Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration

15 Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration

Regardless of our best intentions, there will always be times when even the best marriage will experience problems and issues. Instead of running away or refusing to face these problems, we should instead run to God, who can make things right.

And since the institution of marriage is His product, it, therefore, makes perfect sense that the maker and designer of this great product be consulted when there’s a problem. God is the one who knows what is wrong with your marriage and how to fix it.

The power of prayer cannot be over-emphasized. Prayer can repair any relationship, no matter the level of damage. It can bring spouses together, no matter how sour their relationship has gotten.

Prayer can mend any damaged bridge, clear any confusion, straighten any heart, resolve any conflict, and heal any hurt. It can bring reconciliation to your marriage.

All you have to do is call upon God. Believe in his ability to answer your prayers, and remove any doubt from your heart (Mark 11:23).

It doesn’t matter if your own situation is that of a troubled relationship; a spouse who has left the matrimonial home; infidelity; confusion; breakdown in communication, or a marriage heading towards divorce.

God wants to and is able to heal your marriage. Nothing is impossible with God.

Marriage Restoration - Love is Patient

How to Use This Marriage Prayer Guideline

God has given man free will. He will not intervene in the affairs of man by forcing him to go against his own will. Neither can we control the behavior of another person.

What God does is to bring a change of heart and mind. And what we can do is pray to God and ask Him to touch the heart and mind of our spouse. God will go to places we cannot, and do things that we can only dream of.

Use these prayers as guidelines for how to pray for the resolution of all that ills your marriage. When making these prayers, back them up with the Word of God. Engage the power and potency of the Word against the power of the enemies (Hebrews 4:12).

Matthew 6:24 No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

Personalize these prayers by replacing the parts of the prayers with your name and that of your spouse where applicable.

After praying these prayers, believe that God has answered and consolidated your victory by thanking God for the changes you hoped to see and the restoration of your marriage.

Below are the fifteen (15) prayers that will help you bring back your focus on God, who alone is able to permanently heal and restore your marriage.

Love - be kind and compassionate

1. Prayer for God’s Blessings on my Spouse and I

Heavenly and Merciful Father, I thank you for who you are and for the promises that you have made concerning me and my spouse.

Your Word is forever true. And your promise of blessings and multiplication that you have given me throughout the ages (Genesis 22:17; Hebrews 6:14) is forever mine, in Jesus’ name.

You have promised to bless me exceedingly and it is your heart’s desire to enlarge my coast. Every satanic covenant that is going against your continual and uninterrupted blessing in this marriage, I command the rain of fire to consume them, in Jesus’ name.

I pray against every spirit of lack and wretchedness. Oh Lord, let your peace, joy, happiness, and comfort saturate this marriage, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Proverbs 3:33-35 The Lord’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the righteous.

2. Prayer to Remove all negativity from the relationship caused by external people

Lord, I come to you with this petition because I know that you have made me one flesh with my spouse and you have said that no man should come between us (Matthew 19:6).

So I take authority over every outside influence that is polluting our marriage. Every foreign power that’s manipulating this marriage is dealt a heavy blow in Jesus’ name.

Oh Lord, reveal their evil agenda. Expose them and bring their plan to naught. I pray that their seed of discord, hatred, malice, and separation that has been sown is uprooted by fire, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Malachi 2:16 For the man who does not love his wife but divorces her, says the Lord, the God of Israel, covers his garment with violence, says the Lord of hosts. So guard yourselves in your spirit, and do not be faithless.

3. Prayer: No weapon formed against our marriage shall prosper

Heavenly Father, I give you all praise and adoration, because your word is ever true. I give you thanks because no weapon that is formed against this marriage will stand (Isaiah 54:17).

I declare that every arrow shot to destabilize this marriage is broken to pieces, in Jesus’ name.

With the spiritual authority given to me through Christ Jesus, I command the fire of God to consume every wedge that is meant to be put between me and my spouse, through bad and ungodly advice and false teachings.

Every evil hand of demonic manipulation is crushed, in Jesus’ name. I retrieve my marriage from the jaws of the evil one, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Abba Father, because IT IS DONE, in Jesus’ name.

Ephesians 4:32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.

4. Holy Spirit work in both of us to bring us closer to God and each other

Oh Lord, I believe you are working in my life and that of my spouse to reconcile us back to you and to each other.

Lord, stir my spouse’s thoughts with the same good and loving thoughts that existed when our love for each other was still very strong. Let my heart and that of my spouse burn in love for you and for each other.

Lord, rekindle our love for one another. Wherever my spouse needs understanding to be drawn to you, give him/her that understanding.

Lord, heal each one of our emotional wounds and cause our hearts to be drawn towards each other in Jesus’ name. Amen.

1 Corinthians 13:7-8 Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

5. Prayer to Re-Build Trust and Honesty in my Marriage

Lord, it is your will that we are reconciled together and that our love for each other will grow and blossom, no matter what has happened between us in the past.

Lord, heal our marriage of all spiritual attacks and manipulations. Let this healing start with me.

Lord, have mercy on our relationship and rebuild the trust and honesty that has eluded this marriage. Remove and break all ungodly soul-ties.

Lord, I command seven-fold restoration of the trust and honesty that the evil one has stolen from us, in Jesus’ name.

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Matthew 5:28 But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

6. Prayer to remove bitterness, anger, and all manners of negative emotions from my marriage

Lord, deliver me and my spouse from the evil spirit of unforgiveness, hatred, anger, bitterness, and abuse that is poisoning our minds and relationship.

Fill up every space in our hearts with your peace, love, joy so that there’s no room for negative emotions.

Lord, teach us to treat one another with dignity, love, and respect. I asked for grace and emotional strength to avoid the use of anger and unforgiveness as a weapon to fight against my spouse.

I pray that we will no longer allow our emotions to be manipulated and used to drive a wedge between us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Matthew 6:14-15 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Romans 12:19 – Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.

7. Give us the strength to work through our differences

Lord, thank you for the good work that you have started in my marriage. I know that you will do mite to the end. I ask for the strength to stay courageous and strong in your promises as you work out things in our marriage.

Replace every negative feeling with love and help us to work through our differences. Every man or woman determined to scatter thus marriage will not succeed. Their evil plans will scatter in Jesus’ name.

I refuse to be tempted to try other alternatives. I will not be discouraged even if it seems that nothing is happening at the moment. Your word is greater and surer than any other power. So I choose to trust in you. Amen.

8. Prayer for strength for forgiveness between couples

Heavenly Father, I pray for forgiveness between me and my spouse. Lord, we have hurt each other in so many ways, but we have hurt each other mostly by refusing to forgive each other.

Lord, I’ve tried my own way but realize I can’t do it on my own. My God, help us forgive ourselves and heal our hurts.

May we totally and completely reconcile ourselves to you and your word. Give us a testimony that we may be able to help other couples struggling with these issues as well. In Jesus’ mighty and powerful name I pray, Amen.

9. Restore Love in my Marriage

Please God, bring restoration to my marriage. The vows we gave each other, let us yearn for them, and each other, once more.

Let him realize that no one else is there for him as I am. May he leave all and everyone behind and understand that they are so toxic for our relationship, in every way.

Bring him back to a full love for your word and may what you have joined together be fully restored. May he cleave to me, this very moment, in God’s Mighty name I humbly pray. Amen.

1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God, and everyone that loves is born of God and knows God.

Ephesians 4:29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers.

10. A Wife’s Prayer For Her Marriage

Heavenly Father, the stresses of life often make my marriage feel burdensome. In the past, I’ve lost my inner peace and struggled with issues of trust.

I hate the person I have since become. Help me, Abba Father, to love myself again. I love and adore my husband and I yearn to be the wife You created me to be, one who my husband would truly love, admire and cherish.

I pray Father that our emotional and physical connection will be to each other only. When I fall short on areas of intimacy, connect me to my husband in that special way and bind us together, in love, with cords that cannot be broken. In Jesus’ name, Amen! – Beverley

Peter 3:1-2 – Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives, when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear.

11. Prayer for Husbands

Almighty God, in the name of Jesus, I command every mountain that has come against our marriage be torn down! Holy Spirit, speak to us and help us to recognize Your voice.

Continue to bless us with the marriage relationship You intended for us to have. May my husband seek after you in all things and be the spiritual leader of our household.

Remove anything he may be struggling with. May he be guided by the Holy Spirit and seek your counsel every day. I declare that our marriage is preserved to eternity. In Jesus’ name, SO BE IT…AMEN! – Beverley

Ecclesiastes 4:12 – A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

Ephesians 4:2-3 – with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

12. Spiritual Warfare Prayer for Marriage Restoration

Heavenly Father, I pray to our God Almighty creator of the whole universe, to whom my marriage restoration is not a big problem at all. Oh Lord, when David faced Goliath, he was tiny. But, behind him stood a great, big God.

My lord, I know that this big God, the God of David, the God of Jacob, the God of Isaac and Abraham is with me and my family. And I know You have heard my humble prayer.

I will stand firm, like David, and praise God for His grace! Heavenly Father, open the spiritual eyes of my spouse that they may see where they belong, and where’s the true joy, peace, and love they are seeking after.

Oh God, fill their heart with truth and discernment, and courage to make things right. Heavenly Father, when we break the beautiful plate of marriage, no matter how good the adhesive we use, we will see the scars.

But when we bring our broken marriage to you, when you restore, when you repair the broken dish, there are no more scars. You make it whole again, better than ever before, stronger than ever before! That’s how you work.

I pray that Your will be done in our home. I thank you and praise your mighty, glorious name. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

13. Prayer for Marriage under Attack

Oh Heavenly Father, my marriage is under spiritual attack from the enemy. There are those who are jealous of the relationship we have.

Please, Lord, I pray for the restoration of my marriage. Bring us back together. Remove the wedge placed between us.

Lord, remove all persons who come between our union and try to destroy God’s perfect plan for our life, family, and marriage. I pray for the strength, courage, guidance, and wisdom that only You, God, can provide.

Oh Lord, I pray for an open heart and mind to receive God’s Divine Word and understanding. May my spouse and I draw ever closer to You first, and to each other, second. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

14. Prayer to stop divorce and restore marriage

Oh Lord, My God, my heart has been ripped into thousands of pieces. The love of my life is seeking to file for divorce. The pain I feel is beyond any I could have imagined.

But You, oh Lord, is my healer. You can restore what the enemy is trying to destroy. You strengthen me at my weakest moments.

It is your will that marriages be sanctified. I pray that you soften the heart of my spouse. Restore the true love of our early relationship. The devil is trying to destroy homes and families, but nothing can separate us from the love of God.

I pray that no weapon formed against me and my family will prosper. Every tongue of lies and deceit that rises up against my family will be cut down, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

15. Prayer To Bless My Marriage with Pregnancy

Heavenly Father, You are the God of my fertility. Lord, we have struggled to become pregnant but now I lay it all at your feet. Hear my humble prayer, Oh Lord.

