Why we blame everyone and everything, but ourselves

Why we blame everyone and everything, but ourselves

School was out and I was running out of ideas for “fun day” activities with my son. It was beginning to be quite a bit of a challenge in keeping Marley’s interest. At 8 yrs old, it was easy for him to say how bored he was with my failed attempts at having fun, LOL.

Nevertheless, one morning I came up with “MOVIE DAY”. I decided to transform the TV Room into somewhat of a theater and we would eat pop corn and watch movies we both loved for the entire day. He went absolutely ballistic with the idea, so it seemed as though I had hit the “mother-load”.

Now, Marley has a guinea pig named Jackson, and we had a particular container filled with his pellet food. It so happened, that I also had an identical container for sugar, which happened to be right next to Jackson’s food container. You see where I am going with this right?!?!?

So, while making a cup of tea, being overly excited to get the first movie going, Marley began to call out to me. I was so focused on rushing to get into the “theater” that I ended up scooping a heap load of Jackson’s pellets and dashed it instantly into the tea…LOL!

Blame Them All!

Immediately, I went on a blaming spree. I blamed Marley for rushing me. I blamed the harmless guinea pig, wishing I never bought it. I even went on blaming Marley’s dad for not being around enough, so I won’t have to constantly come up with all these “fun stuff”.

I even had it in my mind to blame God for not having the finances to go on a “proper” vacation. That’s right, I even went as far as to BLAME IT ON JESUS!! Oh my, didn’t that escalate rapidly!?

That’s what you call “zero to 100 real quick” right?!?!?! It was in my mind to blame everyone and everything, beside MYSELF!

I was the one that made the decision to hurry and not be observant. I was the one that placed the two containers side by side. Yet still, I managed to cast blame. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Sort of like what Adam did in the garden. After making the decision to eat the fruit he was commanded not to eat. In Genesis 3:12, Adam told God “It was the woman you gave me, who gave me the fruit to eat!”

Adam was blaming Eve for giving him the fruit, and, by extension, Adam was blaming God for the woman He created for him. He put the fruit in his mouth, chewed it and swallowed.

Yet still, Adam was able to cast blame. It is so easy to see how preposterous it was for Adam to cast blame in that manner. But, we do the same, in our own lives.

It’s easier to remove ourselves

It’s so easy to blame our abusive parents for our low self-esteem. How about blaming peer pressure for the wrong decisions we make. Or maybe it’s our tough experiences for not doing better in life.

It’s so easy to blame everything and everyone. But you can see that it is a nature that traces all the way back to Adam in the garden of his fallen state.

?It is one of the aspects of what is called the “Adamic nature”( In another blog post I would go more in detail in terms of the other aspects). God sent His only Son, to die on a cross to deliver us from this very nature.

The “Adamic nature” or the “old man” or the “carnal nature” as the Bible would call it, is what you can call the moral depravity of man. Those are just fancy words to say the sinful nature of man.

But Thank God for Jesus!!!!

In the book of Romans we learn that Jesus didn’t just die for us to be forgiven. When he died, He justified us (Romans 1 – 5). He sent us His Holy Spirit to help us, so that by crucifying the flesh daily, He can sanctify us from this wretched “Adamic nature” (Romans 6).

He also said “ALL things work together for GOOD for those who love Him and are called for His purpose (Romans 8)”.

We can embrace our past rather than regret it. We can allow God to use our past rather than be bound by it!! What an awesome God we serve.Shout HALLELUJAH!!!!

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