Prayer for An Abundant Harvest

Prayer for An Abundant Harvest

Believing for an Abundant Harvest

Almighty God, Creator of all things, You are great and mighty and worthy of all my praise. Thank You Lord for Your continued blessings and kindness towards me. I am grateful for the new mercies I see each day. Today though, I seem to be struggling with my financial responsibility, as my ends don’t seem to meet and so my commitments are falling by the wayside. I ask, Father, that You lengthen these ends so they meet every need and demand in my life. You are my Shepherd and You promised to guide me and feed me so there will be no lack of an abundant harvest. I stand on this promise and trust You for wisdom and understanding in having new insights in managing my financial obligations.

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Prayer for Increased Faith

Prayer for Increased Faith

Praying for Increased Faith

Oh Yahweh, Mighty Everlasting Father, I humbly come before Your throne of grace and mercy, laying down my life before You. I crave You, Lord, You are my everything. You are my heart’s desire, I yearn to be in Your Holy presence, constantly seeking increased faith, Your will and Your great plans for my life. Draw me nearer and closer to You daily, as my thirst is quenched by Your springs of living waters.

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LisLovesTruth – BibleStudy: “The Outer Circle”

Bible Study - The Outer Circle

How do we treat those who are NOT our friends? If I was to think about it, I pour my favour on the people who are close to me, and on my family. Maybe, on a good day, I might extend myself for a stranger; or perhaps, if I’m especially moved by the Holy Spirit to be gracious to an enemy, I might make it. The truth is, almost anyone can be nice to people in their inner circle. That’s easy. You are motivated by the natural love and favour within you for those individuals.

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By His Blood – Wife-hunting with friends

Wife Hunting with Friends

“Show me the Spiritual Instructions for marriage.”   Chase Genre Torn

Now it is no secret to my readers and those that follow me, that I’m not married. In fact, there is a running joke within our ministry, of a world-wide search currently underway to correct this supposed imbalance in the “Force”, to take me wife-hunting and restore order to the cosmos.

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Prayer: Kindness and Gentleness

Prayer: Kindness & Gentleness

A Prayer for the Beautiful Qualities of Kindness and Gentleness

Tender Jesus, so meek, so mild, teach us to be like You in all our ways. Teach us kindness, gentleness, generosity, and to be giving, forgiving, loving and caring. Teach us to follow in Your humble footsteps. Guide us to the place You want us to be, take control. Mold and shape us into the brilliant beings we were always destined to become.

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Prayer: We Declare We Are Made Whole!

Prayer: We Declare We are made Whole!

I have been Made Whole!

Renew my spirit, Oh Lord, I need to be made whole and sanctified. Heavenly Father, my heart cries out to you today, it yearns to find your comforting presence. I feel so broken Lord, shattered and dismayed. Pick me up, for I have fallen along the way, plant my feet on solid ground. Grant me your tender mercies and loving kindness, Lord, now I need it the most.

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