Prayer Requests

Deliver my husband from all his ungodly ways

Father, you said in your word you will give us the desires of our heart. You said that when we call upon you, you will show us great and marvelous things.

Therefore Master, I am calling on you right now asking that you deliver my husband from all his ungodly ways that’s destroying their family.

I take my stand and say enough Satan! Loose him right now, in Jesus name.

Furthermore, I cover my children and myself in the blood of Jesus. I believe this prayer is answered. In Jesus name, amen!

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  1. I ask for me and my husband and kids I left my husband in October for cheating lying drugs alcohol we became toxic to each other he filled my heart with hurt with all the verbal abuse it lead to he humiliated me and hurt me in front of our kids due to his addiction I gave him several chances before I left. I had nothing left to give him but the pain he put me and my kids through for his addiction and betrayal and cheating. I Was married to him for ten years but the past two years destroyed us I dnt know how to forgive him . I love him and want him to be ok I want my family back together but I dnt know how to trust him again. He has checked in to rehab a week ago but lied so much till the very last week until he checked in . I want god to restore him and show him how to love himself and us the way god loves us I ask for prayer for him to stop lying and playing with our emotions mines and the kids. I pray that if he has moved on to another person For him to be honest instead of hurting us still. I ask for prayer to break all evil strong holds on his mind thoughts . I ask that god touches his heart and soul and shows him the way . I ask for prayer and I rebuke any and all evil spirit of addiction or gossiping or evil people trying to get into his head . I’m asking god for a full marriage restoration if that’s his will and to show me how to forgive him and to fill mine and my kids hearts with peace and love in this moment we’re we feel lost and broken . I ask that god shows him his purpose and shows him that we still love and need him but that it’s gonna take time and true effort. Please keep my family in prayer thank you

  2. PrAy for marriage reconciliation . Hubby has a work girlfriend .. pray he gets a quick job offer somewhere else ASAP. Believing for complete healing before the divorce papers become final. God bless