Bless my marriage with the fruit of the womb. Remove this barrenness from me. I beg that You plant a seed into my womb Lord. Not just any seed, but a holy and healthy seed of God.

Just as You opened the womb of Sarah after so many years, I believe that You are and will do the same for me today. I have the faith that You will keep Your promises to Your children. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen!

More Prayers

7 Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration

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  1. Please pray for our marriage. My wife is very hurt – no adultery, addictions abuse or abondonment – but she does not trust I will treat her better. I need her true forgiveness. I hope she will also repent of her sins against me. She wants me to leave. We need a miracle to change her heart.

  2. Please pray for my wife’s heart. 2 months ago today, She said she didn’t love me anymore. Then I was thrown in jail when she called the cops. I will always honor our covenant before God. She does not seem to care. Our 3 children have a magnificent destiny in the Lord that is being threatened by divorce. When my pastor told her by phone that what she was doing is unbiblical, she changed churches. I am kicked out of the house and have not seen my kids (6,4,2) in 2 months. Her dad moved in with us last year and it seems she uncleaved from me and rejoined to him, with our kids. This is backwards.
    God told me our marriage will be better than before. 12yrs in November.
    Many hurdles we’ve overcome, 2021 cannot be the end, but its the 1st time dissolution was filed with the court. I’ve not been apart from her this long in over 13 years!
    I pray that the Lord draw her heart to Him. I am growing closer to God, and if she is doing the same, reconciliation is guaranteed.
    Thank You for your prayer,
    blessings to you

  3. Please pray for my son Chase, his wife Kara, and my precious 2-year old grandson, Hudson. They are separated at this time. She left and is filing for divorce. A day before, she told my son she loved him. I know that this is from the enemy. I know she is confused and being influenced. I’ve kept my grandson for the past two years. Kara has put him in a daycare and it has totally broken my heart. I have Covid on top of all of this and haven’t eaten anything in over a week. I am experiencing Great Depression and cannot accept that they are getting a divorce. Please pray in the Mighty Name of Jesus, that Kara and Hudson will come back home and Chase and Kara’s marriage will be restored completely. Please cover them with many prayers. Thank you and God Bless you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Please pray for my husband to repent and come home to me and our daughter. Pray for his healing, his deliverance, his faithfulness, his sound mind and body, his spirit to be strong in the Lord again, his passion to return to me and adoration of his daughter. Pray protection on finances. Pray healing for me so I am not a burden. Pray protection for my daughters heart from anger and rejection. I am fighting constant evil attacks like never before. Pray all people coming between us would stop it or go away. Pray we get Godly counseling and complete forgiveness and deliverance. God has a plan for our marriage and family!

  5. Wife left me with 4 kids and has been cheating on and off for 9 years. She lately had a sexual affair for the long week and it’s hurting me so much. My kids are very hurt and angry as this is there mothers pattern. Shr refuses to return, talk or show concern ovr our marriage. We are now separated. I beg for the community for prayer support thst her eyes open to the lord and returns healthy to our marriage with God as the focus. Please take the time to pray for Sasha my wife- a wonderful person with deep wounds from childhood. She is emotionally numb and holds no empathy or kindness. Court is current and its very ugly and full of selfish intentions and lies. Please pray for the safety of my kids as I hsve a protection order against her sexual partner. My kids have been victims of her past sexual partner. Please pray for God in our life to intercede as were desperate for God. Please take the time.

  6. Please pray for my family. My husband is seeking a divorce. We have three young kids. My name
    Is Ellery. His name is Stephen. It would be a miracle!

  7. On May 28th, I posted a prayer asking for your prayers for my husband and I. We got married November 14, 2020 and the enemy has been trying to destroy our marriage since the. Just this past Saturday, we had another big disagreement, and he I asked him to leave, it has been 4 days since we last spoke and he sent me an email this morning asking to get his things out of the house and me not to be present, he does not want to communicate by phone but only email for his records. I solicit your prayers at this time and ask for full restoration and my husband come back home. I also ask that God opens his eyes to see things through His word and not his flesh or my flesh. Thank you and God Bless you!

  8. I hate divorce but I don’t know what to do regarding my marriage. I have prayed, trusted, believed and expected God to move on what I have asked. It seems to be getting worse. I could really use sound counsel, prayers and a friend.

  9. Please stand with me to pray for my marriage. We got married in Feb-2012 and the enemy attacked us immediately on our wedding night. My husband did not have any feelings for me that got me concerned. From that day he grew so cold towards me, I held on hoping that things would get better along the way but instead things got worse, he kept leaving home and only return after someone would intermediate our reunion. Over time I got fed up of his departures and I also grew cold towards him. Along the way we have had 4 children whom he says he Loves so much but he does not take care of in any area of their life. I carried the cross until last year in November when I felt I was tired of the trauma and I asked him to leave us. He left and I could not pray anymore about our relationship. After 5 months of his departure, I was able to start praying again and realised I need him. I have had days of prayer and fasting and he slowly started to show signs of interest in us but still hard hearted to say he is sorry and wants to come back home. The children have started asking me about their Dad and many times I do not have an answer for them. Please pray for us for God to soften his (Benon) heart and that he will be a changed man after this reconciliation.

  10. My husband and I got married November 14, 2020 and on November 16, 2020, our marriage has been under attack. He gets upset and says “I’m done, I’m leaving” like a kid. I have also asked him to leave out of the house when we have heated arguments, then he antagonizes me with phone calls and text messages, threating to turn off utilities in our house and other things. He is not doing it God’s way by praying with me as we should do. When he comes back home from being away a day or two, he tries to convenience me that we should get a divorce, we argue too much. I ask for your prayers in this matter for FULL RESTORATION and HEALING in our marriage. I don’t want to get a divorce because there has NOT been adultery on either one of our parts. I am asking for your prayers at this time for full restoration and my husband come back home. Thank you and God Bless you!

  11. May I suggest something that has been very helpful to me. Watch the movie WAR ROOM. Very powerful movie on prayer. I know it’s on Amazon prime

    1. Father Lord,I don’t know my true spouse as yet .My prayer is that you bring us closer and lead our marriage all through.Amen.????????????????????????????????..

      1. James 1:6 – Amplified Bible
        But he must ask [for wisdom] in faith, without doubting [God’s willingness to help], for the one who doubts is like a billowing surge of the sea that is blown about and tossed by the wind.

  12. I’ve been praying for the last 11 days & things were looking better, until this morning, I let my insecurities & anxiety get the best of me. I hope these prayers help bring my marriage back to where it was. My heart is broken and I’m so hurt. I need more prayers and comfort dear God please hear my prayers.

  13. My husband and I have been separated 2 months and he is seeing another women. I started praying these prayers yesterday. We have 5 children together and we are all suffering. I pray he returns home to our family and remembers the vows we promised. I pray that the other women will end the affair also. Please keep my family in your prayers.

  14. I declare that God returns my husband back home and my marriage is restored in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! I pray that he softens his heart and reminds him of the vows we made in the eyes of the lord. I pray that he returns home to his family and he is freed from the pride and anger and negativity he has.

  15. Thank you for these prayers which are comforting. My husband is having an affair- midlife crisis and he is deeply confused. We still live together, have started marriage counseling, and I am standing for my marriage. Please pray with me for our reconciliation, that he will return to our love, and that he and the other woman will end their affair. I pray for God’s plan to work a miracle.

  16. Prayer for my husband Elijah he has already brought another woman in our matrimonial home. Heavenly Father, I’m praying that you unite us back spiritually and physically. I also am asking for God to do a new thing in us. Breath life back into our marriage. Lord restore my marriage back.

  17. I need prayer for my husband. He is walking in deceit. I’m praying that unites us back spiritually and physically. I also am asking for God to do a new thing in us. Breath life back into our marriage.

  18. Thank u very much this was helpful prayer, it lifted my spirit up in my stand for victory over my marriage

  19. My husband Jason and I have been separated for 1 year and he is now living with another woman and her kid. During that year we had 3 false starts of reconciliation. We have 2 kids of our own and now a granddaughter in the NICU. I pray every day for restoration and things just seem to continue to worsen. My heart is so broken and some days I’m so weak. I try my best to stay positive and tell myself things are not the way they appear and God is working. My family including his family tells me to move on but I just don’t want to because I love my husband and want my marriage. Please stand in prayer with me for restoration

    1. Amen. Standing with you.
      I’m standing on the word of God to change my separation as well.
      I struggled with addiction for years, am now 5 mos sober, and praying for mercy that my wife would not pull the plug. Appreciate agreement for restoration as God hates divorce but allows it for what I did. I am repentant and 100% committed to my family. Whom the Lord loves, He corrected!

  20. I have been praying these prayers for a week now, I suspect my husband cheated on me last night. It is true that he loves me, but it is like he is going through a midlife crisis. I came from a stable loving home, he came from a broken home, our whole marriage felt like he is one foot in and one foot out. For the last 3 years I have had a shortcoming in a stable income, so this month I asked him to help me financially and that triggered him in a very bad way. I do not want to mess my daughters life up. He is home, but I am the broken one, I want to fish and find out but God told me to stand back now. I cannot help feel if my husband had a better relationship with God we will not be in this position. I need wisdom and strength, why am I so weak. He is my everything so why am I not his. What on earth will I do if he had broken our vouws and cheated, what do I do if he wants to seperate and that is not what I want. I need God to show up and show off! God said if we get through this dip, it will be a whole new marriage, he said he will take the next 2 weeks and figure out if he wants to stay or seperate, so I need urgent help and prayers that God will save my marriage and remove any persons that is not supposed to be in our lives!

  21. I too am going through a separation. And it doesn’t look positive. I had moments of great doubts and was ready to give up. I had even stopped praying.. about God sent me little nudges of encouragement to not give up and to trust in Him and His timing.. so after about 5 days I have started praying for my marriage again.
    Don’t give up on God. He will not give up on you. I waited patiently on the Lord and He inclined unto me and heard my cry..
    It’s been almost 2 months with no improvement. My husband is still gone. But I will trust that God is is in this time to work in our lives so that whem we reconcile we would be better for each other..instead of being down..look up to our Lord. Keep courage my friend.

    1. I have allowed satan to influence me and committed adultery. I could not bear the guilt and confessed to my wife who I love. Naturally she is hurt and wants a divorce. I am praying she will abandon this desire and allow me to regain her trust and be the man I can be. It seems like I’m up against a tough enemy but I continue to pray for a breakthrough. Thank you for the prayers provided!

