A Prayer For Our Precious Daughters and Granddaughters

A Prayer For Our Precious Daughters and Granddaughters

I wrote this prayer with thoughts of our precious daughters. How they are to endure the tough responsibilities as women. And, as children, how we are to mold them through the hands of our Lord Jesus, to be  great women of God.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the beautiful gift of our children, and especially our daughter(s) and granddaughter(s). They are so beautiful and bright, so precious in our lives, and wonderful in Your sight.

Psalm 22:10 From birth I was cast upon you, from my mother’s womb You have been my God.

Psalm 139 : 13-14 For You created my inmost being, You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, Your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.


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Praying to be great parents

Father, we pray and ask that we be great parents to help them. Guide our steps so we can parent them with courage, grace, wisdom, and selfless love.

Above all, help us to guide and build in them a great love for You, their God that they would abide by Your Holy Word.

Help us rejoice in the woman they’re becoming and trust Your vision for them.

Numbers 6: 24 – 26 The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.

Offering up my daughter (and granddaughter) to the Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, we call upon Your blessed name, Lord and offer up our precious daughter(s) and granddaughter(s). As they light up the universe, may they radiate You in everything they become, far and wide over the world.

Lord, we ask You to fill them with Your love, so deep that they crave for the comfort of the presence of the Holy Spirit, over fame and attention of the world.

May they revere You, follow Your guide and Your commandments. May they set the principles of the word of God in their hearts and minds, and fear God in all things.


Blessing my daughter in her studies

As they go through school and their academic achievements, be present daily Lord Jesus, in their hearts and guide their mind.

Help them focus on their studies and let go of all other influences that lead them towards the ways of the world.

May they, in every way, take their academic achievements seriously and be good and useful daughters towards home, society and country.

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Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

Protect my daughter from the flesh

Help them, Lord Jesus, in an ever-changing world. This world is so filled with all kinds of dangers and impurities, lust and lewdness of flesh.

In their growing age, help them to respect their own bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Help them to recognize the voice of evil and conquer it with strength, courage, truth and obedience to You, Lord, and us as their loved ones.

Surround them with godly friends. When they are weak, let their friends be strong and build them up.

Protect them with Your angels, safeguard them and help them discern right from wrong, good versus evil. Let them stand on Your spiritual shoulders and bravely serve Your purpose in all their endeavors.

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Give my daughter strength to withstand

Lord Jesus, in their growing needs in academics, career, dating, relationships, and other matters, make Your plan apparent to them.

Give them a tender heart and a thick skin to withstand and stay resilient to the world’s negativity, criticism, and judgement, yet never lose their love and hope for mankind.

Help them hear and heed Your call for them. Fill them with Your wisdom, truth, and light so their choices honor You, Lord.

If there comes a time they mess up, when they fall, when they feel helpless or discouraged, restore them with Your grace.

Let Your presence, Lord Jesus, be unmistakable. Help them embrace their weaknesses as opportunities for You to shine and bring You glory and praise.

Jeremiah 31: 3 I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with loving kindness. 


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Bless our relationship with them

Lord, we love You above all. Thank You for Your everlasting love. We love our daughter(s), granddaughter(s) with all our hearts, mind, and soul, with an everlasting love too. We would lay down our lives for them anytime, anyplace.

Please bless our relationship and keep our connection strong.

One day, when we’re past the trials of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, we pray that we’ll joyfully call ourselves the best of friends.

We pray we raise daughter(s) to bring glory to God, in Your blessed name, Lord Jesus, Amen!
Prayer For Our Precious Daughters and Granddaughters

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  1. Dra.Lily Dahlia

    We praise You our dear Heavenly Father.
    We give thanks for everything You have given for us all,protect and guide us all.
    We pray that our dear Father God,always take good care for all the precious daughters of all our family,our friends,and all of the precious daughters all over the world.
    We all can be strong and courageous,for the Lord our God, always be with us all,wherever we go.
    Thank you Lord,for Your unfailing love and Your mercies endures forever and ever.
    In Jesus mighty name We pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  2. Jean E Lineaweaver

    prayer-for-my-precious-daughters…/ Jamie Burch, Jennifer Appleby, Justine Beckey, Brittany Beckey, Destiny Beckey, Portia VanBrocklin. Lexis VanBrocklin, Sadie Rothwell, Brielle Boehmer

  3. Truly blessed to find this article, share in prayer and be part of His family of praying BELIEVERS… bLESSINGS AND LOVE TO YOU for sharing with the rest of us. He has His hands on you and certainly has anointed you to encourage, impact and grow the kingdom…
    Praying UP thanks of GRATITUDE for such DIVINE connections with my family in CHRIST…

  4. May Jason and Courtney serve You all the days of their lives and please Lord surround their bodies, minds and souls with a hedge of protection and cover them with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen

  5. Leonor Pizarro

    Yes Lord! Protect my daughters Shaili and Alayshia from evil. Watch every step they make and cover them with the precious blood of Jesus. Amen

  6. I pray for my daughter your child, as she moves toward motherhood to my only Grandchild. I ask that you watch over her and protect her give her the energy and strength she needs to raise her child to look toward you. For this miracle I pray.

  7. Please pray for my granddaughters in this evil and perverted generation I plead the blood of Jesus Christ the precious blood of the lamb it’s in the name of Jesus Amen thank you Jesus for answered prayers in the name of Jesus I pray Amen

    1. Yvonne Marie Miller

      Donna, I have just seen your post tonight and know it was one year ago that your Daughters time was short, Please know that I will pray for you and also for your dear daughter. I pray that God will comfort,guide and lead you to a rock that is higher than you are and that the Lord will be your Refuge and a Strong Tower to you now, and in times to come.. God Bless You. Evie.

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