughter

  435. Praise God brethren’s, I pray to the almighty God to deliver me from high blood, overweight and help me secure my land title and my house plans. I believe this will come to pass.
    Dear God I glorify your mighty name, and give you thanks for the gift of a Grandson. I pray that he grows up into a great man, who loves God. In Jesus name I have prayed

  436. Pray for my daughter who is being attack by Satan in her mind! Thank you God Bless
    You for having these appts

  437. Abba Father you know me more than I know myself.My husband has abandoned my children and I, I thank you the magnificent God because you have not abandoned nor forsaken us.Thank you for your unlimited provision and protection .Father continue to direct every of our step,action and.thought as we continue to believe that you are always with and for us. Make ways for us where there are no ways and blessed us spiritually, socially, healthily,and financially in Jesus name Amen
    Help my daughter with the present challenges with her goods.The factory will call to accept the goods in Jesus name .

  438. Heavenly father I praise and adore you for you are God. Thank you for the gift of life and for the gift of one another . Thank you for the ability you gave my son and his classmates during their mathematics Waec examination..
    I commit them into your hands today as they write Economics.. Abba father give them the ability to remember all that they were taught and all the have read in preparation for this exam. Father bless them with wisdom, understanding, correct answers,and speed in writing.O God we trust and believe that you have answered my prayers in Jesus most precious name Amen

    1. Good morning my Christian family.
      We thank God for a new day. I have lost a loved one recently and ask you all to pray for my children and l to relief the heaviness in our hearts.
      Thank you.

  439. Please I need everyone’s prayer today because my lecturers are making decision regarding my grades for the essay I have written. Please God help them make a decision that will favour me. I do not want to fail. I must pass this course in Jesus Name.? I worked so hard for this particular course. Lord God, please Grant my heart desires in Jesus Name. Amen.

  440. Please followers of Christ pray for me to have financial breakthrough and to have my own family I believe every good wordd of prayer you made to God on my behalf will be answered in Jesus mighty name…I need a job

  441. Please brethren pray for my son Adrian as he starts his WAEC today.He will be writing Mathematics this morning. I pray for God intervention, correct calculations, retentive memory, understanding of every question and the right steps .God Adrian needs you , don’t abandon him,be at his side to instruct and direct him to correct answers in Jesus name .I also commit all his class mates into God hands for his divine mercy upon them.
    I commit the invigilator into God’s hands for divine mercy, Amen.

  442. Abba Father ,thank you for a new day . Thank you for protection during the night and for providing for us.
    I commit my son Adrian into your hands as he starts his Exams tomorrow .Father bless him with retentive memory, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, concentration, right answers and speed in writing. Father I trust that you wipe away my tears as you bless him with excellent grades and results in Jesus mighty name.

  443. Please pray for my children studies, to pay their Varsity fees
    Financial breakthrough for my family
    Pray for my company, it is still new, I am going to add it to the government for job offer
    And lastly pray for company that owns my husband money to release the money urgently in Jesus Christ name

  444. – I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to restore my marriage, find my accommodation and be freed from financial worries and spiritual oppressions! May I learn humility and eat well. May I be a good witness for You Lord !! May I find brothers and sisters in Christ. May my spirit be tranquilized. May I not fall into flesh and lust. May I not be angry with my feelings. May I don’t be religious and pray for others. May I trust people. May I not be shameless according to You Lord !! May I succeed in my applications. That I speak of all things to the Lord. That I take care of myself and be decent. Let me not be undecided. That I save money and earn more money. May I have the fear and wisdom of God. That I stop lying, judging people and smoking! Make me humble and break my pride, oh Lord !! Whether I am healed, do not be stressed or distressed. May my relationships be restored. Let the world be baptized with the Holy Ghost. May the separation go as well as possible. May I feel loved by the Lord and know his true nature, may I be happy !! That I confess my feelings to her and contact her, that I have a happy marriage. That I carpool and generous evening. May I be healed and become kinder. That I fast collectively and feel better, less anxious. That I pay my debts and be justified, that I manage my money. May I intercede for the world and find a church. May I take care of my neighbor and repent of my sins, of my mistreatment. May I be more compassionate and find the passion, the fire for You and my wife, Lord !! Be blessed !

  445. Heavenly father i pray for your protection, guidance, wisdom and knowledge, your favour, unconditional love, grace for me and my entire family, please daddy you said we will eat the fruit of our labour God please help me and my brother so that our mother who has been there for us since our childhood will eat the fruit of her labour give her longlife so that she will see us all again in Jesus mighty name i pray amen and amen thank you everlasting father.

  446. I would like prayer for my daughter who is great at her job, but she have the enemy who is trying to create chaos among the workers and between the boss and my daughter.
    This girl is a troublemaker and news carrier and God does not approve of that.
    Please.pray that the enemy will.leave the camp and it will become peaceful again

  447. – I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to restore my marriage, find my accommodation and be freed from financial worries and spiritual oppressions! May I learn humility and eat well. May I be a good witness for You Lord !! May I find brothers and sisters in Christ. May my spirit be tranquilized. May I not fall into flesh and lust. May I not be angry with my feelings. May I don’t be religious and pray for others. May I trust people. May I not be shameless according to You Lord !! That I speak of all things to the Lord. That I take care of myself and be decent. Let me not be undecided. That I save money and earn more money. May I have the fear and wisdom of God. That I stop lying, judging people and smoking! Make me humble and break my pride, oh Lord !! Whether I am healed, do not be stressed or distressed. May my relationships be restored. Let the world be baptized with the Holy Ghost. May the separation go as well as possible. May I feel loved by the Lord and know his true nature, may I be happy !! That I confess my feelings to her and contact her, that I have a happy marriage. That I carpool and generous evening. May I be healed and become kinder. That I fast collectively and feel better, less anxious. That I pay my debts and be justified, that I manage my money. May I intercede for the world and find a church. May I take care of my neighbor and repent of my sins, of my mistreatment. May I be more compassionate and find the passion, the fire for You and my wife, Lord !! Be blessed !

  448. Prayer request for husband that grew up in a Christian home and became a believer. He has turned away because God didn’t answer his prayers according to his plan and now declared himself atheist. This breaks my heart, but I know our Creator loves him more than I do.

  449. I pour my heart out asking for forgiveness for my sins and that I healed mentally and physically and emotionally, I asked that you bless me to become a mother and get through nursing school. I’m also discouraged in the home buying process as they informed me of things being on my credit, I pray all this will pass and you hear my prayers for. I also want to pray for my husband as we all make mistakes I hope theres a chance for him to find a job. In Jesus name amen.

  450. I need prayer for my anger problem, prayer for healing at mediate healing. I have fibromyalgia sciatica of the nerve arthritis in my whole body and high blood pressure. And I want to be able to heal people, lay hands and bring the blind to sight, the deaf to hear, just to heal God’s people. in the matchless name of Lord Jesus Christ

  451. Amen. I received this prayer and i declare it over me and my childrens
    Thank you lord for the blood. of Jesus A Amen.

  452. Lord I pour my heart and cry to you and I ask you for a financial miracle Father I have tremendous financial strain please help me Lord in Jesus name I praise thanks and trust you Lord amen and amen

    Trishel Ramnath

  453. I want healing from fibroids.I have long periods and bleeding every day.I am ALWAYS wearing pads,all the time,every day and dark coloured clothing,in case I mess up my clothes it won’t be that visible and embarassing.I feel like an old lady ,crappy. Also I am always tired and weak sometimes.I take iron supplements and vitamins but still I don’t have that much energy….

  454. Aug.9,2020 Dear God I know I have asked you previously for past 12 years. I will always ask and have hope you will bless & shine down on my addicted son that he will recover and go to church, AA or NA meetings. He knows what to do but he needs a crutch. I live to far away from him in another state recently divorce after 37 yrs.and I don’t have the financial means to support him.

    1. my name is Aretha master I read your plea, I was on drugs from the age of 18 years old to age 53 I just got delivered this May on the 9th. I’ve been clean for 4 months now. God delivered me. It’s not something that I did myself but God did it for me he did for me what I couldn’t do for myself he’ll do the same thing for your son in his timing I prayed all those years for deliverance and it just seemed like it wouldn’t come I cried out to God one day and God spoke to me and he said to me that he was going to allow me to get so high that I would never want to be high again absolutely, and that is exactly what happened I got so high I was scared I was going to die and I got on my knees and I cried out to God and I asked him to deliver me because I didn’t want to die I didn’t want anyone to tell my daughter that I have overdosed from drugs and my plea to God was so sincere I was on my knees so long that it felt like I was kneeling on gravel and it hurts so bad I wanted to get up but I wouldn’t get up and God wouldn’t let the high subside I continue to pray and pray and pray on my knees in spite of the pain that I was feeling in my legs it took maybe a half an hour in prayer before God lifted the high off of me but when he lifted the high off of me he also delivered me from drug addiction he delivered me from fornication he delivered me from adultery he delivered me from perversion he delivered me from stealing and that’s what God did for me May 9th 2020 and I thank God with every bone in my body for doing it who the son sets free is free indeed I do not have a desire at Ace or reservation for getting high it is as if it never existed and I can only thank God for that I would never turn back and give up what I long for for so many years and I promise you he’ll do the same for your son because he is not a man that he should lie and he is not a respecter of persons I still struggle with many other things I struggle with anger and lying but what I’m saying to you is truth truth in Jesus and just like I said I’m still struggle with those things I know that he’ll deliver me from those as well so I asked you pray for those things that I still struggle with and I’ll ask God to heal your son and deliver him in Jesus name . Amen

  455. Please pray for me and my family for protection and healing. Right now, I’m having problems with my hands and feet and legs. My job requires me a lot of standing and using of my hands as a theater nurse. Thank you.

  456. The plan you have for me is good and not evil, plan to give me hope and future is you declaration to me O Lord. Abba father I surrender everything that concerns me to you. You are my Alfa and Omega, my beginning and end,.On my own I can do nothing , with you everything is possible.O Lord have your way in my life as we beginning another day, week and chapter

  457. Almighty God – I’m facing a scary transition as I will have to leave the apartment and area with which I’m familiar. My expenses will increase and I don’t have any way to cover them. I just moved to where I am less than 2 years ago. I don’t understand why this happening. I’m struggling to accept reality and overcome my denial. I don’t have many options as I have no savings and I filed for bankruptcy earlier this year so I don’t have any credit. I humbly ask for Your courage and peace. I also ask that you help me find a way to increase my income so I can afford my new place. It’s all overwhelming esp in the middle of the pandemic.

    I know I must ask more what’s God’s will and not mine.

    Humbly, in Your Name, I place this all before You. It’s so hard to surrender. I’ve read “where you guide you’ll provide” so I’m trying to let go.