  22. I am praying for the return of my husband..He left me and our 4 kids. His heart has turned ice cold towards us. He doesn’t call or see our kids.i am pleading with Father God to please soften his heart..and send your angels down to lead him home to us to stay… forgive me Father God for my sins. I get angry at times with you because I want things done now. I have to understand that your time is different than mine. I have to believe that you are working on both of us. Helping us to grow.. Lord please please send my husband home to us. Jose my husband open your eyes your kids need you. I need you.. 25 years of marriage just can’t be thrown away. God bless everyone keep all your children safe and healthy may this covid virus pass over ..thank you God in advance because I believe in you…. father the son and the holy ghost…amen amen

  23. Father in Heaven, forgive my many and terrible sins, many of which has come between my wife and me! Forgive me of anger, bitterness, cursing, coldness! Touch my wife, break her heart for our marriage, bring peace to our lives, hearts, and souls! Renew the LOVE we once had, for YOU, and for each other!! I come against thi5 wickedness of divorce, and call upon restoration, and I ask this all in the MIGHTY Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Amen!!! Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord!!!

  24. Thank you for this prayer page! Please pray with me for restoration of my marriage! My wife am me have been married almost 26 years;however, she has been in a nursing/rehab place for most of the year! We have also foolishly allowed ourselves to get involved with other people!! My wife, from that nursing home, has filed for divorce! This after pushing the envelope on flirting with other men via internet, and filling me with a jealous rage! Plus, we are separated by 600 miles; which also HURTS!! Please pray for restoration and forgiveness between us, and for us to draw closer to God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ! Pray for us to be filled with the Power of the Holy Ghostl, in Jesus Name! Thank you!

  25. I pray over my marriage. I ask that the women be removed from my husband heart and the soul tie be broken. I pray for restoration and for our love to be renewed. I pray for growth and for my husband to find his way back to you lord. I pray for his soul lord and help me better wife renew in me a clean heart and help me change the areas of my life in need to work on. Thank u lord

  26. Greetings in Jesus name
    My name is Charlotte my husband Vishal and I have been separated for almost 2 months and we hardly communicate his family is keeping him away from me which didn’t allow us to discuss our problem to work on it ive been praying everyday since but please pray with me for my marriage to be restored vishal was the best husband to me we had problems like every normal couple but he was loving and caring I pray he could go back to that way.

  27. I’m posting this publicly see you Father God so that my words are known and I’m having faith that nothing is impossible with you on my side Father God. I pray a blessing over my marriage and favor on it and that you will bring my wife back to me. Thank you God in advance for your mercy your love and your willingness to restore my marriage. I claim victory in your death Jesus in the blood Jesus shed and your statement that it is finished and my marriage will be restored and everybody that’s praying for this on this site right now that you’ll show and demonstrate your love and give us our spouses back so we can have testimony. Thank you

    1. Dear precious Heavenly Father ❤️ Please help my marriage to Abel and bring us back together as one with a love stronger than ever before . Please heal what is broken in our marriage and restore : I love you father and know you are with us thank you for your faithfulness. Amen

  28. I pray for my marriage and family restoration, God please forgive me and help me. Please bring my loving husband Greg back home to his family that loves him

  29. I am praying and fasting for all our broken marriages and families! Don’t be discouraged for God is working even if we dint see or feel it! Be faithful as He will soften all our spouses hearts and open their eyes once and for all❤️ Let’s pray fervently for one another, pay it forward as God blesses us in His perfect timing!
    Please pray for my unsaved spouse Alannah to be saved, delivered and our marriage/family to be restored.

    God bless everyone!

    1. My wife (of nearly 38 years) and I have been separated for nearly 4 months, and a divorce is pending. I have a restraining order so I’m not able to communicate with her. From the song, Waymaker, I agree with you that even if I don’t see it or feel it, God is working in our midst.

      1. Amen! You are absolutely correct, we cannot think as God do as he says he ways and thoughts are much higher than ours.

        I can relate to your situation, i had a few months of separation from my wife the love of my life after 31 years of marriage… we have 3 beautiful kids and I can honestly say that I started backsliding in my walk with the Lord I really don’t know what happened but my wife who is faithful to her family out off the blue decided to separate from us all.
        That 5 months felt like 50 years as we been together since she was 16 and I was 19 my high school sweetheart.
        My heart was ripped in thousands of pieces as we both I never been with another in our marriage. People looked at us as the perfect couple, perfect family.
        I also had restraining order on me which I broke as I couldn’t let her go knowing something isn’t right.
        Went to jail 3 times for breaching that . First time in my life I have been in jail but felt nothing no pain only concern was the love for my wife and my faith in Jesus kept me alive . Almost lost my family, home and more but nothing can compare to love true Love for each other.
        During the times in jail God had me witness forgiveness to others inmates who was definitely wasn’t going back to their spouses for different reasons, I met some who thought they can control all things and get away . I saw God love manifested in this huge guy with tattoos all over one that everyone feared. He broke down in tears and hug me and thank me saying to me that he was going to do such and such when he got out, I don’t know what happened but I felt God presence in the midst of those cold walls in the winter months.
        He says to me I don’t know what happened after I witnessed God love to him but he was definitely going back home to his wife and kids and make things right.

        Similar events happened all three times in different ways it’s like I was there for a reason I didn’t look at my pain I was concerned about other people. I see first hand why Jesus attracted certain types of people that society looks down upon rather than giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

        I thank Jesus my Lord for bringing my wife Mala back home with her family and continue to restore like never before. I am in love with my wife daily and all the Glory and honour belongs to Jesus our Savior. ❤️.

        Don’t ever gave up guys NEVER
        God strengthens us in our weakest moments his strength is made perfect. Amen
        This is the power of the love ❤️ of God almighty through Jesus Christ my Lord.

        I don’t know what the future holds but i do know this!
        God NEVER FAILS it’s not in him as he CANNOT LIE equally.

        It’s his will that marriages be sanctified as it is a true covenant.
        He heal the broken hearted, softens any heart. Wrapped our wounds and heal and totally restores all marriages that we are willing to and desperately want to heal .
        We all are unique so I cannot talk for another but Jesus made us all and would work according through whatever you and I are going through I don’t care how big or small it is . We must always remember that we are talking about The Almighty, All powerful. All knowing, omnipotent and omnipresent power and love of the king of the universe that holds us all in the palm of his hand.
        My prayer is with all of you all including myself.
        We must know that the Devil is trying to and is destroying homes mainly marriages, he is after our mine , don’t give him a single inch he would take a mile.
        Nothing I mean absolutely nothing can separate you and I from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus as you can read as Paul wrote , this is mine experience that there isn’t a thing in this universe can separate us from the one who loves us unconditionally just as we are.

        I prayer in the mighty name of Jesus that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rise up against us all shall but cut down In Jesus mighty name for we are the servant of the most high and are vindicated declares the Lord God ! That is final.
        By the power and force of the precious blood of Jesus every marriage be totally restored, every pain be annul and every plan of Satan be nullify brought to nothing vaporized in the mighty name of Jesus. I prayer that God will be done and he uses all of us as a testimony of Jesus Christ the breadth of life mater and creator king of the universe. The Alpha and Omega.
        Praise the Lord. Amen
        Love you all and praying for you all. ✝️✝️❤️❤️

        Never gave up I have to tell myself this as well.
        With all humility
        Thanks for hearing just a small part of what our Lord can do .
        There is much more but would take books to share what God has done in our life his mercy, love. His POWER WOW .

  30. My wife Moni left in July , after two years of marriage. She said she is done and will not return. I love my wife very much. And pray for God to restore our marriage. She always said we would never divorce but she filled about 6 weeks ago and said don’t fight her to sign the papers. I’m praying hard for Jesus’ help , I also have been praying for the other marriages on this page .

  31. Am from Philippines but been here in NZ for 22 years. Am 54 now. I got married to a kiwi and have 3 boys. I got divorce 10 yrs ago. Losing our house and taxi business was the reason we got divorced. Lots of arguments and misunderstandings. The boys are still little by then. Because of the divorce, we moved to Waimate then Oamaru. Moving lots of times and changing schools didnt have a good impact on my second and youngest son. They developed anxiety & depression. My life has become so stressful . Because of stress, I had so many ills as well. IBS, eye problems and high blood pressure. We moved back to Chch. My ex husband also left me a big debt in my name which I got nothing to do with because he run the business himself.

    Am just trying to digest all these and am not getting ahead, I got no job, I homeschooled the 2 boys as they cant take High School in Oamaru. Nothing is going right in my life. I felt some kind of curses, spells & witchcraft has been casted on me and my family.

    On top of that, I am in a long distance relationship. He’s from Utah. We been communicating for 3 yrs. We met once but just 3 days in America. All is going well but when I’m supposed to see him again this June, it didn’t happen because of covid. We are both Christians. We didn’t even have sex when we met because we both believe in getting married first. But my world came crushing down one month today when he emailed me saying that our relationship is not working. The covid might take years. I didn’t see it coming, we are so in love. We video call everyday. Emails and chats also everyday. he is my only joy while going through all my trials. Now its slowly going. He still message me but very seldom. He did say, he’s started dating this lady and he is not rushing into making decisions. So thats why he still messages me very short messages saying he is still thinking of me.

    Please pray for me in all areas of my life. Supernatural healing for me and my boys, financial miracle as we are really struggling ( we don’t even have a car & just renting). And relationship restoration. Am not getting any younger and I dont want another man in my life, Troy is amazing guy. Kind, generous, very loving and caring. he also lost his job during this covid and has not found one as of now. He lost it 3 months ago. He’s also in deep depression having lost his job. I want us reconciled and bein harmony with each other and eventually get married next year. I dont think he can just shift his feelings for another woman in just a month or two. I was just thinking could that other woman put a spell on me and my Troy to break us up. Please pray for me and my boys. I believe that when 2 or more people are praying then its more effective.

    Thanks for listening to my story.

    1. May God give you the best, just trust God and believe that he can do all things for you, May God bless you and your family. I pray it all works out for you.

    2. God will grants your heart desire and restore love to u and your family. You shall find a man who will love you unconditionally and give you joy forever in Jesus name

  32. Even though my wife and I are both Christians, our marriage is falling apart. We still have two children at home. My wife shows no sign of loving me, will not speak to me for weeks over the smallest of issues, and now refuses to talk to me about any problem or anything meaningful. Her coldness and silence feels like a knife going through my heart. We are under attack by the enemy and right now. I feel like I am the only one fighting for our family. I have let her know I love her. I have given her forgiveness for past transgressions, and I have told her I would not leave her. I do not know what else to do, I’m hurting deeply over this, but will not continue to beg her to talk to me, as when I do it only makes things worse and she still refuses to talk. I suspect there is some underlying thing that is causing her to act this way, if that is the case, please pray for God to bring it to the light so that it can be dealt with and no longer drive a wedge between us, and that our marriage can fully and permanently be restored in Jesus mighty name.

  33. My husband is leaving me
    Saturday for another woman. I have pushed him away, but I’ve realized I love him more than I knew. I want him to realize what our marriage meant and leave this woman. Please pray for me

    1. I come into agreement with you, sister. Pray Psalm 91 over you and your husband every day aloud and boldly. Immediately buy “The Power of a Praying Wife” Stormie Omaritian today and proclaim these prayers boldly! Do not stop even if it looks like everything is getting worse. I am in the biggest battle and my husband has been following Satan’s lies in trying to destroy me. I am canceling the assignments off of my marriage, my husband and me because WE have authority in Christ! Satan cannot win unless we give up! Stand firm on His Word!

