Testimony - What Does't Kill You

Testimony – What Does not Kill You


Flashback to age seventeen and I’m at the mall, not a care in the world, oblivious to father time and his ticking time device, living life to the fullest, dressed to impress and in a heightened state of awareness that I appear awesome to the opposite sex. I’m invincible, un-touchable and soaring above all that I survey. Life is mine for the taking and I am taking full advantage of my youth, limitless energy and status.

Fast forward just one year later and witness the devastated wasteland , the pain , the hopelessness, the mind-numbing world of confusion and chaos that is now my life . How is this possible? My father died!

Suddenly and without warning. My fragile and immature mind was not ready for such an occurrence and it broke me. I went from being the eternal optimist to being the lowly pessimist. For a long time after that the sun would never shine in my world for a long time. I turned dark and reserved and withdrawn. Friends and family were concerned and worried but lacked the tools to analyze and rectify my problems.

Why Do I Deserve This?

I remember looking to the sky and saying to God, What have I done to you to deserve this? Please fix this and I promise I will commit my life to you? Of course I wish I could write that God brought my father back to life and I became his messenger spreading the word to the world and saving millions. How great would that of been? Of course this did not occur.

Are you in pain? Have you experienced loss? Your child? Husband? Wife? Your boyfriend? Your girlfriend? Or how about your parents? Do you feel lost? Consumed by the darkness? Trapped?

Close your eyes and call on his name. Say Jesus help me. Come inside and take this hurt away. Jesus, I know you are able to deliver and save me, hear my voice lord and rise up and help me in my time of need.

Life is about perspective. Some of the happiest people I know have the most problems. But a relationship with Jesus will fix any problem and open up your mind to viewing life in different textures and angles.

It’s a Constant Battle

We are in a constant unseen battle for our very souls. Make no mistake it’s an all-out war, sparing no expense, and using unlimited, sophisticated, advanced, state of the art artillery to advance the enemy’s forces.

Closer and closer to steal your joy. We need to understand that the devil uses people and situations as part of his war strategy. He will use your boss, your spouse, significant other, children and even your pastor or Church members in some cases to side track you from your destiny with Jesus.

The Good News

But here’s the good news. You have an army of warrior angels that are poised to protect and fight for you and at the front of the battlefield leading the charge is Jesus himself. Do you think you are not worth fighting for? Let me tell you this: you are so valuable and special to God that he will fight to the end for you. He loves you and although he will sometimes shed his tears for you when you go astray, he will never quit on you or give up on you. He will always welcome you back with open arms and a warm embrace.

I weathered the storm of my loss and now I can say that I understand the pain you feel and I can honestly and categorically say that there is a beautiful and wonderful ending that is in store for you ….. All you have to do is call on the wonderful name of your lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray this word was sent just for you at the time you will need it the most. God bless you.

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2 thoughts on “Testimony – What Does not Kill You”

  1. Yvonne Marie Miller

    I adore this heartfelt Testimony Curtis and I really did need to read this today, and as Simoiya wrote one year ago the words bring reassurance to my life, because we truly are in a battle for our minds and souls, this year I have experienced spiritual “warfare” first hand and up close, through many health issues,so I believe with all my heart that the deceitful evil one truly does use everything he can to discourage us from our walk with Christ Jesus, family, friends, health, finances, career are just a few. But God does have us covered, front, back and sides, we are Christians who walk in Victory because Jesus lives….in us. Jesus is there for us in weariness,loneliness and in all trials. Curtis is correct all you have to do is call on the Powerful name of…..Jesus. God Bless you Curtis for this amazing Testimony that I found today. Evie, England.


    Thank you soooooooooooo much for this word and reassurance that God is constantly on our side. God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!

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