Powerful Prayer For Breaking Curses And Against Evil

Powerful Prayer for Breaking Curses and Against Evil

Heavenly Most Gracious Father, you are omnipotent and you reign over all the earth. There is nothing in this world that could hinder or defeat your mighty power.

Evil may try to test us in the most tempting of ways, but you Oh Father never leave our sides in times of desperation.

We ask your protection over us daily, just as a mother guards and watches over her new-born baby. Wrap us in your tender loving arms, Oh Lord.

Overcoming evil

Almighty Father, there may be evil forces around us that we cannot battle by ourselves. But by Your strength and your power we are saved and we are overcomers.

There are people, Oh Lord that do not wish us well. Everyday, they hope to see us fail or fall by the wayside.

But I declare that every chain of evil words spoken against me is now broken. I am the head, never the tail, above never beneath. I have wisdom and divine strategies.

Break every curse

I break every curse that is set upon me and my family. The dark forces that attempt to lurk in every corner of this beautiful land, will disintegrate at the sound of your great name.

I proclaim and declare that Jesus Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, as it is written: “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree” (Galatians 3:13).

I declare Satan has no hold over me now through curses or occult practices, through sacrifices or any ritual of any kind. Through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, I have been set free and I remain free.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I break all generational curses placed upon my life and my family. I break all curses that are affecting my finances, my mind, my relationships, and emotions, in Jesus name.

Give me strength, Oh Lord, to fight these battles, for with you all things are possible. In Jesus’ most precious name I pray, AMEN!!

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Prayer against curses and evil

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52 thoughts on “Powerful Prayer for Breaking Curses and Against Evil”

  1. My dear Lord Jesus Christ,
    I surrender my all to You.
    I give my life into Your hands.
    You are my all my everything.
    Psalm 32:7- You are my hiding place,You will protect me from trouble and surround me with song of deliverance.
    Lord Jesus,I want to let You know.There are people,oh Lord,that do not wish us well.
    Everyday they hope to see us fail or fall by the way side.
    Today,In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.I declare that every chain of evil words spoken against me is now broken.I am the head.Amen.
    I thank You Lord,for protect me from the evil one and fill me with life and power to overcome the darkness.
    Thank You Lord Jesus,for give me Your strength and peace for I battle the evil forces around me.Amen.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  2. Eric Arthur Bonful

    Please I need serious prayers for my wife Mrs Comfort Arthur Bonful She has been ill for some months now and the Doctors can’t find anything in the various tests they have done
    She is experiencing severe discomfort in her body She has lost appetite and reducing weight can’t sleep in the night Get up in the middle of the night complaining of discomfort in her body fear and anxiety
    I think there’s a curse somewhere we need to break it in Jesus Name

  3. Dear sir god all mighty there traps and snares in life .people in families unUnited after deaths of parents.The siblings curse each other without knowing there there only cursing themselves.

  4. Amen and Amen I truly whole heartedly appreciate this powerful generational curses prayer by faith every chains of curses are broken please October third is my birthday I will need your support in prayer for me since I was born and fully grown into this my late forties I can say that is one’s I have ever celebrated my birthday with friends please pray for me to have a financial stability and for God to make provision for my needs in Jesus matchless name Amen

  5. Dear Father God.
    I believe in You,Lord,no matter how dark things may seen,You are my shining light of hope.Everything I do is under Your control and guidance,every step I take is ordered by You.
    Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
    I am set free from all evil forces around me.
    I am made whole by faith.
    Through You,Lord Jesus,and Your love,everything that happens to me will make me stronger.Amen
    Thank You Lord Jesus,for I am healed and set free by You.
    I am made whole.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray
    Amen and Amen..

  6. I ask the Lord to bless my marriage also to hedge protection around my husband’s head to keep this woman away from my family. She is no good for our family. She’s like the devil here to destroy. He is a good family man but she is trying to stray him from his children and me. No weapons formed. He wants to leave us and go to her. he has sent money to her. It all needs to stop. She is wicked in ways I ask she stay in her place. in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Jesus.