    1. what is happening to you right now is not rejection because you have to leave Where You Are but it’s redirection to go to where God is placing you God Is Lifting you higher and he’s going to provide for where he puts you every time a door closes God opens another door in the door that he’s going to open before you have faith to walk in it. God always provides where he carries us to he already knows what you need he was just only waiting for you to ask we have not cuz we ask not and where you have lack of faith ask for faith God would give you more faith he’ll take you from Faith to Faith trusting he’ll never let you down he’s always with you wherever you go even when you don’t feel him or see him he’s right there with you just remember always look to the right and know that he’s standing right there holding your hand through everything that you go through sometimes it’s not going to feel good sometimes it’s not going to look good but the outcome will be the Lord’s trust the process and I pray the God keeps a hedge of protection around you don’t let fear creep into your life because of this epidemic remember God’s word he said 10,000 can fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left and it comes nigh you believe that people people can die all around you and you come out unscathed and why because God is carrying you through it there’s no greater weapon in this world and outside of this world then the word of God read it keep it close to your heart believe it and never doubt it and I promise you you’ll see God’s goodness come to pass. Amen

  458. Please man and women of God help me prayer. for the blood of Jesus to cover me and my family’s and long life with happiness,

    And i have a court hearing coming up in UK London next week let me have victory over it and good health for me to have my daughter back ,

    Thank you very much for your help and support

    1. Man and women of God the devil is a liar, please help me prayer for my daughter Elizabeth to return back in my care never been taking back from my care again by the blood of Jesus with fire…, she is the one i have a court hearing for next week,

      Thank you very much for your help and support

  459. I bind and rebuke any spirit of infirmity over Roland my brother Lord in Jesus name. Heal this son of Yours and renew his cells with your life force in Jesus name

  460. Can you pray for me? I’m struggling big time with my finances. I have been trying to get my business off the ground. I feel like I pray, fast, give. I’m doing everything possible but still haven’t seen anything. I know God is there. I know he got me. I just need his guidance and breakthrough with a huge door. Please pray for me. I have been crying for the past couple of days.

  461. praise God I please request for prayers upon my marriage which is about to crumble because of cultural differences, I pray that God may reveal to my husband that in his presence we are all his children & that there is no racism. May u also pray for me to be able to conceive because it’s becoming difficult & he wants to use it as an excuse to leave our marriage. Thank you

  462. heavenly father, I pray that you will heal my daughter from her atopic dermatitis. Please relieve her pain and suffering from itchiness. Let your holy blood Jesus purify her skin her whole body. Restore her health. and give her a beautiful smooth supple and itch free skin in the mighty name of Jesus Christ i pray amen

  463. Praise God!

    Thank you Father for your unconditional love. I am truly grateful.

    Thank you for the wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon me.

    I pray for excellence for my children in every area of their life.

    I pray my son will pass his exams with distinction and be accepted into the university of his choice.

    I pray for your continuing guidance Father in all areas of my life that are concerning me.

    I pray not to deal with the matters personally but to always leave my burdens into your hands as you are a Faithful God.

    Thank you In Jesus Matchless Name.

    Amen ?

  464. Please pray for me and my family
    1. for protection and to break curses placed against our family.
    2. For peace and forgiveness
    3. Healing for my mom after losing her third adult daughter
    4. For work protection and new opportunities
    5. For financial breakthrough on myself and my children
    6. For career breakthroughs on my children
    Thank you

  465. I am praying for my son Bahyogah who is preparing for his MCAT examination in September that GOD will BLESS him to make an excellent score for him to be able to be accepted to the school of his choice.
    Nothing is impossible with our GOD.

  466. Thank you for this prayer. I would appreciate your prayers on breaking family curses as the signs are very obvious, confusion, drunkenness, financial constraints, joblessness, lust, troubled marriage and separation…’s all a mess. Please pray for me to break this collection of curses

  467. My Dear Lord and Savior,
    Please hear our prayers. We’re the children of the Most High God! He would never leave us nor forsake us! Help us to spend more time praising and thanking you My Dear Lord, surrendering all our worries and fears to you, knowing that you will always care and provide for us. We plead your precious blood over our lives and lives of our children and families. In God’s Great Powerful and Matchless name, Amen!!

  468. Lord every evil mouth that is stopping my daughter from travelling short it. Every evil mouth and hands against my children and grandchild destroy it

  469. Lord help me from those who are pulling down my effort to success. Those that are lying and accusing me.

  470. Complete & total healing for my husband Clyde in W central Florida, No more lung diease. Wiped Clean in Jesus name!

  471. Dear family Im a single mother of two kids from different fathers who are not helping me with maintenance. Which is why I have a yearning and desire to give them a good loving and stable home. Help me in praying for a husband, someone who will love me,spoil me, cherish, hon our n respect me, someone faithful, a cheerful giver, a man that loves and fears God. Also for me to start taking my academics seriously,to prosper and excel academically so I can take care of my kids financially.

  472. Please pray for me my husband left me for another woman and they have two kids he stays with her and he took all his clothes plz pray for me

  473. Family of God please pray with me. I am at a situation of loosing my job for no clear reasons from my employer which I depend on to pay for my home loan.
    On the other hand I am going through divorce from a very abusive relationship. Things get so overwhelming and I am sure I need a miracle intervention from God Almighty. Amen

  474. Fatima
    Join me in praying for God to console and heal my hurt and send helper to me. My partner deceived and wasted my time, i brainwashed me,suffered emotional abuse for several years he has been the cause of my unhappiness.
    Praying for Gods intervention and healing over myself and child .

  475. Thanks for all blessings Lord Jesus.I am the only breadwinner in my family also a cancer patient.
    I believe I am healed now I need a good job to run the family.
    Fill our family with the holy spirit and let your plan fulfill through us.

  476. I pray for my children my five children that they will come to know the Lord and that they will accept Jesus as their savior and that they will call upon the holy spirit for guidance I pray God’s will be done in their lives in Jesus name amen

  477. I took my nclex RN Exam on july 21st & please keep in prayers to pass the exam & work as an RN in NYC

  478. Father lord i pray that protect me and my family from the plans of the devil against us secure us in the blood that speaketh on the mountain of Calvary.
    Draw us nearer to you Lord always guide our ways and bless us abundantly.

  479. Thanks for reaching up with me ,am praying to God to get anew job and favour ,protection in my family and in financial ways amen God bless you all

  480. Lord I ask for strength and guidance through a dark time. I ask that you continue to watch over me and my babies as we strive for the best, lead us in the right direction, fulfill our hearts. Pour out the many blessings that you cast upon us. Heavenly Father, cleanse our soul and mind. Lord continue to stand by us as we get through this financial crisis that has been battling us for the period of time as it has. I ask this all in your Darling son Jesus Christ name Amen Amen Amen.

  481. My lord and saviour grant be victory over all my attacker and enimies that stop be getting a job in my field of study ,financial breakthrough ,children reationship .love life .health and ex attacking my sibling and mum and damaging all relationship with my children,and me ,fight my battle looks like attack in all areas of my life.

  482. Please pray for me to conceive As I am trying for 2 years. I am very depressed about this and stressed. I am feeling shy in front of others so please pray for me

  483. Thanks for the prayers. I feel frustrated and under lots of stress at school. Cause I’m a teacher at the same school where my son is going. Whenever he has problems at school I feel so frustrated. So help me lord.

  484. God help me to get the first price of a tender/bide i have protested for,,,,,,Heavenly Father you are my trust my everything regardless to prevailing political favors….Its Mine i pray Amen!!!!!

  485. God I worship and give you all the praises. Thank you for a brand new day and for your divine protection throughout the night.Thank you for counting us among the living. Thank you for the privilege of being in your presence this morning.Lord God you are my everything . Before your throne I ask for your unmerited mercy,forgive all my sins and envelope me with your everlasting love. Father heal my broken and hurt heart. Help me to forgive those that have hurt me . Please God give those that I have hurt the forgiving spirit to let go the pains I have caused them.
    Lord God make a way for me where there is no way , provide for your children.I cast all my burdens on you my dear God.We shall not be homeless and our bread is sure. My daughter’s marriage is on the way and her future is secured.My son’s exams success are sure and his future is bright. Thank you almighty for answering my prayers in Jesus most precious name,Amen.

  486. Heavenly Father, I am humbly seeking for your help to give my family another chance to be whole again, and may love, forgiveness, repentance, and a heart and mind with a sincere willingness to change for the better prevail. May love, trust, faith and happiness blossom once again, that is stronger and better than ever before. I claim, I believe and I therefore receive that we will be able to worship you altogether once again, as a whole family. Lead us, and be the center of our family, bless us and bind us all back once again together. Shield my husband from committing further sins, and may this be the end of the curse that is tearing our family apart. Let happiness, forgiveness and love prevail. Thru you and with you, nothing is impossible. All these I pray in the mighty name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  487. Pray for God to remove all pains and moving object in my body. For God to heal me complete deliever me from every attacks of the enemy in Jesus name Amen

  488. Please pray for me to have breakthrough in my finances so I can continue nursing school. Please pray I can stay focused and get very good grades to God’s glory, to understand nursing so I can be of help to others in the future and bless them when God gives opportunity to share His love and gospel with them. Thank you! God bless you!

  489. Am praying for God to open my heart let me know him more and breakthrough in my family, finance and let God take me to the next level and let love lead me in Jesus name amen

  490. Im in a good relationship and im praying and believing God Almighty that my boyfriend Lloyd will ask for my hand in marriage by end of this year…please help me pray for this wish to come true.

  491. My almighty and everlasting God,may your name be praised both now and forever . I am patiently waiting for you to manifest and show yourself in my life. The plans you have for me is good and not evil,the plan to give me hope and a future,that is what my God has declared. Dear God my salary has been from half to none, you are my provider God . Make a way for me where there is no way . Provide for me so that I can take care of my children . Thank you Jehovah jireh.

  492. Praise the Lord,
    Am praying for faniancial breakthrough in our family and for God to deliver as from every evil thought and plans casted on us.
    Am praying for my sister’s child to receive a healing from autism. I believe God is faithfully and will hear our prayers.

  493. Dear God I thank you for my life.
    Lord Jesus I feel my life is a mess. I have been up and down when it comes to settling in relationships. Please Lord hear my cries and send me a partner whom you know he’s perfect for me.
    Forgive all my inequities that are leading me into arms of other people’s partners.
    Please Lord hear my cries because I don’t think I can move on with this guilt anymore. Thank you Jesus for hearing my cries

  494. My prayer request, kindly help me pray for financial breakthrough, things are really tough. Silver and Gold belong to our God, i trust that He is going to provide accordingly, let His will be done in our lives. Let’s also remember my dear sisters and brothers going through a similar problem……..Shalom

    1. Lord God almighty, I thank you for this morning you have given us, God please help me take good care of your children you have given me, let me train them in your way so that when they grow, they will never depart from it, you are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, there’s noo other God like, my family is yours forever God almighty, and thank you for answering my prayers,amen and amen.

  495. I bless the name of the Lord for all the prayer requests, how i pray that we walk together as Christ’s body. May the Almighty God hear all our cries, may He wipe all our tears and above all may He answer all our prayers

  496. Today I just feel overwhelmed with everything it’s like when I do the right things then something else adds up…This stranger’s they stay in my house with me it’s getting out of hand.. I don’t worry about them till they’ll be removed lawfully…but they use my stuff while I’m at work… My prepaid is been abused they just do what they want and I keep avoiding but pray and read my Bible…it’s straining me financially with this men abusing my stuff… They stay here to watch me because it’s they right as they say… And all this is against the law. My son went to stay by his family he told me he can’t take this… So I’m  alone with strangers in my house forced against my will… Said it’s they property and they can do what they want… The police failed me siding with them I paid my lawyer to get a trespassing court order but that’s taking so long…I’m all alone trying to be strong for my kid’s so that these 2 male strangers can be removed… It’s been four months staying with a stranger then they boss placed another guy as well to stay inside my house with me… They don’t want to get a Court Order which the Sheriff must serve on me… They say they’ll stay with me but my lawyer is doing everything by law to get them out… Because the State Police is siding with them now they here illegally inside my house… I’ve been made a public spectical, huminilated, violated, intimidated, traumatized by the police and this perpetrators… I’m a mom trying really hard to be strong and it hurts honestly…. But I’m a child of God and I know He see’s my pain… I just want to be breathe normal in my house again and want my children here again… I’m in my house still because these people do illegal stuff and single mom’s are they targets… It’s a norm here and the justice as failed us… So please pray for me I need a army of Jesus Christ servants to break this strong holds down and they be canceled forever…. I know God is working behind the scenes and I trust Him so much and this will be gone soon… I just want to breathe and enjoy my house with me kid’s, grankids like old times… Am.

