Prayer for Students Awaiting Exam Results

Prayer for Students Awaiting Exam Results

Omnipotent, Omnipresent Father, we humble ourselves before You, oh Lord, requesting Your Holy presence. Walk beside us Lord, as our exam results are approaching.

The work has already been done. We placed our best foot forward and studied hard. And now we have released all anxiety, doubt and fear into Your hands.

Psalm 37:3-5, 7a Trust in the Lord and do good; so you will live in the land, and enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him.

Prayer while awaiting Exam Results

Ease the minds of those of us who are thinking that we didn’t study as hard as we should have, dear God. Help us to be reminded that whatever the outcome, You have called us to be the head and not the tail.

Help us to be guided accordingly from thereon if we do not obtain the results we desire, knowing that if we decide to go through with it again, we would do the best that we can, trusting You along the way.

Psalm 62:1-2 – My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

Praying for peace of mind and confidence

Give us peace in our hearts, our bodies, our minds, our souls, as we wait patiently and with confidence, knowing that all things work together for good to those that love the Lord. Let worry, fear and doubt flee at the sound of Your great name.

Grant us favor, Loving Father, in the eyes of the examiners. We put our uttermost faith and trust in You to lead us to victory, in Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen and Amen!

Psalm 34:10b Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Psalm 46:1-3 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.

Prayer to ease our minds

Oh High King of Heaven, ease my mind and the minds of my parents and my family. Sometimes they are more anxious than I am for my success in my exams. Help us to be confident in these times. Give us your peace that passes all understanding.

I am also confident that my hard work will definitely pay off. Faith without works is dead and the just shall reap rewards. I proclaim and declare victory, for life and death is at the power of the tongue. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Psalm 43:5 Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

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Prayer for those awaiting exam results

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  1. Please pray for my exam results and end-term results that I may emerge victorious for the glory of GOD!
    God bless!

  2. I’m praying for my final year results, i am in final year in university, I really want to go for my nysc, I don’t want to be exampted because of my age, please prayer with ma/Ma I want to graduate before I clocked 30yrs. And come out with good results Amen!.

  3. I am praying for my NLE results. Hope God will grant and give me good result of what im expecting for. in jesus name i pray Amen ????????????????

  4. Lord, grant me mercy and Goodness. I’m waiting for my Grade 8 Term 2 results, Lord, hear my voice and cries for your help. Make me favorable in the eyes of the examiners. Make sure Lord, that only good things are written there.

  5. I am praying and trusting God for a good grade in my final result beyond my widest expectation in Jesus Christ name.

  6. I am praying for my Law School results. Please grant me Good grades dear Lord. Please hear my heart and my prayers in Jesus name. Thank you God because u are faithful and keep your promises. Amen and Amen????????????????????????

  7. I am Praying for my PW Results. Please grant me good grades. Please hear my prayers . I put my trust in you Lord . Amen.

  8. Dear Father
    Thank you for a the stress test report concerning an abnormal EKG. All is well and i am cleared for surgery. God is great and always on time. He never fails. Thank you Jesus for your mercies .

  9. l pray for my results coming out this month in the name of Jesus i put my trust in him, i don’t want to fail

  10. I pray for my Texes 154 exam, which I took this morning. I pray that I passed it and can renew my teaching contract this year, and I pray for the other students who are taking the exam to pass

  11. Hoping that God hear my prayer May God will give what I’ve prayed for. I’ve been utterly praying to God and I prayert that I could get my desired scores in my exam as I was praying for this before and I hope He will grant my prayers. Thank you Lord ?

  12. Lord as I come here today, help me come out with flying colors (WASSCE) and also help me gain Admission (University of Ghana) in Jesus name I pray amen.

  13. I pray for my wassce results coming dis month…..I dnt really pray and feel really reluncrant in doing so….but I’m praying to be steadfast in the things of God….I’m praying God has mercy on me and helps me. Pls help me in prayers I beg

    1. Amen Ethel
      I’m also Ethel and I also feel very relaxed about praying over my results.But I’ve come to realize that that’s not just it you also have to take God very seriously

  14. I pray for my GCSE results coming by email tomorrow, I trust you God that I will get the grades you believe I deserve even though I don’t have any idea what they will be, and that he gives me peace in this stressful time, amen.

