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Where are you? A prayer for persons who are missing

Where are You? A Prayer for persons who are missing

We lift our eyes to You, Heavenly and Most Gracious Father, from where our hope and help comes – You, the maker of heaven and earth. Today Lord, we cry out to You on behalf of those persons who are missing. We, their family and friends anxiously and patiently await their safe return or just to hear news of their whereabouts.

Even though You said be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let our request be known, it is heart-wrenching not knowing where our loved ones are.

We feel so overwhelmed and helpless. Give us the peace that surpasses our understanding so our hearts can be guarded from negative thoughts Lord. You said You would never leave us or forsake us, so we continue to trust and hope in the mighty working power of the Holy Spirit. We trust You Lord Jesus for the safe return of our loved ones.

Abba Father, You are our Great, All-knowing God, All-powerful creator of the universe, and You know that our loved ones are somewhere out there needing to be touched by the Holy Spirit to find their way back home. If for some reason Lord they are being held against their will, we command the abductors to release them unharmed in the name of Jesus Christ!

Father, You said whatever we ask for in pray, we will receive once we believe and have faith.  We declare today Lord that we continue to stand strong in faith, believing that our loved ones are safe and will come home.

Until then, wherever they are Almighty God, cover them in the precious blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  We pray they find grace to survive whatever ordeal they are facing right now. In the name of Jesus, we thank You for Your everlasting mercies, SO BE IT… Amen and Amen.

2 Corinthians 1:3 – Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort.

Romans 5:5 – Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Romans 15:4 – For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

1 Peter 1:20-21 – He indeed was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you who through Him believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.

 Prayer for missing persons

A woman of God, a worshipper striving for excellence in ALL areas of my life!

I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother who has come to the realization that life without God is boring and empty. Through my prayers I hope to shine the light of truth and encourage others so that we can all glorify God in everything we do. I continue to relay messages that God has equipped me to write for His purpose. I hope my prayers will help you feel inspired and trust our limitless God more deeply.

  • Nomzi says:

    Please pray for a safe return of my adult son.
    He left home on Thursday,01 November,visiting the township.
    We haven’t heard from him ever since.
    We don’t now where he is and how he is doing
    His cellphone is off.
    Please pray for the safe return of Luthando Khonkwane.

  • Roberta Byrd says:

    DEAR father Yahweh I come to you this hour. My son is missing. You know where he is. Father I ask to get my son back home alive and well. Wherever he is I pray that he is safe.

  • Jeanette jefferson says:

    Will you touch and agree with me that my son Calvin will find his way back home, by leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray for divine healing, he is not harmed and God touches his ear that he listen to the holy spirit.

  • Staceyann says:

    Please pray for the safety of my grandfather Oscar Chuniesingh who has left home one month now he has early stages of alzheimers – please pray that our family can get guidance in that location wherever he may be and for his safe return or a call that will lead us to him.

    thanks in advance

  • Jessica paulos says:

    Please pray for a friend whos missing now seven days drew cato to come home to his family and friends

  • Clerissa Anderson says:

    Please pray for a beautiful man named Robert. His mother and I love him but have no idea where he is being held captive and tortured. Please pray for his safe return.

  • Widley Etienne says:

    Alora Americe Etienne

  • I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, for there is no other name by which we shall be saved. Lord Jesus Christ I pray for my husband Tony who has been missing for 11 months now that my God will shine his light on his way so as to be save where ever he is now. May the Lord Jesus Christ locate him and set him free from anywhere he is now. He will not be condemned and whoever the son of God set free is free indeed I declare freedom upon his life now, my husband is free now and will come home safe and sound in Jesus name Amen.