  497. Lord Jesus,
    Please bring restoration of the love relationship and Marriage of Patrick And Jolie, I beg that the discord anger bitterness hurt resentment and lack of trust are quashed and passion love understanding compassion trust and longing for each other are put in the negative feelings place, May she open her heart mind body and soul to both Patrick and Jolie for each other , please allow them to forgive and reconcile, and start the relationship in your honor , please let jolie understand no one is there for her as patrick is and please take any person or entity trying to destabilize give false teachings or negative advice and show consume those negative actions and people with the fire of God, Show Jolie Patrick is her soulmate and move her into his world, please bless patrick with the means and support to make jolies dreams cone true and to let him provide for her in every way she needs to be complete, please remove any outside and negative influences to bring your two children into a union that is in your honor and worthy of your blessing, please help Patrick be the man jolie always wanted and for jolie to be the woman Patrick has always wanted , may you bring them together for eternity in Jesus name, I humbly pray that jolie would cleave to Patrick and she will feel and miss him and his love for her, I pray that the evil one is defeated in every way, and that no man or woman should come in between patrick and Jolie, I pray you bless them as a couple and a family in Jesus name, I pray that every arrow shot to destabilize their relationship is brought down in fire and I am demanding 7 fold restoration from what the evil one has taken from us so it is DONE in Jesus name Amen and Amen

  498. I have request for prayer for myself in a situation over my sister God is drawing her to himself but the enemy is doing wot he does best LIES! But we serve a God who speaks only truth and He is the one she needs to break the chains and set her free Hallelujah ? I ask that you pray for me for wisdom. I am a born again child of God through faith in Jesus, He has done mighty things in my life and r Louise sees what He has done for me and knows He is the reason of my joy and faith In Him

  499. This is shan am asking for prayers from you my brothers and sisters in christ for me and my husband J he’s not here with me now we married 3 years now next Thursday coming and he’s committing adultery and not putting out as much time and interest in us his family his kids and me his wife he’s let money took over his life vanity he’s even lost the intimacy in our lives and marriage we’ve been together since high school but he’s always saying he’s a family man he’s working for us but we only spent 1 year in our marriage he’s out there living his life while am hurting taking care of our kids his mom and i gave god my body and life am tired of the devil ruining my joy i need peace that surpasses all understanding joy happiness and i decree and declare that my husband will come back home and we’ll live happily for Jesus with our kids and the stumble my husband has in our marriage will be removed in Jesus mighty name Amen I need a breakthrough

    1. Hello Good morning my sisters and brothers! My name is enude asking prayer for my son taylher Annius 13 yrs he say he don’t want to go to school. he don’t want to do his homework! He only focus playing inappropriate video games!he don’t want to study or focus on his lessons only on video games please help me pray for him! I know nothing impossible with God to do for us ! Amen. ❤️

    2. I declare and decree i am the head and not the tail above and not beneath I received my miracles in Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen. ❤️

      1. I currently require the help in the form of prayer support from fellow Christian brothers& Sisters due to the fact that I’ve ended up being placed in a Gainsvile FL ARC institution for disabled people when I should have been on the road by now working on my mission as a Evangelist acording to my calling from Imanuel..I’ve this feeling that my being stuck in a institution is a attempt by Satan to cause my mission to fail& as I know said by the heavenly king: Where there’s 3 or gathered together in my name there in the midst will i also be!

    3. I declare and decree i am the head and not the tail above and not beneath I received my miracles in Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen. ❤️

      1. Amen. Allelouya
        I’m hungry. for you oh lord transform my life transform my son’s in the name of Jesus the father the fils and the Holy Spirit Amen.?❤️❤️

  500. Fellow Christians
    Pease pray for me for a financial breakthrough, I have applied for a loan and everytime I am supposed to receive the funds there is a hurdle, meanwhile my creditors are threatenng me, I even got a death threat today and I fear for my daughter and family members. I dont want any harm to come to me , I have been praying and I have worked so hard to get these funds and I only need to R7500 transfer fees to have them released and I dont have it, please God I need a miracle right now in Jesus’name Amen .

    1. I need pray for my son taylher annius 13 years i can control him but I know God can fix him restore him properly Because all thing possible with God Amen. ❤️

  501. Please pray for healing of my marriage. I pray God sends the Holy Spirit to overcome my husband to lead him back home so that we can heal together and not separately. I pray for marriage resurrection from the dead and family unity. Thank you God for all you do! Amen!

  502. Please pray for restoration of my brother’s marriage. The storms in their life are increasing. Please pray that all the anger, hurt feelings, stubborness, in their heart to be washed away with the precious blood of Jesus and cleanse their heart and mind from negativity and evil thoughts. Please pray for Peace and for God’s reconciling and healing touch in their marriage.
    Praise you Jesus. All glory and honour to the Holy Trinity. Amen!

  503. Good morning to all my sisters and brothers. I’m connected with you all about 2 yrs ago. But it’s the first time I request a prayer. Our prayer really help me with my family please. Continue pray for me. I’m really in difficult time know am in the country illegally. No paper, No document. You’ll know how hard it is. I have 2 sons, one citizen one born outside the country. him illegal. I’m in New Jersey. My name is Enude. Pray for me for my immigration problem because the lord say 1 :3 Joshua every place I put my foot will be my territory. Again help me pray for salvation restoration new level financial i need job my faith tell me I will testimony Amen ??

    1. Please pray for my hubby Alex, his left brain bleed and his memory loss. He suffers chronic kidney disease stage 5 and his lung got infected by pneumonia several times and his heart is weak. Please pray for him as he is losing his memory and he is still in the hospital. He is anxious to come home everyday and seconds. Please oh LORD please have mercy on Alex.

      1. Lord please heal her husband. YOU know he has blood in the brain. Take it away. Heal him. Restore that family back again. In the name OF Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen

        1. TQ…
          I HUMBLELY asked for continuous prayer for Alex as he needs memory to restore. He is a kidney dialysis patient and I asked ABBA for a new pair of kidneys to be implanted on him in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    2. This is Enude asking for prayer because i have a mountains in front of me Help me broke those mountains. I will declare the glory of God when i delevery my sis and brother
      Amen. ?❤️

  504. Thank you for your site and your willingness to pray. Please pray for my best friend Robert. He has some deep hurt/issues revolving around racism since he was a child. Just the way he was raised. He’s black and I’m white. Our friendship has turned into love for each other but the interracial relationship is a concern for him. He’s trying to work through it. Please pray God work through this for him. Thank you

      1. For myself, I work up each day with a disturbance feeling from my heart. My hubby Alex suffer brain bleeding affecting his memory and still in the hospital. His kidney failure and his heart is weak. Please Lord please restore whatever demage organs in Alex and covered him with Jesus blood. Please load me with wisdom and confidence. Please pray for Alex to get healed and shalom peace on me..

    1. Please pray for my husband Frans who is suffering from Cancer spreading through his body please pray that the new chemotherapy treatment will obtain good health results
      We have been enduring the most difficult times of our lives for 4 years with operations interventions and over 2years of chemotherapy treatment thank you for your support and prayers again CT scan results shall be out on 3rd July Friday morning please pray for good health results God bless you all

  505. Oh Our Lord Christ Jesus!
    We always pray for you to help the Family financial crisis and protection according to Philliphians 4:19 as you said that,” Through your glory to supply all the needs of our life.”
    And “Until now you have not asked for everything in my name. Ask and you will received and your Joy will be complete.”John 16:24
    “Believe in the LORD Christ Jesus and you will be saved-you and your household.”
    Acts 16:31
    We are facing lot of trouble and we need your help by given us opportunity to serve in the family and for the society.
    I pray this through the name of our LORD Christ Jesus as our saviour for ever. Amen.

  506. An urgent prayer request:
    I am humbly requesting anyone and everyone to please pray for restoration of my marriage. Please pray that God help him to soften his heart. May he quit his drinking and start to think straight, lot of lives are affected because of his drinking.
    Above all his marriage is at stake. Please pray that he leave his bad company and start paying attention to his wife.
    Thank you all.

  507. Please pray for me and my husband so God help us financially to buy our own house for now the landlord where we are renting just have ended the contract after we finish paymen of he’s debt please for financial breakthrough

  508. Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy and Immortal One have mercy on all of us. Lord hear our prayers this day. Lord I ask in faith and In your name to restore my sisters health, to give her peace and long life, to also heal Cassie and guide their doctors hands to tend to their physical ailments so that they may receive your healing grace and serve as testament to your mercy. Amen.

  509. please pray for me i try to be myself but fail, parents are too harsh am practically falling apart

  510. I’m desperately looking for a job. I trust the Lord is going to give me my job at the right. I need a job that I’m qualified for I’m tired of working just to feed myself and cannot take care of my son. What kind of s mother am I? Heavenly Father I’m trusting you on this one. If it is your will then let it be done

    1. My husband needs prayer for healing from a bacterial lung infection …he has been in the hospital for 7 weeks and is on a trach and ventilator at night and oxygen during the day.. It has also affected his bladder..

  511. People coming to my home and surrounding to hurt me an harm me for maybe others or family members or badmind i just ask for prayers please have been in so much fear all my life hurt pain and the person after 20 years from high school from he had nothing now don’t even care about if me an his kids are safe once he’s ok and living his up life i wonder when will god ever hear me God has come through already he will again am just waiting on you lord i need you so much right here an now i am on the verge of giving up

  512. Please pray for my wife and I. I did some horrible things by sending messages to others and it has devastated my wife Janet. I am praying these prayers on this site over our marriage continuously. Please join me in praying for reconciliation and that my wife will not file for divorce. I have repented of my sin and asked her for forgiveness. Please pray with me for God to speak to her now.

  513. Dear Jesus I need complete deliverance in my life from lust and any other sin seen and unseen heal the brokenness save my family and please financially open the door for me and my Family to get a house in a safe area and give us your peace

  514. Please pray for my mom she suffered a heart attack… I asked all strongholds of satan be broken…. My mom is covered with the Blood of Jesus… Her left side is weak, she can’t walk properly… They made her sleep over night and did a brain scan… Please help me pray for her a full recovery and healing in Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen

  515. Lord I know your the one who brought me In this word for a purpose, please grant my heart desire, bless me with divine breakthrough, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Also to every of my families grant their heart desire, I commit my life, the life of my family and the life of every son’s and daughter’s which you created into this word into your able hands. Thanks for answering my prayers and the prayers of others through Christ our Lord Amen!

  516. Please people of God pray for me, am having health issue chest pain and chronic headache always. I need’s your prayer’s that Almighty God should deliver me from these problems. And also I need your prayer’s towards Job opportunity that God should provide me a good job, before September of this year. I know that nothing is impossible for God to do and I trust in his miraculous work towards my life that his going to surprise me in a different Way’s.

  517. Can you please pray for me, devil is deeply involved in my life, blocking all directions of my life at my business and my family there is no happiness in my family, no money coming in from my business am actually blocked, please help with prayers, I thank you

  518. Hi my brothers and sisters of christ we need prayers badly the more i pray the worst he becomes i need prayers an god’s intervention for my husband to come back home to us and to soften his heart towards me and his kids to put God first in his life an to turn his heart and mind back to us as his family and leave that ungodly relationship with the woman he’s with and god to convict him in that sin for restoration reconciliation recommitment between us again as a family it’s so hard he doesn’t care about me as he use to don’t call no morning to check up don’t pay me no mind just lives for money lie vanity an says he’s doing good by us but i know god is a restorer and god is a fair God amen it’s done in Jesus mighty name Amen

  519. Please help to pray for my only son who is a doctor to be protected from the covid 19. May the LORD GOD restore his health to the fullest so that he can continue his duty to treat covid 19 patients. Also, please pray for his family to be for good health and protection for this covid 19. The LORD is good all the time. To GOD be the glory. Amen.

