Prayer for my new apartment

Prayer for my new apartment

I truly thank God for this prayer site. I pray even more, that God will continue to bless and prosper this site. May He also bless those who are seeking prayers and reading the prayers. My request is for a blessing.

The Word says that if two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, that Jesus will be in the midst.

Join me in prayer that the apartment I am seeking for. I pray that it will be right at the soles of my feet. Amen.

Prayer for my apartment/flat

Heavenly Father, you said that whatever we ask for in prayer believing that we have it, it will be ours. And so l humbly ask for an apartment which will be my home, my safe place, my secret place where I will dwell in safety.

I know you have already provided that place. And now I will like the manifestation of that apartment to come forth. I pray that it is a good apartment, one that is affordable and within my means.

Praying for approval of my apartment

Lord, I pray that my application is approved without prejudice. I pray that I am blessed with a wonderful landlord/lady.

Fill me with the confidence to know that you will supply my needs. Bless me and my family. Give us this peace of mind of somewhere good to come home to.

Bless my new home

Bless my home to be. May it be a harbor of peace and love. Thank you for liberally supplying all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally and making room for the blessings you have already provided and for the generous gifts you constantly bestow upon me.

I declare that all good things come to those who wait. My soul waits in silence for you alone God, for my hope is in You.

In Jesus name, so be it, Amen!

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8 thoughts on “Prayer for my new apartment”

  1. Lord, I ask you in faith for an apartment in my name. I am fasting for it. I do not even earn an income yet but the ” how ” is not my concern. Nothing is impossible to you. Lord, you cannot deny faith. Honor my faith today for both financial freedom to acquire an apartment. Do it, Lord. Hear me oh Father.

  2. Lord Jesus, Please hear my cry. Bless my son and I with our new home in The Vireo Apartments as soon as possible. That my application is approved with no issues and the monthly payment is within my budget.
    In your name I pray Lord Jesus Amen

    1. Dear Jesus.

      I’m praying my children and I move into our new apartment soon please let the document my new landlord is waiting for come ASAP. Amen

  3. Lord Jesus I praying that I find a apartment or House this month where it’s nice and comfortable for my kids and myself that we can calls ours like you blessed us before but better Lord bless me to be able to afford it monthly payment in advance (bless my house)

  4. LORD JESUS, my family is searching for an apartment that we will call a home, grant us a place where we will have peace that is from you. Amen

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