  15. I pray for my IGCSE results that are coming out tomorrow on 11th August. That all will be great that i will be satisfied and the weight on my shoulders will be lifted. I believe the lord will hear me. Amen

  16. I pray for my AP exams, which I just finished today. I pray that I may pass them, and I pray for the other students who are taking the exam to pass too.

  17. Oh Heavenly Father, I know you’ve been with me right from the moment I started studying for this exam to the moment I wrote this exam. Lord as I await this result, I ask that you favour me mightily in this result.. I ask oh Lord for a pass score in this exam…in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

  18. Oh Lord please help me. Give me strength as 15 mins later my 2nd year result is going to be announced. Help me O Lord. I believe you. I believe that miracles happen.

  19. Dear Lord,
    I know I haven’t been the best disciple; and although I did okay last term, Lord I pray that you have done it again and even better. Lord I pray that I’ve outdone myself and that all the doubt instilled in me, whether it be by the subject teachers, fellow peers or even just myself, Lord I rebuke and revoke it in Jesus name. I do pray that the examiners and moderators, you’ll have granted me favor.


    Also I really need this, so please do spare a prayer.

  20. dear Father in Heaven…i really had difficulties in last semesters exams…and the results will be released soon..please let your will be done as i know and i believe in you…pls grant me the peace of mind to know that you have control over my exams and let me find favour in the eyes of the examiner….For this i pray to the living God…thank you Father

  21. Lord God,
    With my utmost prayer, please help me to pass the examination in Civil Service-Professional, let my wish will be granted to you, in your Holy Name. I wish that I can see my name in the result. This I ask in Jesus Name, AMEN.

  22. Lord God, heavenly father please hear my prayer. The result will be release today or tomorrow. I humbly ask you to grant my greatest wish to be able to pass the Civil Service exam Sub Professional my Lord. I’m praying ?? that my name will be there Lord. Thank you so much. In Jesus name. Amen

  23. Lord I know your the best to all people please lord give me a positive thinking and kind to wait my result exam lord and I pray to pass my let exam this 2019 Hindi ko na maremember kong iilang take na ako lord kaya please help me lord gusto ko na ipasa alam mo lord kong gaano ka hirap.

    1. O lord please help me to success my NET exam and UPSC. I really need your help, lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  24. ∂єαя נєsυs ¢няιsт
    ι киσω gσ∂ ι ∂σи’т ρяαу тσ уσυ σfтєи вυт ι ∂σ вєℓιєνє. αт тнιs ∂єsρєяαтє тιмє ι ρяαу fσя αs ∂ιffι¢υℓт тιмє αs му єχαм яєsυℓтs αяє ¢σмιиg sσσи gσ∂, нєℓρ мє ιи яє¢єινιиg σиℓу тнє 35 мαякs fσя σиℓу ιи 2 sυвנє¢тs ωнι¢н ι ¢αи ραss συт тнє 12тн sт∂ тнє яєqυιяє∂ ρσιитs ι иєє∂ fσя му ρяєfєяяє∂ ¢συяsє αи∂ ι ωιℓℓ вє fσяєνєя gяєαтfυℓ αи∂ ωιℓℓ fσяєνєя sρяєα∂ уσυя gσσ∂ ωσя∂, тнιs ρяαуєя єи∂s ιи тнє иαмє σf נєsυs ¢няιsт αмєи

  25. Father,

    My daughter is awaiting her SAT scores. They will be released tomorrow. I pray that all her hard work and determination pays off and she gets at least a 1250 on her SATs. Thank you .

  26. Lord,
    My daughter took her last Anatomy test of the marking period today and needs an A on the test. I pray that her tutor was right and she was well prepared and knew all of the information. Please I beg of you, let that poor child get an A on the test.

  27. God help me to cast away the stress and fear inside my heart. As I wait the incoming results may I be ready for the final date. Give me strength and courage to come what may. Your will be done God.

  28. Dear Lord, I took my NCLEX today. I’m hoping for a positive result. I know everything will go well in your name.


  29. Dear Lord, I am taking my NCLEX in a couple of days. Please watch over me and help me pass this test. I know in your name anything is possible. Amen

  30. Jesus
    My son Kevin took the bar exam and is now waiting on his results.Please Jesus help him to stay calm and focused and to remember anything is possible with you. I’m praying for a passing score.