    1. Kindly pray for healing in our marraige. Every now and then we fight and evil power takes over my husband and he never talks to me for weeks. Please I pray in Jesus name let every satanic or evil power be distorted in Jesus holy name and restore holy peace and love in our marraige. Amen

    2. I covet your prayers to break family altars, which have affected my spiritual walk with God, my family members are deeply in occultic practices. I need deliverance and my children and myself to be completely cut off from those evil foundations. Attempts to have the members turn away from these evils have been fruitless.
      Pray for my children protection and myself protection from evil attacks, for restoration I have lost much to these evil forces.
      I have faith in God that I shall be fully restored and all my enemies will be defeated. Further healing of my body total healing. The salvation of my children those in Christ to grow in faith.

  520. Am goin to some financial problems right now I have a couple of banks after me. Because of the actual situation of this virus. I lost my job. And the little I have is for my family. Am goin to some depression and anxiety at the same time. Don’t know what to do. I do believe in the power of our mighty heavenly Father. He’s the only one that can help me out on this situation am going.

  521. Father I lift up an end to this deadly virus and then I asked for marriage restoration reconciliation with peace joy love husband family friends set free in Jesus Name. 2 Chronicles 7 says turn from your wicked ways then we will hear from Heaven. We must All pray together for this World. Amen Hello Martin

    1. Please family I want you to join me in prayer, that God will settle me naturally this year, am 36 and I have been in two relationships but not good is commingled out of it

  522. I want God to give me a life partner that matches me,a man after his heart,a man that God has made from heaven.i want my relationship to be stable and lead to marriage.
    I want God to give me a befitting job so that I can help my partner and my family.thank you Jesus beci I know by it’s done. Amen

    1. I pray that God will set me free from the power of prison and help to bounce back to my callling in Jesus mighty name amen

  523. Please pray for me for Deliverance that all strongholds of satan be removed from my property… I comment that I’m taking my Blessings back that satan stole from me… and that he’ll never put his hands on my heritage ever again because it’s God’s possession… God is the Captain of my life and my inheritance… No evil weapon formed against me, my children, family and my inheritance will ever prosper….I command mountain be removed from my life and my inheritance and thrown into the see… God is the Judge of the law and no injustice will prevail against my heritage for I’m the servant of the Lord…Pray for me, my family and property is covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ forever… God send your Angels to remove satans people from my property and they shall not return… Father deliver me from all evil strongholds and witchcraft… Cover all my Blessings with the Blood of Jesus Christ for I will not allow them to take my property as long as God is my Redeemer and fighting my battles… So satan be removed now in Jesus Might Name… Amen ?

  524. Please join me to pray for my brother, he’s the only boy in my family and he is just so completelety different. No one is proud of his wayward life. I want God to please turn his life around and use him for his glory. He’s 20 and doesn’t even have a plan for his life. He seems so disinterested in any thing that has to do with living right. We’ve done everything humanly possible to help him but it’s not working out. God please turn my brother back to your love and life. Amen

    1. I’m Asking For Prayers For Me And My Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship.We Are Staying In Prayer Together That He Will Be Coming Home Soon.In Jesus Name We Pray?Amen Amen Amen

  525. I ask for prayers that all generational curses will be broken and taken out of our family! That all strongholds will be torn down and that the devil will not have a leg to stand on! That my children and my grandchildren will be set free from all curses! That my son will finally be free to live his on the outside of prisons and jails that our family will be rejoined and we will find a home!

  526. Father I pray for financial breakthrough and for my daughter who is in Dubai in search of ajob to get a permanent job. I thank you for i know it is already done. for whatever i pray and trust God for He gives. Amen

    1. I need prayers for my health condition(heart & arthritist & eyes cataract problems)
      I have the faith for complete healing.

      Thank you.

      Saia Lua

  527. Abba Father, you have called me to do something to earn ends meet specially to create a fund to feed my rescued animals. It was your call to help them. But now I am running out of resources totally but you are not. I trust you completely. I can no longer struggle, no more strength left, totally surrender to you. As such, Whatever you put in my hand and whatever you called me to do, I want to put it to best use and be successful. I stand firm holding unto the ground, So Lord, along with this prayer community, I ask you to bless my hands & fill my mind with your wisdom so I become successful in earning this money for my rescues to buy a place and provide them food and medicare and adoptions at the same time. Make me victorious, you said I will lend not borrow, I am the head & not the tail. I am not defeated but victorious, Gratefully in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

  528. God the Father along with this prayer community, I raise my Son Rick Roger Serrao up to you to get his passport renewed right away by Indian Consulate in the US and all the required paperwork to be completed and hold success in his immigration process to the USA without leaving the country. You are a supernatural God, still on the throne making impossible things possible. Whenever he had called down and lost hope, this mother knocked at your door and You brought him so far & I know you will take him further victorious and successful, gratefully in Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    I declare In the mighty name of Jesus victory and absolute success in all areas in Rick’s life Hallelujah … Hosannah…Glory to God, Amen.

  529. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My wife left me suddenly and unannounced after we had spent our entire married life on the mission field. I know that a large part of the reason was due to personality changes that occurred in me after surgery to remove a brain tumor back in 2009. She moved back to her home town and we have very little contact. I am still in full-time ministry and my mission leaders are convinced I have done everything possible from my side to bring restoration.

    1. Heavenly Father, I come to you with a humbly heart .I’m asking for physical healing for my son Amadu as he is battling sickle cell pneumonia. I pray you touch him with your healing hands and make him well again. Also praying for my sister Nancy as she is going through some mental health. Also praying for myself, going through problems at work with co workers. I ask Lord that you’ll intervene and make things better with me at work. Also prayers for the rest my family, I lift them up to you in your precious name Amen ?

  530. I need prayers request for my son Julius. He’s having anger management problems. That’s why he is always in problems at school. I want him to be bless and free from the situation. Amen

  531. I am in need of prayers for my upcoming custody case. My soon to be ex has turned out to be very vindictive and bitter towards me and he was the one that have the marriage where it is today. I am asking for prayers for victory in the custody case as he shows no interest in the children but is bent on getting back at me after he was the one that was unfaithful.

  532. Hello,
    I need prayers for a husband to come , am almost 40 years old lady, never lost hope,.. I need God’s favor for a Husband that really loves Him , so God would open his eyes to see me..

    thanks a lot…

    1. Please pray for my marriage to be restored,we got married last year in may and after a month we differed, up to now we are still on separation. I believe in God he is a miracle worker… please help a sister here…

      1. I need pray for my life, my education, my love life and my health things are not going well in my life, I can’t seem to get anything right, I need breakthrough, I need a boyfriend, I need to pass M thy exams and be able to concentrate when I’m studying

      2. I am praying for the same thing. My husband and I got married on my birthday Feb 10 2020. I left with the kids March 12 2020. We are still separated as of today and his ways has not changed. I am praying for God to deliver my husband from demons he is fighting. It is hard for me and my boys. We have been together since July 2013 and only been married 2 months but separated March 12th. I left with my boys while he was at work and moved to Michigan with relatives.

    2. My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have 4 children together. We have been going through a hard time since November. He said he lost feelings for me and that he has no love for anything anymore. Please pray that he finds his way back to God, for him to feel alive again, and that our marriage is restored.

  533. Father Lord I thank for your grace and the miracle you are about to perform in my life .Dear Lord ,I pray for the fruit of the womb. I know there is nothing too hard for you .You did for Hannah ,Sarah and many more and I believe my miracle is on the way .Dear Lord ,give me a miracle and your praise will be in my mouth forever. I know it is already done in Jesus name . Amen

  534. please pray for me and my family. I’ve been praying that i can finally get home to my mom for 9 months and im 15. My dad won custody of me then and hes been treating me bad ever since and screams at me about how bad my mom is an how im like her and that im a liar. I’ve lived with my mom for my whole life and all she does is pray with me and say’s positive affermations to me and my sister every day. Since my sister is 18 she lives with my mom but i have 3 more years to deal with the heartbreaking pain of being yelled at being told what i am not. I’ve prayed for my dad to change and to let go of the anger he holds into and im still praying. Praying for a miracle for me to go home.

  535. March 22, 2020
    7:41 PM
    I am asking for two prayer requests.
    One, is the upcoming food shortage in Florida (due to the hoarding of food) because of the
    Corona Virus.
    Two……I’m 65 years old, and ten years ago I was diagnosed with MRSA. Now…March 2020…..I’m having 24-hour extreme pain from this. It’s effecting my thinking and I can hardly walk. The Doctors said they CAN’T prescribe ANY pain medication (partially due to the State of Florida Regulations). I CAN go to the hospital, but it would cost me $840 per episode. So I mega-dose on Tylenol and Alleve. I live in Fort Pierce, Florida. And, there’s no local MRSA support.
    Gary Stanullwich

  536. Father God I declare and decree in Jesus Name this Coronovirus is sent back to the pits of hell. I pray for all those suffering those who passed from this virus.. For our families and friends health. It is done in Jesus Name. Amen Hello Martin.

  537. “Hi I need prayer to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems, thank you very much for your prayers!
    Also… I need prayers so that I can go to bed early, so that I can be productive during the day, also that I can pay all my bills off. And get out of debt, so that I can give generously to deserving ministries… marriage with Rosa (newly weds)! Reconciliation with my daughters. And a good relationship with my Ex.
    Dyna that she would be on fire for God! Thank you very much for the prayers… amen… blessings to you!… Andy”

  538. I Declare and Decree in the Mighty Name of Jesus that this Coronovirus will suddenly disappear. Lord please cover Us under Your Mighty Wing. I pray for our marriage restored reconciled forever peace joy love No weapons formed against us shall prosper. Amen

  539. My prayer request is, I want you to pray for me to have a steady source of income to be able to achieve my goal of the year. Which is to build a house and start a part-time couse in a university.

  540. Please Pray for my wife Carolyn, her mother has just been Diagnosed Terminal with one week to live, It is hard for me to find the words to comfort her, I know god loves me and her, I love my wife with all my Heart, I believe God can provide her the compassion she needs to give her comfort and peace in this difficult time, she has been her mothers caretaker for over 3 years now, Please pray for her an Her mother that her mother passes with peace and the love of our Lord Christ Jesus.

  541. Heavenly Father,

    The radiologist gave me a bad report but I believe the report of the Lord. This disease that has been diagnosed in my body is not of You but you will use if for your glory because I am HEALED, totally HEALED in Jesus’ name. I surrender completely to Your will and purpose for this season and know without a doubt that it is Your will for me to be whole and HEALED that I might declare Your good works and power. The grave cannot praise You so, I will bless You at all times and Your praise will be in my mouth throughout my long and fulfilled life. I will see my children and children’s children and my children’s children grow up.

