God’s Healing Is For Everyone!

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    YEAH Jesus!!!!! God’s healing is just wonderful! Earlier this morning I received the following text message:

    “Hi John, this is Gene’s friend (texting from Gene’s phone). Gene’s mom said it was ok to text you 🙂 I am sure you are very busy but Gene is in so much pain & very, very uncomfortable. We found out the rash he has is from shingles & it has gotten much much worse. After having surgery last week on his elbow, his fibromyalgia, arthritis & now shingles he cannot get out of bed. The shingles has to run its course! If there’s any way you could come & see him we would be very grateful! Thank you John! God Bless! ?? ?”

    I responded that I was meeting a young couple this morning for counseling but I would text when I was done. After meeting the amazing young couple, I drove to Goshen, NY to pray for Gene.

    On the way, I stopped at a mobile gas station & Jesus radically touched a Muslim gentleman working the counter.

    Gene could barely open his eyes due to severe head ache pain

    When I arrived at the house, Karen answered the door and informed me that Gene was upstairs in bed, unable to move.

    When I walked into the bedroom, Gene was not looking well at all. His arm was completely wrapped from nerve surgery he had last week. He had cold compresses on his head and was completely unable to move.

    Gene could barely open his eyes, due to severe head ache pain and, as he started to share what was going on. Karen became very emotional and stated she has never seen him so bad.

    Gene shared how he couldn’t move his legs due to extreme swelling and pain in both his knees and ankles.

    He hasn’t eaten in days as he has been throwing up. The pain in his elbow from the surgery was horrible and his stomach was killing him.

    I shared a few things (they both are believers) and then put my hand on his shoulder.

    He Immediately Felt Tingling In His Knees.

    As I started to pray, he immediately stated he felt tingling in his knees. I had him check them. He stated: “All the pain in my left knee is gone and my right knee is much better.”

    I put my hands on his knees and he stated the tingling become very strong.

    I asked him to tell me when the tingling stopped and, after a few, he said “Ok, it stopped”. He said “wow, all the pain in my knees is gone!”

    God’s Healing – “This is amazing, no pain in my legs and ankles!”

    I put my hand back on his leg and asked him to tell me when he feels tingling in his ankles. After a few seconds, he said “my left ankle is” and then said “OK, my right ankle is tingling”!

    We waited until it stopped and he bent his legs, moved his ankles and declared: “This is amazing, no pain in my legs and ankles!”

    Putting my hand on his head I commanded shingles, fibromyalgia to leave his body! When I asked about his headache, he took off the cold compresses and said “it’s really gone!!”

    You Too Can Do This!

    I asked if he had any pain in his body? He said “just from my elbow surgery”. I walked over and asked Karen to put her hand on his elbow.

    I said I want to show you, you too can do this and it isn’t me. She put her hand on his elbow and told the pain to go, the nerves, muscles and tendons to be healed and she said “I feel tingling & heat in my hands!

    Gene said “I feel the same in my elbow”. After praying twice, all his pain was gone.

    He unwrapped his elbow, moving it in every direction and said “I only feel my skin pulling from the stitches but all the pain is gone!” Gene stood up from the bed completely healed and 100% pain free – Thank you Jesus!

    They Were Utterly Amazed

    Gene looks at Karen and says “I am really hungry, can you make me some waffles?”

    They both were in utter amazement and thanking Jesus!

    I told them I pray for people everyday and I am amazed of His goodness! After I spent some more time sharing truth with them, Gene said “Can we go downstairs? I really need to eat!” Gene walked downstairs completely healed and pain free!

    I’m in tears as I type this as it’s such an honor and privilege to watch Jesus set people free! All glory belongs to Jesus!

    God's Healing is for everyone

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    1. Great testimony ways opener thank you JESUS you are the way out of this dark world protect us provide for us keep us healthy and strong and give us the spirit of joy no matter what the circumstances give us your peace always in JESUS name I pray amen

    2. God you are so wonderful.
      Heal me and help me to heal others as well.
      Use me as your servant God as you have use your servant before.

    3. Please pray for my anxiety and disorder about my health, the GERD/Reflux, IBS, sinus, and migraines that have recently come back and cause unimaginable pain daily. Please also pray for my grandmother who has pneumonia, my mother who is mentally ill and my father who is an alcoholic.

