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You Too Can Deal With Stress Like Jesus Did

There is just no getting around stress, regardless of the time of life we’re in. We may think things will be easier at some point, but we really only trade one stress for another. It’s never ending, but we have a great Father God who understands us completely! Every one wanted a piece of Jesus, […]

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Prayer – Energize Your Hunger for God

Dearest Jesus, Lord, Thank You so much for everything. For all the trials, pain, hurt, sorrow, and struggles in life that really mold me to become a better, stronger and more righteous person in Your sight. And, Lord, most of all, the unstoppable blessings you’ve given to me and to my dearest family, friends, relatives, and […]

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Prayer: Be Inspired in All You do

Be Inspired! Abba Father, I love and adore You. Thank You for everything You have done and continue to do for me, more than I can ever dare to imagine. Thank you, Sweet Jesus, that I have the utmost pleasure of walking in Your righteousness. 1 Peter 2:9-11 – But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, […]

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Prayer for Encouraging Others

Prayer for Encouraging Others Jesus, Most Loving Savior, thank You for Your gift of salvation. Today I come before You with gratitude in my heart for the mercy and grace You show me each day. Thank You for the patience, understanding, strength and wisdom that you have already provided. May it be manifested within me and […]

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