  31. Dear Heavenly Father, I have sit my ACCA exam today for the 4th time, and I humbly pray to You asking that the results go in my favour. Please relieve me of this mental burden I have already cast upon myself, because I am already worried and doubt my potential. Father, please bless me with the grace, patience and faith to remain calm and trusting in You. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the strength to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

  32. Lord, please continue to be with me as I wait for my NCLEX result for tomorrow. Asking for your guidance, blessings and miracles along the way.
    Thinking positive along the way. I know you were there with me and I did my best for this board exam. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  33. Lord please continue to be with me as I wait for my NCLEX results tomorrow. Thinking positive along the way and I thank you for helping me reach this far. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

  34. My husband joel marquez jandoc took his bar exams last nov 2018 and waiting its results to be released on or before May 10,2019 i ask a favor ro pray for him that he would pass the bar ecams for it is his long time desire and i know in my heart and mind he did everything he could..i ask for a miracle and prayers…God bless

  35. Lord I’m still waiting for my nclex result. Lord please I know your miracles exist and I know that you already bless me with my rn licence in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen

  36. Heavenly Lord,I ask you to lead me towards best grades in my U. A.C.E exams Right now am feeling so frightened that a barely get sleep but I do believe in your miraculous work. God be with me.

  37. Dear heavenly Father I pray that you do a miracle for me tonight I took my board exam so many times and I end up falling I don’t know what else to do, I took the exam today and did the pvt and have the bad poop up I know you done so much for me when I least expected please dear Father do it for me again and I will glorify your name for ever and always the same way you turn water into wine please turn my failure to a success Lord I beg you. I thank you in advance for all your upcoming blessing in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  38. Oh Lord Jesus son of God I put u in the centre of my examination so that lord u can save me from the curses of failures, grant me victory oh lord. Amen

  39. Dear Lord, I am taking my nursing boards next month. Please give me the confidence and wisdom to overcome this obstacle. I trust that you will only have the best for me. I love you and I pray that I everything will go well in your name. Amen.

  40. Type here..
    Lord please help strengthen my faith. i have failed twice and i am awaiting my results with no money for second semester. Please remove doubt from me because i believe i have Passed and i am graduating grom law school this year. Amen

  41. Lord. Im praying for good exam results. Results that i will be satisfied with and will make my mother and myself proud. I ask that you be so gracious as to grant me a minimum of 3As, that’s i have so tirelessly worked for

  42. Today is my CU Ba 2nd yr result ..please pray for me so that i could get good marks ..i am so scared …though i did so well.

  43. Dear heavenly father, I come before your glorious throne saying thank you for all you have done for my life. You performed a miracle in my previous exam results, I made it! Father, I believe you have already done it again, as I wait for my result this year. May your favor and blessings be upon my life. Your word says whatever we ask shall be given and when we decree in the name of Jesus Christ we shall overcome. I thank you Jehovah God. May your name be blessed.. I believe

  44. Dear Lord
    During these exams and as I await my results I pray that the examiners saw favour in my name. I pray that I am granted the grades I need and desire to progrsss as I know I can do anything through You who strengthens me.
    P. D.

  45. Thank you lord and prayers as i wait for the results of my medical school entrance exam. with god all things are possible. fear and doubt has no place in our hearts and minds. Amen

  46. Thank you God for everything you have done for me. Please keep me in your prayers while await I for my Med Surg exam grade. It was a tough exam but I know in your name I will be fine because you are great and I know nothing will surpass you. I love you and trust you! Amen!

  47. Father in the name of Jesus as i come before you, I pray that you have mercy upon me and forgives me for the times i have wasted. when my CXC result come out in will be successful!!! so that I will make my family and even you proud. Father your word said anything is possible for who believe ; please grant me my desire in Jesus name I pray Amen.

  48. Lord, I am l worried, afraid and a little bit down for I find the exam so hard. But, I want to thank you for granting my prayers, to have the strength, courage and stamina to finish the exam until the end and to have wisdom to answer the difficult questions. Lord, I don’t know if some of my answers were correct but I believe I did my best. Please enlighten me, give me the peace of mind and help me to overcome this feeling of helplessness and doubt. Please give me more strength as I am patiently waiting for the result. Lord, I pray for the favorable result of the exam. Nevertheless, I put my utmost faith in you Lord that whatever happens and whatever the result may be, I know there’s a reason behind it and it is according to your will. Amen.

  49. Lord, thank you for all your goodness in our lives. We are not deserving, still, you are so faithful. May I ask for your grace once again Lord. Please grant that my daughter pass her bar exams. You , alone Lord be glorified in all things. We cannot boast of anything but your faithfulness. Amen

  50. Thank you God for helping me pass my first Med surg exam. Now I am awaiting my grades for my second exam. I have faith in you that I will do great in your name. Amen.