    4. My dear Lord Jesus Christ,
      I believe and trust in You,Lord Jesus,You are my Lord and Savior,and my everything,You are the love in my life.I love You,Lord Jesus forever and ever. Amen.
      I will keep my faith and trust in You,and I give my life into Your pracious hands.
      Lord Jesus,I know that God’s healing is for everyone,Amen.
      So today, I am completely healed and pain free.
      Our Lord Jesus,set people free from all pain.
      Lord Jesus,as I look to You,I know who You are and who I am in You,Amen.
      I pray for Your love,joy,peace and health to fill my heart.
      May I have a complete healing in my mind,body and soul.
      And The Peace of God always be by my side. Amen.
      In Jesus mighty name I pray.
      Amen and Amen.

    5. Thank You Lord you are our healer, Thank you for your Protection & Guidance we thank you for your Love. Thank you for not falling to amaze us Lord. Thank you for restoring Us in Jesus mighty name. AMEN

    6. Praise Jesus. I pray for deliverance and healing for everyone who reads this. Satan’s demons are at work in most of us. They try to bind us and control us by giving us diseases and unexplainable illnesses. Don’t spend your lives being held down by them. Ask Jesus to set you free. Don’t be scared of them, as fear does not come from God.
      I write this from experience. I have been healed and so has my husband of various iniquities.
      We are not completely there, but we keep praying daily.
      God bless you all and thank you Jesus. Amen

        1. Lord Jesus you heal the broken hearted and bind up my wounds
          Walk by faith not by sight, Our Lord and Savior is the All and Almighty Healer.
          I praise you , I love you
          I rise up Lord Jesus I’m ready to soar like the eagle, by Your Grace and Glory, Thy will be done! No weapon formed against me shall prosper, Thank you Father God, Oh I need you, I need you now.
          Thy will be done
          I claim This by the precious blood of Jesus .
          Amen & Amen

        2. I pray God to heal every part of my body and let fear not take over me because by his wounds I am healed and my faith has saved me

    7. We praise and give You many thanks,our dear Heavenly Father.
      We all are so grateful,because we all know that,our Lord Jesus Christ is for us all.
      God’s healing is for everyone,Amen
      Our Lord Jesus Christ ,set people free from all pain.
      Dear Father,as I look to You,I know who You are and who I am in You.
      I will keep my faith in Your hands,dear Lord,Amen.
      In Jesus mighty name.
      Amen and Amen.

    8. Hi. My name is Phil. I live in the UK. Last year I was working a a fire stopper in new and old residential and commercial buildings. My work involved passive prevention of fire and smoke spreading from from room to room. Working in old buildings can be very risky because asbestos was used a lot back in the day and even though inspections are carried out to prevent workers from coming into contact with it, the inspectors are only human and can miss something at times.
      Last year 2018 around November-December I started feeling itchy in both limbs and immediately went to see my GP and have not stopped going to my GP almost every two weeks. I have been prescribed different types of cream and ointment to rub on the itchy areas on my limb which have spread around nearly the entire limbs and right around the back of my calves and have also been prescribed different type of tablets. I have had blood tests to try and determine the cause of this itching but the blood test results have come back as normal.
      The itching has recently started on my left hand and thigh.
      I have a dermatology appointment towards the end of August this year. I went to my GP requesting for another referral to be made as urgent but was told it is not an urgent.
      I am requesting you to join me in prayer as I pray for complete and total healing for the bible says, ‘ask in faith and it shall be given’.
      Jame 5:15 – Such a prayer in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well. And if you have committed any sins, you will be forgiven.
      Mark 5:34 – Jesus said to the woman, “You are now well because of your faith. May God give you peace! You are healed, and you will no longer be in pain.”
      Palm 41:3 – The Lord nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health.

