Welcoming the New Year 2021!

Welcoming the New Year 2021!


One week, a Sunday school teacher had just finished telling her class the Christmas story. After telling the story the teacher asked, “Who do you think the most important woman in the Bible is?” A little boy raised his hand and said, “Eve.” The teacher asked him why he thought Eve was the most important woman in the Bible. The little boy replied, “Well, they name two days of the year after Eve. You know, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.”

Who is the most important lady in the Bible, in your opinion? And why?

Whatever you answer, you have played a huge role in keeping us going in 2020, and we can’t thank you enough for that. 2020 has been exhausting and challenging for everyone, and our entire team has been reflecting lately on the year we’ve had, what we can learn from it, and what we can look forward to in 2021.

What are you most excited about moving forward into 2021?

Thank you again, and let’s raise a glass and praise to always continuing to move forward, no matter what happens, and always, together.

On behalf of my entire team and family at ChristiansTT, we wish you a very Happy Holiday and an absolutely amazing New Year 2021!

Let us Pray:

Heavenly and Almighty Father, I thank you for taking me through 2020. As we enter into the New Year 2021, I ask you to bless my family with renewed hope and aspirations for this year.

Bless my resolutions and give me the strength and wisdom to carry them through. Fill me with hope, love, peace, joy and a positive outlook.

Help me to put aside anxiety about the future and regret of the past, so that I might live in peace with You now, one day at a time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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One Comment

  1. Thank you Lord for this new Year January 1, 2021, this new day
    For I surrender my life to you
    Lord Jesus
    May we have peace, joy, love , heath , happiness like never before in 2021
    Thy will be done
    Amen & Amen