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Prayer request for all the wrongs to be made right

Unfortunately I fall into many of the categories of prayers needed. However my most pressing are

* That my landlord change her mind about making me vacate the room that I am currently renting from her in her home. If she makes me leave, I will again be homeless and living in my car and will most likely lose my job (God forbid).

* That the curse that has been placed upon me and my life be lifted, broken, eradicated and stop the attacks on every area of my life.

*That the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit hear my cries and prayers. I pray that I am delivered from the negativity that surrounds me and impacts every area of my life, in Jesus name.

Please pray for all the wrongs to be made right. I’m keeping my faith, however it’s hard. However I know that God hasn’t brought me this far to drop nor forsake me now. Pray that everything turns out amazing for me. In the name of Jesus, I’m in need of help and prayers.

Please pray that God releases miracles and blessings into every area of my life. All whom reads this, please pray for me, as I will pray for you as well. God bless us all!

My and God’s Love,



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