Prayer for Favor in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

Prayer for Favour in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

Prayer for Favor for those involved in Court Matters (Legal Battles)

Father, as I stand before the judge and jury today in the court matter, let no deceit befall me. Allow me to speak the truth, not only in this case but also in the ones ahead, for the truth will set me free. Allow all the evidence at hand to work in my favor, to emerge victorious, and let no weapon, formed against me by the opposing side, prosper.

Psalm 84:11

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

I cast out any fear and anxiety in my heart that would hinder my victory. Let no false witness that rise up against me prosper. I will cling to You, Oh Heavenly Father, for You are my strength in the midst of these legal battles. Help me to be calm and to think clearly. Ease my mind of the noise within, quiet my soul so that I can hear and follow Your instruction.

Psalm 5:12

For you bless the righteous, O Lord. You cover him with favor as a shield.

I thank You in advance, for I know with You by my side the battle is already won. I pray that You will grace me with Your favor within the courtroom. Take control Lord, and guide me accordingly. I declare and decree that I will emerge victorious and give You all the praise, honor and glory You deserve, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!

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Isaiah 58:11

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong. And you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

  • Please Pray for my 14 year old son who has court tomorrow morning. His a good kid just made a bad decision by hanging out with the wrong kids. He knows what he did was wrong and learned from his mistakes. He is trying his hardest to change his life around. I ask for the judge to have mercy on him and to please send him back home with me were he is loved and very well cared for. He has lost 32lbs since his left my home. My son has also give his life to the Lord and is intended church (when they allow him too) Please hear our prayers Lord! Keep all evil and bad away from my family. In Christ Jesus name I pray ???????? Amen
    In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit???? Amen

  • I need lots of prayers, I’m going through so my stress and pain. My son has court on Monday. Because of sister.. They both forgive each other .. She’s trying to drop the charges. The Lord is with us, with my son as well. The case will be dropped and free.. In Jesus mighty name Amen.. Pray for Gilbert .. Thank you!! Matilda

  • Hello, I ask for prayer from all that truly have the Lord in their heart. I’m going thru a crisis in my life where someone scratched herself and lies after lies and now I have a second degree felony that I didn’t commit.
    I’m a christian and have many victories thru Christ Jesus.
    This is a strong battle and I ask for prayer as these people have also brought black magic and I see the animals of the air manifest.
    I’m not afraid but I need to be focused and be dedicated to the word to over come this.
    Unite with me in prayer, where there is two or more God hears.
    I pray and declare victory in the name of Jesus.

  • I’m praying for my husband today. Lord we are in need of retaining a lawyer. Father God you know what our finances are but I’m trusting in you. I also pray for grace, favor, mercy and leniency on my husbands behalf. God please release my husband and bring him home to his wife and children. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    • Lord I pray in agreement with this ladies prayer, I pray that you not only show up and deliver them everything they need but you will also show off. Do exceedingly!

  • Requesting prayers for my brother Daniel who is in jail and has court on. Tuesday 02/13/18, he his innocent. Attorney is requesting judge for a dismissal. We believe and know God is the only one that can judge us. Isaiah 42:7 to open eyes that are blind, to free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. I pray and ask in the Precious and Holy name of Jesus, Amen.

  • prayers for a legal family matter over an inheritance that is being over greedy parties who want the whole pie — may God give us victory and may justice prevail in the mighty name of Jesus !!

  • My fiance has court tomorrow he had been in jail for 4 months now. Tomorrow is when they are going to determine his time. He has never been in trouble with the law before and he is a great person! He doesn’t deserve to be in jail. Please pray for him to be able to come home tomorrow.

  • Prayers request that the judge finds the corruption of 11 years be seen and punished by gods way and making our lives fearless, whole and those involved be held responsible for the actions of neglect, leaving our lives up to the sheriff of county. With cries for help with law. Never did anything. God is the only way i have survived. In jesus name o pray you through the holy spirit speak through me to the judge to convict this life because of neglect of our very being. Have mercy and guide the judge to grant the honorable justice in order to be made whole in life. Spirit and freedom. Thank you lord for being my one savior in this life of disbelievers. Justice in our favor. For all of the events that have transpired

  • Today I awaiting another court session. I pray for leniency and mercy from the judge and prosecuter. I was Making bad decisions up to that point, no one was hurt or injured and no property damaged. I have changed my life since that time. Please Jesus Christ. I know that you are an all merciful holy trinity. Please allow me to have minimal sanctions or the case be reduced. I pray that I will not turn away from you as I have done in the past. Lord very merciful God, I know that I cannot change the past and battle daily with the accuser to get him out of my thoughts. I pray that the positive changes that I have put into my life will be recognised by the court.

