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ChristiansTT wants to express how grateful we are to have patrons like you as a part of our community. The positivity and support we receive from you all continues to move us forward, motivating us to create more content that allow us all to keep growing spiritually and continuing to spread God’s word to reach people all over the world.

Last month, thanks to you,  we surpassed 50 patreons! We also initiated the ad-free prayers. This was the first time we started this and we did have our technical difficulties. Thank you for bearing with us. Your comments and feedback is important and appreciated. We have now added a “log in with Patreon” button at the top of each page which should make the process even easier. Please let us have your feedback!

As an appreciation we would like to pray all of you


Heavenly Father, as we enter the month of June, I pray that you shower your blessings upon the lives of our patreons. Fill their lives with love and understanding. Heal their wounds. Take away their pain. 

Strengthen them with your love and grace. Bless them financially that they can take care of their family. Even in this time, you provide for your children. We are an outpouring of your love to those around us. 

May we testify of your love and blessings each and every day. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

As we welcome the month of June, let’s declare that this will be our month of adjustment, bravery, faith, gratitude and trust! 🙏🙏


 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

 You can leave a comment with your prayer requests below or send me a direct message on Patreon. 

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