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Prayer points to break strongholds in my life

Prayer for breaking strongholds.

Praying for my marriage, I am on the verge of a divorce.

Prayer for a financial breakthrough. I am in a critical, critical, financial crisis, about to lose my family.

Praying for breakthrough in a job or business, (and for pending orders to come through ).

Pray for a restoration of my marriage, dignity, as well as my possessions.

Praying for spiritual restoration.

Pray for favour from God and man.

Praying for a turnaround of my dire situation, due to which I am almost losing it.

Prayer against marine spirits, against witchcraft powers and against serpentine spirits.

Praying for the health of my wife, because the situation has really killed her inside. She is broken and needs strength.

Praying for a restoration of my beautiful, joyful and happy family.

Above all, destroy every evil spirit or gathering against my progress and breakthrough. Destroy every evil spirit gathered to destroy me, my wife, my marriage and breakthrough.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer points to break strongholds in my life”

  1. Pammy Girdharry

    Please pray for my self Pammy and my family husband Rajesh son Randy daughter Roshanna let they Lord Jesus protect us from every attacking from the enemy ??

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