Let’s Testify of God’s Goodness!

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ANNET AIDA Finally, God heard my cry and he got me a job. Been out of work since November 2019. He is a faithful God. All the glory and honor go back to him.
Now I am believing in him to restore my home and for a holy matrimony.

Wanda Royall  I want to thank God for breathing. I just came out the hospital as a COVID-19 patient. Didn’t know how I was going to make it, but prayer brought me here. I woke up one morning and was told that my husband and I had come in contact with someone who had COVID-19, and we needed to get tested. This was 5 days gone by. Did not have any symptoms except for on that Tuesday I had chills and a little body ache. I thought it was my allergies or fibromyalgia. We went on the 9th and by this time I was getting weak, feeling very fatigue. Test came back in about 20 minutes negative. They told us they were going to take the test over and send it to the lab. Results came back positive. By this time with no appetite, no taste and smell. I kept getting sicker, by time Thursday come I am in the bed, cold and hot. Doctor send me to get a chest X-ray because I’m having chest pain now I have pneumonia in the left lung. Oxygen level has dropped to about 83, running a temperature between 101.3 and 102.9 and having breathing problems. Doctor says if your oxygen level doesn’t go back up go to ER. My breathing is getting worse, eyes bulging out, and I am turning darker. Husband got to ER and God worked it all out. Still have the symptoms of COVID-19, but I’m walking, talking and breathing and can move. I thank God for a reasonable portion and strength. The devil thought I was down for the count, but God blocked it.

Kim Campita Good morning! Thank you for all the wonderful messages. God Bless us all From PHILIPPINES.

Psalm 107:2: “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy“.

Lovetta Hawa Kamara Thanks for all the prayers you are sending to me. I receive it in Jesus’ mighty name Amen. Thanks so much for everything and I appreciate.

Denson Chimpweya In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for the timely prayers I am receiving. The good tidings in the prayers are making my life to be always being soothed and be in Godly alertness. Good morning.

Althea Williams Amen cannot find words to say to my God he is being so good to me.

Cassandra: I thank you, Lord God Jesus Christ for waking me and my family up each and every morning and keeping us safe at night. You kept me safe driving to work each day. It could have been worse when I had that accident but you put your loving arms out to save me and I thank you, Jesus. In your name, I pray amen.

Daniel 4:2: “I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me.”

Marcia: I thank you for this website. It has been a real source of comfort and help to me especially when I cannot find the words to pray, your site provides prayers for all situations. I am blessed each and every day knowing that Jesus is with me through all my struggles and I pray continually for complete deliverance from the heavy burdens I carry daily in my life.

Each day I learn more about faith and trust in the one and only Savior of this world. I praise and give thanks for all Jesus has done for me, but most of all I thank God for the sacrifice of his son to save sinners like us. We truly don’t deserve it but it shows us how big God’s love is.

Robert Stoltz: I don’t usually give testimonies because most people wouldn’t believe them if I did! I have been blessed to see too many miracles that rivaled what God did in His word the KJ Bible! God keeps His word-everything in there is exactly what God said and it always keeps coming true according to His promises and prophecies!

Sandy Toussaint : I wanna give thanks and praise to the almighty God for keeping me alive still to see yet another year. Even though things are tough, he’s still at my side. Just wanna say: Thank you, Father.

1 Chronicles 16:8 “Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples!”

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