  7. Marie vonne Auguste

    Thank you Lord. I need prayers for my children’s to help them in their studies. God bless my family. Bless my work. I have so many enemies at school (work). They hate my son and my life is so complicated as I’m a teacher at the same school. Help me lord.

    1. Father God in heaven
      I pray for this lady a dauhgter of yours
      Bless her Lord and her and her son.
      I declaire of your promises upon them.
      No weapon form against them.will rossper. Charge your angels watch over them. Glorify her and her household..make them.rhe head not the tail. Bless her and the fruit of her Jesus mighty name i pray.

  8. ratidzo december

    thank you lord for u are on my side and i will victoriously win this battle ,everything that was stolen from me by the evil,the joy in my marriage,my business,i declare and decree it will come back in 10 times better in the name of jesus christ

    1. I have been hated by so many people because of a witch and a wizard. They are telling everyone who lives around me that I am working witchcraft which I have never done in my life. People always been oppressing me from a long time but rather I would not say anything and walk away. I am always afraid of trouble and evil and now it’s on my life, inside of my head, crawling up and down on top of my head and stomach.
      I was prayed for but was not delivered and these people who does this, they sit and watch and torment me daily. I would feel like fiery heat enter into my body but I never give up on praising God and worshipping and I pray all the time. Even now they watch me. I could feel the water pouring on top of my head.

  9. Good morning I love theses scripture look forward to reading them they’re so convenient.
    Thank keep up the good work in the mighty name of Jesus.

    1. Thank you always for your prayers. God bless you all ?. In mighty Jesus pray that all the barriers that withstand my way will break down. Though I walk the valley of shadow of death I fear no evil. Amen ??

  10. Most lifted up having the hope that God has done all things he has promised according to his word that whatever word that proceeded out of his mouth must accomplish that which it was sent out for and will never come back void. AMEN!!!

    1. Good morning I love theses scripture look forward to reading them they’re so convenient.
      Thank keep up the good work in the mighty name of Jesus.

        1. I love every comment and scripture. It seems like they are detailed for me. I know I’m am being blessed . I know a blessing is coming soon . I will be able to bless others in a mighty way whether with words or monetary. I do the Lord to bless my families health my parents he knows their situation.

  11. I love you Lord, for I feel your protection over me daily. Thank you for giving me the mind to serve you. I fear the Lord and not man. Bless your name and I ask that you continue to cover those around me as well precious Lord for I can’t express how wonderful you are to me and my family Father God. May your protection continue and we continue to look to you for our next steps Lord. Amen

  12. Dear Father God.
    I thank You Lord,for everything You have done for me.
    For You are my love,my way and my everything.
    Thank you for being my refuge and my strength.Thank you for You are always with me,always loving me,always helping me.
    I declare that today,through Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I am blessed.
    I am healed.
    I am set free from all evil forces around me.
    By the cross of Jesus Christ.
    I have been made free from all curses and evil forces around me.
    From today,I am made whole by faith.
    Thank You Lord Jesus,for I am healed and set free by You.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  13. Hello,
    Everyone I’m asking for prayers for dealing with evil ex-husband and healing for pcos, so me and my future husband can conceive.

  14. Please pray for me.
    I’ve been getting demonic nightmares-
    I speak Jesus name and rebuke the evil characters trying to hurt and frighten me.
    Some of them are perverted and creepy-
    I know it happens when my husband is away from me-
    I have insomnia a lot because of it-
    Reading and memorizing bible verses right now for battle-
    Thank you body of Christ for your love and support-

  15. I thank you for every prayer I read confirmation of my life. I need prayer for my children and grandchildren and to come back to God. Jamar is my Son I need prayer for.

    1. Dear heavenly Father,
      I thank you for every believer that has posted prayers on here
      This has been somewhat of a eye opener for me ; Regarding how short I have fallin concerning my prayers and request to you.
      I pray that you will not allow things that will cause more suffering and that will make things harder to take place.
      And I pray for your wisdom and guidance in all of my life situations.

