Please pray for me and my family

Prayer Requests

I need your prayer support for both my family and I. I have been struggling for a few years with my faith. Please pray for the strengthening of my faith.

I am asking for prayer to restore my marriage. Heal the hurt I’m feeling inside. Wipe my tears, Lord. I’m suffering depression and I feel lost. Please bless our marriage with prayer and love.

And lastly that I get this job I so desperately need. I have applied to several jobs and all I have received was they have moved forward with another applicant. It’s been months that I’ve been unemployed.

I have been praying and trusting. After being retrenched a few months ago I haven’t been able to find work yet. I am struggling to pay my rent and my child’s university fees. Please pray for me as I will be kicked out my house if I don’t honor my responsibility.

And so , I desperately need to work to pay my bills. I applied for a job recently and I pray that God bless me with that job. I know I will be a excellent fit for this company. Please will you pray that I get this job. I owe my family and friends so much money. I need to repay them. Please pray for and with me. Thank You. 

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