What does the Church mean to you?

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I recently visited the York Minster in Yorkshire, England and many more beautiful churches, such as the St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in London. Most of the pictures are in my camera but just took this on my phone.

York Minster

What an amazing, beautiful and wonderful masterpiece and most of these churches have history of thousands of years behind it. Many have left their footprints in these churches, either by building, being part of conversion into Christianity, or by being a part of the beautiful body of Christ.

There are many other churches I’ve visited during my holiday. In every suburb or village in England there seems to be churches: either Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Adventist or the Church of England. There’s beauty all over the place. And there’s much silence, reverence and honor when people from all over the world come into God’s dwelling place. The Gospel of Christ, His Mission, His Death and Resurrection and His Saving Grace is significant all throughout the amazing, wonderful and beautiful architecture and designs.

God’s Dwelling Place

The church speaks of God’s dwelling place, a people to come and be united in the body of Christ. A people who are to carry out the mission and vision of Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Savior, who came that we may live, that we may have life and be saved by His Amazing Grace. The church continues to speak these truth through all who believe in Jesus Christ.

And today, I ask myself;

  • Am I a church that believes and spreads the truth of Jesus Christ?
  • Am I the church within my home, at workplace, with my friends and with strangers?
  • Do I make a beautiful part of the body of Christ?
  • Do I leave footprints of His message of Love, Peace and Grace wherever I go?
  • Is my life only about me? Or, does it speak in reverence and honor to God and my Lord Jesus Christ?

With these my thoughts, I pray for the times I’ve failed and come into reconciliation. I’m forgiven and humbled by the Lord Jesus Christ alone. And being the church is all about the Lord Jesus Christ and not my own. Amen!

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  1. Yes that’s what its done Speak of God not feed his sheep like he said do. Moses didn’t get to go in for not doing what God Said Do and mother are them preachers belive that. Mary