    I am HEALED. I will LIVE and not die, and I will declare the works of the Lord for decades to come. This is only a test and I will pass. I will be victorious because Jesus has already declared it. By His stripes I AM HEALED. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

  542. I am not sleeping it’s driving me crazy also I have not a husband a home or any income as am 54 recovering alcoholic trying do right thing but life is very challenging so am praying and believing for a husband a home and a reason to be,and I will give all Glory to the Lord.Right now though I am SO angry as not been sleeping,have got blood disease and mental illness so I guess should be just grateful that am still alive and Trust that the Heavenly Father has a good plan.Thank you for hearing me.God Bless

    1. Tanya, my name is Ty i am in New mexico .and i stumbled across ur prayer this beautiful morning .as i awoke this morning I could feel the waves of fear and anxieties pass over me as I started to be scared and panicked i began to pray because I KNOW that it is not of God and he has told me that he is always with me and there has and is always a plan for each and every one of us !and I trust in what the lord has said again and again .that we are his and and nothing can stand in his way and plans .and then those feeling are gone because I trust him. The one thing that we can trust and believe in this world and it is our LORD !!
      We are his today and everyday good or bad right and wrong he has always had a loving plan weather we realize or see it can touch it its still his plan and nothing can stop his love of his plans .he knew who we were going to be before we were even alive .and so i say
      THANK YOU Jesus !!
      Have a blessed day and rebuke the enemy out of your every thought .and every night when you can not sleep know that ,thats the enemy attacking you because night is time to rest and sleep .take a deep breath or two and see that there is always spiritual warfare going on around us and anger , sadness ,fear sleepless ,anxieties THESE FEELINGS ARE NOT OF GOD ! so WE REBUKE YOU ENEMY IN THE NAME OF THE LORD YOU HAVE NO HOLD ON TANYA, SHE IS MADE FROM THE LOVE OF OUR LORD AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT OR YOUR HIS PLANS FOR HER FUTURE FOR IT HAS ALREADY BEEN LAYED OUT BEFORE HER .THANK U Jesus ..?walk everyday with purpose tanya you are his ! Have a blessed day! with love Ty

    1. Omoniyi you are definitely in my prayers pray the same for me. My water is currently shut off and i got 3 kids and i know how you feel but always remember dont let your faith slip no matter what.

  543. Hello, please everyone pray for me and my family. We are passing through a rough time me and my husband. We are having financial issue and we have some depth to pay and my father is in hospital. So all of this is throwing me down but I have trust in god because he said he will never leave me nor forsake me so please children of God put me in pray so that we can come out victory. Thank u

    1. Lord raise me up to anything that is not of you
      No weapon formed against me shall prosper
      Thy will be done
      Amen & Amen

  544. I pray that today that I give thanks to, Abba Holy Father, that no weapon formed against us prospered. Every tongue that rose up in judgement was proven to be in the wrong. Lies and false judgements were used to without large amounts of money that I was due to receive. I face foreclosure after two long years of unemployment with adult sons who are unable to function alone. I lived s a widow and sought the company of Christ instead of trouble. I may not see a way at this point, Oh Lord, my God, but I know You will make a way. My dawn is drawing near, I can feel the financial breakthrough right around the corner and the blessings are going to rain down upon me. I stand on your promises, oh Lord, that you alone protect the innocent from harm for I have no other stronghold or defense. You have promised that whatsoever I need and ask for, you will provide to your child and humble servant. I thank You in advance, for my destined victory is on the way. I want only to help others and bless them as I have been blessed. Let your blessings pour to others thru my humbled self. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen!

  545. Please Pray for my husband and I to reconcile. We have both hurt each other but he seems to be conflicted as to whether he should give this a second chance or not. Please pray that the lord calms the storm in his mind and convinces him to stay and work on his marriage. This is my only heart’s desire. I am ready and willing to work on things but he is still resisting out of a fear that if he comes back he will get hurt again.

    1. Please pray for my husband and I. He values and loves work and everything else more than me. He prefers to sleep away from our matrimonial bed and it’s been over two months of no intimacy. Am tired and feeling unloved and unappreciated because I have been doing my best. I pray for twin babies but my husband won’t even touch me. I have fallen into temptations before but I have been clean for a couple of months since and the Lord doesn’t condem me. Help me to also forgive myself and to continue living my husband despite his shortcomings

  546. I want to first give thanks for He that is greater, Jehovah. I have seen him this past week.
    I am still trusting him for increase in business and finances, for life partner and for peace of mind. Please pray for me. Amen

  547. I am praying for another Father God. I had some medical issues last year. My vehicle stopped. I really didn’t have a way to work. I could not get help from my family. I am praying that things come through for me to move with my friend so i can get back on my feet. The last few months been rough. My finances are running low. I am living with my mom been trying to help her out. I pray that God pulls me out this storm. I pray that God make a way for me and my mom. I pray that God remove and obstacles or blockages or chains that is hindering me from receiving my blessings. I pray that God show his purpose for my life.

  548. I’m in need of a new job in the next month. My current job of 3 years went from full time and now they have cut my hours down to 3 days a week, which has killed my finances. It is also a very hostile , cruel & bullying work environment. I desire a position as a sales rep for an aesthetic company that will not only get me out of this financial hole my current job has gotten me into but bless me financially with more a year than I’m making now.

  549. Recently divorced after 14 years I pray for guidance in my new chapter in life. Restore my faith in love! I pray that God would bless me with love that will put God first in our relationship and would love and appreciate me for all that I am.

    1. Can you please pray for me? My name is Isiah and I live with my grandparents, I used to live with a recent ex of mine, I hope she is doing good, aside from our constant arguing and fighting, financial stress is big thing with me and constantly not having the money for anything, I want to recover from drinking alcohol and not be led by temptation or evil anymore, my love life is severely damaged as well and I want to recover from all of this stuff im going through, thanks if you can pray for me, that will really help

    1. I thanks God for everything in my life and family in Jesus name amen, I ask God to return back my daughter Elizabeth in my care in Jesus name amen, I ask my lord to bless me money. right now because of what is going on with me, I ask the lord for good health in my life and children’s, family’s in Jesus name amen

  550. I pray that I may know him and hear his voice clearly, and my relationship with Abba Father, will grow stronger and stronger . I pray that each day that we meet he orders my steps and let his light shine upon us
    I also ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding when I read his word, but most of all to bring peace of mind, body and spirit and also peace in this world.
    Heavenly father, let no weapon form against prosper.
    Father I also give thanks for my church and this website, that encourages me on my journey, to continue on and not give up

  551. Please lift up our marriage for restoration reconciliation forever in Jesus Name for peace joy love. For husband, family, friends, set free mind body spirit for Salvation for them. God please answer prayers for All here. Amen. Hello Martin thanks for prayers here.

  552. Please help pray for me and my husband to have our own child this year. We have been praying and begging our Good Lord for 6 solid years but nothing is happening. I am now impatient. I know that I am lacking something in my faith with God that is why I am being like this. Please beloved Christians, do help us with your prayers.
    Thankyou and May God continue to heal our wounds and fill our homes with blessings and happiness all the time! Amen!

  553. Hello people of God. I just wanted to ask that you please pray for me. I’ve been dealing with sexual immorality spirits for the past 3 years. I continue to go back and forth with God and sin. Every time I commit the sin, I feel disappointed and ashamed with myself. I just want to be right with God and live my life for him. Thank you ?.

  554. Good morning pastor

    I am very very despondent an broken hearted an my faith is failing me now badly – I have prayed begged plead yelled cried to God to pse pse help me with this situation for the last couple of months an ess what God has not come through for me why pastor why can’t He come through for me He sees my tears my heartache the pain why – I am in a relationship with Hermanus Rudolph Steyn For the last nearly 4 years – supposedly engaged but ya – he an his x rosemary caroline Trollip nee smit has been chatting lately an they are talking about me she is married with a child they have a one son When they were to together – now all of a sudden she’s back in the picture after he sworn he will never go back or talk to her I have been begging for him to stop as I am a very sensitive soft hearted person An will neva hurt a person especially destroy a relationship my father has taught me better im not that kind of person that will interfere in another relationship its not right. Pastor I have been on my knees An begging God pse to servere all communication between them as it is tearing me apart – I feel an know he is lying to me hys skelm an I don’t deserve this but I love him with a pure honest heart without any doubt Or regrets – pse pse Pastor ask God to help me pse – I am on the brink of folding it’s broken inside me.

    Thank you for listening

  555. Pray with me for restoration of my marriage. We have been separated for 4 months. We have a lot of anger and hurt. I pray for softening of hearts to be able to work on our issues. For our little girl who is caught in between. I pray for peace and for God’s reconciling and healing touch on our marriage.

  556. I ask for prayer that God will touch my eyes and heal them that I will see as clearly as I did when I was born 59 yrs ago! Thank God bless,Shalom!

  557. please pray with me for restoration of my marriage.we have been seperated for 4 months and there has been so much bitterness and resentment.I pray that my husbands heart may soften and he may be willing to work through our issues and lead his family as God would have it.I pray for leadership and honesty and accountability and understanding.I need a miracle for my marriage to turn around and for us to live as a family again.

    1. May God gives you a job in his gratutude name we pray.
      Our father has given me like me a rejected one with no defender,
      As he defended me he will give you a job at his right time.

    2. Pray for me For Gods Intervention in our My family and also for Spritual And Financial Break Through.

  558. Please pray that my husband and I will continue to spend some time together as our marriage is restored reconciled forever in Jesus Mighty Name for his Salvation and family n friends. For request from all here to be answered also. Amen it is done

  559. Please pray for me and my property that’s been hijacked…. I’m staying in my house still fighting to keep it… The perpetrators left someone with me to watch me… I won’t back down for I know that my God will never leave me alone… He’ll fight for me because He won already…. They try to distract me but I’ll never give in while I have Jesus Christ with me… I dree and declare that no evil weapon formed against me and my property will prosper… In Jesus Name… Amen.

  560. Dear lord I pray for your grace and mercy. I need prayers for my family. My kids are very rude to me when I talk to them. Especially my son is so aggressive and so rude. They are not taking their studies seriously. I’m so desperate and depressed as a mum. Amen

  561. I have recently experienced difficulty with my health, specifically with neurological function that has impaired my abilities at work. Please pray that until I see a doctor, I do not fail at work so my supervisor does not persecute me. Thank you

  562. Please kindly keep on praying for my husband Frans Sammut who is suffering from Cancer and needs prayers urgently please please pray that the new chemotherapy treatment will obtain good health results for him please pray for less side effects and God will bestow healing Jesus I surrender myself to you Jesus take care of my husband Frans Sammut thank you in Jesus name amen

    1. I am praying for my husband who no longer has any time for me and yet is able to make time for everyone else. He says he still loves me but I did something he is unhappy about and won’t tell me. I am praying for forgiveness and restoration. I believe God can bring back the connection, passion and friendship in our love and restore God’s plan for marriage within our life while He gives my husband more financial stability as that’s what he claims takes up all his time.

  563. Please help pray for me and my husband to have a child this year as have been married for 6 years without having our own children like normal.

    I am also praying that every request of the needy be granted in Jesus Mighty Name!! Amen!!

  564. Please pray for a very special friend, Robert. He is struggling with the flesh and strong holds in his life. Please pray God would break and remove the strong holds in his life. Thank you.

    1. I have cancer I am praying for complete healing the lord promises to remove this evil cancer from my body in Jesus name I am claiming this promise amen

    1. We thank God for what God is doing for thousands of people around the world through the power of prayer. Through your prayer ministry, many have had their prayer requests answered. Praise the Lord!
      Here is my prayer request for this morning. We have not heard from our son and his family in Tacoma, Washington, for months. When we call and email them, we do not get an answer. We don’t know that their problem is. We therefore need prayers so that God will turn their hearts toward us so that we can be in touch once again with one another. We are confident that God’s will can be done and it will be done. Amen!

    2. I have recently experienced anxiety issues both personal and work related as well as disrespect of my partner,,, please pray for healing with my anxiety and reconciliation with my partner so that we better understand each others needs more clearly,,, I ask this in Jesus name amen

      1. Pray for me for my husband to be who doesnt appreciate me and doesn’t show affection to me . I do not want to make wrong decision in getting married to someone who I am.not sure where he stand with me.

