Prayer request to Pass the CPA Exams

Prayer Requests

Dear ChristianTT,

I am going to write a CPA examination in two weeks time. Please stand with me in prayer as I am going to pray for the spirit of excellence to locate me. I need the ability to focus and remember what I have studied. I know that the LORD is able to give me that. In Jesus name, Amen

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2 thoughts on “Prayer request to Pass the CPA Exams”

  1. Please pray for me, I am attending so many times CIMA exam..but not able to pass the exam…

    I am so much struggling for this exam to pass CIMA exam..i am trying from 3 years onwards…

    Kindly pray for me….tomorrow is my results..


    Utara sirika
    Bangalore INDIA

  2. Prabhasini Sandela

    Please pray for me!!! It’s an emergency request. please pray that I may get seat in nitw college CSE branch. My exam is on April 12 afternoon shift. Also pray for my health I have PCOS problem which is a serious issue. Kindly consider my request and pray for me.

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