Prayer For Favor With Family Court And Custody Battle

Prayer For Favor With Family Court And Child Custody

Favor in Family Court

Heavenly father, please watch over your children in this court custody battle. I pray that the judge will see that I’m best suited to take care of the children, in a home of God’s love and blessings. I pray that I am granted full custody. But at times I get hopeless and fearful, and full of anxiety.

Cast all fear, worry and doubt out of my heart. Let no false witness that rises up against me prosper, but their deceit be brought to light. I pray that the truth comes out. That all untruths are brought to light.

Psalm 5:12 For you bless the righteous, O Lord. You cover him with favor as a shield.

Take control Lord in this custody case

I know that my God is going to see me through all of this. Because I’m born again and I am walking in the light of the word of God. I thank You in advance, for with You by my side, the battle is already won. I pray that You will grace me with Your favor within the courtroom.

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Isaiah 58:11 And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong. And you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Praying for others facing custody battles

And now I bring before the Lord those brothers and sisters in Christ facing custody battles for their children and grandchildren. May God bless you and keep you.

May you have good health, pressed down, shaken together and running over. And may he give you the desires of your Jesus NAME AMEN.

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Prayer For Favor With Family Court And Child Custody

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  1. Prayer for my daughter Melissa Gomez to have her daughters come back home the father of her children took her girls and now there in court trying to get custody of her girls I pray that everything goes well and she’s able to keep her girls she’s a great mother 😢💔

  2. Prayer for my nephew AJ his x-girlfriend does not allowed him to see their 10 mo old baby girl .. my nephew doesn’t want to be with the mama but he wants to be a daddy to his baby !!his name is AJ n baby Malani😢💔

  3. Please pray for my granddaughter and daughter who’s 2 month old daughter was abused by her husband. He confessed and said it was an accident. Now the social workers are trying to take the baby away from my daughter because they are blaming her for not protecting the baby and saying she should have known he was doing something bad when she wasn’t home. They had even blamed me as a grandma for not recognizing it. We are both RN’s my daughter and I and I work with Babies in the NICU for 40 years . My daughter would never let anything and I mean anything or anybody hurt her baby if she had known . Pray for my daughters strength because this group of workers are out to really destroy our hearts. This case is now going to court we are spending all we have to fight for her rights as a mother .

    God bless you all and thank you

  4. Prayers for my daughter Brandy that has court this morning with Cps
    Lifting her up in prayer that the Judge James grants her favor custody of her children . Lord hear our prayers during this difficult time in Jesus name Amen ???? i????????✝️

  5. Please say a prayer for my twins, they have a safe and loving home. My ex had to step up and help me with the children during covid and now he is trying to get full custody because he didn’t get the stimulus checks and I have a really good job and got a promotion and he wants me to pay him child support. My children are worth more than money, they are my life! If they live with him and his new wife they will be broken, I just need prayers for my babies.

  6. Please pray for my children and I we have court tomorrow to see if I get temporary sole custody until priority consultation. My children’s father has been incarcerated for most their lives and I’ve been all they have. He is violent and my children are afraid to be with him. Lord hear my prayer I need God with me even more so tomorrow ????????

  7. My name is RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA. Pray for me that I will be liberated and delivered from the spirit of solitude, the spirit of celibacy, the night husband and the spirit of the waters and that I will marry before the end of this year 2020. Let the shame of celibacy end now. That I will have a converted husband who has already received Jesus as a Savior. A husband who has the same intellectual capacities as me. Please pray for me everyday until I have the answer to my prayer and WITNESS.

  8. On August 11, we will be going to court out of state for the my daughter to try and get custody of her daughter, Alana. We were told from the first when my daughter was getting a divorce that the judge in that state and county was biased and it has been a long hard battle. They have kept giving her ex chance after chance to do what the judge ordered and each time, they would come back and try to get my daughter in trouble by charging her with contempt of court. She has done everything that they have asked her to do. He has not. The GAL is siding with him because of school grade scores. Alana is 5 years old and she wants to go to school here with her mom and be with her mom. She is just to afraid that she will hurt someone’s feelings to tell them. Please pray with me that she will be with her mom. Her dad does not go to church and therefore will not teach her about Jesus or lead her to live a godly life. Thanks for all your prayers. Debra

  9. I’m praying to God for custody for a child who’s not biologically mine but I have cared for lovingly for 2 years and he loves me too. A woman claiming to be his relative is fighting against my application in court. I pray for God’s will to be done, for his wisdom to prevail with the judges and all lawyers. I surrender fully to God’s will. In Jesus’s name I pray with thanksgiving. Amen.

  10. Going through the saddest times of our lives my wife and i. Courts are trying to take our children who are safe and love us so much. Help Jesus be with the judges heart. We have complied fully.

  11. I Am asking for a healing prayer for my daughter sorana. I pray that God Would lay his healing hands on her and heal her in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord Jesus help my daughter get back her health so that she will be able to work as a normal woman and raise her children . i come kneel before your throne asking for your healing touch over my daughter and the whole family as well In Jesus Name Amen.

  12. Please pray that I get to keep my grandkids.. I’ve had my granddaughter all her life and, after five years, I was getting ready to adopt her and then her dad came out of nowhere. God please help me with my faith.

    1. May God Bless you to adopt your granddaughter..May God’s Blessings follow you both all the days of your life..
      Be Blessed

  13. Please pray for Tabby – mother of 4 children – being in a deep crisis.
    She has been travelling to India this week – following a kind of “guru”.
    Please pray Jesus helping and protecting her journey, that Jesus may help her and her husband and her children to come to faith in Him and to follow Him.

    1. Lashell i come in agreement with you regarding this court case. I ask for prayers for my son Raul 3rd he has child support/ child visitation court case where payments are ridiculously high! Hos my son supposed to live like this? its been a mess! as a mother i also feel like you at times Lord help us and others who may be going thru same situations in Jesus NAME!

  14. I feel your heart crying out of your babies and God hear you. I been going through this for years, but today God have delivered my grandchild to us Thank the Lord.For about a month and a half I have played psalms 91 and pleaded the blood of Jesus over the case and God have answered our prayers in Jesus Name. Be Blessed.

  15. Good morning, and I will be praying for all things to work out for you and your grand kids. Continue to trust in the Lord through it all! God bless you