      2. Hello. good morning my beloved sisters.‍♀️ and brothers this morning I want to let you’ll know how i feel good with all devotion prayer. you send every day may God continue to bless you all Thank you very much I every one have bless weekend in the name of Jesus ❤️

    3. Father my Lord,I pray for healing apon my niece Maria Sabina who is 10yrs old was diagnosed with heart disease and kidney failure, she has been scheduled for kidney transplant in March 2020. Lord Jesus Jeremiah 30: 17
      Oh Great Physician by all the power for which you are known to be called arise and declare healing to your servant. In Jesus name Amen

    4. Praised be Jesus! Praying together is strength, with this faith and hope I make this prayer request. Please pray for my niece Dona who is suffering from cancer. According to the doctors the cure is remote, but I believe in the power of prayer and in God’s miracles. Please pray for her healing. Her husband needs our prayer too. They are a very young couple both are in their early 30s.
      And also for the financial break through of my family members.
      My gratitude to all who will pray for this request.
      God bless.

      1. Please pray for Alex, he needs vision to recover for his left eye after the vitrectomy surgery. It has been more than a year and the vision still blur. His right eye cataract to be gone. ABBA Lord let the blind to see and I believed one touch Alex vision will be cured.


  566. I need divine intervention for my household. Both my husband and I are unemployed and we are truly struggling to make ends meet. We struggle with rent payments and our utilities are from time to time cut due to non-payments. There are times where we only live on bread and water. We also struggle to pay for the kids’ school necessities. Although even in this struggle God is still our rock and our refuge and we continue to trust that He will one day come through for us.

  567. Please continue to pray for our marriage restored reconciled forever in peace joy love him moved back home here for his and brother and bro in law set free mind body spirit for Salvation for family friends the World for prayer request of All here Also in Jesus Mighty Name it is done. Amen

  568. First let me say how grateful and blessed by this site and all prayer warriors I thank God daily for all
    Today I am asking for prayer as our landlord just informed us that he might be selling the home we are living in and renting for the past 5 years. We are just so shocked and in complete disbelief. If we r not out in few months he says he will evict us. Please pray for us to either be able to stay where we r or be able to find affordable housing as we do not have much money….Thank you in advance and may God’s will be done.

    1. Heavenly Father, I pray for physical and mental health for my son Ishmael. I pray that you will lay your mighty hand on him and heal him .
      Praying for the rest of my kids and for myself for emotional, physical and financial healing in your precious name I pray.
      The storms in our lives keep increasing oh Lord, Please bring a Peace and Answered Prayers as you Calm them all; This I ask in your Mighty Name AMEN ?

      1. Am grateful to come across this site, please pray for me to get a job and pay off my debts. Am in bad debts lost my job July last year, situation is getting worse everyday, l pray day and night and sometimes l feel like running away from this world but don’t know where to. I feel like am suffocating…please assist me with prayers…God bless

        1. More than 2,600 years ago, Habakkuk asked many of the same questions people all over the world are still asking today. And in his grace, God relieved some of Habakkuk’s anguish, even as he left other questions unanswered. But on the other side of his doubts, Habakkuk grew into a person with a richer faith, a faith that may not have developed as fully had he not struggled through his doubts. We’ll be reading through his story over the next few days.

          Think about it. If you understood everything completely and fully, you wouldn’t need faith, would you? But without faith, it’s impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Why? Because faith and trust must emerge from love, not from a business relationship, a transaction, or some situation in which we have no choice.

  569. Oh great father, you my needs and wants. I come humbly before you . I have so many problems and they are financial. Please forge my wrong doing whatever they maybe. I need you now . I have lights,water cable,rent,loans outstanding. My bank is over drafted,I owe so many people bit can’t seem to get ahead. I’m asking in Jesus name you bless me in a abundance to take care of my situation. I’ve been steal waiting for you. I believe in delay cause your working. I just help now Lord. I can drive if our car instance is canceled or going to . You know my needs so things I am speaking on and more take care if my family and watch over them keep my mother’s help mindful and good health So it be these things I ask in Jesus mighy name I love you… Amen Amen and Amen

  570. Pls pray for me ; I struggles with worry , burdens , sorrow , sadness.. I want to be at peace and live a life for God and have hope and joy seems to be missing from my life . I need to know Gods will for me as well , for him to show me . Thank u

    1. Please pray that my son joey will contact us. My husband , daughter and the whole family are praying for him. We have not heard from him in 12 years. He was brought up in the church from a child.He knows God. When he finished high school, he wanted to become very indepented on his own. So he left home.He is now 47 years old.The last we knew he was living in Pennsylvania. As of now, no contact from him in 12 years. I can only hope that he is still following the lord.

  571. Almighty God, I ask that my lost financial investment be restored back to me. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray… Amen

    1. Lord i pray that all the sicknesses in my body be healed in Jesus Name. I also pray for a financial breakthrough. I am suffering and this makes my kids suffer too. May you restore all that the devil has taken from me In Jesus Name Amen

  572. Please pray with me for financial breakthrough.
    My business performance has been going down for the last 8 months and am deep in debts

  573. I kindly ask for prayers. I got married exactly 7 months and a week tomorrow. As mi husband had warned me of people around him being evil, we decided to have a secret wedding away from them, but I had still underestimated how much they were into the dark world. A few days after our wedding things started going wrong and we argued about nothing every single day. Mi hubby loves mi so much and through these months we have prepared a lot, to settle in our marital home as we live in 2 different continents, but every time a blessing comes our way, it slips through our fingers! One of his cousins even told me why am I in a hurry to help him relocate or am I afraid he will be taken by another?

    I have cried every single day as he had wanted to come and join mi faith, learn the Word and change his life. I failed mi Saviour for I should have prayed with him every single day, the few times I flew over to see him, but I was focused on getting him out of there as most folks who surround him follow dark ways of the world. Also as I am older than him with children of mi own, I was so happy to help raise his children as mi own. After mi second child a complication came up and mi womb was removed. Now when his cousin found out, she started spreading the news around that am old and barren and his family poisoned his mind that I am no good. I hurt so much because how can I not yearn to birth mi husband´s seed?

    For now he has said it´s over, we have no plans of divorce and I am praying for our marriage to be restored and I am pleading with God to use a miracle and bless us with a fruit. I refuse to bow down to anyone but our Father no matter how much I hurt.

    1. Amen,in JOSHUA 1:9 says that have l not commanded you?Be strong and of courage,do not be afraid nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.just believe in Almighty He is Great and ready to be there for you whever you call Him and He promise us at anytime of trouble to out His Holy name and He will save us from the snare,our lovely Father has are good plan for you and me,you knw what my sister pray without ceasing and in everything give thanks to Lord Jesus Christ ,and may Almighty shower n protect your marriage with blessing

  574. Please pray for my son in law…..he’s recently been diagnosed with MS he’s very scared for himself but mostly my daughter( his wife) and son.

    1. my friend in Christ put worried aside cause the Lord Almighty has already heal him and remember the bible tell us if you abide in Me and My words abide in you,you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you and my desire right now is that your beloved son in law to be healed in Jesus Name.

  575. Good day,

    Have been praying for permanent employment, i am starting to lose hope and faith. I even find it hard to pray anymore.

    1. my friend Phumelele dont loss faith pray without ceasing and remember in the book of Jeremiah 29:11-12 say that for i know the plans i have for you declares the Lord plans for welfare and not for evil,to give you a future and a hope.. GOD is only watching to see if your patient just prophesing to your dry bone of jobless cause any dry dones hears the word of God.and my friend whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive,if you have FAITH and by the end of this month GOD has already answered your in Jesus name. AMEN

      1. Heavenly Father, I am struggling with my faith. I know there is nothing you can’t do. I ask for healing with my health. I also know you can heal all sickness and diseases. I am also asking for healing for my mother who also has her battles with her health. I ask for complete healing in Jesus name. Amen

  576. hello
    please stand in agreement with me for a good salary increase as I have been employed in this company for the past 16 years and still have not found favour for the rightfull salary I should receive for the job I am doing
    I believe god will make a way in his due season
    please stand in prayer with me

    yours in christ

  577. i believe in God not yet taken baptism. I don’t know why i rarely pray and praise Him. As if i feel God far from me, i want to make God first in my life yet often am lost in worldly pleasures. sometimes i don’t know what to pray and if i sin or am upset with someone i do not pray at all knowing i disobeyed God commandment. i want to know God deeper and grow spiritually. please pray for me. Thanks

    1. Luis A. I have gone through my final job interview at a company, please pray that god favors me with all the hiring decision makers and that he blesses me with this job. I pray I make enough so I can give back to god what is his. In Jesus mighty name Amen!!

  578. Thank you all in advance.

    I am in serious need of prayer. I am having many mental health issues and it’s taking me to many dark places. I am afraid of what may come next.

  579. Good morning, I would like to ask for prayers for our leaky roof to be fixed for good. About a yr ago, our roof fell in, we fixed it & spent alot of money on it that we didn’t really have, but needed to fix the roof. The money we had set aside for our kids swingset is what we used to finish our roof. We thought all was well & several months later, the roof leaked again so my husband bought a few things to patch up the roof. Thinking that fixed everything, here we are, just got the biggest snow we’ve gotten in yrs (we live in west tx) & now it’s starting to melt, & our roof is leaking again?it’s hard to stay positive when we have this to worry about 5 kids, & a new baby. I’m out of work on maternity leave so my husband is the only 1 working right now. Please help us in some extra prayers. We are praying in the name of Jesus for our roof to finally be finished & never leak again! Thanks & God bless u all!
    PS we are also praying over everyone’s prayer requests

  580. I pray for a financial break through, a new job where I may earn more than I am earning now so that I can be able to take care of my family financially.

  581. Heavenly Father,thank you for a wonderful morning,I give you all the glory.
    Father ,I pray oh Lord to put me back on track oh Lord,my sins are piled up on your table,please Lord help me to sin no more. Have mercy on me and cleanse all my iniquities.cast me not away from your presence, oh Lord and revive in me your holyspirit.
    Please provide all my needs,let my helper locate me so I can stop this life am living to make ends meet…
    Please Lord ,do not let my sins be an hindrance to my education,please Lord give me that admission I need back to school.
    I pray for more wisdom ,knowledge and understanding for my talents not to die …
    Thank you Lord because all this, you’ll do for me,Amen!!!

  582. Heavenly Father,thank you for a wonderful morning,I give you all the glory.
    Father ,I pray oh Lord to put me back on track oh Lord,my sins are piled up on your table,please Lord help me to sin no more,I am tired of alduterous lifestyle. Have mercy on me and cleanse all my iniquities.
    Please provide all my needs,let my helper locate me so I can stop this life am living to make ends meet…
    Please Lord ,do not let my sins be an hindrance to my education,please Lord give me that admission I need back to school.
    I pray for more wisdom ,knowledge and understanding for my talents not to die …
    Thank you Lord because all this, you’ll do for me,Amen!!!

  583. Praise GOD! Thank you for making this possible to meet the needs of those who are facing challenges. Aug 2019 we lost our son to cancer, then mh trucking company I had to file bankruptcy, Oct 2019 Mama die on impact from a car accident, our father had heart attack thanksgiving week 2019. When losing our family and searching for work. I realize GOD hide me because HE is the POTTER and I’m the clay. Im using all this time to become more closer to him. I apply for a youth pastor and no I dont have the degrees or all the criteria they are requesting, but I have GOD who is the head of my life. I’m so excited that I was so confident to take that step of faith and trust GOD. No matter the outcome, now everyone knows my heart. Personally I’m tired that so many people are suffering and this is why we must pray for our enemies bless our enemies and have compassion for all who is in need. I speak life to all and may your lives prosper abundantly.
    In Jesus, Amen

  584. I am a winner and can never be a looser. My past sins can no longer hold me hostage. My Lord Jesus had paid for my sins and I am free indeed. My blessings are sure to the glory of God.