  34. I love this site. I said these prayers during our separation. There is a God. I will continue to pray with these prayers. This really helped me through everything. I wish it was an app.

    1. Not “There is a God.” GOD IS GOD and He is good, Holy and 100% faithful! I encourage you to read aloud the Word of God boldly over yourself and your husband daily if you aren’t already doing so. Allow the Word to penetrate your every thought so you are careful to apply truth to your life. Destroy the works of the enemy through praise and worship and He will strengthen you even more and give you more freedom. HE IS THE GREAT “I AM”.

  35. Please pray for my family,we’re falling on hard times and it’s taking a toll on my marriage, my husband is saying he wants to move out. Our baby has been home from the NICU for a month now. Our sons health is not out of the woods yet and now this. I’ve had so much anxiety dealing with everything. I’ve been praying these prayers the last few days cry out to God to help.

    1. Hi Jessica. I just prayed for you and your family. Don’t give up on praying no matter how hard it gets. I have been going through a difficult time in my marriage, but never gave up praying. Things are looking good. I am still praying for my family and marriage even if things are better, because I don’t want the enemy to wiggle his way in again. Still pray when thing get better. I have faith they will

  36. I would like to pray for my brother and his wife who are newly married. His wife came from a complicated background full of grief, abuse and pain. Whenever she gets angry she becomes this mean person and says very mean and hurtful things not just to him but to everyone in her path even her own children. Please pray for peace in their marriage and home, pray that she will see the error of her ways and instead use words of love and peace in her home.

    1. Lina, I come into agreement with you and this truth will bring her freedom and deliverance…Matt 18:18-19. I had to be delivered from anger, rage, hatred, unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness that originated from my upbringing. It costed me everything but the Holy Spirit showed me I needed this deliverance so pray that she is set free from the works of the evil one. Cover her with love and truth and she will be set free! If God can do it for me, He can do it for her!

  37. Praying for my husband of 17 years, we have 3 young children and he has decided to leave our home. I’m very hurt and so are both sides of our family for his decision to walk out. There’s no outsider, from what I know of. He says he doesn’t love me the way he used to, and that he doesn’t want to live with me anymore. I feel because he finished school and has a stable job now he feels he can do everything on his own and that he can leave our family and just provide financially for the kids. We stopped talking 3 months ago because of some misunderstandings and hurtful actions in the past from our younger years, and he has an apartment to move into on the 15th. My oldest is confused as to why his dad is leaving, he is 10. Please pray for my marriage to be mended and restored.

    1. Michelle, I pray that you allow the Lord to restore your heart, fill you with His comfort, peace and an abundance of love that you begin to pour out on others! Do not worry about what you “see”. We live by faith and not by sight! Pray psalm 91 and psalm 23 over you and your family non stop. Ask God to change your heart and let the healing start with you so that you can be the wife your husband needs you to be! In Jesus’s name, Amen!

  38. I’m praying for my marriage. I am hurting without my husband and my family is torn apart. I’m working on me. I’m praying everything outside for and persons not of God be removed because they have no power. What God put together is irreversible Please intercede with me that my husband will turn back to the Father. Father rebuke the enemy long enough so that he can hear YOU. Father you have the final say and I thank you now for restoration in my marriage and relationship.

  39. My husband has walked out on me after 28 years of marriage. I discovered his 2nd affair On my birthday in Feb. he said he was sorry and we were working on our marriage. I felt we on a second honeymoon. We were together everyday from March-July 5th, and we having a blast. He works out of state. He went back on site at work , called me and said he wasn’t coming back. My heart has been broken in a million little pieces. I pray these prayers, and have fasted for over 21 days. He knows the Bible, but is choosing not to obey Gods word and commands. Please pray that he can be set free from sexual sin , lust, porn, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc.
    i need strength. I Feel the harder I pray and fight, the nastier he treats me. I need a miracle.. I need a breakthrough. Our daughter is struggling and has been diagnosed with severe depression. Prayers please.

    1. Father God I pray that you give more strength to your child of God who is standing in the gap for her marriage. Do not fear or panic over your marriage circumstances. God has not given us the spirit of fear but the spirit of peace and of sound mind. So bring all of your concerns to Jesus and pray without ceasing for marriage restoration. Paul the Apostle says fight the good fight & stand firm with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. I pray that both you and your husband both seek the kingdom of God and all His righteous. In Jesus Almighty name Amen.

  40. Please pray for me and my wife. She left her matrimonial home sine December 2019 and does not want to return. All of because of a little misunderstanding between us. I know God will touch her heart and she will return

  41. My husband walked out on me as of April 2020. He said we need some time apart and also said he was ready to move on. We had 1 counseling session that was no help. I am so angry, broken and confused. I need direction from God on what my next step is. I have been praying the 9 prayers for marriage from this site. I am still confused about what’s next regarding my marriage. My husband is still gone and shows no signs of wanting to reconcile and return home. This is so painful. I feel abandoned and my kids are struggling as well.

    1. My sister, please continue to pray and ask God and the Holy Spirit to lead you on. I know it can be hard but this too shall past. God loves you. Just know that and seek his help. He is with you. Fear not, for I am with you. That’s what he said.

    2. Michelle, you are not only. The same thing has happen with my marriage. It’s been almost two months for me. The first few weeks were painful and lonely. If you need someone to talk to feel free to email me.

    3. Have faith in God, he will strengthen you and restore your marriage. Just don’t lose hope keep praying and trust him.

  42. I have prayed these 9 prayers for the last 3 days, and praise God, I believe in miracles. Thank you for your prayers for Nadine and I, and our marriage restoration and please accept prayers and blessings for your marriage too!!!!!!!!!!

    1. God is faithful if we believe and pray what ever we ask will be given ? So as your wife God will bring her back in Jesus name?

  43. Hello I’m new to the light of Jesus. I have let worldly things – selfishness, laziness, and anger ruin my marriage. I am currently not in my home and have very little contact with my wife and 3 young children. I never thought I could lose my family. I hit rock-bottom and was saved in the parking lot of a church with the help of a pastor who saw my pain. My wife still will not soften her heart to me. I have been praying most of the day since I left home and incorporating these restoration prayers. Please pray for me and my wife. She feels abandoned even though she asked me to leave. She said if I was close to God it would make her close to me. I’ll just keep praying and believing.

    1. I can feel your heart and it I pray that you will draw closer to the Lord and let this be where your heart lies. Learn about him and remember the king’s heart is in God’s hands. In your learning, read this verse and be blessed. Seek the Lord while he may be found. I am praying for you.

      1. Thank you anyone who read or prayed for me on this post. A little update – It’s been a hard road but turning to God has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My wife and I are getting along better than we ever have before and my children are happy and healthy. Thank God and thank all that have supported me.

  44. I committed adultery as well 1st to do is admit your wrong I did such and had a child out of my wrongness I pray yahweh that me and my family can stay together its a SCARY feeling thinking about another man around my kids I PROMISED the most high that if and once we get through this i will never in my entire LIFE put us here again so my brothers and sisters I ask for yall prayers as well

  45. please pray for me and Jolie, she has run off and gotten engaged to another man and he is buying her attention , please god show her the time and love we have for each other and that it is worth the effort to come back to her real husband and the relationship is worth the effort.

  46. Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Kindly pray for my marriage restoration. My marriage is under satanic attack. Myself and my spouse are separated on the 14th day of our arranged marriage. There are many outside intruders between me and my spouse. Its going to be 14 months since our separation. She is demonized and God should deliver her and keep ourselves as a testimony for him. I am very much confused about taking the decisions, but I would like to stand for the marriage irrespective of the worst things happened. I am praying since May 2019 for our restoration. Please keep me in your prayers for God to restore our marriage. Thank you!

  47. It’s been a long year. Found out my husband was having an affair a year ago..though my heart had been uneasy for a few months before then as well. We were only married less than a year, but we had been dating for over 10 years. Our relationship with my parents hasn’t been great and I relied on him to be my rock and that crumbled down fast. He wanted a divorce cz he realized he loves and married me for the wrong reasons. I tried working it out and the next month it blew up even worse and I ended up in hospital. I was ready to give up but God wouldn’t let me. I surrendered everything to Him and things got better slowly..a lil bumps here and there..but I wasn’t allowed to give up by God whenever I felt like it. We are not intimate yet, but much closer to each other than before. I thought things are getting better, but last night I had a nightmare everything is repeating itself again..and tomorrow marks the 1 year I first found out too. I then found out they’re friends again on social media today. I just can’t handle 2019 repeating itself all over again and I hope it doesn’t. Timing is way too crazy. I feel weak and lost..not sure what to do if it’s happening again. I flipped thru the Bible and found Hosea 3. God wants me to keep on loving him and that’s exactly what I will continue to do..and surrendering everything into His hands.

    Please pray for our marriage for healing, strength and patience. Please pray that my husband and I will become closer to God and each other. Please pray that love and intimacy will return in our marriage. I have to continue staying strong and being patient again…

  48. My partner and I have been together for over 18 years and we have 2 kids. He moved to another town last year to pursue business interests. Things were fine until exactly four weeks ago. He stopped taking my calls then blocked me on whatsapp. He would still call and video call his kids but still not talk to me. He sent me a message that I should not give up on him but he is still cold to me. We only communicate if I reach out to him through messages and he has recently started taking my calls again but the conversation is so cold. I am at my wits end, I don’t know if I should give up on him as many friends have been advising or should I continue praying for restoration as my heart is suggesting. I don’t want to give up on us but his actions are hurting me so much. Please pray with me that the Lord restores our relationship. Thank you

  49. My husband and I are currently separated, it’s been a year. It’s been a long road and I still feel broken and hurt. The man I married and grew with is not the same man today. We had been through many things and always managed to work it out. My kids are hurting and it’s very sad. I continue to pray for my marriage and family. I know that the enemy attacks and he has been holding onto my husband that my children don’t even recognize him. The enemy is attacking marriages and families and I continue to pray. I will hold you all in my prayers as well. Please hold my marriage and family in your prayers also. With God all things are possible and I am holding onto that.
    Thank you

  50. pray with me for restoration of my marriage. we have been seperated for 4 months.so much hurt and anger in the whole process.we have a little girl. praying for healing and softening of hearts and for a strong marriage. Amen

  51. Please pray for my marriage to be reconcile and re-build our trust and our relationship again. For GOD to draw us (me and my Wife) closer to him and for GOD to be in our conversation and to give us the loving words to say to each other. May God touch us both and reunite us together. Thank you Jesus in your precious name. Amen.

