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Prayer request for my family

Please pray for my parents to realize that JESUS CHRIST is the one and only God and there is no other God besides him. Please pray for the finance blessings, for we are suffering due to lack of money. Please pray for their health. And please pray for my job, I need a job desperately. This is my prayer request.

Thank you so much.

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7 thoughts on “Prayer request for my family”

  1. God I pray to remove this anxiety and worry from my mind and thoughts. God remove all these what ifs. It’s consuming me and stealing my joy and peace. I’ve prayed and prayed. It continues to come back. Heavily father please help me. I need a peace of mind. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  2. I thank God for what he has done for me and my family. I asked God to strengthen my prayer life. Please join me in prayer for my son who has just received a letter of retrenchemet form his job without no valid reasons. Pray for him for a suitable job approved by God. Pray for me in my office and my family ????

  3. Thank you so much for the prayers this past year they have uplifted me motivated me into becoming a better Christian.

    My prayer requests this festive season is for God to safeguard my teenage daughter from sinning especially sexual immorality drinking alcohol with peers in the name of celebrating the holidays I would like for her to finish her studies and have a better future than mine
    I also would like for God to release a new job for me that will help me look after my three daughters with good working conditions and well paying so i won’t be doing hand to mouth

    God bless you all for the prayers

  4. I thank you father that you are going restore my family and I know will reunite us to the way we once were. I have faith that you will draw them into a relationship with you. I pray for everyone who have loved ones who do not yet beleive. That they will fall in love with you I thank you that you always answering my prayers.

  5. Prase the lord all time, i had twice major operations and the lord saved me, right now i am jobless job hunting and i have all good faith in me that i will get it. Amen. Please add me to any whatsap group with all time prayers

  6. Praise the Lord brother. I have some gallbladder stones so please prayer for me thank you God. From yadagiri & family hyderabad.

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