Back to school prayer for all students

Back to school prayer for all students

Kind and loving father, I seek your anointing and covering over my life on this day. I ask that you protect my going out and my coming in as school reopens and as the journey continues.

I pray for your guidance in every footstep. My Lord, May I keep your every word so that it will be a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Help me not to be distracted from my studies and keep focus on You my king.

Use and Guide Me

Use me to shine your light in those around me so that those who don’t know you will come to know you and those who know you will build a stronger relationship with you.

I pray that my ear will be shut to ungodly words. Open my eyes to only see what is of good reports and not those that defile you. I pray for friends that will uplift your name and not shame it.

Praying for Protection

Lord, protect me from actions that are against your will for my life: drugs, alcohol, obscenity, sexual immoralities and every other behavior contrary to you.

Heavenly Father, remove every stumbling block in my educational journey. Guide me in the paths of righteousness, for your name’s sake.

I pray that no enemy will come near to me. Let no harm come to me because I am protected by the blood of the perfect lamb that was slain for me.

Help me to keep focused on my education and accomplish my objectives in life. Help me to understand what is being taught and let me apply it in my life.

Open my mind to all knowledge and help me use it for the good. I pray that I will not worry about this journey but I will leave it all in your hands Jesus because you are my refuge and strength.

Help me make this journey a successful, productive and accomplishing one. This I ask in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Back to school prayer for all students

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4 thoughts on “Back to school prayer for all students”

  1. Lord i pray for a close relationship with you that you will help me every day .also for a financial breakthrough in my life in Jesus name amen

    1. Christina Cottrell

      This is a great prayer. Thanks for sharing. Don’t just read it on first day of school, but every school day.

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