God’s Healing is for everyone

YEAH Jesus!!!!! God’s healing is just wonderful! Earlier this morning I received the following text message:

“Hi John, this is Gene’s friend (texting from Gene’s phone). Gene’s mom said it was ok to text you 🙂 I am sure you are very busy but Gene is in so much pain & very, very uncomfortable. We found out the rash he has is from shingles & it has gotten much much worse. After having surgery last week on his elbow, his fibromyalgia, arthritis & now shingles he cannot get out of bed. The shingles has to run its course! If there’s any way you could come & see him we would be very grateful! Thank you John! God Bless! ?? ?”

I responded that I was meeting a young couple this morning for counseling but I would text when I was done. After meeting the amazing young couple, I drove to Goshen, NY to pray for Gene.

On the way, I stopped at a mobile gas station & Jesus radically touched a Muslim gentleman working the counter.

Gene could barely open his eyes due to severe head ache pain

When I arrived at the house, Karen answered the door and informed me that Gene was upstairs in bed, unable to move.

When I walked into the bedroom, Gene was not looking well at all. His arm was completely wrapped from nerve surgery he had last week. He had cold compresses on his head and was completely unable to move.

Gene could barely open his eyes, due to severe head ache pain and, as he started to share what was going on. Karen became very emotional and stated she has never seen him so bad.

Gene shared how he couldn’t move his legs due to extreme swelling and pain in both his knees and ankles.

He hasn’t eaten in days as he has been throwing up. The pain in his elbow from the surgery was horrible and his stomach was killing him.

I shared a few things (they both are believers) and then put my hand on his shoulder.

As I started to pray, he immediately stated he felt tingling in his knees.

As I started to pray, he immediately stated he felt tingling in his knees. I had him check them. He stated: “All the pain in my left knee is gone and my right knee is much better.”

I put my hands on his knees and he stated the tingling become very strong.

I asked him to tell me when the tingling stopped and, after a few, he said “Ok, it stopped”. He said “wow, all the pain in my knees is gone!”

Miracle Healing – He bent his legs and said “this is amazing, no pain in my legs and ankles!”

I put my hand back on his leg and asked him to tell me when he feels tingling in his ankles. After a few seconds, he said “my left ankle is” and then said “OK, my right ankle is tingling”!

We waited until it stopped and he bent his legs, moved his ankles and declared: “This is amazing, no pain in my legs and ankles!”

Putting my hand on his head I commanded shingles, fibromyalgia to leave his body! When I asked about his headache, he took off the cold compresses and said “it’s really gone!!”

I want to show you, you too can do this and it isn’t me

I asked if he had any pain in his body? He said “just from my elbow surgery”. I walked over and asked Karen to put her hand on his elbow.

I said I want to show you, you too can do this and it isn’t me. She put her hand on his elbow and told the pain to go, the nerves, muscles and tendons to be healed and she said “I feel tingling & heat in my hands!

Gene said “I feel the same in my elbow”. After praying twice, all his pain was gone.

He unwrapped his elbow, moving it in every direction and said “I only feel my skin pulling from the stitches but all the pain is gone!” Gene stood up from the bed completely healed and 100% pain free – Thank you Jesus!

They both were in utter amazement and thanking Jesus!

Gene looks at Karen and says “I am really hungry, can you make me some waffles?”

They both were in utter amazement and thanking Jesus!

I told them I pray for people everyday and I am amazed of His goodness! After I spent some more time sharing truth with them, Gene said “Can we go downstairs? I really need to eat!” Gene walked downstairs completely healed and pain free!

I’m in tears as I type this as it’s such an honor and privilege to watch Jesus set people free! All glory belongs to Jesus!

Healer | Kari Jobe

You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
and heal all my disease.

I trust in You
I trust in You

I believe You're my healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe
I believe You're my portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus, You're all I need.
God's Healing is for everyone
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