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Devotional – Just Between You and God

Devotional - Just between You and God

Between You and God

There are moments in your life when you can’t explain what God has done for you, how much you were rescued by Him because of His mercy and goodness toward you.

You think that there are no words that could possibly describe the overwhelming gratitude you have towards God, because if it were not for Him, you’d be in a whole different place right now.

I have had a few moments like this. When God had to save and deliver me from my own self – that’s the way I see it now.

I have had my moments of working very hard for things I could never get without Him. I’ve had my moments of wanting something so much that I lowered my standards to get it. And, I have felt that God had forgotten me and so I placed myself in situations where in the end God Himself had to walk me out of.

I’ve felt I needed to be in the in-crowd so much that I didn’t care that I was changing in order to fit in with them, and I wasn’t changing for the better. Yes I have had these moments.

Open up your heart so that God can change you more and more to be like Him.

What I love about God

YYou know what I love about God? He never rushes you. Although I am sure He would rather you be obedient to Him. And that you would trust that He can take care of your every situation. Yet still, He will never rush you, or be a big bad wolf to you.

In all my misunderstandings and impatience with God, He stood by my side. He kept making ways for me to see His good intentions towards me.

Though I went through pain, it wasn’t because of God. It was because of my own lack of faith and trust in Him. I knew in my head that I should trust Him. But my heart was far from God.

Romans 14:22
So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.

God’s Blessings, Regardless

Yet, through all my little situations and difficulty, God showed Himself to be true, kind, loving and merciful to me. He not only blessed me when I had faith in Him, He blessed me even when my life wasn’t so great.

He showed me His mercy by standing by my side and walking me through some of the difficulties I got myself in. I could never understand the love of God. What man would give His son as a ransom to save me, and what son would willingly do so?

It is impossible for me to describe the mercy I have felt from God. It’s just between Him and me, you see. Only God understands my ‘thank you Jesus’ and my ‘amen’ sometimes. Because it’s only Him who walked with me through some of the fires and the floods I had in my life. Because some things are just between you and God.

Open up your heart to God Moments

In Genesis 3:2, Jacob was all alone (having cheated his brother out of his birthright). That night as he was left alone, he wrestled with God until God changed his name and his walk.

The conversion of Saul to Paul is accounted in Acts 9 – where God had to blind Saul to get his attention so that he could have a life changing experience with God and go on to be the greatest Apostle there ever was.

Many other people in the Bible had these great life moments with God: Abraham, David, Moses, the disciples and many more. Today, I encourage you to open up your heart so that you and God can have those life moments, as He changes you more and more to be like Him.

May God’s grace and love flood your life today, Amen.

Thank you God for your grace and mercy!​

That I may know Him and the power of the Cross. I’m learning more and more to trust that God has my best interests at heart and that everything He does is for purpose and by design. I encourage you to get to know Him, it has been the most exciting journey so far for me, I’m sure it will be the same for you!

  • Doris Holmes says:

    DRA Lily Dahlia, I have read you and all the others beautiful prayers and words of wisdom to always seek God. I pray and I read his holy words, and when I don’t have time to get on my knees to pray or the time to read his word, I always get up with a praise in my heart to thank God for waking me and my family up and keeping us safe during the night, watching while we slept. And it seems like God just don’t hear or answer my prayers anymore.
    I have been praying for healing in my body, a financial miracle and been praying for a new and better home. I know how to pray. I used to pray to God and I could feel his spirit moving. But for the past two or three years, seems like my prayers are not going through. Got medical bills in two states and needs to be paid like yesterday. What have I done wrong? I know I am not the best Christian but I am not the worst one either. Thank you and God bless. Needing a word and help from God.

  • Henry Kwan says:

    Ya! Sometime is hard to use word to describe the grace of our Mighty God.
    He work something in our life is always far more than we can imagine, sometime we just trust and obey him no matter the circumstances occur.
    Just wait and see our Mighty God work it out for us. Amen

  • Kate Nkau says:

    I have devoted to trust in God as He alone is God and has the best interest of everything in my life. Even if I do not understand, what I am going through I still praise and glorify my Heavenly Father, who created me for a purpose. I will not let go until I have fulfilled that purpose that is only known to Him who created me.

  • Dra.Lily Dahlia says:

    I praise You dear Almighty God Jesus Christ.
    I give thanks to You dear God,for blessed me with Your merciful love,and give me the strength to way out every situation in my daily life.
    I know that,only my dear Lord God Jesus Christ,who always help me,and walk with me through out my difficult times in my daily life.
    Dear God,I open my heart to follow You in everything I do,and give it all to You,so that I can have good moments with my Lord God.
    Thank you Lord,for Your grace and mercy for us all.And thank you for this wonderful prayer to start my day.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen

  • Audie chenyen says:

    Your prayers to our God Almighty has increased my faith.

  • Elizabeth uzor says:

    Thank you God for your care and love and peace you give to my heart through it all.

  • Denise Frantz says:

    It is Good that one should wait quietly for the Salvation of the Lord. Lord ease give me patience. Thank you Lord for all your miracles you give me and mine everyday.
    Amen & Amen

  • elizabeth debenham says:


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  • Joy says:

    God will never fail you! He is the Best friend.Hallellujah.
    Praise His Name

  • Juliet says:

    Awesome! This describes me!

  • Sherita Henderson says:


  • Denise Frantz says:


  • Tammy says:

    I am new to this site, and what obedient people of GOD to have many encouraging words with scripture! I’ve been praying the prayers that apply to my situation. Thank you MEN and WOMEN of GOD for helping me still have Faith, hope, and joy!

  • Onile-ere adenike says:

    There are times l ask that does God still answer prayers? Is He still merciful? But in all, God is good and faithful. All we need to do is keep trusting and believing Him in no time the dark cloud will clear and He will make everything beautiful. He can never never fail. OUR MEDIATOR, HE is JESUS, forever Hallelujah!

  • So very True. WORDS OF WISDOM.

  • we all must god thank god for the live he give us.

  • Even on our worst days, God is still our best friend, looking out for us in ways we cannot even imagine or think.You see it is just who he is. A friend who loves at all times.

  • So Good! What Are there moments in your life you cannot explain what God has done for you? In all things give thanks to God for his goodness and Mercy.

  • beautiful…well-written…encouraging!

  • I remember in the early 1980’s when my Dad denied and dumped us with our mum in the city. The church welcomed us as a family. I was 18 months old,the 2nd last born out of 8 children. God took care of us up to date. We are now grown up, serving God.

  • Amen i we can never thank him enough but we can try wish some people here was like him to trust and have never ending faith in them

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