Prayer: Bring my Children into Your Kingdom

Prayer: Bring my Children into Your Kingdom

Bring back my Children into Your Kingdom

I am so depressed, disgusted, and humiliated by the actions, words and deeds, of my children. I feel sick to the very core of my being. Father God, I need Your touch. I cannot even express my thoughts properly, but You know my heart Abba. Please, oh Lord, I am pleading for an intervention into their lives. Please bring back my children into Your Kingdom.

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Prayer for When I feel Exhausted

Prayer for when I feel Exhausted

A Prayer for When I feel Exhausted (by Timothy and Cheryce)

Sovereign Saviour, I love thee more than silver or gold,
There is nothing that compares to You that exists in this world.
They say love  is meek and it is blind,
But Your love never fades away, that’s why it’s one of a kind.
You loved me, even before I was created,
And in my heart You are eternally situated.

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A Prayer of Forgiveness

Prayer on Forgiveness

A Prayer of Forgiveness

(Today’s prayer was written by a good friend and faithful Christian, Timothy John. I pray that it is blessing upon your life.)

Oh Heavenly and Gracious Father, I come before you as a humble servant, thanking You for yet another day of health and strength, for peace of mind, love, and for everything that You have generously bestowed upon me.

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Prayer for When I feel Worried

Prayer for when I Worry

A Prayer for When You Worry

Yahweh, Holy One, today, as I arise from my bed, I chose to look at the positive side of things and not worry today. I chose to have a different perspective when I step out into the world on this glorious morning. I will not allow my worrying mind to get the better of me. I will not allow Lucifer to fill my thoughts with doubt, or delve on any negative entity that he throws my way.

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Prayer of Thanksgiving


A Prayer of Thanksgiving!

Heavenly Father, we humbly come before Your throne of grace and mercy in prayer today, not to ask of anything but to simply give you all the thanks, praise, honour and glory You deserve. Although the oceans rise and the thunders are roaring, we chose to thank You in the midst of our storms, for there is a lot to be grateful for, each and everyday.

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