The Greatest Weapon There Is – Love

Prayer: Love - The Greatest Weapon

Love – The Greatest Weapon

Love. You heard me. Love, love, love. It is the greatest weapon there is. It breaks all chains, tears down all barriers, mends relationships, heals the broken, it is a tough thing to learn, it changes lives, love unites. We are not creatures of love. We ARE love because God living in us, is true, pure love. Love is like a diamond with so many facets that we have to learn about. We have to be broken, chiseled and polished in love for our beauty to shine, just like the diamond on an engagement ring.

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There Is No Condemnation For Those Who Are In Christ Jesus

Prayer - No condemnation

Father, our souls long for You and nothing else will satisfy, because You, my Lord, are the cup that never runs dry. Your springs of living waters quench our thirst. You are our heart’s desire, we crave Your presence, Oh Precious Saviour, please draw near. Never leave our sides, never let us go,wrap us in Your loving arms and tender mercies.

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Prayer: Standing in the Gap for my Children

Prayer: Standing in the gap for my children

Stand in the Gap for Your Children

Almighty God, thank You for the privilege of being a mother and allowing me the opportunity to stand in the gap for my children. You promised, Father God, that once I raise my children with the Fear of the Lord, they will walk upright. Thank You for Your Word, for I know once I speak it back to You, You are faithful and just, to perform it. I declare that everyone within my household will serve You and that I will proclaim Your promises every minute of every day. I delight in You, Abba Father, and will walk honouring and glorifying You in all that I do.

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By His Blood – What’s up with Hell?

What's up with Hell

“I am not a Universalist, but maybe God is.” – NT Wright.

One of the absolute joys I’ve experienced at the conferences that I’ve been a speaker at, has been the absolute liberty and freedom our attendees have to interact directly with the speakers, and to ask difficult questions about very controversial topics. More often than not, the major question in contention is about the subject of hell.

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What Season Are You In? – Be Uplifted!

Be Uplifted

Be Uplifted!

When you are going through your rough and tough times, be still and know in your heart, mind, body and Spirit that He is God. He wants you to be still and not act in the flesh so that He can do His work in you, through you and for you for HIS name to be exalted in heaven and on Earth. Don’t go looking for something that you want. Thank Him and let Him bestow it upon you. Remember, wants and needs are two different things. Have you ever thought of what a big responsibility that is, to just be still and let Him be, for His glory? 

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