  585. Prayer request for marriage restoration, my husband & I don’t talk ..I pray for favour in his heart n peace restored in my marriage n family …..

    1. My father my father thank you for my life,blessing and everything I worship,adore you all the glory to you praise your seated at the right hand of the father interceding for me my kids my church nation and my world establish your kingdom in my spirit my soul and my body lord Jesus thank for your blood.
      Father Jehova I need you forgive me make me hole take me whole give me your nature you know my situation my condition take control am seeking you a this moment nothing else in Jesus name.

      1. Please pray for me against the spirit of blockage and delay,promises that won’t be fulfilled and end up being a dissapointment.I really want God to set me from all those spirits

    2. Kindly pray for me I am having painful recurring piles and lower back pain… I am a single mother who is jobless and need to take care of my family. Kindlyjoin me in prayer. God bless you all.

      1. Urgent prayer Request ,
        Pray for me in agreement with the Word of God in (John 14:13:14) I ask in the name of Jesus Christ let God arise and Increase my speed now in Jesus might name Amen.
        My Regards.

  586. Good day, please pray for me and my husband for our marriage to be restored, we have some fights every time we call each other, we have been married for seven years but we have never stayed together and the immigration has been refusing to grant him resident permit as he is not from my country. His life is not good at all, no job, no business or money, kindly pray for us. I pray in Jesus’s name, Amen!

  587. I present my husband before thy throne of mercy O God. Even though he has abandoned his family and his responsibilities,give him a repentant heart my God. Cause him to know you and to worship you in truth and spirit. You are my God forever,do it for him and us in Jesus name

  588. A prayer request for a huge miracle. my husband left me 4mnths ago.his filing for divorce soon. he’s started to reject me and become very cold towards me. I pray he will seek God again as his salvation is on th line and I pray tht he will be blessed with a new passionate love for me as his wife. Divorce wont even be a factor in our lives anymore.i pray tht we will serve God togther again..God bless u all

    1. A prayer request for deliverance of bad luck always when I do my best in my work there is always a disappointment waiting for me.

    2. Wait on the lord, follow lord, I know its painful, am not married but comparing to the pain am going thru in relationship, my date married someone else either coz she is from rich family & am from poor family, my consciousness is telling me he will divorce her, it’s not my prayer & am not intending to disrupt them but am waiting on God, it’s written, let no one separate the one’s God has united.
      In brief, if your husband succeeds in filling divorce, plz admit it and let God handle it. We are humans, never know u were not meant to be,u will go thru deep pain like I am going but at the end of the rope,u will thank God for something, nothing happens without any reason.praying for u, plz pray for me too, am not giving up, am following my dreams, am following and asking God to dissolve this marriage quickly if he didn’t officiate, if he was not in that gathering, let it dissolve in Jesus’s name. Amen!!

  589. Lord I just wanna tell you thank u for this job for me and all the others I pray that u bless everyone ❤continue to fill our souls with your love and holy spirit and I thank u for meeting the needs of your people in advance thank you Jesus amen it is so

  590. God I thank you so much for giving me the grace to follow you. I stand against every principality that may rise between my God and I. I come to our God this faithful day and ask for forgiveness of my sins known and unknown. I hand over our lives to you for your protection. Safe us from our enemies both seen and unseen. Scatter and nolify evey plans of our enemies in Jesus name.

  591. I pray for God’s intervention in my husband’s life. May God arrest him just like he arrested Saul on his way to Damascus. He needs God in his life. I will wait upon the Lord until my husband knows and worships God in truth and spirit. I know my God will do it for me

  592. Please keep my family in your prayers. We know the bible tells us the enemy homes to kill, steal, and destroy. Pray with me that Hod place a thorny hedge of protection around my husband, pray that every unGodly soul tie or ties are broken by power and blood of Jesus Christ. Pray with me that my children come to know God in a real way and my husband as well. Pray with me that God Grant’s me peace that surpasses all understanding. I have laid my burdens at his feet, I know I cant handle them on my own or fix them but nothing is impossible through Christ Jesus. Amen. I pray that every prayer request that has gone up before the throne is answered in Jesus name

    1. I am in the same situation. My wife is lost and as once saved. She has taken up being with some bad people and is adulterous and drunken. She wants to be righteous and back with God but lacks the strength. The enemy has taken her from her 4 children and husband.

      1. I pray that your righteous and effective prayer is answered and that a cord of three strands is hard to break.
        May God’s peace remain and rest with you and your wife and family.
        In His most glorious Name

    2. Amen! I come on total agreement with you for total restoration and divine protection by the precious blood of Jesus!! Amen

  593. In the name of Jesus I claim my blessings now and always. The scriptures made me understand that my God will supply all my needs according to his heavenly riches. Father I present all my needs and wants, grant them to me in Jesus name.

  594. I I was served papers I’m facing 22 felony’s for Medicaid and food stamp fraud when I can’t Afford health insurance I am a type one diabetic’s of 35 years major mental disorders ptsd, undiagnosed hand pain for over 20 years recently just diagnosed that it’s carpal tunnel in both hands hands and well with having a pre existing condition I have to have insurance before 2015 I had to have Medicaid so I did what I had to not saying it was illegal I don’t think? Where’s the rule book? But now there saying I frauded them and there charging me with 22 felony’s for not reporting income please pray for me

    1. In Jesus name, I request you to give me a few Bible promises to pray against delay and difficulties in renewing H1B visa. Thanks

  595. Good morning I need prayers for my marriage. My mother in-law is manipulating my marriage through witchcraft. My husband is in Jamaica and I am in the UK do it’s quite difficult we got married in November last year and we did it with out telling you but I know she knew. Since then our marriage knows no peace and she manipulated my husband to the point where I can’t speak to him without him arguing. I just need some prayers in agreement. Thank you

  596. Please pray my husband move back home here he not well pray he is set free mind body spirit my brother and boy also. Pray our marriage restored reconciled forever in Jesus Name and it is done. I also pray for request of all here it is done. Amen

  597. Good Morning
    I love the Lord with all my heart, I know he loves me and carries me
    Please pray for my Peace and guidance, to find a home that I can afford, and be happy and peacefully, for my Son Zackary to get gainful employment, I am Bipolar and I claim healing by the precious blood of Jesus, Thy will be done.
    Amen & Amen??❤❤

  598. hello
    please keep me in prayer as I am trusting in god for my family and I to have our own home also for a financial increase in my salary and gods unmerited favour upon my life my spouse and kids lives

    thank you for the inspirational messages

    god continue to bless and keep you and the team

    bods blessings


  599. Please I just want God to be me with the fruit of the womb since 2018 I had a stillbirth till date have not gotten a positive pregnant result,,I want God to bless me with my own living children alive this year 2020 in Jesus name amen

  600. Almighty and ever living God,I come to thy throne of mercy with a broken heart and repented spirit. I am truly sorry for all my sins of deeds, thoughts, known and unknown. Forgive and reconcile with me. This I ask through Christ Our Lord,amen.

  601. Dear God,bless everyone who is reading this in Jesus name. God made a bitter water to be sweet, my daughter Obum will meet that soulmate God has prepared for her. All her bitter experiences will turn out to sweet experiences in Jesus name. I pray to God to bless her with a husband who is after his hearts. A man that will give her joy in her home. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers.

  602. Am currently 6 weeks pregnant .i had 2 recurrent miscarriages in the past . Last scan show a clot near my yolk sac which can harm the growth of the fetus . I believe in the name of lord it can be disappeared on my next scan.keep me in your prayers . Amen

  603. Please pray for my 27 yr marriage be restored as i’m in the middle of an unwanted divorce. I’m standing for my marriage as we made a covenant vow to each other with God. But I get discouraged at times. He’s left the church and everything he was involved in. I am concerned for his spiritual well-being, although he says God will forgive him. I know God hates divorce and does not tell someone to leave their marriage because they are not happy anymore. My husband says he’s not involved with someone but I think he’s being influenced by a jezebel spirit. Praying for him to not give satan the victory and for his stony heart to be changed to a heart of flesh.Thank you and God bless you for prayers.

  604. Everyone who is reading please say a prayer for me. On 1/31/2020 my landlord is having the locks changed to his home. I am being evicted! I am a mom of a 13 month old son and a 14 day old girl. I just gave birth on 1/11/2020 and I’m once again going through postpartum depression. There is alot on my mind and the number one thought is, God didn’t bless my womb with 2 children so that I can be homeless. As much as I believe that I’m still receiving correspondence from my landlords telling me that I need to leave. My landlord’s have been very patient with me. I owe them $5000 in back rent as well as rent for 1/2020 and they have been patient where they could have evicted me months earlier. Please pray the landlords, Allan and Michelle R. has a change of heart. Pray for the impossible because what I’m going through I dont see any light at the end of the dark tunnel. Please pray that the lord blesses Alan and Michelle R with the best news of their lives so that they will spare me. I do owe them the money and I ask that God sends someone to me that will help me with the back and current rent that is due. Although the enemy is showing me I will be evicted I’m standing on God’s promises for my life and calling the enemy a liar. The stress and depression has taken its toll but I believe a miracle is imminent. Thank you prayer warriors for all your prayers. Please pray for me daily until 1/31/2020 that the landlord has a change of heart and if not for me then for the sake of my family. Thank you and God Bless us all.

  605. Father God, I Ask You, In Jesus’ Holy and Precious Name, that You RESCUE Me from Financial Ruin!!! Please Restore to Me All that was taken away during the Past Two Years; Financial Solvency and Relief, Employment, Self-Respect and Worth, Happiness, Harmony in the Family, Provision to get My Car Fixed ASAP and Provision to KEEP My Car and Remain Self-Sufficient!!! Convict My Sister and Brother-in-Law to LOWER My Monthly Rent, I am giving them 3/4 of My Social Security and It is Depleting My Life!!! I have barely enough to buy Food and Pay Bills and Buy Medicine!!! RESCUE Me, Provide Us the Funds Needed So that I can Comfortably Remain in My Mother and Father’s House Until the Day You Call Me Home to Heaven!!! In Jesus’ Holy Name I Pray, and Through the Power of the Holy Spirit!!! Thank You Lord.

  606. Please lift up my husband s health and that our marriage is restored reconciled in Jesus Name that he moves back home here as he goes thru health battle so I can be there for him and pray for his Salvation and my boy set free to excel in school his mind body spirit. And I pray for All here also prayers to be Answered. Amen Great job Martin?

  607. Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to bring full and total healing and Restoration to our marriage, I pray that God will bless our marriage, and take off the road of divorce, Lord please hear my plea to heal all wounds and pain, and bring us back together as we were before father. Lord, make us one again, for your glory. Father God, please help with bringing and change of heart and mind for my husband. Lord, you know our hearts desire. Lord, please stop the evil one plan from coming to fruition. I thank you God, for the good work you already started in our marriage, I thank you for loving me and my husband Shane so much, Father God. Jesus, please loose your angels of protection over our marriage and family. I love you Father, I love you Jesus. In the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

  608. Requesting prayers for my marriage. My husband is a very good person, struggling with a broken childhood. The source of contention in our marriage has always been the bit of family that still tries to be a part of his life. They have been toxic to our relationship, but ebb and flow with faking normalcy and care. We have argued and reconciled and compromised about boundaries. Recently, my mother-in-law fell ill, exacerbated by poor lifestyle choices. My husband became very distraught and overreacted a bit. It sounds selfish, but he is a level-headed man and has himself discussed how because of the abuse she’s done to her body, she will most likely not live a long life. She will recover. He shows such deep concern for her that he does not extend to me, which is the cause of my grief. He is cold to me at times and I felt slighted by him in my postpartum recovery, as he blew it off as “normal” feelings. My pain point lies in the devotion he has to people who have caused him the most pain in his life. He seems to always forgive and make excuses for their emotional abuses, meanwhile is very critical of me and other friends and family. He is blind to their toxic, cyclical dysfunction and his mother’s illness is drawing him closer to them and he feels much guilt. He does not know how to properly set boundaries and it is taking a toll on our marriage. He denies this as truth, but from where I stand, it feels as if he will go to all lengths to secure his relationship with his mother and grandmother, no matter how poorly they behave, but would throw me out in a second. He holds on to my transgressions re: his family (my thoughts and ill feelings towards them) and thinks less of me and my character, while never changing his feelings for them. As he “expects more from me because I’m ‘normal’ and they are not.” I’m aware of my sins in not understanding his childhood and not being fully supportive, but he is not seeing the damage it is doing to our family. I ask for prayers of healing and removing the scales from both our eyes so we can see the situation with clarity and fact.

