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The storm is over- The battle has already been won


Latonya Garrett writes: I want to start off by saying this website is truly a blessing. When I was going through the worst storm I have ever been in my life, GOD sent me messages every morning for months through this site.

I grew stronger and stronger everyday. I am still a work in progress. There are things I am struggling with currently and again I have been receiving inspiration through this site.

I want to pray for everyone on here that is struggling with something. Or maybe you need inspiration and guidance. Or you just need clarity that GOD hears and sees all things. Ask and you shall receive.

In closing, I ask for prayers for myself that things that the devil is trying to put in my path of greatness…….” He will NOT win”. The battle has already been won. Thank you Jesus!!!

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  1. Hello brother’s and sister’s , I pray for everyone using this site to gain Wisdom from the Lord and as I ask to pray for me and my children to found more Wisdom, restoration and deliverance. Just want to say thank you to the peolpe who put this website together it is truly a blessing. While I’m going through my storm in life GOD sent me prayers every┬áday that my inner spirit needs, the Presence of the Jesus fills me up. So thank you everyone for the amazing prayers. God bless you all .

  2. Father God I pray this year will be my last year leaving in this house I want to go to school I want to get a degree I want a good job I pray this year will be my year to get an apartment in Boston in Jesus name Amen pls pray for me lately I’ve been having difficulty time on my own pls pray for my boy Eli that’s having a speech problems I pray that God bless my life in my son’s life with godly people I pray all evil n devil stay away from our lives n bad relationships bad people too i pray that whomever thats blocking my blessings n my son’s blessings will be put to shame I pray for Sarah n John thats hurting peoples kids to stop or be put to jail they evil I pray for justice for my son I pray they get cut n put to jail i pray for my problems to be solves my bills to be paying I pray for Fernando to stop hurting me n stop using me as a sex slave n wismic too I’m tired I pray that one day god bless me with whats mine someone who really wants me who’s willing to stay through thick n thin with me n who love my baby boy who will never hurt him wether I’m here or not pray for me pls I feel like someone is attacking my life m my son’s life I pray that God open my eyes to see n know who’s good who’s fake with me I pray for a godly husband I pray to get married to the right person not a cheater or a liar Amen in Jesus mighty name I pray wismic change he’s way for me Amen pray for he’s way to be change Amen

    1. Hello Daphnee,

      My prayers go out to the father for you Daphnee. I pray that whatever works of the enemy assigned against you be brought to naught in Jesus name. No weapons formed against you, your son and all those you love prosper in Jesus name. I cancel and bind every destruction and obstacles placed by the enemy to cause you to not move forward in your life to be destroyed in Jesus name. I degree and declare that may the Lord reveal to you what’s in your heart that may not please Him, so you repent. God bless you and your family richly and abundantly. To Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above more than you can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), to Him be the glory in Jesus name, Amen.

  3. Plz pray for wismic Etienne that’s a player he does not care about anyones feelings but hes own this guy had used me played me step all over me hes still playing games with my emotions I don’t know what to do anymore I have feelings for him strong feelings I want to let him go I can’t but to be honest I’m not happy with the way things are miserable pray for me to let him go I want too i just don’t know how he puts me down all the times he does not care how I feel I pray in Jesus name he changed he’s way he stop playing this woman’s out there he cheats n lie excuses all the time he won’t call me or even text me I want prayers for him I want him to change but hes still the same way I don’t know how much longer I can stay or take I’m fed up already I dont know what to do he made it clearly that he does not want relationship all he wants is money I hope he cares about me cause I really do care for him n I hope the financial problems he s having now go away I don’t know what to do anymore I’m so sad n confused pls pray for me thanks