    • Cherokee says:

      I agree
      I pray he will come back today. Show you love and know you care for him and needs you. I pray this in Jesus name Amen God Bless

  • Vanessa Pilgrim says:

    Dear Jesus, there is no other name under heaven whereby we might be saved , but You. Please Lord, find my friend Moses Edmund, and let your Holy Spirit touch him wherever he is. Jesus , release him this day and bring him back to us, his friends and family.Nothing is impossible with You Father. Show Your might and power AMD be His personal deliverer. Bring him to safety and cause a way for us to find him.Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  • Addison salamis says:

    Please pray for a friend of mine who is missing, today is day 7 of him missing, he is 14!

  • Maricel J. Soriano says:

    I pray in the name of our lord that my brother Mark Danniel J. Soriano who is missing for three weeks. I pray and hope that God help us to find my brother.. pls guide him to our home and pls take care of him..God please protect him…

  • Kae MacKendrie says:

    Please pray for me. My son is not answering his emails and seems missing since July 27th 2017. I noticed he is not communicating with his girlfriend either. He is 18. I am trapped at my home waiting for God to open a door for a new car. I have a job but my ride is not reliable. Her van is getting repairs done today. I have three more weeks probation in a new job before banks open that financial door. I need a miracle. Please pray with me as I keep a vigilant prayer going day and night. I need to know my son is fine and I need to have a car. I don’t even have a phone. Pray curses off of me too.

  • Rukmini says:

    Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray for my dear son Richmond and his grandad that you bring them back safely and also cause us to hear from them. For two months we haven’t heard from them but I believe that with you all things are possible. We’re patiently waiting for them in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Elizabeth Maldonado says:

    Lord haste to help me, that my missing brother will be found and returned safe home. In ur beloved son’s name Jesus Christ. Amen

  • Elizabeth Maldonado says:

    I pray in name of our lord that my missing brother will be returned home safe. He might be going by the name Raphael jr Contreras. Last seen with stepfather Rafael Contreras in area Delano CA. I really need prayers urgently to hear positive news of him. In name Jesus Christ. Thank you.

  • Henrietta says:

    My mother has been missing for 6 weeks now , praying for her safe return

  • Auntie says:

    I pray for the safe return of Bobby Harris. Missing 5 days.

  • Joan says:

    Lord Jesus help me. I’m scared. My loved one is missing. I am so scared.

  • Maria buen says:

    Lord Jesus i know nothing is imposible pls bring back my husband mario buen back to me. We had no communication for four days now. I trust in you.

  • Ajay says:

    Dear God.. please bless Parul and make her safely return to her family.

  • Devin Ligtelyn says:

    A young woman named Elizabeth Salgado went missing 2 years ago and 1 day. Today is Easter, please pray that God would intervene and shine the light on her whereabouts, that this mystery would be solved, and that she would be rescued and returned to her family. Please dear Heavenly Father, you know all things. I join my brothers and sisters in Christ in agreement that this prayer has reached your ears and heart, and that this nightmare is in your hands and in process of being resolved in the name above all names, Jesus Christ the Lord.

  • Sandy says:

    God help us to find my brother.. pls guide him to our home and pls take care of him..god please protect him

  • beauty says:

    Heavenly father I pray for the safely return of our dear sister Agnes

  • J says:

    HALLELUJAH! God thank You! They have been found! The Cortez brothers are back home! We know You answer prayers! HALLELUJAH to our God! To all discouraged, this is proof, God will make a way! We stand with you for your loved ones and plead the blood of Christ and His Resurrection power to conquer over all. In Jesus name!

  • J says:

    For the Cortez brother’s to be returned safe and soundly to their family and all missing, please God we pray protection, safety and MIRACLES for these and all of your children. You are our Rescuer-please Lord Your mighty hand does not fail-may we always see your glory surpass our own mind and turn off the voices of darkness, may Your light conquer all and restore, reconcile and forgive us all of any offenses against you and fellow mankind. Please set the mind of any involved to release and regain the humanity You have given through the precious Cross-God we cry out to You and trust You now and forever in Jesus name!