  52. I left my husband 10 years ago due to my mental Instability. I have regretted it ever since. We have a child together and he’s doing the best at that but the hurt from me leaving is still there. We’ve both been with other people since then but nothing has become of the other relationships. I’ve asked him many times for forgiveness and he says he has but the hurt is still there. I know can can restore this broken marriage and family. I’ve been praying and asking God for years to bring restoration to our marriage.

  53. With tears flowing in my eyes hurt pain so broken I don’t when or how my life will be restored. But I trust God. I pray day-night, secondly fast for peace, help restoration. It hurts so bad. One partner all my life and he left with one intention. But now he is doing a whole different thing.
    My mom and family loved and supported him and now he’s disrespecting my mom and family and me.
    He boasts about all he’s doing. He’s having girls and he’s throwing it in my face. He doesn’t call much anymore, even his kids.
    I’ve been with only him all my life. We were friends. We shared a bond many used to say they wish they had.
    I am going through so much but today I had to write. I still help his mom and he cusses me like I’ve never done anything good. He’s done so much for us too and we really need prayers.
    I’ve been going through so much. Please I am asking, stand in the gap with me and ask God to intercede. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. My sister, we are in a war. Remember the enemy hates marriage. I am telling you this is the time to trust in the Lord like never before and the founder of marriage, the one said he hates divorce.
      I was also under attack. Things were worse until the enemy his agents confess to me that I am disturbing their agenda and calling me names. I didn’t know how they got hold of me. They were doing their things for a while, even they texting to tell me they won’t quit until they find my husband.
      But I am not scared of the enemy because greater is he that is in me than the one that is in the world. You know, I can take the whole day to tell my testimony. Take these prayers seriously, fast and wake up at midnight to pray and read your bible.

    2. God is the restorer of marriages when u want to pray take his picture n talk to him speak to his soul n call him back home in d name of Jesus.

    3. I understand your pain as am in the same situation now.
      I pray that God will interceed and bring a miracle of restoration. Amen

    4. I am praying for your family. Don’t give up just yet Gods got it keep fasting and praying because prayer changes things. I pray for restoration over your heart, his heart and your kids. God bless you. Your stronger than you know, just keep holding onto God with all you got.

    5. Does anyone have a testimony of how God moved in your marriage and brought restoration to your family?

  54. GOD revealed my wife to me in 2016 and gave a clear description of how it is going to be but my family had great hatred for her because she already had 2 children and i got her pregnant and mine came making it a third child, things went on smoothly with all the protection i could give to her and although her mother fought earnestly and told me to my face that she does not know what the daughter saw in me that men of calibers had always come for her but she’d refuse and now she has totally gone AWOL, and now too many oppositions from her to me but as long as the clear description were from GOD i refuse to go down her sound track of “LOOK FOR SOMEONE ELSE” i know the GOD i serve as a servant of the GOSPEL OF CHRIST will not put me to shame

  55. I will be fasting for three days, My wife filed for divorce Aug. 20. 2019 and will give me a reason why. We went to mediation on Oct. 1 and was force to leave our home. I wrote her letter asking that we should give our marriage another chance. She refused. She said it’s over. Her mom, sisters and her best friend are a big part of what’s happen. They demand so much of her time that It would get her to the point where she would drink, Then I would get the wrath of it when I got home from work. My mother in law moved in our home and she would demand so much attention from wife that she would call her to her room multiple times a day, Her sister call her cell phone 6 to 8 times a day and her best friend lost her husband to a heart attack and ever since she been telling my wife to leave me, we were all best friends until his death. I love my wife very much. I moved to California from Texas on Oct. 14, 2019. I had no place to go, I have family in California. I regret leaving Texas, I feel that I abandoned her. And now she doesn’t want anything to do with me. All I do is cry and pray. I am praying for a miracle and looking forward to that miracle. I hope trough this comment we can all come together in agreement. When two or three are gather in my name, I am there with them. thank you all in advance for all the prayers

    1. Blessings John A.,

      My situation is similar to yours. I am praying for your marriage as I am praying for mine. My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We have both cheated but we never got the help that our marriage needed in order for our marriage to make it. Well I moved from Chicago to California in August because I thought that my husband would follow because I truly believed that’s what our marriage needed. I thought we needed to get out the state where we had done all our indiscretions.

      Well I moved and thought we wanted to work on our marriage but when I went back to Chicago in December, I found a receipt to Victoria Secrets and when I asked him if he wanted our marriage to work he said he does not want to be married to me. He would never look at me the same. I was hurt beyond hurt because I was upset that we never got the help our marriage needed. So I asked him can we try counseling for 6 months and really put effort in our marriage. I told him that if we tried and it still did not work I would sign the divorce papers and wouldn’t even ask him for court mandated child support. He still said no. I was crushed. I cried and cried and begged him for our marriage to at least try and his answer is still the same. Once I came back to California I called him everyday sent him 1,000 text messages because I could not understand how he could say the things he said and do the things he did.

      I do believe that there is an attack on marriages and satan is busy. I was listening to Joel Osteen earlier and he said something that really moved me. He said that instead of talking about the mountain speak to the mountain. He said when you talk about the mountain you become weaker and not focused on the power of God. I have decided to tell the mountain of strife, division, and discorded to be removed from my marriage. I also did not call him or text him today. I was so desperate for my marriage that I was even using my daughter to send him messages and I know that is not right.

      So on Sunday I am starting the Daniel’s Fast and I am going to pray these 9 prayers and watch the miracle of God work wonders in my marriage. I refuse to give up until the ink is dry on our divorce papers. We had a status hearing on January 8, 2020 and he went to court. I was hurt by this but I am still believing God’s word and will keep praying. The man that was speaking to me and saying the things that he was saying made it hard for me to believe that was actually my husband. I felt like that was some type of spirit on him. So as I am praying for my marriage, I will be praying for yours. I do believe that with God anything is possible. I believe that God would not join two people together just to divide them. I believe that most people end up in divorce court because they both stop fighting! So don’t stop fighting!

      1. Hi,
        I am going through a divorce as well. My husband filed just last week and already it feels like a lifetime of hurt and pain. We dont talk, if we do it turns into an argument. We are no longer intimate with each other. I’m not cheating and I’m not sure if he is cause he’s always home but he is on the phone with some female for a long time and I know it’s not his aunt’s. I have been with this man off and on for over 25 years. He’s been with me when my mother passed, 3 brothers an uncle and my grandmother. We have been married for 16 years but we were married twice, once in 2002 and the other in 2008. We have been through so much together. He has 11 children including our 3. He’s a good man, a helper and a provider. I have helped him take care of his mom who has Alzheimers disease, she’s only 71. But my husband wants a divorce, he says that he doesn’t love me any more and that if we haven’t worked everything out in 20 plus years it will never work. I moved from California to New Hampshire and now to Massachusetts and I left everything behind, friends, family, I feel like he’s totally abandoning me and our three children. My mom just purchased a house for her and our family , we all just moved now he wants me and the kids to move out. I cried, I prayed, I have fasted and read scripture, even shared prayer and scripture with him and he’s just cold with no emotion. I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. We’ve had our differences but we’ve always seemed to work to them out. His family is from Massachusetts and we are helping a aunt who lives with us now and his whole family seems like they are taking his side so I feel totally helpless. I am a born again Christian and I’m not perfect, I’ve made mistakes, by not communicating with my husband when I should, not letting him be the head of the household by not listening to him and disagreeing with him in front of the children, I haven’t been unfaithful by any means and you would think that the way he feels about me now as if I have killed someone. I hate that we are going through this and I never thought it would happen to us. But it has and I dont know what to do. I realize I have to let go and let God, be still and know that he is God. But I always feel like I need to but in and that God needs my help when he does not. I need help . I still love my husband very much and if I leave I dont think he nor I will ever come back to each other. I will keep praying for each of you and your situation and please send a prayer for our family as well. Thank you in advance for your support.

        1. Hi my name Angela. I’m going through the same rejections I’m reading in all the prayers concerning our marriages. Is there anything to hard for God. Gods word is our solid rock to stand on when the situations seem hopeless. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. We have no one to fight judge or intercede on our behalf but God and Iv learned through experience we dont need anyone else. God is able to reconcile our marriages and we just have to believe it’s already done. Faith is not what we see but what we dont see. Let join together and give our father praise for not only loving us but for working on our behalf to restore everything that the enemy tried to destroy. I love you all and I thank God for his peace and assurance that everything works together for the good for those that love the lord that means we Win… Amen..

    2. I’m reading these comments and although I’m saddened that so many marriages are in trouble, it’s heartwarming that so many have turned to God and a prayer community for help.

      I walked away from my marriage and I’m filled with regrets.

      Instead of seeking God when I didn’t know where else to turn, I listened to outside influences telling me that if I was unhappy then I should walk away.

      I warred with my faith in believing that marriage is given by God and screaming at God “Why is this happening? It can’t be your intention that I should live my life like this?”

      So I left, thinking I was interpreting God’s message to me instead of evil influences.

      So my husband filed for divorce.

      Now I recognize what I should of done was seek God’s help, ask for his interpretation of my emotions; ask for his interpretation of faith.

      So although I’m divorced, I’m praying for my broken marriage with the faith that God is the way maker. He is the healer of all things broken.

      When we stood in that church and said our vows, we made a covenant with God and although we may turn away from that covenant, God does not turn away from us. God is faithful to all covenants he makes with us.

      So as I pray for healing and restoration in my broken marriage, I will pray for all our broken marriages. I ask for your prayers in return.

      Where two or more are gathered.

      1. I divorced my husband on the grounds of Adultry and the birth of two children outside the marriage. I never stopped loving him I was just devastated and broken. He has treated me with contempt and totally disrespected our over a decade relationship. I’m a Woman who believes in the God of miracles. I now regret giving up out of hurt and forgiveness. I join you in prayer for reconciliation because I realize we all need forgiveness and if God divorced us everytime we hurt or sinned against him we would be lost forever but thank God for covenant relationships that last to eternity never ever giving up on us. I love my husband. He is now with someone in a very toxic and abusive relationship. Please join me in prayer for Gods resurrecting power of the Holy Spirit to raise him up from the trap the enemy has him bound. God is able to do everything but fail. And I believe his will is already done in our marriages in Jesus Name. Amen..

  56. I see a lot of encouraging words in here. My wife separated from me about 8 months ago. We have a child together and its so hard. she is the love of my life and I know I have made some mistakes , we both have but it is always worth fighting for and nothing that serious, right now we get a long so well but I want her back. im not the same person and have taken accountability for my wrongs and forgave her as well. going to counseling and just trying to better myself so I can be better for her and my family. Continued prayer for us. I believe in miracles!

