Prayer for the Broken

Prayer for the Broken

Prayer for the Broken

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
Philippians 4:6

Dear Lord, here I am today, feeling lost and feeling the same pain and hurt again. I am honestly feeling tired, weak and broken. But I will still hold on to You, my sweet Jesus. Because I know that this is just a part of my journey here as Your servant.

I believe, Lord, that the day will come when all this pain, hardship, and the trials I am facing right now, will turn into thanksgiving. When I will overcome this all.

So please God, give me the strength and the power that I need to complete my task. Lord, renew my strength and give me a heart like Yours! It’s all I ever wanted.

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“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” ( Galatians 6:9 )

I am tired living for myself. Help me and please give me a heart like Jesus. Click To Tweet

Tired living for myself

Holy Spirit of the living God, please give me more patience and understanding about Your plans in my life. I am tired living for myself.

Help me and please give me a heart like Jesus. To think more about other people than myself. Lord, I want you to control my life now, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. You are my life, Lord Jesus!

I know one day this will be all worth it, I am very excited to see you and give you the warmest hug and kiss I could ever give.

Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness in me. I am forever grateful because of that. I love you! In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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A broken spirit is my sacrifice, God. You won’t despise a heart, God, that is broken and crushed. Click To Tweet

Psalm 51:17 A broken spirit is my sacrifice, God. You won’t despise a heart, God, that is broken and crushed.

Prayer for the broken


Mery Beth Ebol

17/PH It doesn't matter how slow I go, as long as I do not give up. Keep on climbing! No turning back. Jesus got my back. He is my one true love. Forever I am blessed and praying to be a blessing to you. #PrayerWarrior

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  1. I know God answers prayers. I prayed when my brother got hurt and God pulled him through, so I know that God answers prayers. Maybe some prayers take longer to be answered.. Good hear me and answer my prayer for money blessings. Amen, Amen, Amen

  2. God bless you for taking time to encourage us. Thanks again. I pray that He who is faithful will bless me with a good Job

  3. I praise and give thanks to You my dear Heavenly Father.
    I know that You will help me throughout my difficult day.
    Just like today,I feel like broken,some pain and hurt in my heart.
    I will hold on to You my sweet Jesus.
    I give my lives today to You and hope that,You will renew my strength.
    Thank you Lord,for this beautiful prayer,full of God’s word to strengthen my day.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  4. Yes Sweet Jesus, I am holding on, Thy will be done
    Amen & Amen

  5. Yes Lord I am holding on , I know my spirit is broken, I need you to wrap your loving hands around me (Footprints in the Sand) I am with only you on this Journey, Thy will be Done. Thank you Lord
    Amen & Amen

  6. Thank you Dear Lord for Patience, Peace, Thy will be Done
    Amen & Amen

  7. I am done with my marriage, my husband has been chasing women for over 3/4 of our marriage, NO matter how much I have prayed, forgiven and took him back , he said because I so understanding and so forgiven that it has made it hard for him to stop

  8. Lord Jesus, You said all things I should give You THANKS. Am broken, weak, and in pains right now!…

    I am jobless and can’t provide food for my family’s. Since December 29th 2016 I lose my job, I haven’t been able to get a new job again.

    I had been from Churches to Churches, and had prayed but to no avail.

    I had move from the stage of been able to unable, from a giver to a beggar.

    But one thing I know, the God that brought me down will one day lift me UP!..

    I will not give up I will keep on holding to His unchanging hand.

    Lastly, my various brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus, to please join my in prayer. As my family and I under attacks by the forces of darkness.

    I am Philemon FLAHN Johnson, from Liberia.

  9. I’m a broken man. I need GOD’S HELP IN all the crisis that I’m in right now! Forgive me of all my sins and change me and the conditions I’m in. In the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR.

  10. Amen!!!!!

  11. I want to give thanks to my dear Lord Jesus Christ, for always help me in everything,when I feel broken, so weak and some pain,and hurt again in my heart.
    But I will hold on to You my sweet Jesus,because I knew that this is just a part of my journey.
    I give my lives today to You,and hope that dear Lord,You will renew my strength and give me a
    heart like Yours.
    It’s all I ever wanted.
    Thank you Lord for Yor faithfulness in me.
    I am forever grateful,because of that, I love You
    my Lord Jesus.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen.

  12. Thank you Lord, i claim this by The blood Of Jesus
    Amen & Amen

  13. I thank you Dear Heavenly Father,for Your faithfulness in me.I am forever grateful,because of that.
    I love You my Dear Lord Jesus Chrish.
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your Ministry,today and always.

  14. Thank you God for the fruitful word, l believe in every word l had in that prayer and l also believe that my life is changed as am typing this txt now. And I am no longer living alone, in Jesus Name, Amen

  15. I thank God for this prayer. Thanks to u all for caring

  16. Amen

  17. hi this PRAYER fit’s me to a tee… have been locked in a legal issue since MARCH 20 -2012, with no end in sight at all… got several injuries on NOVEMBER of 2016. Have been trying to deal with that as well as no job, no money, no food, no service of any kind and no one to help at all.

  18. I Give God all the Glory
    Amen & Amen

  19. Amen & Amen

  20. In Mark 9:24, a man with a son possessed by a spirit asked Jesus for His help. When Jesus asked the man if he believed that He could heal his son, the man answered, “I do believe Lord; help me overcome my unbelief!”. Jesus is so merciful to remember that we are all weak. He will never hold it against us if we ask for his help to believe Him through our struggles.

  21. Thank you for this prayer! God bless you

  22. I vive It All ti giù Lord, may i ne patient, for It is your timing
    Amen & Amen

  23. Please pray for my son Daniel that has court in the morning. He is a young good-hearted kid, that was at the wrong place and wrong time. He is currently facing some hard charges. Thank you so much, in God’s name, Amen.

  24. Wonderful prayers, May bless this sis. Thanks for standing for God.

  25. Thank you very your wonderful prayer God bless

  26. God IS SOO GOOD?????????

    1. Yes he is, i turn to God when im broken.

  27. Father God I thank you for this precious young lady Mery Beth Ebol who you have deposit your wisdom to pray for the broken hearted. Father I ask you to continue to bless her with your word of knowledge and healing..Father let many people young and old come to know you through her voice. Bless her father God never let her get weary in well doing.Galatians 6:9

  28. Thanks for the prayers. I feel the need for a closer walk with God, yet when I pursue Him I feel as tho He is soo distant that He cannot hear me or does’t have the time for my simple prayers.

    Sometimes I feel something is standing in my way of making a true connection with my father. My prayers today is that He removes whatever is blocking my way and He reveals Himself unto me so that I can make that true connection with Him.

    I love you Lord, I NEED you in my life right now!

  29. Beautiful words, Mery! thank you my dear girl. I adore this Prayer and penned by one so young is wonderful and I think maybe is “Gods Hand”. I feel lost and weary a lot and this prayer helps me.

    God Bless You Mery. Evie

  30. Thank you for the prayers on brokenness and sadness. I am hurting and could not articulate to God all that I am feeling. But these prayers really helped me pray what I am going through now. May many others be directed likewise. God bless all.

  31. Thank you your constant prayer and concern. Love you all. Amen

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