Devotional – He Knows Before You Even Ask

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Sometime last week I was informed that I was recommended to go to another location, in an acting capacity, at work. It is, at this time, the most difficult office to work in.

In my mind I immediately said no. I mean, the audacity of them to ask me to go there. Especially since parts of that job would be brand new to me. I rationalized about all the reasons I should say no. I wondered what purpose going there would serve, and a whole lot of other thoughts entered my mind.

Take Time to Pray

Then I said to myself – you know God is in control of your life, so why don’t you tell Him how you feel and seek His wisdom on what you should do. So I prayed – and nothing happened, I went to church, and my questions were not answered, and I kept praying about the situation, mulling it over in my mind, trying to find reasons I should take up the post.

After speaking to a friend of mine, she said I am the one who has to live with the decision and that I should weigh it out, she suggested I write down all the positives and negatives and have a look at it and make my mind up from there.

What are the Pros and Cons?

So I took pen and paper, wrote down positives on one side and negative on the other. I honestly gave the positive a good try, I wrote things like: someone believes that I can do the job, it could be an opportunity to grow, and it was just a short period and so on.

Soon enough I had no other item to add to that list, so I started with the negatives. I wrote things like:

  • the distance is too far,
  • the money is not enough to pay my travelling,
  • going into a war zone,
  • staff unsupportive,
  • no one to lean on,
  • they could be using me,
  • I really don’t like this job,

and on and on. The writing continued until I ran out of space. Much to my despair, the negatives were almost double the positives.

I looked to heaven and said God this is really too tough a job to take. I really don’t know how to say no. Well, later that evening, the Manager of the entire department called to speak to me about something and I mentioned it to her. She was surprised. Would you believe, she was in agreement that this was not an assignment I should take at this time.


Oh, I felt the weight come off my shoulders, especially when she indicated that she would speak to the necessary parties involved in the decision making. Oh what a wonderful God we serve, He didn’t answer my question directly to me, but He did make a way for my situation to be resolved without me having to find words to say to decline the acting (which in our organization is not done without negative consequences).

Matthew 6:8 says:

’Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him’.

I encourage you today that if you are facing an issue that has no answers, go to God and tell Him your heart. Be brave enough to hear His voice. Obey His leading and watch Him work things out for your benefit, Amen.



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