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Please pray for me and my family

I need your prayer support for both my family and I. I have been struggling for a few years with my faith. Please pray for the strengthening of my faith.

I am asking for prayer to restore my marriage. Heal the hurt I’m feeling inside. Wipe my tears, Lord. I’m suffering depression and I feel lost. Please bless our marriage with prayer and love.

And lastly that I get this job I so desperately need. I have applied to several jobs and all I have received was they have moved forward with another applicant. It’s been months that I’ve been unemployed.

I have been praying and trusting. After being retrenched a few months ago I haven’t been able to find work yet. I am struggling to pay my rent and my child’s university fees. Please pray for me as I will be kicked out my house if I don’t honor my responsibility.

And so , I desperately need to work to pay my bills. I applied for a job recently and I pray that God bless me with that job. I know I will be a excellent fit for this company. Please will you pray that I get this job. I owe my family and friends so much money. I need to repay them. Please pray for and with me. Thank You. 

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12 thoughts on “Please pray for me and my family”

  1. Please pray for me. I pray for my finances, my son and family. I pray for a partner. Everytime i meet someone, they leave. I stayed with the father of my child for 16 years and brike up three years ago but it still hurts. I pray every minute for healing. It made me isolate myself from people. I have low self esteem. I cry all the time. I have no peace. Everything in my life doesnt go well. I want to be delivered form curses. In Jesus Name. Amen

    1. Father outside of me, i boldly come to your throne of grace and pray for dorothy and her family. Lord you know whats best for her in her life. Lord you can make the impossible possible. Help her to align herself with your word and keep your commandments. The battle is not hers to fight. Lord bring peace in her life . Bring blessings upon her and family keep her unser your wings. Let her turn to you and cast all her burdens at your feet because you are an uunderstanding and loving God. How faithful is your word. Let her know that your are a friend in deed. In the mighty name of jesus! Amen!

  2. Dear Father,
    I am your child and only you know the suffering I have gone through for over 40 years now – please save me from this latest one and let it not be a prolapsed womb or similar. Or, at least, something that can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. I have so much wrong with me and I do not think I can take any more. I have tried to bear my burden and cope well and still keep a smile on my face. But Lord, I really need your help big time now please. I ask that, if need be, you send me an angel to give me strength. And Lord, please, please deliver me from evil – he’s still there despite the promises. Please don’t let me have yet more health issues and spare me from a prolapse. I ask this in yours and your son Jesus’ names. Thank you sweet Lord. XXX

  3. I need someone to agree with me in prayer that God is going to fix my car and restore it and he’s going to send someone to purchase the three storage units that I have are the option him for me God has given me so many great things and he didn’t give it to me to put in the trash forgot just finished two of you shall agree as touching anything it shall be done so I believe in God for a miracle and I’m asking someone to agree with me in Jesus Christ name

    1. Lord i pray for Anthony to be delivered from cancer. That if there’s anything that is hindering him from being cleared that he humbles himself and turn from ways thats blocking his blessings. Lord you know his body and you have healed the sick and raised the dad. Theres nothing too impossible for you. In jesus name Amen

  4. Heavenly Father, I come before you to pray for divine guidance for my sons situation today, that You will bring forth unto him a victorious outcome so that he may be spared his life being turned upside down. He is a child of Yours God, and I pray for your Mercy upon this situation put forth against him. I pray that no evil can harm him for you God shall cast it out in Jesus’ name Amen. We are grateful for all of Your blessings Lord, and we give Thanks to You for this beautiful day! Prayers for all who are in need of the Heavenly Father’s Devine Help?? I pray for your divine help, Oh Lord, for my son’s situation today. In Jesus’s name, Amen

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