  51. I thank you Lord God that you always there for me. Please be with me as i await my results. In Jesus Christ’ name. Amen

  52. Dear Lord
    I don’t know if I may be too late but as I await my results I pray that the examiners saw favour in my name. I pray that I am granted the grades I desire as I know I can do anything through You who strengthens me.

  53. Lord Jesus, please hear my plea. You know what I have been going through in my life so far. Please help me get success in my CA Final Grp 2 exams Lord. Please grant grace of examiners who are evaluating my papers. Bless my feeble efforts Lord. I thank you for answering my prayers. I ask in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

  54. DEAR God, I took a test yesterday. I’m a little nervous. Please take away all my worries and anxiety. I pray for good results, in Jesus name Amen!

  55. I have done my nursing board exam yesterday and I’m just praying that I passed .I believe that the Lord has to power to do all things as he had performed many miracles and for him to get us a good/passing grade for an exam i think maybe quite effortless .He ask us to be anxious for nothing but by prayer let our request be made known to him and so i trust in His promises as I made this request .For all persons here praying about their results , let us all believe that God will hear our hearts ,for nothing good (in this case :exam relating to our education or career)will He withhold from us His words said .Let us trust Him for this and everything else in our life from this day forward .God bless you all, let’s not be anxious anymore about our grade but know that you and I did well on our exam !

  56. I am also praying for good grades after applying for a re-mark of 3 of my scripts last February, 2017. The results are taking longer to come out and sometimes I am gripped with fear of what will become of me when the results turn out bad. The thing is, i have since graduated from law school and i was admitted to the bar in May, 2017. I have landed a well paid job and i feel that the remark can jeopardize my career as a practicing lawyer. I know all this is the spirit of fear from the devil. And everyday i have had to confess my faith in God and His sovereignty over my life, and my grades. So I ask that you remembers me in prayers, so that i will get good grades (As), that i will not fail and repeat or have my degree and my practicing license revoked. Thank you Jesus.

  57. Lord, thank you for everything, the blessing that you’ve given me. Lord, I humbly ask for your prayers. Pray for my exam for the criminology last December 8,9 and 10, you are the king of kings.. God bless and more power.

  58. Lord, thank you for everything, the blessings that you’ve given me,…
    I humbly ask for your prayers. Please pray for me that I pass my board exam for criminology last, December 8,9 and 10.

    Thank you Lord, you are the king of king,,, God bless……

    1. You have been blessed with success so far in your exams.
      Praying for you Jen, that you will have continued blessings and success in your exams.

  59. I just took my final exam for my nursing class. Please pray for me. I trust in God and myself. I get my results tonight. I get anxious but I know God is with me. Thank you.

  60. Please pray for me to pass the dental board exam, the results will be out this Friday. Hope I’m one of the board passer ? Can’t stop thinking about it, I’m very anxious right now. Please pray for me,.? This would be a big help to my parents and my family.

  61. Praying for Gods favor and that I have passed my board exams. I have taken the exam three times this year and have failed twice, missed it by a few points. I’m praying that the outcome on December 7th will be different this time around that God will touch the examiners as they grade my exam. That I have passed in Jesus Name. That I will finally be licensed in Jesus Name. I give thanks to God because it has not been an easy journey but through it all he is still God. Amen

  62. Pls pray for me that I may pass the napolcom entrance examination. Still waiting the result hoping I’m one of them who pass the examination and I claim it I passed the exam. Amen

  63. Thank you Jesus for your blessings on me, you have blessed me with good exam results today. I am awaiting results of another important exam. I trust that you will bless me again with good results.

  64. Pls help me pray for my son who has been crying after his technical drawing examination. May God Almighty surprise him in Jesus name Amen.

    1. Hi Ngozi, take this time to assure him that having done his best, it’s all that you can ask of him. And spend time praying with him as well.

  65. Pray for all of us to get better results in our exams. The results are expected to come out at the end of January or early at the February. Pray for us to get better results. Thank you GOD Amen.

  66. Thank you Lord for helping and guiding my daughter to do her exams well. Pls. LORD bless the examiner with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to correct my daughter’s paper lienently. And help her to get high marks in her bio process paper. And also bless her to get high marks in her final year project. Thank You Father, Thank you Lord Jesus,and Thank you Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord… Amen

  67. Please pray for me and my friends as well. Our licensure exam results will come out this Thursday. I’m afraid because I know I did not do well. I ask for support and guidance.

