Under the Wings of the Lord

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With all the recent tragedies involving air planes, especially with EgyptAir and Malaysian Airlines, my heart leaps with joy when I reach home after work and find my oldest son’s car at home. He’s back home and it’s a wonderful feeling!

Each time he leaves for work, I am filled with sadness and anxiety. Sometimes tears flow when I’m feeling down. We have a mutual agreement, that he sends me a message as soon as he lands safely in his destination. It could be in the wee hours in the morning but deep sleep comes only after I know my son has safely landed.

Being the oldest and most loving and responsible, he’s the apple of my eye, though I dare not say this to my other children, lest they think I love them any less.

We often talk over coffee and cake, when he comes back after a few days of being away. I am aware he will eventually get married and move on but I will be happy and contented that another woman takes over the role to see him well and good.

I believe tragedies can happen anywhere, anytime and after one loss, I only trust everything to the Lord my God. And each time he leaves for work, I ask the Lord to keep my son under His wings of protection:

Prayer – Under the Wings of the Lord

“Lord Jesus I trust my beloved son unto You
As he leaves home his work to pursue
While he travels far and wide across the seas
Keep him Lord safe and secure beneath Your wings”

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  1. I am waiting
    Waiting is difficult but I know God is good.
    I am driving my old car until repairs are done on the car my friend has for me.
    God will protect me I proclaim it.
    Now God is showing me a new home to live, a new job, a new pastor friend and his family who would live down the street. He has connection to my siblings and Mother God is good!
    I wait and am silent until God moves. Thanks be to God!!!!

  2. Heavenly Father God, I thank you that you have given us a promise that you would never leave us nor forsake us. Father help me to always be like the American Express logo never leave home wthout it. Help us to never leave home without you, help us to put on our spiritual armor before leaving our homes remind us that we can cast all our cares upon you for you love us and care for us. We can call on you for guidance and protection. Luke 4:10 says He shall give his angels orders concerning you, to protect you,

  3. Thank you dear Heavenly Father, I don’t know the situation but please protect Margot Larson.