      I decree and declare complete healing in the Mighty Name and Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

    9. I have an inflamed bladder and they said there’s nothing they can do. It’s so painfull every day . Please pray for healing for me as I’m seeing the specialist tomorrow

      1. In Jesus mighty name the God who healed job of his diseases is the same God whose going to heal u keep ur faith high and leave the rest to God his a faithful God and never lates his people to stumble for his ever with them through the tough times give up to him and he will show u his endless love for you

    10. Please pray for me as I am in excruciating pain my back went down to my legs I feel this every day. The doctors said I have to live with it. It was caused by a motor vehicle many years ago. I also suffer from chest pains, stomach issues and headaches. I believe God is able to heal me from the crown of my he’d to the soul of my feet. I agree with you for this healing.
      Please pray for my son who is in jail that he will commit his life to God and for his deliverance from the strongholds of curses, anger and hate. He was wrongfully charged, won the case but still there due to a fight that was set up to keep him there. This case is being appealed. Please pray for his release from prison. His being in prison is hurting our family in every way. He has a young daughter, a nephew and a niece who cries for him constantly.
      May God bless you.

    11. Please pray for my first cousin, Barbara, who is in great pain due to her last stages of bone marrow cancer.

      1. Father king of Glory the God of Moses the God of Elijah come down and take control over the disease devil you have no room because u wea defeated at Calvary and the battle was defeated I demand the spirit of cancer to flee Barbra bones father I know ur at work in Jesus mighty name I have prayed Amen

    12. A blessing to see what God is doing for I know him as a healer! I’m a Caregiver, and I like Christians to believe with me in prayer that God will heal my client, she has a condition that attacks her nerve system and she’s in tremendous pain on a daily basis. Again, please agree with me in prayer that God will raise her up from her sick bed and that she would come to know and serve him in Jesus name, Amen.

    13. I praise You my dear Heavenly Father.I need You each and everyday.I want You be my side all day long.
      We are so grateful and know that our Lord Jesus Christ is for us all.God’s healing is for everyone.
      So today I am blessed in everything I do.
      I still alive and can see the sun comes up in the morning.
      I am completely healed and pain free.
      We know that our Lord Jesus Christ. set people free from all pain.
      Glory Be To Our Lord God,The Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit.
      In Jesus mighty name I pray.
      Amen and Amen.

    14. God is amazing. I find myself in a quiet place or season. I feel so empty and exhausted in my spirit. Every morning I thank God for His protection and that me and my bloodline are dressed with the full armor of God. Had no clue what’s going on. But thank God he will never leave me alone. Be blessed families and all the Glory and the Grace to God. Wonderful having a family who pray. From SA, western cape, Worcester. Working for the only college of Deaf people. The national institute for deaf people.

    15. let God lift you up and heal you let him touch you in a way only he can for he is our lord God and hid healing and love are free Amen,

    16. Dear Lord,
      We thanked you for all your Goodness to us.You are such an amazing that you help us in times we fell so uncomfortable in our life.Lord am asking for Peace,grace,joy and happiness in my heart.No matter what hardships rolling me in.Things will end so soon. And Breakthrough will overcome.Lord am asking you to touch and heal completely my daughter.I surrender it all to you.Myself as well my whole family. Amen

      1. God is the healer I put my trust and hope in you thank u Jesus for I believe u have done it in Jesus mighty name Amen

    17. I praise You my dear Father in Heaven.This morning I feel so good and healthy.
      I am blessed in everything I do.
      I am so gratefull and thankfull to God,our Lord,dear God You are my everything.
      I know that our Lord Jesus is for us all.God’s healing is for everyone.
      My Lord Jesus is always be my side,stay in my heart,and help us all in everything in our daily life.
      Thank you so much for this amazing prayer.
      In Jesus mighty name.
      Amen and Amen.

    18. This is the biggest miracle ever!! Praise the Lord! For he is good. His mercies endures forever!! AMEN AMEN!!

    19. My brother Jody had a stroke last April 4,2017 he is in the nursing home now and he is in need of prayers. I pray for his legs to walk again, and his mind to be opened to the Word of God and his speech. Father you are the great I Am, in Jesus name I pray.

    20. My dear Lord Jesus, thank you for waking me up this morning to see this beautiful bless new day. And thank you my dear Lord, to help me and give me healthy, strength, and I know my Lord Jesus, already just heal and help everyone healed and pain-free.
      God I called to You for help, and You healed me. And for this day and all that’s in it into Your hands,
      I pray for Your love, joy, peace,and health to fill my heart.
      All Glory belongs to Jesus’ mighty name.
      Amen and Amen.