  68. I am buddhist but i always look up and believe in both religions . I’m here just because i need some helps . Actually there will be my gcse grades coming up and i’m not feeling good about it . I need my expectation grades to go for foundation course in Sydney , Australia . Please help me Jesus ! I’m begging ! I was working really hard before the exams of these 2 subjects that i’ve never been enjoyed them in my entire life even just once . However , i still had to do and i was in panic and depression before but i actually tried with all my best even though there will be some unfixable mistakes on my exams . I tried …
    Please help me Jesus ! Thank you so muchh ! Exam result is going to be on 15th – 16th of july , 2017 .

    1. May God listen to your cry and answer your plea. I hope you achieve or achieved your GRADES. I wish you the best afterwards so you could go to your dream school in the destinations mentioned.

  69. Please pray for me..I took a very important test and feel I did not do well..pray for me to accept the results no matter what the outcome..having great stress over this..need peace of mind!! Thank you

  70. I have a very tough exam coming up in medical school. The exam is over the gastrointestinal system. I need to pass this exam to move on to the next year otherwise I will have to add another year to my degree.
    I rebuke this from my life in Jesus name, it is not my portion. I will finish my degree in due time and I will pass my exams with flying colors. I am scheduled to graduate in 2021 and I will graduate in 2021 in Jesus name. I know the enemy is working very hard against me to make me weak physically, mentally, and spiritually.
    I call on the mighty name of Jesus to intercede on my behalf and destroy the plans of the enemy against my life in Jesus name. I will pass all my exams, in Jesus name. I declare success over my life in Jesus name. I am the head and not the tail, in Jesus name. I know that all good things work out for those who love the Lord in Jesus name. And as I have said it, so will it be for me in Jesus name.
    Please continue to pray for me and include of all these prayer points in Jesus name.

  71. Prayer to pass the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers
    Heavenly Father, I thank you for taking me through this far. I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family.
    Now Lord God I am about to have the most challenging battle of my life today this would be taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Lord, you have prepared me. And now I seek your help and guidance. Give me the confidence to face this examination and to succeed.
    Please pray for me everyone that I will pass the Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers result.

    In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  72. Please pray for me… I’ve not written nicely in this exam… So worried.. Please pray for me..

  73. Please pray for me brothers and sisters for my board exam result that i will pass on my criminologist exam on December 8,2016.Lord hear our prayers AMEN.

  74. As one who got pushed out the door because he was not n A student to begin with and QUIT instead of becoming a soldier & getting killed on Iraq, I have learned that , as Francis Bacon said as William Shakespeare, “GOD works in mysterious ways.’

  75. Please pray for Melissa taking her nursing exams tomorrow and a great score to enter the program and start her life’s calling. Praying in Jesus Christ.

  76. Please pray for me for my medical entrance exam . Result is going to out on 17th August. Please pray for a miracle.

  77. Please pray for me brethren. I am very stressed up that that every minute its just in coming in my head. I want to pass my exams with good grades without repeating.

  78. I am awaiting my end of year examination results and I am a bit nervous and worried so I’m asking for your prayers so I may be succesful

    1. Praying for you Nangyalay, that you are blessed with success in your exams.

  79. I want to say thank you for st joseph and st aquinas, who are always been there in times of my exams and always been guiding me . Please pray for me to get a better result .. thank you

  80. I want to be a great doctor. I want to study at my dream school. Hope to see a good result at the exam. This exam will be the depedance of my future .

  81. I hope i get a better result.. i want to study at my dream school. Thank you for always being there for me . Im still waiting for the result. By Gods will. I place my future for you

  82. Please Pray that I pass my language exam. Praising for the victory. I decrease so God can touch the examiner. I pray to find a new job

  83. Please Pray For me Everyone!!! Iam very scared and tensed about my final exams,WHICH WILL SOON COMING OUT !!
    Thank U.

  84. +Martin Forgenie. How I love your prayer which I pray maybe not in similar words but I prayed for all the children. And yet I know I will need this prayer ongoing for another few years for my younger children. Thank you!

    I pray for all children who await In hope for excellent academic results
    I pray that one learned in You
    Be guided to yield for Your Kingdom a hundred fold.