Prayer request for my family

Prayer Requests

Please pray for my parents to realize that JESUS CHRIST is the one and only God and there is no other God besides him. Please pray for the finance blessings, for we are suffering due to lack of money. Please pray for their health. And please pray for my job, I need a job desperately. This is my prayer request.

Thank you so much.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer request for my family”

  1. Prase the lord all time, i had twice major operations and the lord saved me, right now i am jobless job hunting and i have all good faith in me that i will get it. Amen. Please add me to any whatsap group with all time prayers

  2. Praise the Lord brother. I have some gallbladder stones so please prayer for me thank you God. From yadagiri & family hyderabad.

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