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Prayer for Favor for those involved in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

Father, as I stand before the judge and jury today in the court matter, let no deceit befall me. Allow me to speak the truth, not only in this case but also in the ones ahead, for the truth will set me free. Allow all the evidence at hand to work in my favor, to emerge victorious, and let no weapon, formed against me by the opposing side, prosper.

Psalm 84:11

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

I cast out any fear and anxiety in my heart that would hinder my victory. Let no false witness that rise up against me prosper. I will cling to You, Oh Heavenly Father, for You are my strength in the midst of these legal battles. Help me to be calm and to think clearly. Ease my mind of the noise within, quiet my soul so that I can hear and follow Your instruction.

Psalm 5:12

For you bless the righteous, O Lord. You cover him with favor as a shield.

I thank You in advance, for I know with You by my side the battle is already won. I pray that You will grace me with Your favor within the courtroom. Take control Lord, and guide me accordingly. I declare and decree that I will emerge victorious and give You all the praise, honor and glory You deserve, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

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Isaiah 58:11

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I'm a young Christian, from South Trinidad, seeking the wisdom of the Word and God's blessings on my life. A journey, that's just begun, but living to the Glory of God.


  1. Please pray for my son who is facing 20 years to life in prison. I have been dealing with this for almost 2 years and it has me very depressed. Some days I feel like giving up. Please pray for me and my family.

  2. My ex-husband has been hiding money to avoid paying child support. He owes his children an exorbitant amount of money for the past ten years. As we go to court Thursday, please let his lies come to light and have him willingly accept responsibility for his wrongdoings. Please let things be honest and smooth so healing can begin.

  3. Dear Lord I pray to you that you guide me through this difficult time and court process. I pray that the truth comes out of my abusers ways and the pain he has inflicted. I pray for justice to be served and he is seen for the person he truly is. I have suffered by his hands for much too long. Dear Lord I pray that my body is rid of the anxiety and my heart to heal. Please give me the strength to stand up to him even as I want to quit. It has all been too much and traumatizing. Please help Dear Lord. I thank you for all you have done for me Dear Lord over and over again. Amen

  4. Please pray for my son, Robert. He is pending to go to court next week or in the near future. Please pray for a favorable outcome and case is dismissed. He is a college student on scholarship and playing football.

  5. Please pray for my son and my family, my son is being accused of a crime that can be damaging to his life and his future.We have been so nervous and afraid that the untruthful tongue of someone has hurt my household in a tremendous way. As a mother I know that God will work things out but the mere thought of my teenage son being sent to jail is heartbreaking. Please lift us up in prayer as we head to court. Our prayer is that all charges are dismissed and our family can start trying to piece our lives back together again mentally, spiritually and financially in JESUS NAME

    • hi tina…i too is praying for my young son. ur pray melts my heart…let our prayers be answered in jesus mighty name,,,,,,amen

    • Blood of Jesus destroy the conspiracy and truth prevail,cancell powers of darkness caging destiny psalm4 win a case
      Aqittal psalm26 psalm 64 lying tongues.

    • Joining you in prayer for your husband, for justice and mercy and for God’s blessings on your family. May you both grow to love and cherish the Lord, Amen.

      • Thank you so much Dianne, I appreciate you standing with me in prayers. I am a bit scared and really cannot sleep . God please help us out . We only got married last October .

  6. Lord God, I pray this morning on my son’s behalf. He is in a murder charge court case today. he got bitten up and when he defended himself with just one strick, he happen to kill the boy who was biting him up. Now he is in jail and facing all the charges. I pray to you mighty God for deliverance for him. May u forgive him for he didn’t mean to do what he did… As we go in court today, may u favor him. Have pity upon him, my Lord and set him free. Give him another chance at life. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

    • In the name of Jesus I pray your son had a victorious outcome in court today for he was only defending hisself. May the lord hear your prayer my sister . In Jesus name, amen .

    • In Jesus name may the powers that be in this case see the real story of what happened between these two boys. Please forgive the one that struck the other down as he did not know this would happen. Please Lord show Mercy and allow a light sentence for Emez’s son. It is all in Your Loving Hands Father and we ask for Your Divine Mercy. In Jesus Gentle Name we Pray. Amen.

  7. Please pray for jules, that her court case be in her favor in time of the divorce continuation. Since she is a faithful follower of the lord ,her faith is constant has been a dedicated mother and was a faithful wife who took her vows to heart.Thank you. .

