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Please pray for my son, for God to restore his senses


Please pray for my 6 year old son, for God to cast every evil arrow fired into his body. Since March of this year, my son has lost his senses. He is acting like someone who is mad but I believe that God’s power is bigger that all other powers.

Please pray for my son, for God to restore his senses.

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  1. I pray and that Our Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit break all the evil that has been cast down from the enemy. Lord Bless us too know that You are always near to Shower us with Love and Protection, our Families are Strengthened thru the the Word You have given, our Finance is great there is Healing by Blood of the Lamb, Satan enters one way but leaves in seven Amen Glorify our Savior Jesus Christ Amen

    1. I command the spirit of madness to die be destroyed in the name of Jesus
      May your son be filled with the spirit of God from today ,,
      May all that attacked him in one way be scatter in seven ways in Jesus name amen
      He is the God of all fresh nothing is too hard for Him to do
      Your son will be well maama
      Don’t worry
      Amen .