Devotional – More Than My Wildest Dreams

I have often given to persons in need, I have even given ‘loans’ to persons who never paid me back – and I felt that it was so unfair. I have always been faithful in my tithes and offerings to God as He has actually been my very source of life in every way. I never do it out of obligation but rather love and admiration, really God has always been the source of my promotions and positioning. So I give as an act of remembrance of His faithfulness and goodness towards me, and an act of faith on my part that He would always honor everything I do.

In my final year to school I had to take a loan. The loan had to be repaid over a period of time. Every time I looked at the outstanding value I’d be so annoyed that I couldn’t just pay this loan off and have this weight off my shoulders. It at times actually depressed me.

Then one day a close relative of mine heard about my outstanding loan and asked a few questions. Really I was surprised about it and felt maybe the person was being a bit out of place to ask about my finances.

I had a visit from the person not very long after that and as we sat talking about things, my relative pulled out an envelope and handed it to me, and said ‘by the way, this is for you’. Thinking I had gotten a small gift I opened it only to find money in the envelope.

I do believe my jaw hit the floor, and I looked at my relative confused, then the person said read the other side, so I turned the envelope around to read my name and the exact outstanding balance on the loan and the words ‘to repay debt’. Instantly my eyes went teary as my relative explained that it bothered them that I hadn’t paid off the loan yet and they checked their finances and realized they could assist me.

Thank you could hardly come out of my lips, it wasn’t a small sum, and I just couldn’t believe that someone would bless me like this. I’ve always heard stories about persons being blessed like this and never thought it would happen to me – more than my wildest dreams had come through! I was so grateful to God for the way He paid off my loan and the obedience of the person. I felt so free and light when I paid the loan off.

Psalms 136:23 says “Who remembered us in our low estate: for His mercy endures forever.” I continue to be convinced that God and His words are true and I encourage you to do the same. Maybe you don’t have a financial burden like me, but He is the same God. It doesn’t matter what your need or situation is, God can intervene and resolve it in ways you would never think possible.

May God’s unmerited grace and favor abound in your life today as you continue to trust in Him, Amen.

Devotional – More Than My Wildest Dreams

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5 thoughts on “Devotional – More Than My Wildest Dreams”

  1. Hi, I fully understand that God was resolving your financial tribulation through your relative, however when you were out of debt and in good financial condition, did you repay the amount to your relative for expressing gratitude? Please reply.

  2. Ruby Pacheco Trinidad

    I desperately need some help with my finances and I trust God our Lord Jesus Christ that he will lift me up out of these mess I’ve created to myself in His time. I firmly believe that with God all things are possible.

  3. Morla-gail Graham

    This message come just in time I am having a camp I need sponsors for the camp I have to pay for the classroom and I do not know wher the finances coming from but I know god has given to me he said have faith I would work all things out ths came just in time to lift my faith to beleive God is still there I have to beleive he would work it out.

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