Devotional – When God asks us to Sacrifice

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I have had encounters with a few people who have lost their jobs due to the economic crisis. Or, they have sacrificed their jobs due to other commitments and to move into a different relationship with God.

What a Testimony!

One of my friends gave up both a full-time and a side-line job for a number of reasons. But the most important reason was that this person was led by God to give up this rat race so that there can be more focus on fulfilling His plan rather than their own plans.

At first it was relieving to not be on a constant go, but eventually the bills started piling up.

This friend shared with me a testimony that really showed the grace of God. It demonstrates the fact that when we obey God no matter what – He will surely take care of our concerns.

With money running out and having bills to pay and ministry to be a part of, God literally started placing people in the pathway to bless and to give. God also used the talent that He blessed this person with to gain jobs intermittently.

Sacrifice and Trust

The one thing that stood out in this situation is that the trust that my friend showed in God over his needs. This trust caused God to open heaven and pour out the blessings. The testimony shared was that a higher level of trust is being placed on God to meet the needs.

It’s also a validation of the fact that the person had heard God correctly. Many folks would have made a point to tell this person that giving up a job in this economic climate is a huge mistake.

You know in Genesis 22, when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac (which by the way was a blessing from God), I am sure although there is no record in the Bible, it would have hurt this father to sacrifice the one blessing he really would not have wanted to sacrifice.

But Abraham obeyed God, knowing and remembering how much God had previously done for Him. In verse 8, he made a profound statement to his son when Isaac asked where the sacrifice was. Abraham believed that God would provide and said “God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son……….”

When God leads you, He provides

If God asked us to do anything that we know we could handle and feel comfortable doing, then we wouldn’t need Him. We wouldn’t depend on Him for guidance because we would have everything under control and it could be accomplished in our own strength.

So God, in His wisdom, often asks us to trust in Him for things that, to our normal minds, are unbelievable and impossible. When God asks us to sacrifice, it will make us uncomfortable. He does it so we can trust in Him more, lean on Him more and rely on Him more.

Has God asked of you something that makes you awfully uncomfortable? If so, really it’s because He wants you to trust in Him more. He wants you to have faith that in Him you can do what He has asked you to do.

When God asks you to sacrifice, He wants you to be confident that in your obedience He will work out everything. Keep trusting Him today, Amen.

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  1. Look at this, I just shared my story on how God blessed me to walk off my job back in 2001 to do as this person did to get a full encounter relationship with god in first obeying his leading in what ever and trusting him to take care of you as not of the world say. This take a person to know the voice of god to do this and then trust god as said in this story. I just placed the story on yesterday on my page. I am so thankful for seeing this and love the glory of God in how he takes and teach us his ways and laws as to putting him first in our-lives. Be blessed and thanks!