How to Receive Healing From God Today

What’s Your Declaration?

Did you know that a verbal declaration of healing, spoken out loud, feeds your inner person? It reminds your mind of what you are believing. Please, let me encourage you to keep on praying your Personal Prayer of healing, daily and out loudly, truly believing in the confession of healing for yourself. Rest in Him and watch how Your Holy Father will work in your life.

I’ve heard people say: “It’s God’s will”, or “I’ll just leave it up to God“, when faced with a serious illness or tragedy. Please don’t fall into that trap. God wants us to pray to Him for help. In Luke 18:1 Jesus told his disciples that they should always pray and not give up. And then Jesus asked: “Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?”

  • Pray to God from your heart for healing for yourself or your loved one.
  • Don’t stop.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Get rid of personal doubt.

God wants us to ask Him for help, because He loves us so very much. “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed” sounds a little like hope to me, and that’s a very good start!

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The Gospel and Healing

Over 20 percent of the Gospel is about the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus taught his disciples how to pray and heal. He sent them to carry on his work. Wouldn’t Jesus want his followers to pray for healing today? Many spiritual writers have defined the call of healing so narrowly that some people feel they don’t qualify. But today, a new awakening in faith has made us realize we are not only called into healing for ourselves, but also in various degrees into healing each other.

Only someone who is facing or sharing a serious sickness, pain or tragedy knows how hard it is. That person knows how hard it is to cope with the fear and uncertainty. He knows how absurd it sounds when someone first tells him to keep a positive attitude. Only they know how terrifying it is when the doubt comes. They know how hard it is to throw a mountain into the sea. But remember what Jesus told us in Matthew 17:19-20 when he said: “I tell you the truth. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible!”

Get rid of personal doubt.

Doubt is one of the main things that blocks the flow of healing. Understanding your inheritance from the Scriptures releases healing. We all can have doubt, that’s why dwelling on the scriptures and writing them in your heart is important. There are ministers who heal others when they pray for them but face difficulties healing  themselves.

You are not going under, because you are going over! Declare this out loud each day: I’m not going under because I’m going Over! Jesus has given me authority over my health and I am going to get well!

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How to Receive Healing From God Today – Release His Healing Power!

I am an English Lady from England, (UK) who moved to the USA for ten years with my daughter to chase a dream. Once there, I found much more waiting for me than I expected. I found the Lord Jesus Christ and He moved in my life with a much needed Miracle only a few months after accepting him as my Lord and Savior. From that moment on I was "on fire" for the Lord and was drawn strongly in to Intercessory Prayer for others and worked as a Prayer Counselor for eight years. I want the light the Lord has given me to continue to shine ever more brightly so everyone may know that God truly does live inside of me.
  • Please pray for my niece Willie Mae Russell in Palms West Hospital in Florida. She had a heart attack yesterday and fell into a coma. Please help me and my family pray for a full God Blessed recovery for her. Please pray she will recover with no brain damage. She will be 100% whole through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Thank you Christians TT Family

  • Please pray for healing for my brother James who need emotional healing and healing from generational curses.
    Please pray for healing for my daughter tO to be able to get pregnant and be able to carry the baby to full term. She and her husband already lost 2 babies.

    • Mary, What a joy when we find that God really answers our prayers and heals the people and especially those we love! The praise of God spontaneously rises from our hearts. If you have confidence that Jesus might use your prayers in healing then pray with all your heart for it to be manifest.
      I have just been reading in my Bible about the woman that was bleeding for 12 years and could find no cure. She came up behind Jesus and reached out and touched the edge of His Cloak and her bleeding stopped immediately. ‘Who touched me” Jesus asked but everyone denied it was them. But our Lord said “someone touched me. I felt the Power go out of me”. What a great uplifting story, and every time I read it it gives me hope and a surety that the power of healing does work even today.