5 Evening Prayers to Close Your Day

Evening Prayer for the Family

As we close off the day, and prepare for the dawn of a new day, here are some great morning devotionals that will energize you for the day ahead: Wake Up to the Word: 365 Devotions to Inspire You Each Day And if you want it all to be read to you, get the audible version with a 30 day free trail of Audible! You get two free credits taht can be used applied to any audible books you desire, which you keep beyond the trial!

Evening Prayer for the Family

Heavenly and merciful Father, as we come to the end of the day, I pray that You will spread your protective arms over me and my family. Cover us with your protecting angels and keep us well and safe from all harm and spiritual attacks.

Almighty Father, I count myself blessed for the wonderful family members You’ve bound me with, though I may not always appreciate them. Give us peace and love towards one another. Quell the quarreling tongue. Bring us close to each other.

I pray for my family members who are not Christians, who have not given their lives to Christ. Bless them, oh Lord, with understanding and wisdom, that they would come to know you and have a relationship with you. In Jesus all-powerful name I pray, Amen!

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Natadia Lezama
I am a 39 year old single mother of one beautiful daughter. I love to encourage and help people. I just want to be that person God created me to be.
  • Father God, we thank You for bringing us all safely though this day to its end. We take refuge in You and ask You to restore us as we sleep. Even when we struggle Lord we are blessed to have faith and thank You for giving us this daily opportunity to rest and be refreshed and when we wake up we know that You will be there at the start of our new day. In the name of our Redeemer Father I ask You to hear this prayer. Amen.

    • Heavenly Father,
      I thank you for blessings me.
      I thank you so much for gift life,
      and breathing air we breath.
      You are a good God and wonderful God.I love you with all my heart. Tonight do it again. Give me good dreams an beautiful visions about my future.
      I thank you Father, you always hear my prayers.
      I thank you again for your an ending love,
      and abundance generosity in Jesus’s mighty name I pray.Amen

  • Thank you Jesus for your love and mercy. Thank you for connecting your church for your glory and the fulfilment of your promise, for your Kingdom. Amen

  • Thank you Holy Father for letting us make it through another day. Thank you for your protection over us as we lay down to sleep tonight and for sustaining us. You are our great protector. Thank you Abba Father. I love and praise you.

  • (Evening prayer of peace.)
    Thank you my LORD for the peace that surpasses all understanding.
    It is only through you I find peace and refuge.
    I thank you FATHER for your son who came and shed his blood for me and my sins.

  • Dear Heavenly Father.
    I praise You Dear Lord,and give You thanks for all the blessing You’ve bestowed upon me.Thank you.
    In Jesus minghty name.Amen.

  • I thank you for Your daily protection,Dear Heavenly Father.Wrap us in Your tender loving arms oh Lord.Guide my step each and every day and bless my life and my family.
    I am so grateful.
    In Jesus mighty name.

  • Dearest Heavenly Father, I love You so very much and I thank You for the sacrifice of Your Beloved Son, because of Him I am forever saved and can call myself a child of Yours.Please walk with me through my life, help me through the difficulties I face, please take my burdens one by one I lay them down at Your feet, carry them for me Father as I struggle today under the load.In Jesus name I ask You this. Amen

  • I praise You my dear Heavenly Father,and thank you Lord,for this beautiful bless Monday morning.I receive God’s word from heaven,give me strength and bring me peace in my daily life.
    I give You Glory today,for all You have done for me in my life.
    Now that,I am done for the day.
    I ask for one more thing,a blessed peaceful
    night.Because of You my dear Lord Jesus.
    I have joy in my heart and in my soul.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  • Thank you Father for this wonderful prayers, bless and protect each and every person who prays for other fellow Christians and families. In Jesus Name Amen

  • Thank you father for restoring my life and thank you for renewing my faith in you. Although I am facing a huge storm in my life, today I stand firm knowing that you will always be with me and I will see your glory when it has all come to pass. Thank you lord for loving me even when I dont deserve it. Amen

  • Heavenly father, I adore you, I give you all the praise and honor. Cause you are worthy to be called the alpha and Omega and the source of my life Glory”””’

  • My dear Heavenly and Merciful Father, as we come to the end of the day. I pray that You will spread Your protective arms over me and my family.
    Cover us with Your protecting angels and keep us well and safe all harm and spiritual attack. Give us peace and love toward one another. Bring us close to each other.
    Lord, as I come to this day’s end, I give You thanks for all the
    blessings You’ve bestowed upon me today.
    Now that I am done for the day.
    I ask for one more thing, a blessed peaceful night.
    Thank you so much for this day. Please give me strength to do everything that I have to do today.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  • Prayer for my night for the peace of God will invade my space in every area in my 2 bedroom condo… That our Father who are in heaven would blot out all my transgression that has been made in that place that I will not be lead to temptation and that I will be delivered from the evil spirits that their are more spirit worser than the last above my head that is using my neighbors I pray the devil wear them out