    • Father I lift up Jules and ask Yo to be with her at this difficult time. Jules loves You Lord so much and asks You to stand beside her throughout her Divorce and bring her Victory. In the name of Gentle Jesus I ask You this. Amen

  8. Please pray for me , I am being accused of crime and return for bail on 16th march 2017 to find out if I get charged or not. If I am charged I face going to prison and leaving behind my young babies behind and no prospect of ever getting a good job. Jesus lord in your name i pray that no charges are bought against me and that you favour me for only you are my judge .

    • Father I lift up to Your Loving Feet Rahel…..and ask that You help her situation, she has small children to care for and is very fearful of being separated from them. Please show Mercy Lord and Loving Kindness to Rahel and let all charges be dropped or probation incurred….we love You so much Father and know that You will see all and bless this situation to return Rahel home to her family after her court appearance..In the Beautiful Name of Jesus we ask You this. Amen.

      • Thank you for your prayers , it bought tears to my eyes that someone that doesn’t know me has prayed for me! God is glorious .

  9. Soliciting prayers for myself & others who are involved in a criminal investigation. Praying that God’s unmerited favor falls fresh on each person. Rebuking any fear & negative thoughts that the enemy tries to throw our way. We’re covered by the Blood of Jesus, forgiven, and redeemed. Deliverance is on the way in the matchless & mighty name of Jesus! There is absolutely no situation too big for our God. He is moved by faith. Help us in our weak faith O Lord. Help us to take the limits off you. You are able to turn this situation around in our favor.

    • Father, please lift up this family…you know all and see all and You know the truth of what happend. I ask You once again for Your Loving Mercy for all involved here. In Jesus Gentle Name please hear my Prayer. Amen.

  10. I am dealing with a court situation based on lies and exaggerated testimony from my own brother who accused me of stealing from my mother. I have NEVER been in legal trouble in my life. Since October, 2015 my brother has had me evicted (I’ve had to sleep in my car), caused me to be arrested and spend three days in jail, caused me to lose my job and I am still fighting to clear my name and get my life back on track. Everything he has done is motivated by hatred and greed. Because my brother operates under demonic influence, he refuses to reason or talk things out. He has told the DA that he WANTS me to go to prison. He has been able to sway the Investigators and District Attorney who have only looked at one side of the story. I believe God for COMPLETE and TOTAL VICTORY! I am believing for the words CASE DISMISSED! I want to pray for ALL involved in my situation from the judge all the way down to the bailiff. I have forgiven my brother for all he has done to me…including molestation when I was young and physical abuse as an adult. I am asking that the righteous of God touch and agree with me that God will prevail in my situation and my family…I BELIEVE GOD!!! I know He is able to exceed abundantly above all I can ask or think! Thank you all!

    • God knows and sees all….He will help you if you ask Him to.

      Ask….Believe it is yours….and give thanks with a joyful heart….and you will receive.

      Father I lift up in prayer Victorious and ask You who sees the truth to bring success to her case and cast down as ashes under Your feet the evil one who is operating from within her family members…..we ask You Lord to destroy all false charges against her and show truth to all others.In the name of Gentle Jesus we ask You this. Amen.

  11. I ask the Holy Father in Jesus Beautiful name for You to have Mercy and give Hope to all who ask it of You on here today and in the near past. I ask You dearest Father that Your Powerful Hand be upon those who are making the law-suit decisions….and that these people be true and faithful and give Hope to those that see none. So many Father cry out to You…so many need You……those living in cars in this bitter cold snow…those with lives broken and of course the evil spirit of depression and suicide covers so many….Lord God please help?? We love You so much….in Jesus Name we ask this. Amen

  12. Praying for each of you facing difficult times ahead. Asking for prayers as well as I face false charges today at this hour. God’s peace and strength are working within my heart.

    • Holy Father, please defend Leigh in battle; be her defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of Jennifer and other souls. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, reveal to Leigh, Father, any people she needs to forgive and any areas of unconfused sin. Reveal aspects of her life that are not pleasing You, Father, any ways that have given or could give Satan a foothold in her life. Father Leigh gives to You any forgiveness; she gives to You her sins; and, she gives to You all ways that Satan has a hold of her life. We Thank You, Father for these revelations, We thank You, for Your forgiveness and Your love.
      Heavenly Father, allow Your Son Jesus to intervene for Leigh and her family this day and may indeed great Victory be Yours and Leighs…please have Mercy Father we humbly ask. Amen

  13. Please pray for favor for me from the judge for tomorrow.
    That all lies and fraudulent activity about the Lanlord will be exposed. That I will win and everything will become void. Amen
    Also for the spirit of suicide to flee from me in Jesus name.Amen

  14. Please pray for my husband. He has been wrongly accused of elderly abuse. The landlord said he hit him which never happened. We’ve lost everything, living in our vehicle. Lawyer says there’s only a 50/50 chance. Please, we need the judge and jury to see the truth. We need your prayer. It is happening today. Thank you, God Bless and will pray for you.

