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Devotional – God will stand with you

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In Paul’s life he had many trials: he was beaten, imprisoned, shipwrecked and so much more for the gospel’s sake.

Throughout these times, Paul was always convinced that God will stand with him. He was confident He would deliver him out of every difficulty he was placed in for the gospel’s sake.

When No One Defends You

In 2 Timothy 4 – Paul was speaking of his first trial. He said that all had forsaken him and no one defended him. What a place to be, for obeying God!!

I am sure Paul must have felt hurt. But in verse 17 he said, though others had forsaken him “but the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the (Gospel) message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. So I was delivered out of the jaws of the lion.”

Be Confident In God

What a position to take in the midst of his hurt and pain. In verse 18 Paul continues to be confident in God “(and indeed) the Lord will certainly deliver and draw me to Himself from every assault of evil. He will preserve and bring me sage unto His heavenly Kingdom. To Him be the glory forever and ever, Amen (so be it).”

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We may not go through these kinds of trials and pain that Paul suffered, but we all have our own circumstances and situations that we face daily and issues we are hoping God would intervene in.

My niece wrote an exam yesterday. She said it was her most difficult and didn’t finish it. She was terribly devastated.

My sister and I tried to console her, but though we love her so much, we couldn’t be there for her. She had to, and will have to continue to, trust God to give her favor to do well in the other exams.

Man will fail us, as no matter how much people love and care for you, they will not always be there to stand with you or give you a shoulder to cry on (as we are human and this is not possible). Sometimes we face situations that only God can truly be there for us.

The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. Exodus 14:14

Today I encourage you to keep trusting in our God – who is well able to always be there for us, so that even on our worst day, He, standing with us makes all the difference in our lives and in the situation.

May His grace be sufficient now and always, Amen.

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  1. I was a PK (preacher’s kid) and was raised in a loving, supportive, Christian home. My father was a wonderful, gentle man, but we did not study the bible at home. Now, after age 50, I have been studying the bible for about 1.5 years every week.
    Wow, the things I did not know and have learned. It is so important to get into a bible study group on a regular steady basis and never stop. You never stop learning and you grow stronger in every way. I feel like I really know Jesus and Jehovah now. I learned in the bible he wants us to call him by his name, Jehovah, as he wants a close personal relationship with us. You call your good friends by their first name don’t you, well Jehovah asks us to do the same with him.

    I am no longer a lost sheep, committing sin, I have been brought back to the fold and love Jesus and Jehovah so much, I cannot sin no more. For my dedication and passion to get closer to Jehovah and read his word and follow his instructions for life, He and his angels are constantly blessing me and my life, it is AMAZING! I only wish I had of studied the bible earlier in life, could have saved myself a lot of pain and misery. We are living in a world ruled by satan right now, that is very obvious. I refuse to follow satan’s system any longer, the blinders are off, and I can see clearly now.

    Man is not perfect, don’t listen to man. Jehovah is perfect, he made us and the earth and everything in it. So when you are struggling with life and have questions, go to the only real source that has the right answers, the Bible. This is our instruction book given to us by our creator, our loving father, Jehovah. You will be changed forever, and never be lost or scared again, as you will learn why things are happening like there are, how to cope with it, when and how it will end, and what a bright and happy eternal life awaits us, we who listen and believe.

    Invite Jesus into your heart and life and follow his words and actions and you will finally find that elusive happiness everyone is searching for, and you will fill the hole/void in your heart and soul that only Jehovah can fill and satisfy. He made us! The Bible is the key to that! I am so grateful he called for me and I listened and I will live forever in his loving care.