How to Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart When Life Hurts

How to Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart When Life Hurts

How many times have you been hurt by false hearts? Where do you place your trust when all around you is crumbling? Where do you run when all things fade?

There is only one place that gives us water in the desert. Only one way to a firm rock when the storm passes. Just one person that can give unconditional love. A love that is true, pure and that sustains us.


The Source of Happiness

God is the source of all happiness. I spent many years chasing after things that I thought was worthwhile. I followed teachings that I never understood. But yet, I conformed because I thought it would pay off eventually. I wasted money for help when help from Jesus was free.

I ignored Him because I didn’t believe He was the God that could have changed my life. When the troubles knocked me down, there were no “gods” around for me to pray to. There was no amount of money that could help me. No rituals kept my life going.


Trust and God’s unmerited favor brought me through

But it was the grace of God, God’s unmerited favor that brought me through. Though we fall short of the glory of God, His grace is upon us. Sometimes it takes trials and tribulations to bring us where he wants us.

Sometimes we try everything and every way but we refused to try God’s way. Our will and God’s will are not always aligned. So sometimes we have to let go and let God take control.


Don’t be Discouraged!

Do not be discouraged despite what you face because there is a mighty deliver behind your problems.

Sometimes we feel the problem is so big. But I want to let you know that our God is bigger. No mountain is too big for him to move and no sea is too deep for him to part. Trust in God always!

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How to Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart When Life Hurts

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10 thoughts on “How to Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart When Life Hurts”

  1. I am a backslider from Seventh Day Adventist Church for 9 years. I have wandered around enough and would like to build a relationship with my God. I have face so many problems in Life and have tried to handle them without God. I have even look for Sorcery people to help me. Have pay them money for my relationships, job and other things. I realised that I have wasted my time and resources in doing such. I now want to return to the Lord who is the source of everything. He knows the plans he has for me and he will lead and guide me through the storms of Life’s Journey. My God is not deaf and blind. He will be on my side to lift me up so I can be a prosperous person.

    Thanks to the author of this devotion. It really have impact in my life. I am blessed.

  2. Dear People of God, I really have a burden for my children. There characters does not align with God’s will for them. Sometimes the complaint i received about them really troubles my heart, especially the eldest. Their father is late please help me pray for them. I want them to serve God and loves more than i do.

  3. Good morning people of God,

    Please pray for me as I pray for myself seeking the Lord strength as I’ve been suffering with back pain for 12 years now. I was diagnosed many times by many doctors and specialist and placed on many different medications. It was since last year October before I was fired from my job I held for 5 years, that I was really diagnosed again with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in my lower back. Then the same doctor told me it was saceoiliitis. The medications I’ve been placed on doesn’t seen to be helping because every single day I woke up in pain and go through the entire day in pain. Some are more manageable than some so I’ve decided to stop taking those meds which have caused me more pain with all the side effects.

    Since couple weeks now I’ve been in excruciating back pain, it never stop and causes me sleepless nights which leaves me tired all the time. I just started a new job in January and I’ve been having episode of back pain there too, I know my God is in control and He’s able, by His stripes I am heal. After all, He is the head doctor above all doctors. God knows my heart and He sees how I go through each day with a big heart and loads of smile on my face which brings joy to others because of my circumstances. I will stop here for now as I am in loads of back pain even now laying on my floor trying to find comfort to rest.

    Thanks to this amazing site and to all you wonderful child of God for your heartfelt prayers and encouragement through prayers. May God continue to shine His light upon you all.

    Be blessed.

    1. I don’t know how you feel about taking medications, but I had the same pain (and others). After 7 years of trying different ones, I was prescribed a medication named Ultram. It changed my life. Maybe you can ask your doctor about it. Be sure and tell him/her that someone referred it to you in a group site while you were asking for prayer about the back pain. If you just ask for it without explaining, they may label you as a “drug seeker”. Praying for you.

  4. Amen in Jesus name. I am asking for prayers for opening doors in my life. I recently got baptize but I am in a relationship I need to get out of. Thank you for adding me . I really find peace and joy on this site

    1. Windilla Cross ,
      I will say this it’s a good start to know when you need to get out of a relationship with a person that is not right to be in : You need to have the soul ties broken off .

      I come against the soul ties of this relationship in Windilla’s life and I break the the soul ties and it’s power off of her life now , in Jesus name .

      This will help you to get over the person and to be able to break things off easier.

  5. Dra.Lily Dahlia.

    I thank you to my dear Heavenly Father,for Your word and will,ever be our guide in my daily life.If I have a problem,I always put my trust in God,and wait patienly for His answer.
    My dear Lord God,I know You are always be with me.If my Lord Jesus be with me,all of my problem will go away.
    Because my Lord Jesus is the Fullness of
    our joy.There is no other name under the sun
    in which you will find the Fullness of joy.
    Jesus is our joy.Believe in Christ, it’s Your time.Jesus is the Fullness of our joy.
    Thank you Lord for this awesome prayer.
    In Jesus mighty name.
    Amen and Amen

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