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Please Pray for my Son

Please pray for my son Jameson. We are currently in the hospital where he has been for almost a week. He keeps getting high fevers and his lymph node has caused significant swelling in his neck. Please pray for his healing and that God heals his little body. He spent his first birthday in the hospital and when he seems to make strides forward, then his fever comes back.

Please pray for myself and my family as we try to do whatever we can do for him. Please pray for the doctors and pray that they can figure out what is wrong. I ask for these prayers in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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7 thoughts on “Please Pray for my Son”

  1. Sushil Kumar borrison

    Kindly pray for my son, Dr John Wycliffe borrison, who is applying for PR in Singapore. He is working in a hospital in Singapore. Hospital has already forwarded his application for PR. He is going to meet a person with all the relevant documents on 16.1.2020 (Thursday). Kindly pray for his PR application so that he can get PR.
    His son, Josh borrison, is suffering from cough. Pray for his healing. Also he is reluctant to go to school in the morning. Kindly pray for him so that he doesn’t cry while going to school.

  2. Heavenly father please guide and help me to pray for my sons. I’m so desperately because their losing hope. Their giving me lots of hard times and pain anxiety stress and worrying Their bright young Men Pls help me to pray.


  3. Marie vonne Auguste

    Heavenly father please guide and help me to pray for my son. I’m so desperately because he’s losing hope. He’s giving me lots of hard times at school. He’s a bright student but he’s not doing his lessons. I’m so desperate. Pls help me to pray.

  4. Hi Goodmorning. I would love to lift up your precious son Jameson in prayer. Right now father we just come together and we lift up Jameson before your throne. We give you the glory father that you have given healing as a gift. We recieve the gift of healing for Jameson father and we expect to see his victory of healing. We serve a promise keeper. Let every eye that has witnessed Jameson condition be transformed and turned around in Jesus mighty name. We declare healing in Jameson body. Every organ every cell we command you to leave right now. Swelling and pain we dwny you the right to dwell in the temple of the lord. Fever I speak to you and I command you to break in Jesus name. we stand in agreement with Isaiah 53:3-7 father that says by your stripes Jameson is healed. We exalt your name father as your healing is stretching forth to Jameson. In Jesus name Amen.

    P.S . Jesus is GREATER than his fear and his swelling therefore they MUST bow down in Jesus mighty name. I encourage you to read over your son healing scriptures. Start off by saying….. my son is…….my son is healed, my son has the victory over…. My son will rise from this,no weapon formed against my son will prosper. Speak Life over you son.

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