Devotional – The Power of Friendships

Power of Friendships

I must admit that God has truly blessed me with some wonderful faithful friends, friends who stick to your side through thick or thin and will not allow you to fail no matter what comes your way. They really demonstrate the power of friendships.

For a while I have been going through some difficulty at work, where I have felt that I went to learn a certain aspect of the job and many months have passed and I have not learnt much because no training has been taking place. I have also felt some tension and no matter how I try to understand and not add to it – the issues still abound.

Today I had a moment where I thanked God He has given me a better temperament to handle sticky situations (I will admit this isn’t the easiest of things for me to deal with). In walking away from the difficulty and refusing for it to put me a place to respond badly, I needed to vent. So I conversed with a good friend of mine who has been going through the same things. I really was at the point of being totally disgusted with the person’s attitude and my friend like the daughter of Christ she is, reminded me of our position in Christ and that He has called us to be the light and the salt of the earth. She encouraged me to pray for the situation and the person and advised me that it was prayer that had brought about the change in the person who was being difficult at work with her.

It was a hard pill to swallow but it was the word coming straight from the Lord that I needed to pay attention to. After reflecting on what she had to say, I decided that as difficult as it is, I will pray and ask God to bring a change in the person, so that the person can be a better boss and become more personable and so positively affect the department.

I thanked my friend for her Godly and timely advice and I really thanked God that she was there in the right time to say a word of wisdom from heaven that would have brought about the necessary attitude adjustment in me to see it from that point of view and not feel like the victim in the situation.

After this decision the Holy Spirit brought the account in the Bible of the four friends who broke open the roof of the man’s house that Jesus was in because their friend was sick and they believed that Jesus would heal the friend (Mark 2). I really think Jesus was impressed with their commitment to this friendship to a guy who was obviously very ill.

It’s necessary to have these kinds of friendships in your life and for you to prove yourself a friend like this. If you look into your life and see only people who are taking but not putting back into your life or you see friends that are leading you away from the Lord, then you need to distance yourself from those friends and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into the right friendships – where people can build you up and be a blessing to you as you are to them.

Today make a commitment to become a friend like this and let the Holy Spirit bring friends like this into your life, Amen.

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