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You Too Can Deal With Stress Like Jesus Did

There is just no getting around stress, regardless of the time of life we’re in. We may think things will be easier at some point, but we really only trade one stress for another. It’s never ending, but we have a great Father God who understands us completely! Every one wanted a piece of Jesus, […]

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How to Receive Healing From God Today – Release His Healing Power!

What’s Your Declaration? Did you know that a verbal declaration of healing, spoken out loud, feeds your inner person? It reminds your mind of what you are believing. Please, let me encourage you to keep on praying your Personal Prayer of healing, daily and out loudly, truly believing in the confession of healing for yourself. Rest in Him […]

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Devotional – The Remarkable Power of Genuine Friendships

I must admit that God has truly blessed me with some wonderful faithful friends. Friends who stick to your side through thick or thin and will not allow you to fail, no matter what comes your way. They really demonstrate the power of friendships. For a while, I have been going through some difficulty at […]

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