Prayer: Deeper relationship with God

Great and Mighty is Your name, Lord!  You are worthy of all my love, respect, honor and praise.  You are my Strong-tower, my Deliverer, my Refuge and my Strength, In You, I put my confidence and trust.

Heavenly Father, I love You with all my heart and soul. You are awesome!  You make me glad and I will rejoice and praise Your name forever.

1 Chronicles 16:34 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His faithful love endures forever.

Almighty God, I pray that I will be taken into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with You, where I will grow in faith and hear the still small voice within my soul.

Help me to be attentive to Your call that will cause me to walk in Your righteousness. Open the eyes of my heart to see the many blessings you bestow on me, especially the very small ones that I sometimes take for granted.

Walk with me Father and take me to new levels where I can experience an outpouring of Your love and mercy. I hunger and thirst for the things of You!

I believe in You Lord and I thank You for giving me what I need, according to Your will.  These things I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior, SO BE IT… Amen and Amen!

Whoever sacrifices a thank offering honors Me, and whoever orders his conduct, I will show him the salvation of God.
Psalms 50:23  

The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield  and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalms 18:2 

Nehemiah 1:11 

Please, Lord, let Your ear be attentive  to the prayer of Your servant and to that of Your servants who delight to revere Your name. Give Your servant success today,  and have compassion on him in the presence of this man.   At the time, I was the king’s cupbearer.

Prayer: Deeper relationship with God

A woman of God, a worshipper striving for excellence in ALL areas of my life!

I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother who has come to the realization that life without God is boring and empty. Through my prayers I hope to shine the light of truth and encourage others so that we can all glorify God in everything we do. I continue to relay messages that God has equipped me to write for His purpose. I hope my prayers will help you feel inspired and trust our limitless God more deeply.

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  1. Dear lord, I love you with all of my being, lord I thank you for everything you have done for me. You are my everything, without you lord I am nothing and can do nothing. I am getting taught your word and what you want and have in store for me. Keep teaching lord, I need your word like I need my next breath. Thank you for your mercy, without it I would be dead by now. Please keep your precious blood over me lord and I will survive this world until I get to see you. Again I thank you! Amen amen and amen!

  2. In the Mighty name of Jesus, thank you for your many blessings they are so obvious to me. I give my all to you Lord. As you continue to work in my favor, I give you thanks, Amen.

  3. Dear Heavenly Father. I love You with all my heart and soul. You are awesome. I put my confidence and trust in You. You make me glad and I will rejoice and praise Your name forever. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

  4. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the many blessings small & great, even the ones that people take for granted each & every day, such as awaking me every morning…. Amen & Amen !

  5. I praise you Dear Heavenly Father, and I Give you All the Glory, Thank you for another Blessed Day! In Jesus name I pray. Amen & Amen

    • Messiahs name is not jesus! using a false pagan name is dishonoring Messiah bringing his name to naught and breaking Commandment 3.


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