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Devotional – Praise God for His Goodness

For many of us, it’s been a challenging week. You know what’s great about that? The fact that it is over. No matter what you have faced, it is now your past.

You have overcome the difficulties by the mercy and grace of our Lord. Some of our situations may not have been resolved, and that’s OK. The fact that you didn’t let it bring you down says a lot about your resolve and faith in God.

Even if the situation weighed in on you, God is still on your side – He’s there to walk you through it all. He is the kind of God that sticks by us, stands by our sides, aren’t you grateful for His goodness in the land of the living? I know that I am.

Psalm 107:31 – Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them.

But God!

It’s easy to forget that God will never let us go at times. Especially when the situations come upon us without a moment to recuperate. – BUT GOD. I often remind myself BUT GOD.

Because though the situation may be difficult, and you may not see the end of it yet, GOD is still in control. He still sits on the throne. He has all the power to bring us through every difficulty.

In the Good Times and the Bad

Today I want to encourage us to praise God for His goodness, in the good and in the bad. Praise Him because He is mighty. He is good. Our God is gracious.

Our Heavenly Father is kind-hearted toward us, He will never let us go. He stands by our side and knows our ending before the beginning.

Our God thinks about everything that we need. He is concerned about every little thing in our lives.

Take the time to praise God today for His kind intention toward us. May the grace and peace that Jesus died on the cross to obtain for us, be with you all, Amen.

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