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Prayer of Thanks and Gratitude to God

Why is giving thanks to God important?

How do you feel when you give something to someone and you are not properly appreciated for it? How do you react when no one awards you the credits deserved or commends you for the services you render?

Now, we keep asking, complaining and crying to God for help. But, have you never thought for a second to stop complaining, to stop asking and simply appreciate Him for all the things He has done?

Giving thanks makes us appreciate all the blessings we do have. We often focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do.

When we focus on our blessings rather than our desires, or lacks, our outlook on life changes and healing and success takes place. We gain inner peace and happiness.

The Bible is filled with verses encouraging us to give thanks and praise to God:
1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Chronicles 16:34 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!
Psalm 136:3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever.

Say this prayer with me….

Prayer of Thanks

Heavenly Father, creator of heaven and earth. Hallowed be thy name. I come before you today with a thankful heart.

For too long, all I have done is ask, demand and complain to you without appreciating you for the things you have done for me. Abba Father, I give thanks for my life, my family, my friends.

Lord, I’m grateful for your blessings of health, food, water, clothing. You have always been my rock and strength.

Praising even when down

I thank you for all my worries and problems, for you have said it in your word that in every situation we should give you thanks.

Thank you for the times I fell and you helped me up. So many times I have doubted you but you never let go of me.

You have forgiven me of all my sins. I thank you for the strength you give me to resist temptations. I adore you Jesus for you have never let me down.

Being Grateful

Father, the story of the 10 lepers in the Bible has made us understand how much it pleases you when we give thanks to you. Heavenly Father, I am grateful to you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do.

You have opened my heart to the love you have for me. I can’t thank you enough for your love is simply unending. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks to God


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