  609. I pray for a Financial Breakthrough. Lord help me sell my property that is up for sale. I need your help. I cannot do this alone. I know you are s faithful God. A God that keeps his promises. You promised that if I ask I will be given. I claim that promise today and I ask that you sell this property in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord that you have never left me alone or let me down. In Jesus name. Amen

  610. Hi
    I am in debts. With no income at all. Everything is stuck. And would wish for wisdom and finances to clear all my debts in Jesus’s name. Please pray with me. My God is a God of second chance, a promise keeper and light in the darkness. He shall provide and this year i shall testify His goodness. Amen

    1. A blessed morning to you all. I feel resolved reading your daily sermons and prayers. I kindly request you to put me in your daily prayers as i need divine manifestation in my family, my job and grant pursuits.

      Once again, thanks for your sermons. God bless.

    2. Jeremiah 29:11
      For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  611. Please pray for my husband Frans who needs Prayers urgently as he has been having a long chemotherapy treatment please make the new treatment obtain good health results pray for our oncologist Dr Rachel Micallef to be filled with the holy spirit and knowledge wisdom to treat him right treatment

  612. Dear Father in Heaven.
    I am asking for financial help today
    I have all the property taxes due and I only receive a social security check each month. I pray you will provide for me what I need to get thru this time of need. I ask for your blessings as you see fit for my difficulties at this time of need. Bless me with the abundance of monies to help immensely during this money of January to pay this high about of debt. God please hear my prayers and I ask you to bless me with whatever you think is best for me. I will accept anything great or small. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

    1. Dear Sharon, I so clearly understand your situation and I will pray for you … I dont have much but I offer you $100 I know it is not much but its yours… How can I get this out to you? God is good he loves us all, maybe others can do the same in Jesus name I pray…

  613. Prayer Request. I pray for a Financial Breakthrough for me and my family. I pray that the sale of my property goes through now in the mighty name of Jesus. May God be my Agent. I know nothing is impossible with God. I cry out to you Lord and call upon your promise that if I ask, you will give. In Jesus name. Amen

  614. Heavenly Father
    Please bless my children and protect them from all harm, negativity and from satan. Please rescue them from all his evil works. Please let the love we have for each other overcome the misunderstandings and miscommunications, and hate that satan is using to break up our family. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ to rescue and heal them. Thank you Lord. Amen

    1. This site has really helped me alot since my attacks started last year. May you therefore, pray for me for the spirit of Cobwebs.

  615. Thank you Lord for the wonderful day you have given us today.
    Thank you everything your doing to me and my family without you we are nothing but your a true God i worship. You never live me , i praise you for ever, i worship you Lord, your bigger that anything.

    I ask you to help me and my family we are facing so much pain in time of financial crisis .
    My husband is not working anymore and my two boy are not going to school becouse we don’t have money to pay school fees. Lord help me

  616. I, Mmaphuti, hereby request a prayer for my daughter’s marriage. Her name is Lebogang, They have a misunderstanding with her husband, Mandla and the husband is so hard-hearted he does not want to see his mistakes and apologise. He does not keep his word on the agreements they make, and does not keep his word
    We do not want this marriage to end in divorce. We request God to soften his heart and make him see the need to work on this marriage together with his wife and make it work.
    They are having a session today with the pastor. We request a prayer for God to give the Pastor the wisdom to appeal to their hearts and ensure that they agree to be together in a loving relationship.
    My daughter is hurting – Please pray to God to give her peace and assure her that all will be well.
    We request a prayer for God to save this marriage in Jesus Name

  617. Good morning brothers and sisters of Christ. Let me say that I thank God for this forum. I’m blessed to have these prayers to pray daily. My grandson, who is in the Air Force, is leaving for Qatar this morning, therefore I am asking everyone to keep him, us and the family in your prayers and thoughts. I’m thanking the Lord for bringing him back the way he left, also to keep my grandson as well as the other courageous men and women protected and covered in Jesus name. Amen!

  618. Blessed day to you.
    I thank God for my life I pray for a breakthrough in financial debts/ visa expansion in Jesus name. And for my family Hopkin,Phillip,mills , bethel, Charles, Thomas, ford ,homeless people, young generation of this world.people who are suffering with dementia in Jesus name amen

  619. Martin…your page is awesome!!!! Your prayer leading is inspiring…keep up the Blessed work in spreading GOD’S word which is our life in HIM and the saving grace that comes with it. Thank You…and God bless and keep you and yours and Always.

    1. Amen
      We prayed with you 2019 and God came through for me for I was struggling financially and also my prayer life but since I found your page I am at a better place now. May God continually bless you and your family.

      My prayer request is since the beginning of this year am kind of anxious and I can’t understand why please pray for me on this and also I want have a deeper relationship with God.

  620. Prayer Request

    I hereby request a prayer for my daughter’s marriage. That they are able to resolve conflicts and be at peace with one another,and give restoration in our family.
    In Jesus Name:Please help us to rebuke every thought of hatred,argument in our homes.

  621. Dear Lord Jesus
    I ask you to introduce me to a loving Christian husband, with the free will you have given me l have not been able to find a good husband. They have been unfaithful and abusive, l am extremely lonely, merciful father, l cry out to you for help.

  622. Asking for prayers for my son Demarquez who has a court date 01/17/2020. that the judge sees fit for him to be released and set free.. lord please protect my child and let nothing formed against him prosper in Jesus name I pray AMEN

  623. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in my life. I pray that you bless my womb with Godly babies and make me a joyful mother. Bless my 10yrs marriage with all fruitfulness in the mighty of Jesus Christ

  624. Please remember my father in prayers.i pray that God does for him what he did to Hezekiah..adding 15 more years to his age

    I pray for divine favour.i do not know where my help will come from but I am trusting the Lord for a miracle

    1. Please God grant me further children through healthy, happy and comfortable pregnancies. Please open my womb and allow more children, born healthy, strong and growing in righteousness, to come from my womb. Heal my womb and my body.


  625. Dearr God please restore reconcile our marriage him moved back home here with Peace joy love especially now that he s going thru medical battle it is done on Jesus Name. Thank you all and to you my dear Martin. Amen

  626. Please pray for my husband doc says he has spot on him lung. Please ask God to restore him back home here so I can go thru this with him and for God s Healing Grace. He was with me thru my illness yrs ago want to be with him now in Jesus Name and for All prayer request of those here. Amen it is done

  627. I thank you for the prayers. I need prayers for my family. My daughter did not pass her A levels studies. I need to pay for her to resit the exams. I also need prayers for my son Julius whose going back to school after the holiday. He’s got 2 more years for him to complete his studies at secondary school. I want him to complete his studies but he didn’t want. I want both of my kids to be succeed in their studies this year. Bless me as I’m returning to work after the holiday. Amen

  628. First and foremost, I want to give our God the glory and honor He deserves. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. I want to intercede and pray on behalf of all of us who are brokenhearted. May God give us peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you Savior for peace and comfort.

    1. Dear family,
      You have no idea how much my life has been blessed by God through reading, meditating and prayer out these prayers.. Jesus is more real to me!!!
      Please put my business me your prayers: there is a limiting clause in a contract that must be removed to enable me win and proceed with the execution of the contract. Please pray that my takers will get it removed and my contract is signed and issued to me in Jesus name. Amen!

  629. Heavenly Father, I praise you for Your glory.
    I ask for a financial breakthrough for me and my family, Increase my passion to serve u more, Fear to try new thing.Thank You Lord for answering our prayers.

  630. Please pray for me. I need deliverance from addiction and other spirits that have misled me off the path of my my walk with Jesus. Lying, hatred, fear, jealousy. verbal abusive demons just to name a few. No matter how hard I try I am unsuccessful in my attempts at self deliverance from these retched spirits. I do not wish to burn for eternity I want to go home. I need warrior prayers from my brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray to Our shepherd for these chains to be broken. My king if anyone prays for me please incline your ear to them. Glory to the lamb of God. I repent with my whole heart. In Jesus Christ name I pray.. Amen.

  631. Praise the lord sir

    pl pray for my financial problems and new job
    needs financial break through

    pl ray for my boss Mr.Janardhan for his upcoming project at Srilanka.
    pl pray for the funds to be released.

  632. Thank you so much for the prayers they have been encouraging and uplifting me. My prayer request is that I God should open the door of great opportunity for me and my son and God should send me an helpers to assist me because I am alone since my husband has died twelve years ago I’ve just been used and dump by different kinds of men which has caused me to have so much wound in my heart and debt I all angles I need God to help me for my house rent is due please pray for me. Thank you CHRISTIANTT

  633. Good morning thank you for all the wonderful message they are inspiring I learn a lot from them. Please pray for me I am struggling with witchcraft in my home work whereever i go monitoring spirit also pray my husband rupert that he get save.

  634. Please lift my husband up in prayer for a Miracle for Healing doctor found spot on his lung today. In Jesus Name it is done. Amen and Thank You I also pray for your request here. God be the Glory

  635. My prayer request is for clarity of vision and revision of what God wants me to do next. The new thing. Also relocation to a new city and state and resources for the move as well as restoration of my business as it is my means of providing for my children and I am a single mother at this time waiting for a husband from the Lord and Father for my children.

  636. I am going through a divorce. My husband is living with another women. I can’t afford to stay in my house or live anywhere else.

  637. Merciful and gracious father
    I thank you so much for your wonderful work in my life and families
    Am very grateful for keeping me and my love ones Alive
    Thank you father for your healing power you upon me and my husband and families
    Your a wonderful and a great GOD
    Thank you for the love you bestows on us and everything you placed in our hands
    I really want to say thank you father for overcoming the challenges symptoms of depression and anxiety issues and other sickness and affliction upon me and my family
    Thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ our Lord
    Thanks you for all the things you have done and the ones you have not done
    No thanks is enough,please Daddy accept my sincere thanks for everything and even the ones I did not have ideas for it
    With Thanks giving father don’t leave me alone continue with us in this year 2020 and perfect everything concerning us and all your children all over the world
    Help us to love you and serve you more this year in Jesus might Name Amen.

  638. I have a Prayer Request for Favor For a Financial Blessing, I am on SSD, I have no food, no water, and no Oklahoma Natural Gas, I have been in this house since September 9, 2016, please pray for me to find a new secure place to live I can afford, that is peaceful and safe, I claim this by the precious blood of Jesus
    Thy will be done!!
    I claim victory Lord Jesus!!
    Amen & Amen ?❤❤

  639. Prayer request for my unequally yoked marriage and unsaved husband. Just caught my husband having an affair. He has asked me for forgiveness and has stated he is stopping everything with this woman. I cannot trust him as he has cheated multiple times. I need direction and clarity from God. I need a miracle that God will touch his heart and mind. Please help me pray.