    • Matt we are all sinners, me included but like you I also try to seek Christ to positively change my life. I as a sinner ask Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness along side you give thanks and praise to him for blessing you with the desire to seek him on your path. I ask in Jesus name if it is his will that his grace be laid upon you during these court proceedings. That past mistakes be removed by your repentance so you can be free to fulfill God’s purpose by your future in The name of the Lord Jesus Christ AMEN. (Matt I ask for your prayers for my brother-in-law Jacob who also has a court proceeding 2/25/18. Pray he receives the Grace of God to not to go jail. But most importantly pray that he starts to seek God to change his life by making good life choices for his kids sake)

  • Please pray for my son. He has court tomorrow and things aren’t looking good. Lord please soften the heart of the judge and DA. Please let them have mercy on my son. Please don’t let my son go to prison . Please allow him to learn and grow from this. Please guide him in the right way. Lord I am begging you to spare my son anymore jail time. Remove any negative people from his life. Bring him closer to you. We need you today, tomorrow, and everyday.

  • Dear, God
    My prayer for Ruben Garcia, who needs you to stand with him in court. Probation is recommending 4 years in prison for violating his probation. May the judge see overall the good and the bad. He has an alcohol problem that leads him to commit things he wouldn’t sober. May the judge take this opportunity and help him instead of making his life worst. He has a good job a career and 7 kids and a women who loved him so much and just wants to see him out of such misery. Have mercy on him Lord. I ask in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Dear all ,
    please pray for my husband and children. My husband has a small business. Due to recession he is not getting payments on time, which lead us to legal matter from supplier. We have problems and my husband’s passport is in court and due to the case he can not renew the children’s visa. Please pray for us, as we will approach the 2 suppliers to convince and to get the release.
    Lord have mercy on us and let the suppliers release us from this case.

  • Dear Heavenly Father
    God I come to for praying for my court appearances tomorrow at Auckland District court on new chargers lord Jesus please shield and wrap me around now and forever and set me free from all this I am facing in life. Lord Jesus I have faith trust and hope in only you lord that you are taking control of everything in my life and you will surely set me free and forgive me for all the sins I done and wrongs I done lord please you are my only helper and guard lord I rebuke every thing that is against me in your name and whatever my enemies set for me I know lord you will cast them away from my life l. God I beg you that you will not let my foot enter into prisons or police cells you will set me free and help me grow in your path and make my path towards your Holy Temple and righteous. Please God forgive me for everything I have done since childhood till now and please lord keep me away from evils and wrong doers. Father I come to you bow my head on your foot and ask to give desires of my heart punishment on 15 December 2017 that God I get home detention and community work and please God help me pay all I owe in this world because I know lord you will help me pay back. Father God you know I have this in my heart that I will pay every one I owe lord you know it and I ask you lord to forgive all that done wrong to me and lead them to your path God please cover me in your wrap and take all fear and anxiety away from my life I ask this in your holy name Christ Jesus that lord you will be in control in the Court today and give Judge, registrar, crown and the lawyer a humble heart and he free me today lord and please lord you speak your word for your son Vincent Smith and Grant me as I desires help my lawyer to fight and represent me lord you know the answers of what going to happen but I am praying that your will be done and you forgive me for all my wrong doings in life. I ask you Lord be my shield and never live me or anger on me lord I ask you to watch and bless all my paths from now and forever and lead me not into any temptation and addiction. I thank you lord for answering my prayer right now in heaven and I pray for everyone to turn to you coz you are God who forgive and giving loving God and you are the greater of heaven and earth lord answer my prayer right now in heaven in Jesus Almighty name I said this prayer AMEN..

  • Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide, My Father and King,
    I pray for redemption in the court room come December 6, 2017. I pray all strongholds against us will break in your name, for as we are weak you are strong. My husband and I pray for the well-being of our daughter be called out in the courtroom. We pray that the judge, the advocates, the attorneys, guardian ad litem, everyone in the room making decisions for our daughter, make sound clear judgments done in your name, with your presence in their hearts. We pray that all truths are exposed and peace falls over us at last. We pray that your will be done and the strength for patience as we do your bidding, not our own. Let our mouths be slow to speak and when we do speak, it is your truths only.
    My husband and I have fought this battle for seven years now. Seven years of custody battles in the court room for our daughter who has suffered so much through this entire process. Not once did we consider that we were fighting a battle we could not win. Not once did we consider that our battles should be given to You. We realize this now and we are calling out Your name, God, please, be with us this day. You know the truths. You know the way. We pray for Your will to be done.
    Thank you Father, for all of our blessings.