    • Our Precious Father, You already know why Jennifer comes to Your Throne today because You know everything about them….as nothing can be hidden from Your Loving Eyes……..this lady comes to Your Holy Presence with all her short comings and sins. You know all of S’s thoughts about her present circumstances, this dear one feels helpless, and without anywhere to go. She can’t turn to anyone for help as she has no one. We believe Lord that mortal people would be of no use and hence, Your child comes humbly to Your feet. She believes with all her heart that You are the only refuge in times of trouble. Father, Have mercy on this dear one and redeem her from this helpless situation. Enable them to be free from all the clutches of darkness and fear and Your child will praise You with all their heart, soul and mind. Let there be peace in of mind in Victory. Father, she surrender’s all her weaknesses and despair at Your feet and we beg Lord, please strengthen her with Your Righteousness. Have Mercy Lord….lay Your Loving Hand upon Judge and Jurors and open their eyes to see the truth…..all victory if Glory for Your name. We love and Adore You Father….for You are the One that Loved us First. Amen

  15. I am in need of prayer. My husband has a fraud case where money was taken from him. This case has been going on for almost 4-5yrs. We have poured all of our finances in this case and is also in some much debt. Now we to get to st. Lucia and if we are not there all of our monies is gone. We need a breakthrough and that God has the final say not man.

    • You are lifted up in prayer today Clinty and I prayer by this time things have changed for you and that you are in a better position and finally got to St Lucia as was your wish.

  16. I am in need of prayer. I have a false charge against me, in the form of a Pedestrial Under The Influence charge. The “witnesses” are actually friends that I had at the time had an argument with but were not present at the time I got the citation- which by the way I wasn’t even arrested for. My case is up on Tuesday and I am trying to get a lawyer but the one I’m now talking to is asking for $1000 that I don’t have to represent me. This case is ridiculous and I need some spiritual help as well as financial with this case.

  17. Please pray for me, I have never been in trouble and had my first court appearance for a DWI. The officer and a witness are both lying an my charge had been made worse be cause of this (it went from a class B misdemeanor to a class A). I am an upstanding member of the community & this is the first time anything like this has happened to me. I am a healthcare professional and cannot afford to lose my license or job. I also help as a volunteer and I am an Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce. The officer did take my prescription medications that were in my car and that were controlled substances but written for me & this was not brought up. I suspect he sold them since they weren’t even mentioned at hearing. Also they said my blood alcohol was almost a 0.3 which is impossible given my weight, drinking experience, and how I felt. A 0.3 would put a person in a coma or kill them. I was very badly mistreated and I don’t know what to do. Please pray for me. I never drink & drive but this one night I made a stupid decision and I am very sorry for it. Please help, I believe prayer in numbers performs miracles. Thank you and God bless you all.

  18. I ask for you to please pray for my husband as he has been in jail or almost 6 months for a conviction that he has regretted & learned from since. Now 30 days before coming home he loses his job and because of this the prison is now looking at additional charges. We are so close to the end. I have been left home to raise our family alone along with the new addition, our baby twins. Please pray that he doesn’t get more time & will come home at the expected date. Please pray that his job bc theyre union find on his behalf & give him his job back. We need this so badly. I feel like I’m losing all my faith. I don’t ask for much at all. This tho we need in the worst way. Please pray for him.

    • In Jesus name you are lifted up in prayer today Lms, asking our Lord God to bless you and your family with Heavenly Abundance in all areas including a new career for your Husband. Amen.

