Prayer to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

JEHOVAH-RAAH, The Lord My Shepherd, I bless your Holy Name. I bow down before you, Oh Lord, my God. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Truth and the Light, the Author and Finisher of my faith.

I cannot go on without you. I need you, Lord. Pick me up whenever and wherever I fall. Majestic Father, I am truly grateful for all you have done.

Psalm 92:1-2 It is good to give thanks to the Lord, And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; To declare Your loving kindness in the morning, And Your faithfulness every night.

Overcoming that feeling of unworthiness

Omnipotent Father, encourage me whenever I am attacked by the devil. He is the father of all lies, who attempts to make me feel defeated, discouraged, and unworthy.

Lord, lift my spirit whenever I feel down. Guide my heart to find happiness within you. Lead me to victory, oh mighty King. I know the battle is already won with You on my side.

Acts 16:25 At midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.

Hebrews 10:35-36 Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.

Encourage yourself with praise

Jehovah Shalom, The Lord Is Peace, sometimes I question how I can rejoice in times of trials and tribulations.

Remind me, Heavenly Father, that the answer is simple. Praise beats discouragement and brings victory.

Therefore I give you all the thanks, glory and praise You deserve for my destined victorious triumph.

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!

1 Samuel 30:6 Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.

Praising in the midst of the storms

Lord, I sense my dawn approaching. Victory is mine, in Christ Jesus who is always omnipresent. I exercise and execute my unshaken faith in You, my living God, who never fails those who believe in Him.

Teach me how to not only praise you when the sun is shining but as the storm rages as well. Help me also to be a blessing to others even as I struggle with my own battles, oh Lord.

Your Word reminds me that my life is a Christ-like fragrance, rising up to God. Send your Comforting Spirit to embrace me and and lift me up, as I mount up on wings as the eagles, to soar high over the mountains.

I declare that sadness and discouragement will not get the better of me today! Victory is mine, in Jesus name! Amen…

Isaiah 50:4 “The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak A word in season to him who is weary. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear To hear as the learned.”

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Prayer to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

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14 thoughts on “Prayer to Encourage Yourself in the Lord”

  1. God is great and thou who created us. Praise you name and all of those who bless you and us.
    Please deliver me from the evil one. Please save me.
    Please help me to have peace and remove these mental challenges from my mind. Please God our father, I need to be free of these negative thoughts.
    Help me lord Jesus, if it is your will. Thank you in Jesus name. Give me faith in your holy name and wash me inside and out with your precious blood and stripe the evil one from torturing me. In Jesus name Amen

  2. I am greatly blessed by your prayers and devotions. I appreciate God so much, and i thank you for your contributions steering greater and overwhelming growth in my faith and passion for the Lord. Please keep it up. May God continue to strengthen you.

  3. Thank you ?? Lord for always having my back! Even lord when I don’t feel worthy of ur love! Thank u for reassuring me! Life is hard Lord but your there every step of the way to keep me going! Thank u so much Jesus. ???

  4. My Lord my God
    Thou art my God of power and might
    My lips will be filled with praises for Thee
    Be it morning day or night.

    • I praise and give You all the thanks my dear Lord Jesus Christ.
      I thank you to give me the strength and courage to face my fears to stand up for my self.
      Thank you to grant me the knowledge to do what is right,and to focus more on Your word.And to trust You to deliver us from all doubts and fears.
      Thank you for giving me the grace to rise above any and every situation that I face.
      I declare that today.
      I am victory through Christ Jesus,who is my strength.
      The battle is already won with You on my side,dear Lord Jesus.
      Thank You Lord Jesus,for encourage and strengthens me,wherever I may go.
      In Jesus mighty name I pray.
      Amen and Amen.

  5. My Lord my God
    Thou art my God of power and might
    My lips will be filled with praises for Thee
    Be it morning day or night.


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