      • Thank you. We need all the prayers we can. We know the power of prayer grows ten fold when others pray with us. Our daughter is my step-daughter. The mother has not had a sound mind nor heart when caring for our daughter and we have been fighting for her care for seven years. It is time this fighting stops. It is time God takes reign and we know we will be saved for God has heard our prayers and knows our truths. The guardian ad litem assigned by the court has spoken lies against us, but for the first time in seven years, we have been able to see these lies and prepare for it this week in court. The mother has falsified information and created false documents against us as well. It was very hard to read and see when we saw it, but after much prayer and faith, we’ve realized that it was a gift from God. We know He is with us. Our daughter will be in our care and we will finally be able to move forward, get her the health and support she needs, and continue on the path God has made for us. We pray He takes this time to work in our daughter’s mother when this happens as well. We mean no evil.

  • I am seeking the help of the righteous of God to lift up my partner who is dealing with a legal situation based on lies and exaggerated testimony from malicious individuals accusing her of being present when they were being tortured over twenty years ago. She is a victim of a concerted effort to destroy her character with falsehoods and probably have financial reward.
    As a result of this, she has been on remand in prison custody for over 4 months now pending trial. The trial is yet to start as the prosecutor looking everywhere for evidence to prosecute the case, as a result, requesting for rescheduling and delays in bringing their evidence for over 4 months. This issue has caused her to lose her means of livelihood and fighting now to clear her name and get her life back on track.
    Please pray that the mercy of God to prevail so that a bail be granted and for God to make all the evidence at hand to work in her favour, to emerge victoriously, and let no weapon formed against her by the opposing side, prosper. Please also pray that the case will be dismissed, all charges dropped and the Lord Almighty to vindicate her. She desperately seeking prayers that the Blood of Jesus be pleaded over her life, freedom from the persecution of the fowler and for a speedy and victorious outcome in Jesus name.

  • Heavenly Father, I go to court November 15th for Full Custody of my granddaughter. Her mother have been very dishonest with the court and they believe her. She’s paid people to lie for her. My 2 1/2 year old is in DANGER, due to her mom selling and using drugs. The Zanesville Police Department and the Muskingum County Sheriff (Zanesville) are aware of her selling drugs but, failed to arrest her and her boyfriend. (Major Drug Dealers). I see my granddaughter every 2 weeks and when she have to go back with her mother she scream and cry so much she vomits. She always say I want to stay with my gran. Why can’t the Judge see that Victoria have no JOB but, have a new vehicle a house (no section 8) all Name brand clothes and shoes and she just got a Brazilian Butt Lift ($8000) can she also have videos throwing 20 thousand dollars in a car. She’s been robbed twice and my granddaughter was present, I had to go and get her from Victoria’s house. Can I get prayer to win full custody of my granddaughter KaLiyah B. 02/16/15. Our court date is November 15, 2017. With Judge Hooper presiding. He’s all for Victoria B. 07/20/1996. My Lawyer have tried to get the Police and Sheriff involved and they stated it’s been numerous reports of Victoria trafficking drugs, yet the refuse to issue a warrant or prosecute. Please pray for my granddaughters safety and for Me LeeAnn M. 12/24/62 to win full Custody on 11/15/2017

    • Please pray for my son who will go to court on October 27 on frabricated lies due to his son mother, her mother and father. My son has never been in any trouble he is a very hard working honest young man. Please God have mercy on my son. These people are trying to ruin my son’s life because he did not go by their way of living and he decided to moved back home. So they plotted to get him arrested. I know with God by my son’s side the battle is already won. God this is your battle to fight. No weapons formed against my son will proper.

      • I pray that the court date with your son went in his favor. I have been dealing with the juvenile court system concerning my son since the 18th of October due to allegations and lies. We have the worse justice system, when you can charge a juvenile with a felony crime with no evidence what so ever, just because yoy believed the lies. Stay strong and God bless.