  19. Morning
    Please pray for my Husband as he will be going to court this morning and that the Lord please have mercy on him and grant him bail . He face two other court cases one of which we will be going for a claim again someone that does not want to pay for work done . then he has two other reports for two other people that owes him money and withholding payment

  20. Please pray for me. I’m in a lawsuit and waiting for the jurors verdict. If it does not go in my favor my family and I will be left with nothing. I need prayers please. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and have serious injuries because of this. I was unable to work for about a year and a half. We have lost our home, cars, and any money we had. We live with my sister now we have 1 car that’s in repo that we can not catch up on, have about $200 to our name, owe many family members money, and so on. This is the last thing we are counting on. Please lord I need you more then ever. I’m on the verge of giving up. Give me strength

  21. My husband faces the worst trial of his life in a week. He is going to court tomorrow. His lawyer is not confident. Please bless his lawyer to come out with a favorable outcome or have the charges dropped entirely. This has shattered our lives. Please pray for us that he may get a favorable decision tomorrow.


  22. Facing the toughest battle of my life and my lawyer says he doesn’t think he can win in court so if i lose….life in prison….please saints pray for me….i have a new baby on the way and about to get married

    • I pray that the mercy and favor of God will rest, rule, and abide with you. Seek God early in the morning between 12am – 3am. Cry out to him repent and ask for mercy. Pray Psalm 64,75,31,42 for favorable judgments. Rise early to command your morning and set the heavenlies to shine favorable upon you. Make sure when you pray..you pray the Word of God. ex. Lord your Word says no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I decree and declare it over my life. Find scriptures to stand on. Give the angels amunnition to do battle on your regards with. I pray that the Lord with incline his ear to your prayer, be your sheild and buckler, that the Lord will smile down upon you in the Name of Jesus. I pled the Blood of Christ over Lamar from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, I pled a Blood Line perimeter around him that cannot be penetrated be the devil. I decree and declare you did not give him a Spirit if fear but of power love and a sound mind. He shall live and not die…he is above and not beneath….you word says you will withhold no good thing from him…I decree and declare in Jesus name. I decree and declare peace is in his borders and he has the finest of wheat……I decree and declare his enemies shall come in one direction and flee in seven directions in Jesus Name….thank you Lord for your a wonderful counseler, Faithful and True, The Lord our Peace thank you Jesus give him peace and he is victorius through Christ Jesus. In Jesus Holy and Righteous Name I pray Amen. Meditate on his Word….with the enemy tries to attack your recite a scripture and meditate on it….the devil cannot stay in the presense of God…they are just like oil and water they do not mix…..

      • Please pray for me , I cry every day. I have 8 days left to find out if I will be charged , if I am I will no doubt go prison and leave my babies behind and bring shame to my family . I need a miracle . My life is upstand down . I have lost my job and I can’t start to rebuild my life until this case is over . I’m a failure , I can’t take this no more .

      • Please pray for me , I cry every day. I have 8 days left to find out if I will be charged , if I am I will no doubt go prison and leave my babies behind and bring shame to my family . I need a miracle . My life is upstand down . I have lost my job and I can’t start to rebuild my life until this case is over . I’m a failure , I can’t take this no more

  23. “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you” Romans 16:20. Please do not stress TAC let your Heavenly Father handle it all, He is always Trustworthy and Faithful and will always walk beside you. God Bless. Evie.

  24. Lord please give my husband lawyer the knowledge and advice to fight this case and dismiss charges on tommorrow . .Give me strength as I don’t deal with stress good at all ..This is a trying time we are trying to get thru…I need prayer now more than ever .

  25. Lord I prayer for mercy for my brother as he stand before the judge in the morning. I pray that you be the judge in this situation. Lord open the hearts of everyone in this situation and provide the way for forgiveness. Please lead the way with strength to help unfold anxiety and be at ease. I know that with you lord anything and everything is possible at your will. You are the power and the glory . Amen

    • You and your Brother were prayed for today dear Yolanda. May God’s Holy Ease cover you and give your Strength and Courage at this testing time. God Bless. Evie.

  26. In Jesus’s name, please hear our prayers. Help my husband Luis when he goes to court. Please dismissed it and charges dropped please. Thank you in Jesus’s name. Bring him back to his family, AMEN!

  27. Please Jesus, My husband going to court tomorrow morning. Please guide him and the lawyers that work on this case. May he be set free from all charges, all charges dismissed and no bail money.

  28. Lord God, please help me to win this battle.
    You know that I’m telling the truth. Please help me..in Jesus name, amen.

  29. VICTORY in child support case in the name of Jesus. Father God You know the situation and everything that is involved in the case. Father God I ask You to be my Judge and Attorney in this case and reveal the lies and deciet of my exhusband and his attorney in the name of Jesus. Father God I already claim Victory because it’s in Your hands in the name of Jesus. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27 Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


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