  • Mark says:

    Edward T O’Neill

  • Sibigem Johnmark says:

    Oh Lord please let my brother Nnamdi Promise Sibigem come back to us safe and sound in the mighty name of Jesus. Please Lord we earnestly pray you protect and shield him against what over obstacle or person’s that have held him against his will. Forgive all his iniquities and set him free from whatever challenge he is facing right now. Amen

  • Maggie Dr Los Santos says:

    Pray for my husband Leonel Salas

  • Jacqueline Moore says:

    For Emily Paige Moore, my precious daughter, who went missing this afternoon and still has not returned 1:30am. Father, I trust you will bring her home to us safe and sound.

  • Alexis Anara says:

    For my Mother Maureen Anara, I pray she will be back home, Amen

  • Elizabeth says:

    A powerful prayer. Prayed for my mother who got lost 36 years ago. We pray for her safe return home

  • Petros Koumasonas says:

    Dear Evie, God can find people who have been kidnapped or is missing. God decided to make His Second Coming and wants to make many miracles in order people to believe in the power and love of God for people. My name is Petros Koumasonas, i live in Athens, Greece.

  • Exo says:

    I pray by the blood of Jesus and the good grace of God, Michael Anthony Pomes Jr return home safely to his family and especially his Father.

  • Irniq says:

    My father is missing since thirteen days it is rightly said that prayers and blessings have the power to create a miracle please pray for my father safety and his return .

  • Jennifer says:

    Please help me. I’m praying for my father- in-law’s safe return. He went missing 9 days ago. Hoping that he will found unharmed. Thank you all. God bless!!!

  • Tameisha Haynes says:

    Please bring Kamille Adams home safe and sound Lord!

  • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

    Dearest Father, The Patterson family surrender all of their fearful thoughts to You. They call upon Your perfect wisdom to guide everything to ensure the complete safety and protection of Glen Swaby. No one can be harmed, threatened or in danger when they are surrounded by the light and protection of Your powerful love. Please take the fears of those waiting at home for Glen and replace them with Your certainty of a peaceful outcome. Glen is in Your hands Lord and no weapon raised against him will prosper, please reurn him safely into the loving arms of his family soon. Amen.

  • Patterson Family says:

    Glen Swaby, praying Lord that he will be found and alive.

  • Gerda Kunz says:

    Please, please pray for Mert Akgoz, 20 years old, who went missing.
    Please pray that he will be found alive.

    Thank you,

    God bless you all!!!

    • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

      Dear Lord, Gerda places her loved one Mert Akgoz,in Your capable hands and trusts with all her heart, that they are safe and secure. Thank You, in advance, for their safe and immediate return to those loved ones that wait for them at home. Father please here Gerda and answer.. Amen

    • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

      Please Lord return Mert safely home. Amen

  • Delaine Copenace. My grandaughter, I pray oh Mighty Lord,for her safe return home.

    • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

      Father in Heaven, I ask You tonight for the safe return home of Delaine Copenace
      To the cradle of her family’s arms And the refuge of their home Speedily, in life and in health. Please watch over her. Protect her and shelter her from harm.
      Deliver Delaine from evil acts and evil intent. It has been 8 months now since this loved one went missing, I pray that by now You Lord have returned her home into the arms of her loved ones.. Thank You Father in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Annie Malliet says:

    Paisley Jones. My daughter, I pray oh mighty and merciful Lord for her safe return.

  • Kristen says:

    Derek baer

  • Beth Groves says:

    Rose DiToro

  • Amirah says:

    Ashma Naimool please come back to us

    • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

      Dear God hear our prayer as we pray for the safety and return of Ashma Naimool .May the bonds of love and concern that we build this evening reach out to her wherever she may be and send her feet in the direction of her home. Father we know You will guide this person safely homeward. Please protect them from all danger and harm. Lead them home Father….we ask You this in Jesus name. Amen

  • Amirah says:

    Ashma Naimool

  • Brown Family says:

    Ron Brown

    • Yvonne Marie Miller says:

      Father I pray by now that Ron is safely back in the arms of his loving family and peace is once more restored to his loved ones. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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