  • Please help me and pray for me. On October 3, 2017 I was charged with criminal threat as a felony. I know what I did is very wrong against my family members and I am sorry for it and I now come before Lord to ask forgive of my sins. I regrets for making criminal threat against my family members and I wish I have never done that. My court arraignment set is on January 08, 2018. Please pray for me that the judge and DA will goes easy on me on the court arraignment day and dismissed the case and give me second and please pray for me that God will watch over me and please pray that God will have mercy will on me and God will give me second chance on that day. Also, please pray for me that Christ will make a new person and make good a person. Thank you all.

  • Heavenly Father I ask that you protect Ricardo tomorrow and let him walk as a free man. I pray that you soften the judge’s & DA’s heart. I beg you to please have this case dismissed and let this be a lesson for him. Don’t give up on him, I ask you father. He deserves a second chance he is not a bad person. Help him win this battle God, you are the best defender please let it be you in that courtroom protecting him. I put all my faith in you God, you know what you are doing I trust you with all my heart father, do what is right.

    • A friend do of mine is in court today on false allegations. Can we schedule offer prayer that he hold his head high and comes out of this mess and bless Lord Jesus!! I pray that God lifts him up and guides him thru this difficult day…pls pray with me. His name is Aaron …

  • Please pray for me for the mistake that was made a week ago today. In my rage of anger I made huge mistakes that resulted in two felonies and one misdeamenor. I fear prison or jail and have not been officially charged till October 27 this month. I am the only means of support for my family and my career of 20+ years is most likely lost. I pray that my case will be dismissed and all charges dropped. I ask all to help me with some prayers for a very anxious painful desperate person/father and husband. I fear prison/jail and being away from my two young kids 11 and 9. Please Lord let this case be dismissed and all my charges dropped.

  • I will be going to court this 19th of October. I won custody of my kids praise God and though I won, I am facing a new trial and ex is lawyered up. I watched the Lord vindicate me the first time. She mocked my walk with God along with the guardian ad litem saying Her piece. It was difficult and stressful but the judge overruled both their positions and I am so thankful. I have raising my children with the love of Jesus and been doing all I can. I just need favor as I can’t afford lawyer and will be facing lawyer her and ad litem. I trust the Lords decision but I am just so stressed at times. Thank you for prayers

  • Hi my name is Sandi Jones Please pray for me I am being wrongly accused and charged for drugs that were not mine but because the officer found them in my purse he arrested me. I had meet a man through Facebook and things where going really good but on June 19th I had drive from my home in Bisbee Az to his home in Sierra Vista Az to go out for lunch. I had not seen this man for 4 days. We went to panda express and upon leaving I become unable to drive it was hot and never felt like this in all my life I couldn’t explain what was happing to me and he was concerned and I let him take the driver sit as I set my sit now on the passager side of my car all the way back because I was fighting to stay coherent at this time he said that we were being pulled over. I sit my set up and a officer was at his side of my car asking for driver’s license registration insurance as I struggled to look for my purse and then struggled to look through my purse for my wallet to give him my driver’s license I didn’t notice at that time anything ununusual in my purse. The officer came back said that my date came back with a warrant ask him to exit the vehicle cuffed him and put him in the cop car. At this time I realized two other officers came on scene ask me to Exit the vehicle so that they could run a dog around my car I told them they didn’t need to I give them consent to search the vehicle there was nothing in there officer said they found something came to me and said he was arresting me for heroin. Upon arriving at the precinct I told the officer it wasn’t mine either that man or that officer must have put them in my purse I told him I would take a drug test whatever to prove my innocence the officer would not believe me. Well at the precinct the man who I had been dating was telling me his sorry he will get me a lawyer and take care of this mess. I went to jail needless to say upon morning I seen a judge the judge told me that I was arrested for Narcotics and dangerous drugs knowingly possessing them. Dangerous drugs what the officer said nothing about Dangerous drugs confused I told the judge I’m not signing those papers there not mine she said then you will not be released so I signed. At the time they released me the man I was dating was being released also as I’m walking away from the jail he’s following me telling me sorry that he just did 5 years and if he had got caught again he wouldnt be out he would have still been locked up. He doesn’t understand what he did to me that day just to save his own ass. I lost my job as a personal care attend I was stripped of my certifications I had work hard for them since Feb 13 2013. I mean who bring drugs on at date with someone you barely know. That’s a stupid question obviously he does. He said the reason why he brought them with him because he didn’t trust his new room mate and thought he would have stolen them. I consulted a lawyer prior to my court date which was scheduled for August 16th of 2016. The lawyer said for 5000 he would take my case I could not afford him. So I call the defense coordinator to find out what lawyer had be appointed to me. Defense coordinator said there is no such case she could not assign me an attorney I called every day up to the day of my court date went to court without a lawyer the judge said that there was no case that came across his desk with my name and I fulfill my obligation to the court and that I was free to go but to call the defense coordinator for six months to see if they had filed after 6 months the charges would be purged. I prayed to my Lord asking him to take my side in said chargers and make them go away and he did just that because nothing had been filed Dec 21 2016 came and I was sure all of this was behind me. I gave thanks to the Lord for keeping me safe and with my children even though I still can’t regain my caregiver certification I still felt I was blessed. Now July 21 2017 a sheriff showed up at my door with summons papers and now I have court for said charges on the 8th of this month at 10:30am please pray for me and my family. For strength protection and guidance in this time of trouble. It had taken me some time to forgive the man I was dating and I had thought I did but now that those chargers are upon my front door I’m not truly sure I forgive him I’m looking at 2-5 years in state prison and this man I had been dating will walk free. I’ve tried to contact this man and I found him at the ICU in Sierra Vista Arizona Hospital he overdosed on heroin and was fighting for his life. I felt so terrible my only hope of freedom and he’s fighting for his life because of a drug that has him hooked I pray that he finds the Lord and turns away from his addiction and starts to live and do right by him and his fellow people I did not feel it right to go and talk to him as he was in the ICU so I miss my chance to ask him to talk to my public defender or at least a Prosecuting Defender and tell them the truth or at least that he pleads the 5th and that those were not my drugs and I unknowingly possess them so I leave it in God’s hands whatever his will is will be done in my life. I trust fully in the Lord and that Jesus will be present and protect me from all lying tongues and that he helps for me to forgive all that work against me and to protect and keep my children and me together as we go to this court procedures in Jesus name I pray amen