      1. I decree and declare all generational curses are cast out into the sea
        I am the head Its you and me God
        No weapon formed against me shall prosper
        Thank you Jesus
        I love you Thank you for loving me
        Thy will be done
        Amen & Amen

  16. I praise You my dear Heavenly Father. I bless Your Holy Name and give You glory.
    My dear Lord Jesus, for today, I have You be my side, so today, I ask You to help me, to break every chain, every evil forces around me, and every evil spoken against me.
    I surrender all to Your hands.
    I know that through Christ Jesus my Lord. I am blessed.
    I am healed.
    In the Name of Jesus: I rebuke every chain, every evil forces around me.
    By the cross of Jesus Christ, I have been made free from all curses and evil forces around me.
    Thank you Lord, for everything You have done for me.
    You are my love, my way, my everything.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen..

    1. May the Lord Jesus Christ grant you and your son strength in refuting the devil. His power and grace is enough to break the most darkest spell that tries to steal your happiness. Trust in the Lord and shame the devil. Amen

    2. Dear father I come against the attack of the devil for this child I declare that his mind shall be sound and by the power of the Holy Spirit he shall be filled with Joy the demon of depression will leave him and he will fulfill the call of God and purpose on his life … these attacks are to prevent this so I came against it now in the mighty name of Jesus he will fulfill his calling and live a life of Peace Amen

  17. Heavenly Father: Protect me and my children and grandchildren from the evil that is around us! keep us healthy and strong in Faith and love for God and one another. keep us moving on this good path and send all the haters of us away- keep them away with their vicious words and thoughts. We put on the Armour of God. AMEN

    1. Our God is awesome. He can move your mountains so surrender it all to him. Submit to him and trust.. Amen.. It is done by his mighty power.

  18. Good evening
    I need a breakthrough curse prayer for my brother.He do things and then he doesn’t know the next day what happened; please keep my brother in your prayer please.My brother”s name is Alrick Abrahams please Lord.Amen

    1. Heavenly Father you’ve heard the request of Donna for her Brother. We come coupling our faith in the name of Jesus. Asking that you get a hold of her Brother’s mind and inner man right now in the name of Jesus. Bind the plan of satan and all ill influences against this family in the holy name of Jesus. Turn this situation around for your glory, honor and praise. Bring peace to this family in Jesus name we pray. Amen!!! ?

  19. In the name of Jesus guide Oliver Martin, Courtney, Brickell, Rachell keep every evil spirit away from my family in Jesus name.

  20. Thank you Lord y9u are my Light my way my Love
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper, for I have you, I am healed by the blood by the stripes of Jesus, I rebuke those evil forces that has hindered my family, restoration I claim!! Thank you Lord for wrapping your loving, wonderous arms around me and mine. I give you all the praise and the glory, Thy will be Done
    Amen & Amen

  21. My dear Heavenly Father.
    I praise You and give thanks to You forever and ever.
    Dear Lord, Please help me to Breack every chain and evil forces around us,every evil spoken against me.
    I thank you Lord,that by the cross of Jesus Christ,I have been made free from all curses,and evil forces around us.And so that for this day I give my everything into Your hands dear Lord God Jesus Christ.
    And thank you for this beautiful prayer.
    In Jesus mighty name I pray.
    Amen and Amen.

  22. Father God, Break every Chain, every curse, every generational curse, every evil wagging tongue spoken against me and my family, There are no limits to what our Lord and Saviour can do. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Wait on God. You will see that he has already worked things out. I Love the Lord. He is my Redeemer. You can never go wrong in waiting on God. Amen

    1. ChristianTT staff

      Amen. Nothing is impossible to God. God’s timing is always perfect. “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 Stay blessed Phylis. 🙂

      1. Amen ???????? Amen ???????? Amen ???????? Thank for sharing encouraging Words ???????????????????? Through the precious Holy Spirit Amen ???????? May you an Family be safe most of all Blessed ????✝️????????????????

  23. LORD grant Our Dear Friends & First Ladies all the strengths to stand against ‘curses & evil’ hat surely follow their families while their husbands are in public office and after.



    Halleujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Lord Jesus for this word and I stand in full agreement with this declared word and apply it to me and my family, in Jesus mighty and holy name Amen!!!!!!!

  25. There’s temptation in this world we struggle each and every day jealous People are always after you but with prayers the Lord will protect you and he will keep u safe

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