What Does Freedom Cost?

“Freedom isn’t free” is a phrase that has been used to describe the freedom we have in the US that is protected by the men and women that serve in the US Armed Forces. Does this apply to Believers though? The freedom that we have in the US is freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and many other freedoms that are provided at the price of the lives devoted to protect these freedoms.

There is however, freedom that is greater than all of this. The freedom that was made available to all who receive it because of the finished work of the cross. The final act of God’s love for mankind. What was this freedom from or what does this freedom provide? It’s really a little bit of both depending on how you look at it.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden they were in fellowship with God as mentioned in Genesis where they walked with God in the garden. They were made in God’s image and were able to be alongside God as we see in Genesis 1:27. What happened though, was God told them not to eat of the fruit of the tree (with the long title) or they shall surely die. Well after they had eaten the fruit they died, or did they? They were still walking around and breathing… so what died?

We have come to call this event the “fall of man.” The moment at which Sin became the nature of man and separated us from God with no chance of reuniting with Him under our own power. The moment the image of God (us) “died.” The death of the nature of God in man. The nature of righteousness, holiness, purity, love, joy, and peace as well as many other things, died from us.
Now back to freedom. From what I had previously learned about giving your life to Christ there was an emphasis on giving up yourself as a way to live unto Christ. This is true but not in that way it was presented. The “giving up” was portrayed as a giving up of all the fun things in life. Life was to become a life without the fulfillment of your personal desires. It “costed” you.

The real question that you should ask is what that “cost” is. We preaching this Salvation that has you come to Him just as you are and then only to turn around and tell you that you have to make a ton, and I mean a ton, of changes in your life in order to be a “good” Christian. It’s essentially a very Law based relationship, which is not a real relationship in my opinion.

It costed Jesus EVERYTHING for you to have Salvation. For you to have a relationship with God, to commune with Him, to be in union with His nature, to become a partaker of the divine nature of righteousness, love, and peace Jesus substituted Himself as the perfect one as a sacrifice. For you! It didn’t cost you anything!

If it costed Jesus everything and cost you nothing, then why should freedom cost a thing to us? Why does anything in our life cost anything if Jesus paid for it?  Another way to look at it is at the garden we (mankind) were created perfectly to be in total communion with God and live along side Him forever. We then disobeyed God and took on what wasn’t originally a part of us anyways. So what are you really giving up when you accept Christ? Nothing! Everything that we are told to put off is not even ours in the first place! God intended us for Him!

When you accept Him in your life, your life is brought back to what it was suppose to be!
I hope this blesses you!

Written by Guest Writer Amos Webskowski. More of Amos’ work can be seen on his blog:

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