Prayer – The Greatest Weapon There Is: Love

Love – The Greatest Weapon

Love. You heard me. Love, love, love. It is the greatest weapon there is. Love breaks all chains. It tears down all barriers, mends relationships, heals the broken. Love is a tough thing to learn. It changes lives and unites.

We are not creatures of love. We ARE love because God living in us, is true, pure love.

Love is like a diamond with so many facets that we have to learn about. We have to be broken, chiseled and polished in love for our beauty to shine, just like the diamond on an engagement ring.

I can quote the love scriptures in the Corinthians for you, I can tell you that Jesus said we are to love one another as He has loved us and I can tell you what God did for the whole world out of His love for us.

Wisdom in Love

But what about wisdom in love? In the Song of Solomon it says “Do not awaken love until it desires to do so.” Brothers and Sisters, that is one of the wisest scriptures I’ve read. Do not force love until it happens naturally from God.

I bless you today with the wisdom to remember that scripture as you need it in your lives.

I also bless you with the patience to wait to see it come to fruition in a beautiful and powerful way to fulfill the desire of love in the way God Almighty wants it to happen for you.

Don’t chase love. Let it come to you.

You will know when it comes to you and belongs to you as there is no fear in perfect love. You will have your peace and overflow with happiness and abundant joy in true Godly love.

Prayer – Love

Heavenly Father, I pray that everyone who reads this feels your Spirit of love in an awesome and powerful way.

I pray particularly for those who have never felt Your love in their lives, those who have suffered, been abandoned, have lost someone they love and need love.

I also pray for all of those who search for love and cannot find it or are never satisfied with what they meet. Please quench their thirst and reveal your Son to them.

Let them know Lord Jesus’s story about Your love for us in John. I thank You for teaching me the power of Your love and for fulfilling the desires of our hearts as we trust you. In Jesus’s name we pray, amen.

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