    21. let God lift you up and heal you let him touch you in a way only he can for he is our lord God and hid healing and love are free Amen,

    22. I wish there was someone with as much faith as you to lay hands on me and pray for me. I have just been diagnosed with Dysautonomia. I already have untreated Psoriatic Arthritis/Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Enthesitis, Interstitial Cystitis, Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia with Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction Grade Level 1, Chronic Fatigue, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Chronic Sinus Infection, Allergies-Food, medicine, seasonal and my dog, Bacterial infection in my toenail, This is only a portion of my illnesses not including the emotional and mental.

      Sad to say our church caught on fire and I have not been able to attend for the last 4-5 years and yet knowing the things that are wrong with me not one person from our church has ever come to see us, call us, or email or write. I know I am not to hate them , but I am very hurt that they do not love me and my husband enough to stand in the gap and pray for us. My husband might have a Rare Primary Immunodefiency Disease. This really worries me. June 26th we will have been married for 13 years. My own birthday is the 26th of May. I am so worried I may not make as the Dysautonomia has got much worse. I am truly scared and without much support. We have been planning our Vow Renewal for the past five years.

      Plus, to complicate my getting medical treatment and the medicine I need- -there have been false notes about me left in my medical record that the hospital stated could not be legally removed even though it is hurting me drastically. Doctors are now judging me according to these notes before they even meet me in person. They say that I am a Drug Seeker, a Drug Abuser and a Noncompliant Patient. Which I am not, I am just a very ill woman with intense pain that is out of control. I am not able to afford the medicines I need that my insurance is refusing to pay. Family has helped a great deal with the mattress pad and over the counter medications and for that I am most appreciative, but I still need the Low Dose Naltrexone for my pain and cannot get it and family refused to buy it. This has even affected my getting mental health help. They are refusing to even see me to get my medicines started again. In addition, I have driven us into deep debt trying to console my emotional pain with online Shopping and three of the cards have been turned into collections and we cannot pay them off as we’re both Disabled and unable to work even though I am trying to get my Website and online boutique up and running. We also need dependable transportation to get me to my Specialists appointment in a town 3 hours away since we live in a small rural community. I am still fighting for my own SSI. I have been denied 7 times. We also need shoes. Ours are falling apart just like our lives…

      Sorry for rambling on but this is how it is with us. I thank anyone who is praying for us in advance. {{{hugz}}}

      1. Have hope esp.Faith in God«» with God nothing is impossible. There is nothing that we can’t carry coz God knows our failures our problems our sicknesses. God sees everything. No need to worry u are also in God’s hand. U are also in my prayers«» God Bless and God is good all the time 🙂

      2. God knows what ails us, and is willing to intercede. He also has placed on this earth many of the things we need to maintain good health. Good health starts with diet and exercise. Pray about it and ask for guidance to feed your body and mind the proper nutrition that can ease your symptoms and help turn your health around. I also have CFS but have found a multi vitamin, very low dose doxepin (very cheap drug), and vit C have relieved much pain and weakness and righted my out of balance nervous system. If I eat poorly, I suffer great consequences. Stay clear of processed foods, eat what grows from the earth. The Lord has given us many medicinal plants, look on line, check interactions for drugs you take, etc. You will start to feel in control and see results if you have a plan, picture your body healing and all the while praying and believing God is using his bountiful creation to heal your body and mind. Participate, do you can do for yourself, and God will do the rest.

      3. o pray to our Lord god to heal you and lead others to you that can help you my prayers are for you to our lord Jesus heal these people now cast out all things from there body lord Amen

    23. I need your prayer. I have some pain in my back and headache. I know He is able to touch and heal me instantly in Jesus’ Name.

    24. Thank God for his healing power. I need God to touch my daughter and me. My daughter had a breast surgery and since then she is always bleeding from the nipple. I am also sick. Please pray for me and my daughter. Thank you.

    25. Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus. I have been diagonized with multiple fiboids since two years. I need healings and deliverance from multiple fibroids. Please pray for me. Thank you.