    1. Brother it’s my prayer for immediate reconciliation and complete healing in your marriage to both GOD and your GOD given wife. I believe HE will provide the path for you both to unite, for you are truly one in the spirit and the flesh. She will bless herself by blessing your marriage with true forgiveness. THE LORD works in mysterious ways and lets us see things eyes can’t see or hear things ears can’t hear. We all must let HIM open our eyes and ears. Have faith in HIM, walk in THE SPIRIT and share this with her, to let THE FATHER order your steps to let nothing on this earth take you apart. It’s difficult I
      know, but I beg GOD to
      reunite your hearts and minds. In Jesus name,

    2. Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s good to hear heart felt remorse for our offenses against our love ones. Its not easy but neccessary for growth. It’s a freedom to move forward and it gives God permission to divinely intervene on our behalf. I pray my God will move us all to a place of repentance that releases us from strong holds that keep us bound to Sin. I join you in prayer asking Gods will to be done in Jesus Name Amen..

  57. I thank God for the better relationship I now have with my two teenage daughters. I am grateful for the guidance He has given me in the past year to improve myself; my negative attitude/thinking; my controlling, angry, harsh behaviors are now way less compared to the past. My relationship with my daughters have improved greatly. I can feel it and so have my daughters.
    However, my husband, who said he wants to leave our marriage 2 years ago and filed for divorce 6 months ago, have not changed his stance; from his actions, I believe he still wants to go forward with the divorce process. I am asking God’s help to soften his heart, to not go through with this process. I am asking God to give me more time to heal and for my husband to heal also. I have asked God’s forgiveness and my husband’s forgiveness. I am praying constantly for God to bring back my husband to the family, for God not to tear our family apart. I am asking God and the Holy Spirit to show my husband he is well loved by me, by the family. God has sent me lots of resources, support groups, teachers and tools to open my eyes to my faults, to improve myself, my marriage. I am listening, I am paying heed, I am making amends.
    I have hope that God is continuously working on us and our family even though I cannot see the changes in our marriage situation. There is a devotional and prayer I’ve read that says a seed is planted, we cannot see the changes happening beneath the soil, but that one day, the seed will sprout and come up from the soil.
    At times I feel so discouraged and so overwhelmed. I feel so powerless, all I can do is cry and pray. I pray to God for patience and perseverance, to not give up hope, because God knows what is right and just, God does not want broken families and that things will happen in God’s time.
    Please, anyone out there, pray for my marriage to be reconciled.
    Seeing the other prayer requests, I know I am one of many. It saddens me to know there are so many families hurting so. I pray for the other marriages as well to be reconciled. God help us all.

    1. Ellen,

      Don’t give up! Keep fighting. I will be praying for your marriage as I am praying for mine. Our God is a miraculous God!

  58. The enemy came to steal kill and destroy but God is the one in charge and God will restore your marriage 10 folds. keep praying and fasting and trusting in God. don’t give up!

  59. My wife and I have been separated for 2 years now. She has stopped loving me and Has even started dating. I had convinced myself that this was ok and even accepted it until recently. God has pressed upon me the need to fight and pray for my marriage and I am scared and hurt as I am flooded with emotions I thought I had already resolved. I trust in God and trust that he has a plan for me and ask that you would cover me with your prayers as I follow his will and pray for my marriage and wife.

    1. I know how you feel. If only our spouses knew the Love that we have for them. I’m not the same person, I have the same kind of love for my spouse as Jesus had for us.

      It’s sad that so many people are going through separation and divorce. If only the people who walked away only wanted to know and feel the love we have for them. I’m not the same person, don’t want to be the person I was. The hurt makes you a different person, a better person, a more loving person, one who can look at yourself and know that you will never be the what you were.

      If only our spouses wanted to know what Jesus Christ has done in our life, how lucky they would be. We can only keep praying for the ones who chose to walk away and know God will never leave us or forsake us. Just keep doing what is right in the lord’s eyes and we will know in our heart that we tried to make our marriage work, but it takes two. God has a wonderful life for us. Keep looking at Jesus and everything will be okay.

    2. There is nothing that God cannot fix. The Lord will perfect all that concerns you. Your wife will come back home in Jesus name. It is done! keep fighting in prayer for your marriage. God is not a man that He should lie, His word will do what He sent it to do. God blessings upon you and your marriage.

    3. I’m a novice to prayers, however I just realized I alone can’t keep my marriage from being destroyed. Now I know that I need the supreme father more than ever. Only he can work wonders.
      I pray in Jesus’s name that your husband’s mind and heart are influenced by the will of our loving father.

    4. I pray for GOD to move mightily and touch your spouses heart and mind to change and work through her issues and pain. To be filled and led by THE SPIRIT and be taught by the ministering Angels of what GOD really wants. That she filled with HIS courage, strength and forgiveness. Let GOD change you mostly, and transform her heart and mind to see those changes. Give her love, peace, protection, support and respect. Let GOD order your steps and have faith. HIS will be done. In Jesus name, Amen.

  60. May God work this miracle in your life, May God restore your marriage, please don’t give up , keep praying in faith.

  61. Please pray for restoration on my marriage with Robert W. We have been married for 18 years and he has left the matrimonial bed for someone at his job. I had been praying for my husband that he would find God but he never did. God has been my refuge and my fortress in these trying times. I have been reading my bible more, fasting and looking for a closer relationship with God. I pray for all of you on this post by calling and lifting each one of your names up to Jesus Christ. I pray that God restores and heals each of you. Be blessed and pray without ceasing. Amen

    1. I pray for you and for your marriage. God bless you and bring peace and love to you.
      Please pray for my marriage too may God make John see how they are manipulating him . God bankers John see that I am the only one there for him . Make his live for me and our marriage win.
      God help you and me

      1. the devil will not win in the name of Jesus! the devil love destroying marriages and families I hate the enemy but God’s word never fail. God will help us all in with our spouses. I pray that everyone here is restored through faith and by God almighty. I pray that all here would read the five love languages book by Gary Chapman. our spouses may have a different love language from us and we all receive love in a different way. I pray that the spouses who left shall return and you will have a testimony in Jesus name. there is always a reason why God allows certain things in our lives to happen. trust in Him always, He will restore each and every marriage on here including mine in the name of Jesus amen. It is done

    2. I am in a similar situation, been married for 20 years and my husband left. It is so sad there are so many of us in this situation, asking for prayers and help to restore our marriages. I am praying for us for this restoration, knowing God does not want broken families. God knows our hearts and know we love our spouses.
      I pray constantly, several times a day for guidance, wisdom, kindness, self control and perseverance. I need patience and to continue to show loving kindness to my husband though from afar.
      I pray for God to guide my husband back, to soften his heart and mind to forgive me for my wrongs. I am learning from my mistakes and changing my negative ways.

  62. for all you i will include you in my prayers, I’am also in the same situation, problem with the infidelity cause by my husband after several months together we still have the same issue the girl is still communicating, please pray for my marriage we have been together for 22 yrs, our children is very much affected with our situation, i know i have issue with myself i can’t control myself if someone is lying to me so we fall in an argument…God help all of us who under go with this pain….

    1. I am in a similar situation. I don’t understand the manipulation. I pray God release the manipulation spirit and pour love and respect in his heart. Guide his hands, feet and mouth and let nothing but God’s words be spoken to others. He has some issues and I pray that God lays it upon his heart to deal with his demons to be released. I pray for a stronger marriage after 16 years and 20 years of being together. I pray for strength within myself. I pray I see the lesson they I am being taught. Amen

    2. Please help me praying for my marriage which is breaking down.my husband has divorced me. I still love him and I need him in my life.pray for the spirit of forgiveness and that God should restore thus marriage. I refuse to give up because I believe that God can still work out something in this marriage even though it has fallen apart, we have a child together and am expecting his second child, please help us to work out things for the sake of the kids and for the sake of love,
      I will testify

  63. Me and my wife Grace Nancy are separated from the 14th day of our arrange marraige. I wanted to be truthful to my wife and confessed about my sins to her in a normal conversation. I never betrayed her in the past before our marriage. She portrays me as a s** addict and defamed my name in church and in my hometown. I am not able to bear all these. I tried to communicate but she blocked my number and planning to move on since our marriage is unconsummated and registered only in church. Its been three months since our separation. I love her a lot and I feel very depressed. God is my only hope. God is comforting me. At times I am highly stressed. Please pray for our marriage restoration.

    1. My friend- believe and pray that God is amazing and that he can do anything. I pray for restoration in your marriage and that God will heal your wife’s hurt. Stay on your knees and believe that he will answer your prayers. Stay humble and repent all your sins and he will speak truth into your situation. He wants family to stay together. All the time.

  64. Please pray for my husband and I. We are due to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary this coming weekend. We were together for 8 years prior to marriage for a total of 37 years together. We are 53 and 52 years of age a we’ve been together more than half our lives. We raised our four children and a little under a year ago, became empty nesters. He recently decided he wanted out of this marriage. In the past four months, we have fell further and further apart. He insist that he still loves me very much, is still attracted to me and needs me but he just wants out. We’ve hurt each other both physically and emotionally- more so emotionally with hurtful words. I know I need him and I’m still so madly in love with him. I’ve begged him to stay and work it out. I’ve prayed about.
    We’ve had issues on both parts earlier on in our marriage and we chalked it up to being young when we got married. Over The past 8 years we’ve rebuilt our levels of trust and communication. And the last 2 years we were inseparable. Experiencing new things like traveling to places we’ve never been and really enjoying each other’s company.
    I’m sure infidelity is once again rearing it’s evil head a midst our happiness.
    I’ve tried talking to him but it’s all one sided with me trying to get him to open up so we can figure out where we went wrong. It only turns into arguing.
    I’m so lost right now. I need all the prayers I can get. 2019 has not been good for either one of us. I lost my mom in March and he just lost his brother in July. They say there is Power in Prayer. I need that power now

    1. Prayers your way. Please pray for mine as well. Almost the same type of situation. Married 20 years. Our last 2 children have 2 years left. He says he still loves me, but is living with his gf who is our sons age. He claims he has no feelings for her, but that she was convenient because neither could afford to live alone.

        1. Me and my husband have been separated for almost a month. I found out he was having a affair. Even after I told him I would forgive him and we can go to marriage counselor to fix things he doesn’t feel like it can be fixed. I love he so much. I cry every night and and every morning. I pray all day, every day. We have 5 kids together and I would love for him to come home. I keep praying that God fixes this. Heal it. I just want my husband home.

        1. I am praying for you all to heal your marriages and mend your hearts, please pray for my marriage we are separated but I am praying for us to find our way back together through this difficult time, and that we can find love in each others heart pass the pain.

    2. I’m definitely praying for you right now. And pray for a miracle your marriage needs. Peace for your heavy heart and mind and know God is with you. For all your prayer intentions we pray in Jesus name. Amen

      1. God bless everyone praying to this prayers. God will not fail us ❤️Please pray for my marrige I been married for 2 years however seems like me and my husband spend no time together I am praying for love happiness joy and and stinger understand and bind between me and my husband please pray I want have baby by next year and home

      2. My husband abandon me 4 months and I do believe that he is living with a young girl she is 28; and he is 71 and I need power prayers for him to come home because I still love him and forgive him

      3. Please pray that my marriage be restored and that reconciliation will happen in Jesus’ name. My husband has left me and our 2 young children. I have been praying the prayers on this site and I am trusting God to do mightily regarding this.