  • please pray for my boyfriend. he is in a courtcase with his ex-wife. although some of the accusations are true, a lot of them are false, and he might go to prison.

    please pray that he wins the case and does not go to prison.
    please dear God, i ask it in Jesus name

  • Please pray for my fiancees court case, he has been on the straight and narrow for 9 years but because of his love for people he allowed someone to use his vehicle and they may have stolen some items. The police saw his vehicle around the area during the time the crime took place and when they came to speak to him about it, he explained to them who he allowed to borrow his car and that he hadn’t even bothered to drive the vehicle. Once they searched the vehicle there was stolen items inside and they arrested him but allowed him to get out on bail. He is now awaiting a trial date and we’re praying he doesn’t get punished for this crime.

  • I am involved in a legal matter that I am very concerned will impact my future and my ability to provide for my son. I have made terrible mistakes in the midst of running from hardships and since facing criminal charges I have discovered my faith in God was not strong. I was failing him. I have court in the morning and can honestly say that although concerned, my heart is at peace. I have built such a strong relationship with God. Tonight I feel Gods love, I feel his grace and forgiveness and know that he’s a good Father. I will continue to live the best life as an honest young woman and mother, helping other and giving him all the glory. Please pray for my victory and all those brave enough to ask for prayer. I thank you!

  • My son is in jail . It’s been a month today. He validated parole.,and till now he hasn’t been charged but he’s paroled put a permanent detainer until court date . I ask you lord give him hope and faith please. Had get a attorney to help him in his case . He has a court date finally July 25 2017. He’s name is Jose L Rivera Jr. God I’m suffering every day hearing him cry and he’s praying and going church in prison for your help. He’s strongly believed but also falls down with no hope . I believed in you lord that you give the attorney the strength to fight for him and his freedom will come so he can do better. And believe in you lord that you do hear your son when he need you the most . This pain and lesson he had to learn can better him in every way . Lord please help us . I know my son has learn his lesson . Give him a second chance in life to prove it and serve you in the name of Jesus amen . ??

  • From the bottom of my heart I am grateful for all the prayers. For my business colleague, he has had his passport withheld by the Ghana customs and will have a court case against him which is totally false and made up. Please pray for his safe return to the US by winning the court case and allow him to have all his commodity back to his ownership. Heavenly Father, I give You all the glory for all that will be accomplished, and I will testify of Your goodness. Thank you, thank you, thank you Holy Heavenly Father. Amen