Testimony – Why I am Alive Today


Merry Nguyen

Merry Nguyen has this testimony to give:  I'll tell you what kind of GOD I serve. I got to work yesterday morning and I wasn't feeling well. I was told I was found passed out on the floor, and when I came to, I saw the EMS hovering above me.

They told me I was pronounced dead before they arrived. My manager did emergency CPR and got me to breathe although it was shallow, but I was still going in and out of consciousness. They rushed me to the hospital and did a number of tests on me.

I had a severe allergic reaction, and if I had been found any later I wouldn't be here to share this testimony. I can still smile because God still sits on the throne! Yesterday could've been my last day alive. But GOD! God said not so! God came right on time!

I serve the ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD! If He did it for me, HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU! Click To Tweet

The reason I am still alive is because He still has purpose for my life!  ( See: God's Ultimate Purpose for Creation)   There is an assignment on my life and my work here on Earth is not finished! I serve the ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD! HE IS MORE THAN ABLE! IF HE DID IT FOR ME HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU! God continues to bless me and show himself strong and mighty in my life! I would be a fool not to serve Him!

He is greatly to be praised and worthy to be served! I pray my testimony has reached someone, and that someone will want to know God and experience the fullness and abundance of his grace, mercy, favor, peace, blessings, and love! God is so good! HALLELUJAH, THANK YOU JESUS! ?#?godisreal?

Why I am Alive Today



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