    3. Hi Kelly,
      I will pray for you and your family. I’ve been through a similar situation. May I suggest please don’t beg him to stay. I tried that and didn’t work, it only pushed him away further. You need to show him that you are strong and no matter what he does you will be ok. I’ve been married for 19 years and I never thought my sweet husband would ever hurt me the way he has the past 2 years. Men go through mid life crisis and it’s best to just distance yourself and let him go through it (like a 2 year old going through terrible 2s). But show him that you are the daughter of the most high king, you are loved and accepted. Once he sees your strength and that you are not insecure he will come back to you. And keep praying, and trusting God. He is in control. Don’t cry in front of your husband, when you pray you cry and let it out, but not in front of your husband, that will only push him away. I will pray for you right now.

      1. Thank you so much Luz Marina Cordova. That is exactly what I needed to hear. I am a strong women and I will never again even ask him to stay let alone BEG him. I will only continue to pray. I appreciate your words so much.

      2. Thank you Kelli,

        I really needed to hear this too, as my husband says he is conflicted about our marriage.

        Please pray for our marriage.

  65. Please pray for me and my husband we love each other a lot the problem is the is an evil spirit that keep on tormenting us,i use to grow up having a spiritual husband and having a bad luck in everything i do at school at work on the street wherever i go and now is on my daughter as well we did fight this by prayer but no changes .i got married last year and i was so so so happy i tough finally it is over ,but it wasn’t i made few abortion because of this . A prophet man told him he will loose everything due to this spirit we thought we will overcome this but tings are now changing he lost his cars is work he is now sitting at home doing nothing so he decided we separate because he can’t leave this life nay longer,am so heart broken still praying to God with hope please pray with me ,i think my family knew abut this but i don’t know what benefit they had on that because i use to wake up crying saying there is something having sex with me when i sleep and they will say is in my mind am tired of living this sorrow life .but i do have hope in God.

  66. Please Pray for my Wife and I. We over indulged on alcohol and we both said some very hurtful things to each other. I told that I have been so hurt by her in the past and I did it in a really ugly way. She fired back with telling me ugly things and that she wants a divorce. I feel awful about what I said and how I said it. In saying what I said she feels that we have not been honest to each other for a long time. That is true, we tend to walk on eggshells around one another to avoid an argument. We have 8 years of marriage and I don’t want to loose her.

    1. Pray and get professional marriage counseling. You need to learn how to listen to each other before it’s too late.

      I will pray for you and your wife as well!

      1. Please pray for my husband Tom and I. We have been married for 9 years, have two beautiful children- a 6 yold boy an a 4yold girl. I’m devastated because I love him unconditionally, but he tells me that he doesn’t trust or love me anymore. We both hurt and lied in he past and he seems to. stuck in past and doesn’t want to forgive and wants to divorce and leave. I don’t want to lose him and our beautiful family. I know the Lord is good and heard our prayers. As I continue to pray for all of us, please help to pray over our marriage so that it may be restored.
        Thank you.

  67. I need prayers for God to restore my marriage. Things are no longet the way we stared and I believe we are just patching it up. We both have our faults and I am believing God to interven at this time and bring us back to fulfil his plan for our home. Please pray for me.

  68. After 6-7 years together with 2 years of marriage and my husband has requested a divorce and stated that he doesn’t love or care about me anymore and that he’s doesn’t find me attractive anymore and that he has been feeling that way for a while now. I still love and care about my husband and still want to be with him so I’m praying that God softens my husband’s heart and for God to fill it back up with the love that we once had for each other. I’m praying to God for my marriage to be restored in Gods name and we will be able to come back together as one as God’s will as he was the one that put us together. I’m praying for a miracle in Jesus Christ’s name, amen!

    1. I am in a very similar situation girl and i know the pain you’re feeling.. i am and will be praying for you and for your marriage to be restored. Even if its hard to think about now just try to remember Gods plan is always bigger and better! He can work miracles in both of you and bring you back together! And thats exactly what i pray for! Stay strong love!

  69. I really need prayers right now! My husband decided to leave me for another woman. We’ve been married for 3 years but have been together for 13 years. I pray for complete restoration in our marriage and all of the bad is replaced by good. I pray that everything and everyone that is working against us is defeated so we can rebuild this relationship.

    1. My husband of 2 years (in relationship 6years) recently began seeing another woman and is thinking of moving out of our home we share with our children. I am praying to God and believing that God will remove all adulterous and lustful thoughts from my husband, believing that God will restore our marriage and remind my husband of the woman he fell in love with. Please pray with me, as I pray with you.

  70. After 39 years of marriage, my wife decided she wanted to live separately from me, last year,without giving any reason for doing so. So, in february this year, she left to live elsewhere, This july month, she came back and collected whatever belongings she considers hers, and left, together with our daughter, presumably, for good. Our 17 year old daughter now lives with relatives, because my wife cannot accommodate her in her little room she lives in. The girl cannot come back home for fear of mom reprisals.
    I love her much, but she lost all affection for me. Pray with me for restoration of this 39 year old marriage. There is nothing impossible with GOD

    1. Pls pray for restoration of my marriage as my husband draw to the worldly desires. Pray God will bring him back to the family n be faithful to me.

  71. I’m praying for you all. I know how painful this is. My husband Claude left the matrimonial home for a month now because I was so mean to him. We lost our connection. And we stopped communicating. I love him. We have three beautiful children. Been together for 19 years, and married for 16 years this July.

    Please pray for us all.

    I’ll be praying for you all.


  72. Greetings in the name of Christ. I come to you all broken hearted and desperate for the restoration of my marriage.

    My husband, David and I have been going through a rough spot lately, a lot of personal and financial troubles hitting all at once. We have a little girl and a second child on the way and I am terrified that our marriage won’t survive.

    My husband has fallen out of love with me. I feel like a stranger to him. We are trying to repair things, at least I think we are, but I know that more than anything we need the Fathers help.

    We have hurt each other, and I have said some very cruel things to him. I know I can’t take it back, I don”t know what to do. He won’t let me touch him, barely lets me do anything for him, won’t share our bed… He tells me he loves me because he said he hopes saying it will help him to feel it again.

    My heart is absolutely broken. All I want is for us to be a family again. To have my husband again. I’m terrified he will never see me that way again.

    Please pray for us and ask God to intercede into our marriage. Please ask Him to speak to and soften David’s heart to me, and allow for a greatly needed healing to come into our hearts and home. Please pray for me that I may be humble and patient. Pray for our children, that they will not see their family fall apart.

    1. Michelle I pray that our heavenly father restores your Your marriage and that your kids will not be Hinder from anything that’s going on .Our father who is in heaven knows how much your pain is . We must and stay focused on our heavenly father He will restore our marriage We have to stay faithful I pray this in Jesus name

    2. Please God praying because my husband turn it into a monster anytime he gets upset he treat me with divorce no make me upset or I ll divorce u my hear is hurt he has said to me terrible mean words to me very mean mean things I was stay home mom all this years and he just say now I don’t do enough he is completely jerk I do t know if he is talking with someone behind my back but his actittud is so destructive to us please praying so I can forgive all this mean words and my family of 5 doesn’t break a part! He is so mean he wasn’t like that before please praying for restauration and healing and to Hod touch my husband hearts ♥️ again thank u

  73. Please pray God restores my marriage! My husband of 21 years walked out on me and my 4 boys on April 18. He has past hurts from us not spending enough time with one another over the past few years. I reminded him in the past 9 years, we’ve had 4 boys under the age of 10, raised a son with severe autism, gone thru bankruptcy, a flood and lost everything we own, nursing school for myself, and it was never intentional to not focus just on us. Life has happened and I thought we were in this together. He has lost his love for me. But I know God CAN AND WILL renew that love! I ask you pray God sends him home VERY SOON!!!

    1. Lord please listen to her she’s been through a lot she has four children I pray this in your son’s precious and countless match Jesus name let her marriage be restored Lord and bring them back together again Thank you Father because we know that you’re well will be done

    2. Please pray for total restoration and healing in my marriage. My husband has left our house almost 3 months ago and has an apartment now. He says he wants a divorce but he also said he was not in a hurry about that however I’m afraid his filing is right around the corner. Our main problem is when we have fights they can get ugly (verbally) and he says he doesn’t want to live like that anymore. He told me he doesn’t love me like he used to. He also has not done one thing toward trying to heal our marriage. I believe the enemy has gotten ahold of him, speaking lies to my husband that things will never change and bringing him to divorce. Please pray for him, that God would bring change to his heart and mind, leading him to want to restore our marriage. Also please pray that he would find the love he used to have for me when our love was very strong. And also that all of our emotional wounds would be healed. Please also pray for the restoration of our family. I love him with all my heart and I don’t want to lose him or our marriage. There is a mountain of circumstances that are in the way and others telling him to leave the marriage. I know God can do anything and I believe He will but the power of prayer can never be overemphasized . I will also be praying for all of you. Thank you.

  74. Dear brothers and sisters if you guys could please pray for me Brenda, my husband Steven serve me divorce papers, This Mother’s day weekend I’ve been praying for God to restore my marriage to humble his heart please Lord don’t let my marriage end. I need help , I feel helpless , and depressed and tired yet I believe God will hear all our prayers and continue praying for my marriage until the end. Thank you for praying with me everybody’s prayer are music to God’s ear, I know God will listen Thank you and God bless you all

    1. Hi Brenda!
      I will be praying for you and your marriage! The devil is trying to destroy anything that is of God and means our marriages are at stake! I bind every plot and scheme that the devil has used to wage problems between you and your husband! Stand on God’s Word! There is nothing impossible for God!

      1. Melissa Tate thank you so much for your prayers I really appreciate them I’m very grateful that I have someone praying for me I pray that the Lord bless you abundantly, Lord knows that I am trying to stay devoted and faithful to my husband. But I feel that I’m losing this battle I’m staying courageous in Jesus holy name I pray

  75. My wife of 13 years is considering divorce. We go to separate churches and can’t agree on the order of marriage. She doesn’t believe that Man is head of the wife or that she is supposed to be by my side. I am a Holy Ghost filled minister of the gospel. She goes to a secular church. When I try to tell her the order according to God’s word she tells me that’s religious laws. Please pray for us

    1. I will definitely pray for you brother and yes you are correct man is head of the household I pray in Jesus name that God will hear our prayers Amen

  76. My wife of 12 years (May 19th) has had an emotional affair. When I brought that to a stop my wife became bitterly angry with me. She won’t talk, look, or even stay in the same room as me. She even told me that she hated me. This has been going on since April 12th, the ups and downs are tough. I am the only one holding on to this thing and I am not sure how much longer I can hold on…please pray for me and this relationship to reconcile, with the help of God. We have two children who will be in the wake of this destructive divorce as she has began researching and it sounds like it is coming soon…

    1. Pray for you brother that your marriage will be restored and that she would realize that you are trying for the sake of your children for the sake of the marriage and for the covenant you guys have made under I pray this in Jesus name

  77. I ask for prayers for my husband and i to reconcile. On may 13th he left our marriage of 9 years for someone he has known for 2 months. Lord i pray you open his eyes and touch his heart and let him feel the love for me he once did. Make him realize this is not what he wants to do but is only the work of the devil trying to destroy our marriage. I know with Lord all things are possible.

  78. My marriage has hit ROCK BOTTOM! My Husband left & is currently living with someone else. We have only been apart since April 14, 2019 please add my marriage in prayer

  79. Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    I humbly ask for your prayers. My husband of almost 13 years says he has zero love for me as his wife and zero desire. He wants a divorce. Every time he says he is filing, he comes back and says he doesn’t know…
    We have 2 boys 9 & 10. I am very scared. I am standing firm on wanting restoration and I ask that you pray the Holy Spirit will stir his heart and that the Lord will protect my boy’s hearts. Thank you-

    1. I stand in agreement with you in your prayers. I pray to God to restore your marriage and the Holy Spirit to speak to your husband’s heart and mind.

  80. I am going through a turbulent time in my marriage. My wife of 25 years chased me out of her home in December last year. We have four children . When she chased me I was homeless and a foreigner living in a strange land with no documents I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. But the Lord gave me a job and a home to live. My wife ‘s attitude has not changed. She does not see as her husband and has no respect for me. Rumours are that she has started a relationship with my friend. This hurts. I love my wife. Please help me to pray for our full restoration. My life is in a mess. I have gone into hibernation for fear of being hurt. My life is crumbling before me. I tried committing suicide in December but had no courage. These thoughts keep on hounding me. Please help me to find joy and peace again. I really miss my family.

  81. My wife left on 25 March 2019 after constant fighting. Before I read this I was convinced its beyond repair and I was ready to let the devil win, I trust God and I thought it was too much to as for restoration but my weak faith was wrong. Please pray for restoration of my marriage and deliverance from manipulative forces. My name is Mufudzi (shepherd in our vernacular language) and my wife’s name is Tsitsi (grace in our vernacular language)

  82. Hi my name is Carlos Quintero’s as my wife is Carolina Quintero’s please pray for us she left me because I was not responsible she has been gone almost a week and I know she’s mad she thinks I slept with another woman and I never have…I have found god she is a woman of god and I hope he can connect us both she taught me so much and I wanna share everything with her for the rest of my life. God you are great you are strong please fix my marriage and help my wife forgive me for any damage I caused please god please pray for me every one I will ?.

    1. Yes I will be praying for your restoration of your marriage God wants it to work in a specially if you were being handed down the word of God We could trust God and all we do Amen

  83. Hi,
    I have been praying for my family restoration.
    I have been fasting & praying for my husband to come back home.
    Its been two days he has left for another woman he met.
    And i need your prayers to because he is confused for leaving us with his three children. We have been married for 10 years & I believe only God can fight for my marriage. And I thank God everyday for his strength that allows myself to keep moving forward. I give him all the praise & honor because in every hard circumstances we faced he has better plan & blessings for us. The only thing we need to do is humble our self & pray. May God bless & restore all your marriage. Nothing is impossible to him. Amen

    1. I’m starting my evening prayers for my own marriage now. I will be sure to include you in them as well. Stay strong, stay the course, but mostly; Trust in God!! I am 6 weeks into my separation after 19 years!! I pray all day, everyday! I trust in God and firmly believe that his divine intervention will come!!

  84. My husband filled for a divorce on March 22nd. I stand on Gods word that what he joins together let no man separate. I pray and thank God that he will restore our marriage!

  85. I am 8 months pregnant and ever since i became pregnant we have been fighting almost every single day with my Spouse and then he decises to path ways and kicked me out of the house, he wants anything to do with me but i always tell him that we can still conquer er

  86. My name is Cyndi Collins, My 19 years of marriage is a true testament of Gods power! He took my husband and I from the pit of Hell, adultery, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and completely restored us! We are servants in love because of Gods restoration and merciful power! NEVER let divorce enter your thoughts or speech… this of the enemy!!! God can and will restore marriage, you have to invite Him in to do so. Pray with intention, pray over every part of your spouse and ask God to start changing you so you can be His Light for your lost spouse! The more the enemy fights you, the more you have to ask for God to fill you with His love for your spouse! Please look up marriagetoday.com pastor Jimmy Evans is absolutely amazing and God used marriage today to start working in me and my husband!!! You can also watch Marriage Today on the Daystar channel at 6am est. or on YouTube!!! I will be praying for each of you and remember we do not war against flesh and blood, but the darker evil spirits of the world! When your spouse comes against you remember it’s the enemy, and you must ask God to full you with His love for your spouse and love them more than the enemy wants you to be upset and discouraged! I pray this helps you all and May God Bless you and your marriages to complete and total restoration!!

    1. Thank you It does bring me hope, I know God is in control I’ve been praying for His will and I’m glad that you are real testimony that God worked in your life in your husband. May God continue to bless you both

    2. Your message was intended for me, I will continue to fight and pray for God to restore my marriage. My husband left me and stated he no longer wanted to be with me. He is so angry and bitter and emotional from an unhealthy past. He has trust issues. Please join me in prayer daily as I fight the enemy and get my husband back. ?

    3. Cyndi,

      Thank you for sharing your testimony. My husband is a man of God, an ordained minister and was going to be elected an Elder in our church in June. He literally stopped speaking to me in January & withdrew his financial support although we continue together. He is having an emotional affair with a woman named Shelby. This is the 4th time he’s committed adultery in our 10 year marriage.
      I considered leaving him and filing for a divorce. God said NO. I know its God’s will to restore our marriage. Your comment gave me hope and wise counsel. Thank you!

  87. If you fight for your marriage the devil will
    Fight you with everything .if you don’t fight for your marriage he will leave you alone you see he has all ready won don’t give up that’s what he wants ?

  88. Heavenly Father, I bow at your feet begging for reconciliation in my marriage. I filed for divorce last week only because I had enough of the accusations against me and all the ways I was wrong and did him wrong. I am not perfect, but I have never broken a vow to him. Lord, I pray that you open his eyes and change his heart. Make him see that this is not what he wants, but the devil trying to destroy our marriage. He has done a lot of wrong, but I forgive him and know he is a good man. He has a good heart most of the time, but he is so mad and angry. I pray that the Lord heals his hurt and angry heart and replaces it with a heart of flesh. May he find forgiven in me and may we want to work on our marriage. Heavenly Father, I know with you all things are possible. I do NOT want this divorce. I do NOT want to start over. I want to celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary and watch our grandbabies together. We have had 18 years together and he just wants to walk away. Lord, I pray you stop him and bring him back home. In Jesus Name, Amen


      I pray that the Almighty God will keep you soaring with Him over the storm. May His peace by the Holy Spirit keep you still, to know He’s God and Lord over the flood. In Jesus’ Name you’ll be victorious. Amen.

  89. Add fasting to prayer life. Trust and believe with prayer and fasting mountains can be removed !!! In the meantime I’ll be praying for all!

  90. Dear sister in Christ Jen I am praying for you and your family that God restored your family. I know how hard it is when you feel like you’re at a width end. I pray that Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior comes and saves your marriage. I know it’s hard when you’re going through it alone I’ve been told to give up on my marriage also and to move on, but that’s not what God wants. He’s in the restoration relationship so I pray earnestly that God grants you your prayer in Jesus name I pray these things. Stay strong and courageous. God is working in his life Love you sister in Christ. May God bless you

  91. I pray that God hears all of our prayers, gives us strength, helps to restore our marriages, and heals our families.

    In Christ Jesus’ Name, Amen

    1. Amen. God is love and he loves marriage. It’s a sacred unity. A difficult one due to outside manipulators , loss off true affection and appreciation that God blessed during our vows. The devil will not win. Use the power of God and his words of wisdom to reclaim what the devil has stolen. God has to get us what he promised, but we have to let him lead our marriages. No matter how broken, depressing, anger, resentment there may be. Exclude those who have alternate motives. They are not of God. Begin to thank God for turning your marriage into the days you took your vows. Communicate, have romance, study the word together, uplift each other in his holy name. Our God can not lie. Ask and thank him for restoring your message. Don’t look back but keep your eyes on God’s unfailing love. Claim and take back your marriage. It’s not by accident that you are posting to this forum. It’s God’s proof of the promises he makes if we choose to lean on him and have faith that it will come to past. Now start posting your testimonies of how God restoreth your marriage to be a blessing for that soul who is also going through a rough patch in their marriage. There’s no problem too big for God to fix. He’s just waiting on us to read and accept his word, thank him for already fixing it in advance. Stay faithful to his word and know he must be the core your marriage.

  92. I’m sorry to hear of everyone’s issues with marriage. I pray in Jesus name all of your marriages are healed all of your family’s are healed I pray that God’s glory is revealed and you are given laughter for tears. I’m going through the same. And don’t know what to do. I’m waiting on god.

  93. I love this article. Very forthright and upfront,
    “I declare that every arrow shot to destabilise this marriage is broken to pieces, in Jesus name” “very satanic covenant that is going against your continual and uninterrupted blessing in this marriage, I command the rain of fire to consume them, in Jesus name. ”
    “Lord, I command seven-fold restoration of the trust and honesty that the evil one has stolen from us, in Jesus name.” Awesome.

  94. I am overwhelmed by the amount of care and love there is on this site. I know with a multitude of prayers around the world, I believe that the Lord will restore and heal my marriage. Thank you Lord!!

    1. I need prayers. My wife of 32 years has told me she does not love me and she has never loved me like a wife should. She left a month ago to live in our second house nearby. We are still talking every few days, have attended church together, and dined together. She is in the midst of a midlife crisis and is a recovering alcoholic, 5 years sober. I have not been the perfect husband, but I have provided well for her, I do chores regularly, and am very understanding when she does mission work or wants to travel with her girlfriends. We have no children due to her being ill when we were young. I have had bad depression issues as a result. I am loving and kind and have never raised a hand to her. I do get angry but I am getting counselling for that. I stopped drinking for her recovery, but I became a dry drunk. I have given her the space she has now requested, but have suggested a marriage intense weekend a couple times, but she wants no part of it. Our spiritual and intellectual intimacy has been bad most of our marriage and as a result our physical intimacy has suffered. All things I acknowledged to her but she has little interest in working on them. In general, she is not an affectionate person. We at least have remained faithful to each other. Fixing our issues has been a challenge, but I told her I would work on it with all my heart. I have tried to give her up and just hand it over the God, but I am failing miserably. Despite all our issues, I dearly love her, but I am losing hope. I have prayed for guidance, patience, and a release from fear, but I am feeling alone in this.

      1. You are a good husband to admit your wrongs. God sees and he’ll come through. I am facing hell too but I trust God with everything in me.